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  1. Come on guys I love Vigor and I wanna keep it cool but I don't just wanna invite my friends to my shelter! I WANNA SHARE ONE! So I wish there can be clans of players and there would also be a clan shelter along with that to meet and hang with the other clan members at. Because if you look at Warframe they just don't have clans and clan members, they have huge Clan Dojos. These dogs are so fun though too, because they are rewarding to all the people who helped contribute to the progression of it and it getting new things and better. So I think It would be cool if the could be like a moderately large shelter for the clan but can keep getting taller like a skyscraper to fit the newcomers joining the clan. And the Clan shelter would have its own Location like the players locations. I think that it would be cool if the Clan shelter was on the shore of a beach. Because then the clan could invest in building boats to sail on the ocean too. I just feel like when I have more friends get this game we won't be able to all be in the same place because there are only duos and you can only invite one person to your shelter. So I think it would be cool if there are Clan shelters so a group can stay connected in that clan shelter.
  2. I first must say that for my first time playing Vigor U just loved it, I love it's free to play, and I love the mechanics. Now what I want to say is that I really wish I could go on that lake. Mabye a boat could do it. Or scuba gear or a shore entrance. I feel like with the graphics a little boat ride could be so pretty on the lake in the Vigor shelter. I think that three boats would be added to the crafting table. The first one would be a small boat. The small boat would start out as a rowing boat but then become a jet ski. I think the second boat would be medium/party size and start out as a canoe, bust soon evolve to be a medium sized fast boat like the "Pursuit OS 385" boat. The third boat would start out as a row boat and then become a yacht or party boat. That is what I think should be added to the game, though I think that the water mechanics and waves that go along with the boat can be really pretty made to work.