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Found 18 results

  1. Hey guys, I am wondering if there is a way to show a custom value, such as a simple number on the screen for All Players in the session and that can be altered during the session by the host Zeus, by something like the Esc button Extended Debug Console and executing statements. My idea is I want to control a visible number for all players, that when we sell or buy an item, or gain a number of points, I can add and remove plus or minus numbers on the get go. Any tips or ideas much appreciated
  2. As i see from the steam charts...I see this: http://steamcharts.com/app/530700 Now 1600 players at peak every 24 hours is not great (i know the game is very new). Is it because of the servers, or not enough advertisement of the game, or simply not full optimized or the steam ratings pretty bad.... idk which one it is, but to anyone who owns the game can you please tell me in somewhat detail of the experience you have got from the game?
  3. Come on guys I love Vigor and I wanna keep it cool but I don't just wanna invite my friends to my shelter! I WANNA SHARE ONE! So I wish there can be clans of players and there would also be a clan shelter along with that to meet and hang with the other clan members at. Because if you look at Warframe they just don't have clans and clan members, they have huge Clan Dojos. These dogs are so fun though too, because they are rewarding to all the people who helped contribute to the progression of it and it getting new things and better. So I think It would be cool if the could be like a moderately large shelter for the clan but can keep getting taller like a skyscraper to fit the newcomers joining the clan. And the Clan shelter would have its own Location like the players locations. I think that it would be cool if the Clan shelter was on the shore of a beach. Because then the clan could invest in building boats to sail on the ocean too. I just feel like when I have more friends get this game we won't be able to all be in the same place because there are only duos and you can only invite one person to your shelter. So I think it would be cool if there are Clan shelters so a group can stay connected in that clan shelter.
  4. What is the upper limit or maximum number of AI and/ or human players in one single mission / campaign / scenario / Multiplayer mission / online combat. Is this number limited by game software settings itself, or upon to hardware performance? I have these questions because I would like to organize and design a huge mission or campaign such as BLUFOR Battalion VS OPFOR Battalion, I want to know how many AI could I put in and how many Players can join in, and What kind of PC should I set up. Many thanks, could you share your experience about these questions, list them one by one. For example ; Game type Max AI Max Players Single mission xxx xxx Campaign yyy yyy etc. etc. etc.
  5. Kiwi_Planet_Hopper

    Can a single player play Argo ?

    Just wondering if a single player can play. Got stuck on map, clicked on location and mission count downs but nothing happens. Not sure how to play with just one player.
  6. There is a number of players whose name is a set of numbers. Who are those guys? Are they dangerous or something? Because usually such players are hackers in other games and they are no good whatsoever. Regards, HE
  7. Hello, I have a deathmatch mission which begins by opening the arsenal for all units and then teleporting them to starting positions as soon as they close the arsenal. So far I have this line of code: waitUntil {isnull (uinamespace getvariable "RSCDisplayArsenal")}; Unfortunately, this code fires whenever any player closes their arsenal, teleporting everybody else at the same time. What I would like is for the code to check until all players have closed their arsenals before continuing. Any suggestions? Best regards.
  8. Story This is a script that I wrote a few weeks ago for a friend. It's supposed to simplify the loading of cargo onto vehicles by the player. There are several routine integrated to avoid script errors. A description can be found inside the SQF file, how to execute the script. It's SP/MP/Dedicated and HC compatible. Have fun. Content It is a single ~140Code-Line-Big Script to enable the Player to attach objects with other objects via the action menu in a simple way. Purpose The aim of this script is to make it easier to implement a universal script, which enables the player to attach objects in a specific manner. Download Missions and Script on GitHub ArmaHolic Link Credits Script & Media: Rockhount Examples
  9. Hi we play in a group using ACE3 and ALiVE, Sometimes someone is badly hit, he is in stable conditions but still do not recover the conscience and the medic has run out of Personal Aid Kits or Saline bags to fully recover the player. We want to call a medevac (generated by ALiVE, so the chopper does not have a "name" we could use), evacuate the casualty to base, and as soon as the medevac chopper helicopter lands in the medic helipad, cure the injured running a function. in the code that is ran on the Alive Helicopter is : this setVariable ["ACE_isMedicalVehicle", 1, true]; so the injured stops bleeding. the trigger at the helipad has the following condition _x isKindOf "air" && isTouchingGround _x && player in thislist and on activation : {[_caller, _target] remoteExecCall ["ACE_medical_fnc_treatmentAdvanced_fullHealLocal", _x, false];} forEach thisList; Well, we have been unable to make it work and heal people inside the chopper. For example, changing condition to "this" allows anyone who gets out of the chopper and step on the helipad (where the trigger is) to get instantly healed. The problem is that most of the guys in the helo are usually unconscious, therefore, are unable to make any action to get out. or use an "addaction" which would solve the problem. We thought: wait a minute, if we kick them out of the chopper and fall on the helipad they will be instantly cured! so we have tried adding another trigger on top of the healing one to eject players out fo the chopper, but it does not work. We have tried with Getout: unit action ["getOut", targetVehicle] we have tried with eject: unit action ["eject", vehicle] none worked, we assume that the problem was that the players in the back of the chooper count as cargo, Please, Note that we are playing with an helicopter generated by ALiVE, so it has no name to refer to, and ACE3, so solutions such as "set damage 0" will not work. Any idea how to solve this? Either healing them when the chopper lands on the helipad or alternatively, with another trigger to kick players out of the chopper after landing so they fall on the helipad. The trigger must work in multiplayer, either on dedicated servers or on hosted server. Our programming skills are very limited, so if you post a solution that we can just copy and paste it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.
  10. To whoever from Bohemia it concerns, I recently purchased Arma 3 from Steam. But it seems it was not a money well spent because I haven't been able to play a single game till now. It is one thing that mods are required to download for some servers. However, I am getting kicked half of the time just because I have a high ping. About the high ping, I am sure that it is not that my internet is slow because I have played some many games online with the same internet. So the problem is obvious - lack of servers! I have seen many players from India taking interest in this game now. I myself convinced around 10 guys to purchase this game and play together. But now when they ask me how was the gameplay, I can say nothing to them. BECAUSE I HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO PLAY IT EVEN ONCE. How crazy is that? Looks like Bohemia has not established any official servers in India till now. All of their servers are either in EU or USA. An indirect way of saying that we are being ignored. So I request them to please set up a server in India or atleast somewhere near so that we can get a good ping to join. Or else I must say that Arma 3 won't be getting any more players from India. And I say this in concern because India can feed more than 10,000+ additional players to Arma 3. And of course it will increase once the game gets more popular.
  11. Satman09


    I have been playing argo for a little while now and usually there are active servers with people playing, but lately I havnt been able to find more than one server with more than one or two people playing online not sure if its a bug or something but i just cant find games with people anymore I used to play game with full servers..
  12. Salutations, basement dwellers. Tired of lackluster, lifeless Altis Life communities that are part and parcel clones of previously established mission files? Have you been experiencing any mild gastrointestinal discomfort related to IBS? Do 14 year old austitic-screeching home bodies have you contemplating suicide by cyanide capsule? If you answered "I'm not comfortable responding you obnoxious prick," then we have a 10% success rate solution for you. Hardly Gaming Altis Life RPG. Features include but are not limited to: Overhauled map; heavily tweaked mission file; custom npcs; 1 million dollar start with properly paced money making; active administrators; custom meshes/textures, and so much more that I might just spontaneously combust. If you're interested, check out our newly christened website at Hardlygaming.net - Or our Teamspeak 3 server at hardlygaming.voip.pub
  13. A new cooperative [ZEUS] and PVP unit, If you enjoy team based action across a dynamic environment then this is the unit for you. [NON UK MEMBERS ARE STILL WELCOME AS LONG AS YOU CAN SPEAK ENGLISH]. Join here --> https://units.arma3.com/unit/ukaf We will be playing every saturday night unless of issues we will move it if so.
  14. This is something that I've always fudged around in the past. But I know there's a way to do it; the scripting is just beyond me. What I want to do is end a mission when ALL THE PLAYERS have reached a trigger zone, if they are in vehicles or not. I was trying to use this in the trigger's Condition Box: {vehicle _x != player} count thislist >= (west countside allunits); But I think that's counting vehicles, not players. ?? I also tried making an array of all the vehicles in the trigger zone, then counting players in the crew of the vehicles, but I think I didn't code it right. Any suggestions?
  15. Basically, I have this situation similar to a deathmatch (free for all), and I'd like to "addscore" to players ONLY when they kill other players, not AI's. Digging the internet, I found some scripts (meant for punishing teamkills), worked around them a little bit and got this: I must admit that I could not create such a thing, but I did some modifications and it ALMOST worked as intended. And this keeps happening like: I believe that this is happening because of the accumulated bodies of players, but I wasn't able to delete them to test it out. If any of you guys can help me, it would be appreciated! :)
  16. Basically, I have this situation similar to a deathmatch (free for all), and I'd like to "addscore" to players ONLY when they kill other players, not AI's. Digging the internet, I found some scripts (meant for punishing teamkills), worked around them a little bit and got this: I must admit that I could not create such a thing, but I did some modifications and it ALMOST worked as intended. And this keeps happening like: I believe that this is happening because of the accumulated bodies of players, but I wasn't able to delete them to test it out. If any of you guys can help me, it would be appreciated! :)
  17. Hello, i have trouble and can't finish my mission script. I am newbie into scripting so here is my problem: During a multiplayer game, listen or dedicated server; I want to count players in a given radius around an entity (?, a trigger/marker). Unfortunately i can't get what i have wrote to work and search give me tons of way to count entities/objects/AIs around a player, this is not what i want. I did try these: They all returned 0 or "scalar". I know some of them must be really wrong but i had to try. I am searching for hours but my scripting level is too weak. If anyone would like to help some. Thank you.
  18. Hi everyone, I'm using respawn module for infantry, what i want to know, is there a way to disable a respawn module for a selected player or group ? i have two respawn modules one is for all blufor players, and other one is for vip players, i want the respawn module for vip players to be invisible to other players. is that possible, what do i have to put in the init of the respawn module ? i tried with hide/module linked to players and respawn module, but it doesn't work.