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Swez 123

There's a lake right by my shelter! I wanna do something on it.

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I first must say that for my first time playing Vigor U just loved it, I love it's free to play, and I love the mechanics. Now what I want to say is that I really wish I could go on that lake. Mabye a boat could do it. Or scuba gear or a shore entrance. I feel like with the graphics a little boat ride could be so pretty on the lake in the Vigor shelter.

I think that three boats would be added to the crafting table. The first one would be a small boat. The small boat would start out as a rowing boat but then become a jet ski. I think the second boat would be medium/party size and start out as a canoe, bust soon evolve to be a medium sized fast boat like the "Pursuit OS 385" boat. The third boat would start out as a row boat and then become a yacht or party boat. That is what I think should be added to the game, though I think that the water mechanics and waves that go along with the boat can be really pretty made to work.

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