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  1. I’ve been playing Vigor consistently since the release of the 0.7 update. I have previously played before but the issues prior to that update pushed me away. Since I’ve been back on it I’ve been loving it and thought to share my feedback. Here is my feedback so far, both negative and positive. Movement Animation speed - Possibly my biggest point in feedback. I really would like to see the movement speed slowed down a bit. The way the animation is at the moment makes the movement not only appear unrealistic but also makes the strategy to avoid bullets just to spin in circles. This animation of the movement speed also seems to combine with connection latency to make enemies skip forward and jump all over the place making it very difficult to make any shots. Camera and Trees - I like that hiding in trees is a double-edged sword where not being able to see out of the tree is a good counter to hiding or camping within one. However, when my avatar is outside of the tree branches and my camera is still inside, the vulnerability is too high as I am not able to see. If there were a way to hide the tree branches when my avatar is outside of them but keep them present while my avatar is inside it would be a great balance. Picking Up All Loot -It is super convienient to pick up all loot when you’re worried about getting shot in the back while on your inventory. This system would be even better if the mechanics behind picking up everything you can would prioritize the rarest loot first. Sorry fertilizer I have enough crap. Named Places/Landmarks/Location Points - While some places reward good loot when prompted that you are in a specific named location, others really don’t. Similar to other games, the named location should yield valuable loot while being few in numbers and unnamed locations would have less rare loot but are less populated. This would make locations worthier of being marked as well as being more dangerous with a higher contact rate as well as leaving those who want to do resource runs with more of a clear option of a routes. Balanced Gameplay and the Absence of Explosives! - I may have been a little negative so far but this is where it gets good. Not only do all of the weapons feel well balanced and nothing overpowered destroys me every round, but the starting Suomi is the perfect beginner weapon. I feel completely comfortable fighting others with higher-end gear with the Suomi. The weapons throughout are really catered to me and my preference and play style and not there to hinder other players. My next big balance and gameplay feedback is... no explosives! I may be jumping the gun on the inevitable here but I really love the fact that there are no grenades or type of explosive anywhere. Not only does this make certain fights unfair but it really leaves the gunplay to skill rather than how much of the land you can blanket with explosives when things get down to the nitty-gritty (looking at you PUBG). So at least for now, thank you. Instance-Based Game - There are not many games of this type out there at this moment, especially for console. This type of gameplay really rewards the player for skill and play style with a progression system that makes the player feel like they are not just playing for random meaningless loot boxes. It is fun, intense and rewarding. Being Friendly With Friends - I love the addition of Duos. My wife and I play all of the time together now and it is a ton of fun. A few minor additions would really make it feel like we can help each other though for example; a trading or drop system to share picked up loot. I always feel bad when I pick up loot that my partner needed and now my only option is to keep it or destroy it. Also it would make teamwork when going after the Airdop more coordinated; one team mate can keep watch while the other grabs both loot boxes that can then be dropped or traded to the partner later on in a safe area. VoIP Chat - This would definitely add more intense, meaningful and personal situations between players instead of just shooting each other on-site since that’s the only interaction possible. Death Recap Screen - Knowledge is power and knowing as much information about how I died is a great way to learn and improve my post-war skills. The more information on this screen, the better and I would like anything added to these details. Vigor is a fun, intense and rewarding game with a progression system that is meaningful and fun. I can’t wait to see what else is to come and hopefully my long feedback rant will actually make good on this title. Thank you if you took the time to read it!
  2. ReaperDave

    Binoculars to see clearly those campers...

    Very much agree! If it were just like a weapon where you can craft it with parts, find it in the lands or obtain a blueprint would be a lot of fun. The binoculars themselves would be a great asset to avoid or track down other players.
  3. ReaperDave

    A whole list of stuff

    I love the ideas of voip chat and an execution style melee takedown. The voip chat would add a lot of personification to gameplay instead of just seeing everyone as a threat that must be eliminated. A little mind games never hurt anyone and would add to the intensity. Also a drop mechanic or even trade system would be awesome with randoms and even team mates. Especially team mates though since I get into situations where my partner needs a specific resource that I just accidentally picked up. Execution takedowns would be great since it would add a new play style to the mix of being stealthy. I would hope that if this is implemented though that it isn’t just a button press and -boom- you’re dead. Only since that would just make everyone run up to everyone they see smashing that button. I like Ike the way you think friend
  4. There are many different ways to do this. I personally would like if the drop zone wasn’t initially marked as well. Not only for those who get there late but also for players who spawn next to it. Some times when when I spawn close to the drop it actually encourages me to stay there and wait for the drop while doing a little overwatch. If the drop drop zone was not initially known then it would better encourage me to play the map and get resources while I wait for the intel on the drop instead of losing my place as the first airdrop camper.
  5. ReaperDave

    we killed each other?

    This happens to me a lot actually. Truthfully though I like that I take down the other guy with me rather than just me getting killed. Seems to maybe be server-side where things are happening but you see it late on your screen. Makes it look like a dead enemy shot you from the grave.
  6. ReaperDave

    Character Reset at Launch

    With the official f2p launch being this year, I was wondering if characters will be reset for those that have been playing the game in Game Preview? I was searching through the forums to see if anyone has asked yet and found very little. I know there are perks from the Founders Pack but I don’t think that will be enough to suffice the character, shelter and weapons that players have been acquiring within the Game Preview time. With the gameplay as well balanced as it is, I don’t really see the concern of how new players could be overwhelmed by everyone else having better guns and such. I use the Suomi a lot and find it to be a really well balanced gun even against someone who is using a higher end weapon.