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    Ammo Glitch

    At your shelter when placing items from your backpack to your shelter storage, at random times the ammo will freeze in the item slot its in and cannot be removed; even though its registered as stored. When I go to bring ammo out of that same kind it goes into the slot thats frozen (which can be multiple slots) at this point its a moshpit in my backpack and still unsure how much ammo I bring to the encounter. When in the game, you're left with only what you brought out which is confusing because before the game it will show say 6 stacks of ammo, 3 of which are the frozen ones; only the extra 3 I spawned in will be registered in game. Its especially confusing when the ammo stack has say 21 bullets but the stack you bring in is a full 30 but gets pasted underneath the 21 stack thats frozen, until you're in game and the frozen items get deleted. Its just an inconvenient issue, hopefully someone can look into. Hope this was detailed enough haha? Keep up the good work Devs!
  2. The Jewish Nerd

    Broug Fort - Glitch thru floor

    I see, thank you.
  3. The Jewish Nerd

    Broug Fort - Glitch thru floor

    There's a spot by one of the artillery guns on Broug where you can just fall thru the floor and die, or be stranded underneath. Its already happened 3 times! I have a clip on my xbox but I don't know how to get it up on here. A side note as well, I've vaulted over some railings (small heights) only to instantly die afterwards. If someone could look into this, that would be great! Message if you need more info.