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Found 72 results

  1. Good Day So I've been hosting games Arma 3 since yesterday, and my friend is experiencing a peculiar problem. When he joins my server, you must select your squad/team; it is blank... (as seen below ) We tried waiting for 5-plus minutes, we've both verified the game files, we've double-checked our mods, and we've been attempting to play without mods as restarted our PCs and Wifi. Some of the official scenarios work plenty to have the same problem. So far, only one modded scenario out of 20 plus minus worked but then the in-game menu was glitched, where you choose your layout, he was stuck at the cut scene with only the option to leave Note: I have the best internet out of my friend group, so I always host for a stable experience. PC specs Win 11 5600x RTX 3070 32 Ram 2TB m.2 SSD Photo & Video: 1: blank menu https://share.icloud.com/photos/02dUp0EoUGK1BGDwr6bcKg6Cw 2: retrieving data stuck at 0% (when he leaves a mission/abort) https://share.icloud.com/photos/02c0_ih5pV-sTMrtyGb1d36qw 3: video of the in-game bugged menu https://share.icloud.com/photos/09763uYbeC9mKAIVFVL9bGy0A
  2. I have an ongoing lightning/shadow glitch ever since the release of 0.9.6. Nights don't appear dark to me, they are just as light as days, only with the sky turning black. Hack, I can even see better at night than at day, cause all the shadows are gone aswell. Here are some screenshots: Screenshot1 Screenshot2 Screenshot3 I've tried everything: verifying the integrity of the game files, reinstalling the game several times, deleting all the mods and my game-profile files, even reinstaling my GPU drivers. Nothing helped though. Does anyone know how to fix it? Any Ideas??!
  3. Delta_1128

    Shelter keeps resetting.

    I have an issue where my shelter keeps resetting to it's base. I normally only get on once a day and every time I do, the shelter looks like it reverted to a Lv 1 crafting table state. I have a lv 13 craft table, and 4 lv 11 rat traps. Before the update my traps could store about 400 food. Now they store 216. I have found that getting a crate in elimination restores my shelter, but my rat traps remain altered. Does anyone know what the heck is happening here? Edit: as of 10\12\2022 the shelter no longer is in it's destroyed state when I log in. Still wish the rat trap had more storage, but I'll take what I can get at this point.
  4. Cuando quieres abrir una caja en el refugio el juego se reinicia y te regresa a la pantalla de carga principal .también con la nueva (misión /desafío). Al abrir la entrega aérea te reinicia el juego y la caja desaparece y no se completa la misión de (UN REGALO DEL CIELO)que es abrir la primera entrega aérea de la pestaña cajas.
  5. Cuando quieres abrir una caja en el refugio el juego se reinicia y te regresa a la pantalla de carga principal .también con la nueva (misión /desafío). Al abrir la entrega aérea te reinicia el juego y la caja desaparece y no se completa la misión de (UN REGALO DEL CIELO)que es abrir la primera entrega aérea de la pestaña cajas.
  6. TheHunter_Drizzt

    Right combination trophy bug

    Right combination trophy is not unlocking. I have unlocked the weapon crate with three locks and multiple blue boxes with locks.
  7. Can anyone help with this: 1) i have the map source, if i open it in TB and remove some object or the whole layer of objects and save it (all in all do smth without pressing Generate layers) - it saves just fine, export it to WRP and make PBO - very fine! No glitches at all. Just perfect! 2) BUT if i press Generate layers and then > WRP > PBO - somehow one of surfaces becomes broken... this one - GdtConcrete[] = {{200,200,200}}; - in Buldozer and in EDEN it has very same glitch - in some places it is absent, in some - its present, in few places i can even see the border where it dissapeares. Here are the screenshots of it all: http://aimgame.ru/images/brdr.jpg http://aimgame.ru/images/border.jpg http://aimgame.ru/images/loop.jpg http://aimgame.ru/images/grass.jpg I've tried everything 10 times already... i guess i just dont know something... 🙂
  8. MourningStarV

    Grenade Glitch

    It’s funny, since just a few days ago I read a comment saying, “Grenades get thrown automatically when you aim.” I mean I thought it was silly as I’ve never had this happen to me. But what do you know, the EXACT same thing just happened. It seems this bug is very inconsistent. Sometimes the Grenades work as intended, but other times it throws itself exactly when you aim, giving no time for the outlander to determine the path of the grenade. Please fix this bug as soon as possible as this affects whether you win a firefight or not. Also, load out presets aren’t working for PlayStation apparently. If you don’t mind, please look into that as well. Much love and continue the great work!
  9. Shadowsoul24

    Contact Bomb Glitch

    I noticed if you go to place a contact bomb on a valid spot, and then move to a invalid spot, the contact bomb will disappear completely, it’s really annoying.
  10. At about 4:00pm GMT 17/8/21 I was playing on Anniken with a friend, he died but i escaped with 7 kills and a full inventory (i got locked container and all the dead people's loot). I then escaped successfully but when i exited it skipped the page that shows you the loot and XP you got and loaded straight back into the shelter. Confused, i checked my stats and not only had my kills had not gone up but my games played hadnt gone up( it said 418 instead of 419) i then checked my inventory and i had the original items i went into the game with(es16 and 80 ammo). It was as if i had been disconnected and the game goes back to what it was before you went into the match so im not sure if it was a glitch or a salty person i killed DDOSed the server or something . im not bothered about the items or XP, I just wanted to report the problem somehow. thanks.
  11. NotFazeTimo

    Broadalen Bridges Glitch

    I have experienced a glitch on Broadalen Bridges where I died from being stuck in a gutter. I tried to jump on the roof but the animation failed and I got stuck. I also have video evidence.
  12. Hi! Im playing the Arma 3 for a long time now and today i thought about making some cool screenshots and i downloaded my few checked and trusted mods for making screenshots and when i launched the game, EVERYTHING got reseted, all my saves, armor sets etc. I also got the "new player in arma" screen when i was in the main menu and all of the "stripes" turned orange from green How do I fix that? Pls help
  13. One safe switch works and the other doesnt, i flipped the first one and ran to the next but the square symbol did not show up to flip the second one. I have a video showing i made turned around multiple times to make sure the first switch was still green and still not able to flip the second.
  14. Kopfschuss

    Odd visual glitch.

    I am having a very strange visual bug. Basically I guess my character has started taking acid because everything is pink and line green. My game now looks like a strange psychedelic music video from the 80's I am not sure what has caused this. It hasnt affected the one game I attempted to play much everything except the menu in game looked mostly normal but in my shelter it is a very different story.
  15. There is a strange shadow cast from a cap I added in, i'm pretty sure it's my config.cpp. It only seems to be present when there is only one character in the editor. It also throws various errors like the one below but with different endings after the '.'. Here are some screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/S3yC7UB Here is the section within config.cpp: class Headgear_Base_F; class Headgear_H_Cap; class SAR_Cap: Headgear_H_Cap { author = "baconbore"; displayName = "Custom Cap"; picture = ""; model = "\A3\Characters_F\Common\capb"; hiddenSelections[] = {"camo"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\MyAddon\Data\cap_SAR.paa"}; hiddenSelectionsMaterials[] = {"\A3\Characters_F\Common\data\capb.rvmat"}; class ItemInfo: HeadgearItem { mass = 4; allowedSlots[] = {901,605}; uniformModel = "\A3\Characters_F\Common\capb"; modelSides[] = {3,1}; hiddenSelections[] = {"camo"}; armor = "0"; }; }; Any replies are appreciated. Cheers
  16. Tim Gloo

    Can't go prone

    Noticed that my ability to go prone doesn't work occasionally. I think it's after I walk through a river it happens.
  17. Mikael Aether


    So I'm pretty sure we all know about glitches. Well there's two in game. Both have concerns with the map Ok so I know we all use the map, and some of use discover all the places. With this new update, the map has been telling me that I have to rediscover everything. Issue no. 2 is directly after spawn there is a chance that you won't put up your map, keeping it stuck in your hand for the duration of the match
  18. Gage Heath

    Glitches and idea.

    So there has been at least 4 occasions that my game has times out, right when the countdown for in game ends. Then when I push A to login and go to my shelter. I lose all my inventory. The first two didn't really bother me, but the last two I've lost good weapons. The special issue ADR-97 isn't easy to get. Also I have an idea to potentially add to the game. The choice to cancel your booster at the pre-game. Only reason I haven't bought crowns is because I don't want to be paying for everyone else's increased chance. There's been many games where I'm the only one who boosted loot chance. It would be more fun to actually get games where the crate gets boosted to the special issue. But sadly hasn't happened once. Even though I've played long enough to improve my shelter to the 12/13th tier. Other then those couple issues, the game has worked pretty great for me. Thank you
  19. goombz

    Stamina Draining

    Upon starting the encounter, my stamina cap begins to lower until halfway; similar to radiation damage with the zig-zag pattern.
  20. While using some weapons, most recently but not limited to the Suomi KP/-31, during a skirmish of running in circles and on/off shooting at each other; at one point we ran close enough to each other to initiate a melee swing, after which the gun was unable to fire. Instead of displaying the remaining ammo in the clip, it was replaced with a hyphen. If I tried firing, it would sometimes make a click sound when ADS, melee swing as if an enemy was directly in front of me, and once or twice it momentarily fired while aiming from the hip. I tried switching to my other weapon and back as well as holstering both weapons however the problem persisted. My other weapon worked fine. Hope this helps!
  21. Fred2832

    Broken Reload glitch

    I have found many occasions where another player without a weapon would grab the package and leave undamaged due to a reload bug. For example: Using a thompson and the m1911, i shot the player multiple times (im unsure how much damage i dealt), however, my weapon would not allow me to reload, and in the bottom right corner there was simply a dash (-) instead of my ammo count. I had over 50 ACP rounds in my inventory. My character would not reload, and therefore the player escaped. This left me especially frustrated as I along with a few other players placed coins on a better package drop. I hope someone in the development team sees this and finds out this bug for themselves for a fix. I love this game, it’s an excellent idea and very fun when crashes and bugs don’t ruin the experience. thanks, Fred
  22. Fenris1989

    All my gear disappeared

    So I jumped into an encounter and suddenly I had none of my gear I had set, so I left and went to my camp and it was all gone permanently: an sks, an rpk, 300 rounds of 7.62x39 6 disinfectants, and 3 antibiotics, ticked me off to the point I uninstalled said game but I redownloaded it today on my xboxone hoping this gets fixed big time.
  23. So over the past few days of playing the game I love it, filled a niche i didn’t know I needed filled. More shelter stuff plz... any way one thing that frustrates me to no end is the game crashes at least once a day. And it’s most of the time when I’m entering a team match. It would be so bad if I didn’t loose my inventory for being disconnected. However it’s caused me to loose hours of grind time getting gear and gun parts on one Occasion lost and entire inventory of rare ammo I had looted from people and the world. Stuff like that makes me not want to play the game. Which sucks because I really enjoy it
  24. Fenris1989

    Major bug

    So I jumped into an encounter and suddenly I had none of my gear I had set, so I left and went to my camp and it was all gone permanently: an sks, an rpk, 300 rounds of 7.62x39 6 disinfectants, and 3 antibiotics, ticked me off to the point I uninstalled said game but I redownloaded it today on my xboxone hoping this gets fixed big time,and I wonder what’s going to be done about this >_>
  25. aappletree12

    Im blind!

    Every direction im blinded by incredibly bright light except south, though its still bright south just not blindingly, it only happened once hope it doesn't happen again, my friend had to guide me to the exit... He died, but i lived! https://imgur.com/a/kK4LZ5i