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  1. Mikael Aether

    Night mode on every map ?

    I believe this would be a cool mode, though instead of night vision scopes, thermal would be better. And i think the word your looking for Is Flare Gun. I believe that is what you were trying to say
  2. Mikael Aether

    Will weaponplans show up in crates after the b-pass has ended?

    I personally think they will add the blueprints to the supply boxes, though not in purple. They'll be in a box equal to the blueprints 'Rarity' I believe that was common - rare tier blueprints
  3. Mikael Aether

    Auto reload

    Thank you.
  4. Mikael Aether

    Ammo Stacks

    Excuse me man. Do you mean.... You want a Shotgun to stack it's rounds 150 times? Or the .357 rounds to go that high? Rick Grimes would love that XD. In all seriousness, I don't think it needs to go that high for the MGs or ARs or Subs to have that much ammo in a stack. I feel like 60 was pretty good, two mags in many guns, one mag in others, so I liked that. They went ridiculously low in this past update with certainguns. While lowering stack size for shotguns and .357 rounds made sense, lowering the amount on the .45 ACP rounds didn't make sense. I do feel like they need to fix the stack sizes now
  5. Mikael Aether


    I feel like that would help with the lack of experience we receive. Otherwise it might be a constant bug they didn't notice.
  6. Mikael Aether

    Auto reload

    I 100% agree, but I got a better twist. Give us an option to auto reload or manual reload. Let us pick how we wanna reload. That way the people that are more used to manually reloading can still do so, while others automatically reload
  7. Mikael Aether

    Sugg Special event week (-end)

    I don't feel like it be a thing they'd do to bring more players in. More or less to keep players to continue to play the game. I do feel like they should do more things for special holiday. Like on New Year's or Christmas.
  8. Mikael Aether

    Make a clan or group

    I don't think Vigor's playerbase is large enough to reliably have clans or big groups like they do in COD or Destiny. Something I think your looking for is a way to find players who want to be playing with a partner often, and I think an in game LFG (Looking for group) could be useful in that. With the addition of anti teamkiller moves, such as the notification and unable to loot the teammates body I feel like this could be much more reliable.
  9. Mikael Aether

    Maps and game modes

    I feel like we'd be crossing over into what pubg and fortnite does. I don't agree with having vehicles in the game, but I do agree that larger more diverse maps could be fun, and definitely add some more things to do. Police buildings to be raided, labs or even observatories could be added. Hell I want to see the add charred or decomposed bodies, to really hit home on the idea of this being an after apocalypse game.
  10. Mikael Aether

    Just Trash Now

    Damn I really agree with all this.i enjoyed the silent matches, and the less issues with campers and Box watches. It's so much more problematic on the small maps too, you'll almost always run into a killer. Not to mention the battle pass is far too difficult to level up, and you don't gain any experience if your die, aside from kills
  11. Mikael Aether


    Fixed loot? Need some sort of description. The only issue I've seen is how in a lot full of vehicles, one car seems to have it all
  12. Mikael Aether

    SUGG more XP

    I can definitely get behind this too.devs gotta really listen to us,instead of going their own path. I can't play all too much on vigor,bc I play other games that are much more time consuming. Ark recently has been played 80% of my game time, so it'd be nice when I actually play to get more experience. Not to mention I'm working on some challenges with the shotguns (which I believe we need more variation of shotguns, like a pump or AA12, something more than the two we have currently) so im dieing very, very often. Some experience from the time alive would be great.so far if you die,you only get experience if you killed a guy
  13. Mikael Aether


    Happens beginning of game on me, for Xbox
  14. Mikael Aether


    So I'm pretty sure we all know about glitches. Well there's two in game. Both have concerns with the map Ok so I know we all use the map, and some of use discover all the places. With this new update, the map has been telling me that I have to rediscover everything. Issue no. 2 is directly after spawn there is a chance that you won't put up your map, keeping it stuck in your hand for the duration of the match
  15. Mikael Aether

    Vigor destroyed In one swoop

    How bout you give it a month before you start assuming that the game is going down. From where I stand, as a guy that prefers the middle ground guns, this isn't that bad a change. I do believe that knives do need a fix, as they are terrible, but the increase in material needed means people who haven't stocked the guns will need to be smarter, or aim better. The ADR users that don't catch on real quick will lose many more ADRs unless they understand what happened to the cost of the weapon. I've been in serveral matches, and while I still see an ADR every game, I also see guns like the AK or the Vz. Rifle being used. If the crafting cost is that bad, then why don't I see more people running in with more cheaper guns?