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  1. The amount of crownes from antennas was bad enough before, but now it is pointless upgrading the antenna...nobody is putting in for better crates anymore since it’s impossible to earn crownes unless you pay the overpriced cost for a few. Devs seriously need to fix the amount of crownes earned and reduce the cost of them on the store; or at least reduce the prices of crates etc. If this does happen, they will see a huge increase in profit since it’s far less risky to spend your own money on crownes, and the game economy will be smoother allowing greater interest and thus a greater player-base. until this is sorted, i’m not playing. It is really boring playing for just common crates and 100-200% loot boosts every game, with around one crate boost every 20 matches or so. At least fix the damn glitches first if you’re gonna be tight around the crownes.
  2. Fred2832

    Broken Reload glitch

    I have found many occasions where another player without a weapon would grab the package and leave undamaged due to a reload bug. For example: Using a thompson and the m1911, i shot the player multiple times (im unsure how much damage i dealt), however, my weapon would not allow me to reload, and in the bottom right corner there was simply a dash (-) instead of my ammo count. I had over 50 ACP rounds in my inventory. My character would not reload, and therefore the player escaped. This left me especially frustrated as I along with a few other players placed coins on a better package drop. I hope someone in the development team sees this and finds out this bug for themselves for a fix. I love this game, it’s an excellent idea and very fun when crashes and bugs don’t ruin the experience. thanks, Fred