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Found 10 results

  1. Callum Killington

    Accidental purchase

    I was on the battle pass claiming my level 17 reward and my game froze so I spammed A and it purchased the next level to 18 for 190 crowns and I’m asking if you staff could just put my level down by one and give my crowns back please my xbox name is I C411UM I
  2. Gage Heath

    Glitches and idea.

    So there has been at least 4 occasions that my game has times out, right when the countdown for in game ends. Then when I push A to login and go to my shelter. I lose all my inventory. The first two didn't really bother me, but the last two I've lost good weapons. The special issue ADR-97 isn't easy to get. Also I have an idea to potentially add to the game. The choice to cancel your booster at the pre-game. Only reason I haven't bought crowns is because I don't want to be paying for everyone else's increased chance. There's been many games where I'm the only one who boosted loot chance. It would be more fun to actually get games where the crate gets boosted to the special issue. But sadly hasn't happened once. Even though I've played long enough to improve my shelter to the 12/13th tier. Other then those couple issues, the game has worked pretty great for me. Thank you
  3. I played an encounter on batterie and bought the insurance. Had an ADR and was killed while opening the airdrop. After going back to shelter all the loot was there but my ADR with 51 cartridges of ammo was missing. I asked support for compensation but they told me that they do not replace lost equipment. Since another player already reported that his crate booster didn't work, i highly recommend everyone to think twice before buying boosters/insurance or purchasing crowns in first place. If Amazon would not ship purchased items, it would be considered as scam, but i am propably not allowed to use this term in this case...
  4. Vigor may might as well die in its current state or ward off new or casual players. I consider myself lucky to "Beat the destruction" and what I mean by that is the crown generator nerf along with 1.1 . I'll explain why this makes since. You go into a match and with no loot boost there is barely any loot besides barred house and general houses.The problem is now that with a new player only getting like 3 crowns a day with a low level generator. Math it up and it take about 10 days to do a loot upgrade.But what's worse is it take 15 days of daily collecting to get an airdrop upgrade 45 crowns. A new player will not like to use a pistol because all ammo is hard to find and guns are hard to get. How did I get all my guns. Through airdrops. If the airdrops aren't leveled up the new player can't get decent plans to craft guns and the compatible ammo. What is insult to injury is the fact that airdrops make you super slow. Like half speed. A player without a good weapon will get shot tuh hell by another player because they move slow and are new to the game. The only way to progress in the game is to get a stock of guns and crafting plans. The creators sealed their fate in changing the sense of progress to 0 when it take too long for the noob player to get out of the crater. no good guns are easily obtainable because of skill required to get airdrop with slowing effect and marked effect.upgrades occur at approximately 1/3 as often as before the crowns nerf took effect, theoretically anyway 20 was max upgrade now is 6.4 . Good upgrades are so rare now that your lucky to be in a game that has a 250% loot or a blue crate. What's even worse is if the airdrop is upgraded to special issue or military grade. Only one person gets it .4 people just spend 15 days of crowns I to only have 1 person get it. So you have to basically get lucky that a veteran isn't going for drop because your screwed when your getting killed by an ADR or AUR A1. Suomi has now been nerfed and so no lower grade guns are top tier anymore in competitive nature. A pistol with 16 rounds isn't enough ammo to effective kill an experienced player. Basically the new players are put in a hole because of weapon access and the penalties that make the game realistic.I understand the airdrop is heavy and needs to "slow you down" but you cannot limit the main thing that is used to progress a new players competitive level in the game. You start out as non self sustaining on loot and thus looting is only method to gain items. If guns didn't take ammo this whole issue would go from a Nuke to a conventional ww1 bomb. You can get the gun but not a reliable source of ammo for it. Digging out of this hole takes skill and an extreme amount of time, a casual or new player will drop your game if it's too difficult and time consuming because many people can't play 6 plus hours a day maximum basically the game is rigged as if everyone has a self sustaining community backing them up. When your self sustaining you can go for airdrop and use a good gun to basically Nuke players with no guns. You are basically a slave that gets whipped up when they eat there 4 oz daily meal. And drink the muddy water. You have no way of conventionly getting out of this mess in a effective manner. This may as well kill your game and or nullify that chances of it blowing up even larger inn the future.
  5. The amount of crownes from antennas was bad enough before, but now it is pointless upgrading the antenna...nobody is putting in for better crates anymore since it’s impossible to earn crownes unless you pay the overpriced cost for a few. Devs seriously need to fix the amount of crownes earned and reduce the cost of them on the store; or at least reduce the prices of crates etc. If this does happen, they will see a huge increase in profit since it’s far less risky to spend your own money on crownes, and the game economy will be smoother allowing greater interest and thus a greater player-base. until this is sorted, i’m not playing. It is really boring playing for just common crates and 100-200% loot boosts every game, with around one crate boost every 20 matches or so. At least fix the damn glitches first if you’re gonna be tight around the crownes.
  6. Hi. So I've encountered many bugs on Vigor but I'm really loving the game. I've lost a lot of weapons and crowns because of you guys. I've crafted several G3's and AUR HBART (with plan and high enough crafting table) but it takes my material wait the time but I don't get the weapon... Also used over 100 coins in matches several times just to be disconnected from your servers (not problem with my internet since my friends experience this at random as well) hoping you guys do something about this. Best regards Joachim Bay aKa SoTzy
  7. I think something can be done with the price of boosters to increase usage. The price should be dynamic, based on the amount of people that have purchased a Booster already. Though I can't quite decide if the price should scale up or down. e.g. scale down: 1st booster 30 crowns 2nd booster 25 crowns 3rd booster 20 crowns 4th booster 15 crowns 5th+ booster 10 Crowns or scale up: 1st booster 10 crowns 2nd booster 15 crowns 3rd booster 20 crowns 4th booster 25 crowns 5th+ booster 30 crowns Another way that we could have dynamic booster price, that would result in more crowns being used, given that there is a timed "server reset" every 24 hours, is to scale the price of boosters down, based upon how often they are used in that 24 hour period e.g. 1st booster in 'day' 30 crowns 2nd booster in day 20 crowns 3rd booster in day 15 crowns 4th+ booster in day 10 crowns This would have the bonus of rewarding players for spending crowns, even if they use a booster and get killed. And would encourage them to carry on using boosters. Insurance booster should remain unaffected by usage. additionally: at loot level 400% or higher, the vault should contain a small number of crowns, that scale up, depending on the loot level (up to a maximum of 12) - I believe that this combined with the last booster/day price scaling would result in a lot more crowns being spent overall, as players would be encouraged to use boosters, to get to the 10 crown level for the day, so that they could then, in principle, if enough people use a booster, break even, or if everyone did, make a small profit
  8. No reason I shouldn’t get my crown back from using them on the boost and lose my weapons and loadout if I D/C before game started because of your messed up servers
  9. Losing 30 or more crowns in a server two minutes into the game due to the servers losing connection, and no return on the crowns or keep the items I looted at least.
  10. Cristian Acacio

    Coins (crowns)

    Hola, cuando comencé a jugar acumulé 53,000 monedas (coronas) y cuando compré el juego me dieron más monedas para el paquete de fundadores, y de todas esas monedas solo me dieron 1,400. Hello,when I started playing accumulate 53,000 coins (crowns) and when I bought the game they gave me more coins for the founders pack, and of all those coins they only gave me 1,400.