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  1. URSharkFuelisPissed

    Giving credit, where credit is due!

    I admit I have been pretty rough on Bohemia, but I have to admit - they are stepping up and making Vigor better and better. Season 6 got me started, but was none to kind to me on the PS4 and Bohemia didn't do much to resolve a personal issue I had - but that was then. My Xbox experience has been better. Today we are looking at update 8.1 and it looks like the developers are working hard to make this game better than before - and seasons 7 and 8 were honestly quite good! There is room to improve, but Bohemia is listening and making effective changes when and where they can. Well done folks, well done! You have earned my support and I plan to support you as long as you support the players and you are!!
  2. URSharkFuelisPissed

    Don't buy Vigor crowns on the PS4 - the game will rip you off!

    This is really sad because I enjoy the game - ON MY XBOX. Not so much on the PS4. I am just shocked at how tone deaf and unconcerned they are about their reputation. I have been months trying to resolve this directly with Bohemia and they have no interest in making it right. Their support reps just pat me on the head and hope I go away instead of resolving the problem. The company only seems to be interested in coming up with more ways to cash in from their customers while they have the means and running out the clock on the Sony refund policy. Use a credit card next time so you have another way to fight back.
  3. ******** Watch for this message to be deleted soon like my prior warnings - maybe Bohemia should be more ethical and deal with the issue instead of hiding the truth by censoring the feedback**** I really like this game and still play/pay on the Xbox, but I have quit playing on the PS4 - not because the gameplay has not continued to improve - it has improved! I quit because I noticed my crowns were disappearing after crashes, because insurance not being honored or refunded post crash, and boosters were kept post crash when the crash prevented the player from benefitting from the boost. That folks is electronic theft an it should be taken more seriously by Bohemia and Sony - but after months of apologies and promises by Bohemia customer support to "look into it" they have done absolutely NOTHING to resolve my issue. This is wrong, Bohemia should care more about their reputation than greed, and I would report it to Sony if there was a customer feedback means to do so. SORRY BOHEMIA, BUT I WILL NOT GO AWAY UNTIL YOU MAKE THIS RIGHT! Theft is theft virtual or real, it is the same thing. You should not take money from customers unless you give them what you promise in return.
  4. Check my Xbox and PS4 accounts under the player name URSharkFuel please Bohemia Support - I have made a substanial investment in the game and ripping off paying customers is no way to run a business or retain loyal users! The server logs will prove what I am about to say is 100% accurate! Look at 12:15 PM PST 12/21/2020 and you will see the latest ripoff. I was happy to put up with the frequent crashes and other issues until the game started stealing my crowns! When I enter an encounter with my favorite rifle (only had one SVU) I purchase the insurance. And in some rounds I add a booster if the other players are contributing. After the latest upgrade we traded crashes before the encounter started for app CRASHES IN THE GAME. Twice today the game took my 60+30 crowns started the encounter and then crashed late in the encounter. The first time I restarted and I had everything I entered the encounter with, but got no refund of the credits spent, not to mention the items looted. But the 2nd crash of the day was the WORST. The insurance protected NOTHING and I lost everything except the ammo I entered the encounter with, but some how retained some of the loot I earned in the encounter BUT THE WEAPONS WERE ALL GONE INCLUDING MY INSURED SVU RIFLE. That sucks, Sucks, SUCKS! And now I feel like a fool for spending a single penny on this game. To make matters much worse, when I got back on the game after the 2nd blue screen without a refund the game claimed "I intentionally ended the game and no refund would take place." That was completely false, I was deleting an item in my pack to make room for the airdrop I was preparing to make a run on and the damn app just blue screened. I don't give a rip what your built-in message is programmed to say, I never dropped the connection and if that is accurate, why did I get part of the loot?!?