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Found 89 results

  1. I'm probably just stupid but I play on linux and the game always starts directly from steam without opening the launcher. How can I open the Lauchner?
  2. I have a problem, where only in Armia 3 I had 120 hz monitor graphics card 2070 rtx The problem is that the game looks normal when I want to move suddenly the gamma jumps and there is a streak of such white something behind the characters, it can be seen in the recording than in the photos but I can't upload the video here could anyone help? I realy dont know what to do. I am also sending a photo of 2 normal soldiers where I did not move and I took the photo. Other photos 2 with these problem are down on post.
  3. paulipauli120

    Arma 3 local server problem

    Hello. When I host a local ArmA 3 server via the server browser menu, my friends cannot join. I have set in my router that my PC can independently release all ports it needs and I have also released all ports separately for arma to be on the safe side (port: 2302 ...) but under which IP can the server be reached? I've tried sites like whatsmyip but my friends can't join at this address. I have an IPV6 address. I want to buy the new Vietnam Dlc when it is available and then play the co-op campaign and therefore I want to see how it works with the local servers.
  4. Hi, Yesterday I tried to publish my mission to workshop but I couldn't do that because my space "bar" was red. It says that I need more space, but even if I delete 10 old missions and gain more MB free, space requirement gets higher so bar is still red.. I'm playing arma for a while now (1500 hours +) and I never saw anything like that anywhere.. if you know solution, please help me
  5. Hello. When I host a local ArmA 3 server via the server browser menu, my friends cannot join. I have set in my router that my PC can independently release all ports it needs and I have also released all ports separately for arma to be on the safe side (port: 2302 ...) but under which IP can the server be reached? I've tried sites like whatsmyip but my friends can't join at this address. I have an IPV6 address. I want to buy the new Vietnam Dlc when it is available and then play the co-op campaign and therefore I want to see how it works with the local servers.
  6. Help! im trying to make a warlords scenario with custom factions. I have no idea what am i doing wrong. but everytime i try to test it (play in eden editor) it gives me this error: The script i used: This script i used is copied from https://community.bistudio.com/wiki?title=Arma_3_MP_Warlords&redirect=no im also pretty new in arma editing/scripting.
  7. Hey everyone, whilst working on my custom re-skins of the RHS mods I ran into a bit of a problem. The issue is the following: Now I've tried fixing it and I know ArmA sometimes doesn't really properly specify the line but I can't seem to find the problem, it might be because I'm too tired, but if anyone can have a brief look at it I'd be thankful. Here are the contents of the config.cpp
  8. I want to continue my work on my PzH2000 but i just cant fix the error "Cannot generate ST - Coordinates". I already triangulated everything and did everything i found online but i just cant fix it. Maybe someone can look at the p3d and help me with it, just ask for it Pic of it
  9. didier van de gevel

    account rollback?

    Can i get a roll to like 10 hours ago because my game froze and i tried to get out of the menu and accidentally bought a battle pass level for like 440/430 crowns, so i was wondering if i could request my account to be set back or something (ps4 btw but there is no support thread for psn)
  10. I recently got this bug while playing shootout and since then it still haunts me. Every time I spawn I get the message loading and then corrupted data file press ok, which is a PlayStation notification. I already reinstalled the game but the bug still exists. The big problem about this is that I cannot move for the next 3 seconds because of this prompt and I cannot delete the corrupted data file. I got the following non corrupted save files: Localsheltersaveslot, Optionssaveslot, Achievementsaveslot, Notificationsaveslot, Encounterhintssaveslot, Poifoundsaveslot, Puzzlecubesaveslot, OwnedWeapons, OwnedTitles, Loadouts_savegame
  11. Hi everyone i have an issue making a simple money script / function in my mission. I'm finding the syntax of SQF and SQS difficult to understand or comprehend in comparison to languages like java and C#. I used this sample below as a baseline but the guy who responded didn't tell the OP of that forum how edit the value of your "Bank" right now I've created a object of money with an add action that adds money to my Currency variable, but now i want to extend that to the death of 'X' unit and i came up with this. To some this code might be laughable but i don't understand why this doesn't work when executed via a units init. Any input is appreciated. _man = _this select 0; while {alive _this} do { if (!alive _this) then { //GoldCurrency = GoldCurrency + 1000; hint"DEAD"; }; }; Many Thanks -Irish
  12. Jason Vidal

    Problem PLAYER 1

    Good morning to all of you, Since update 2.00, I can't access my old Arma 3 profiles anymore and the game gives me directly the "PLAYER 1" profile. When I try to add or modify a profile my game crashes and gives me the following error message 0xC0000005 - STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION. I have already made the following attempts : - Reinstall the game; - Check the files by Steam; - Install my profiles in the Arma 3 folder directly; - Check my Windows 10 firewall (Windows Defender); Here I hope you could help me, because I only play this game and after 4000h it never happens thank you in advance.
  13. I created this MOD: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2207947068&searchtext=%40Disable_Zoom+1.0+Vanilla Compiled and signed in V2 and then sent to the Workshop. The MOD works great in single player. But if I try to host it on my server it doesn't work. It gives me that the client / server version are not the same. I downloaded the file from the Workshop for both the client and the server. I use TADST as server launcher, and V2 signature verification is selected. What am I doing wrong?
  14. Hello dear Arma 3 Community, I hope you can help me. A few days ago ireset my PC because I had a nervebreaking problem with starting games like The Elder Scrolls Online, The Witcher 2 and a few more. The reason was, that the PC missed dll. files. The result was, that the games wouldn't start anymore. Arma 3 ran without problems, but I wanted to solve the problem. Now after I reseted the PC, the Games above are running fine, but Arma 3 is now the game, which isn't running, because, you can guess, a few dll. files are missing. So what can I do about that? Do you have any ideas?
  15. Iv had this problem for months when using the ORBAT. I keep getting the same error when i try to run the game with the exported faction in the add on section, its extremely frustrating as these factions take nearly 3 days to create, iv had to delete them then remake them multiple times. Could someone please help me as i want to make a RMC faction, RAF, RAF regiment RN and so on. Asked this question on the ALIVE forum months ago and no one has replied , posted it on reddit and no one replied either, I even uninstalled and reinstalled ARMA twice hopefully someone here could help me out or redo it for me. (sorry for the crap quality) sorry for sounding so petty. Let me know if i should send you the folder or config etc https://ibb.co/0BG6Lcc https://ibb.co/rpSWxFn
  16. Eggitheegg

    Arma 3 Can't Install Mods.

    This Problem Started about 2 Months ago, Basically what happens is when I install mods the game starts updating (like normal) but it stops and says ''CORRUPT DISK'' I've tried to uninstall the game and install it again a couple of times, changing the download region. nothing helped, couldn't change the directory of the game for some reason tho.
  17. Hello, community! 🙂 I have tried to create a mod with units using Drongo's Config Generator. I know how it works and I have created some mods already. What I want to share is an issue when I made my last mod. I have used this mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1124966491 for the uniforms and also Contact's Spetsnaz units, as my units should be Russians. I have tried the mod afterwards and only the uniforms are the CSAT vanilla (default) ones instead of the Russian variants. I have tried several times and I have got the same error every time, no matter if you units are from the F1 faction menu or the F2 groups menu. What could cause this problem? Thank you in advance! 🙂 🍻
  18. Uploaded MRH Milsimtools on dedicated server and now im getting ErrorMessage: File MRHHaloGear\cfghpp\cfgvehicles.hpp, line 77: /cfgVehicles/: ';' encountered instead of '{' on .rpt Here is the entire cfgvehicles.hpp. I use NFO servers. #include "MRH_C_Path.hpp" /* ["H_PilotHelmetFighter_B","H_HelmetB","ItemCore","Default"] class H_PilotHelmetFighter_B { MRH_hypoxiaRebreather = 1; }; */ class Bag_Base; class B_Parachute : Bag_Base {}; class MRH_AADEquippedParachute : B_Parachute { displayName = $STR_MRH_MRHHaloGear_AADChute; scope = 2; }; class ACE_NonSteerableParachute; class MRH_AADEquippedNSParachute : ACE_NonSteerableParachute { displayName = $STR_MRH_MRHHaloGear_AADChuteNS; scope = 2; }; class Man; class CAManBase: Man { /* class EventHandlers { init = "_this call MRH_fnc_MilsimTools_EnhancedMap_replaceVanillaMap;"; }; */ class ACE_SelfActions { class ACE_Equipment { class MRH_SetAAS { displayName = $STR_MRH_MRHHaloGear_AADSettingSelfAC; condition = "(([player] call MRH_fnc_MilsimTools_HaloGear_hasAADParachute) && (['MRH_MilsimTools_HaloGear_allowManualAADSetting']call cba_settings_fnc_get))"; exceptions[] = {"isNotSitting","isNotInside"}; statement = "[_player] call MRH_fnc_MilsimTools_HaloGear_AADMenuOnload"; icon = ""; }; }; }; }; //["ReammoBox_F","ThingX","Thing","All"] //["MRAP_01_base_F","Car_F","Car","LandVehicle","Land","AllVehicles","All"] //["I_G_Boat_Transport_01_F","Rubber_duck_base_F","Boat_F","Ship_F","Ship","AllVehicles","All"] #define MACRO_ATTACHAAD \ class ACE_Actions \ { \ class ACE_MainActions { \ class MRH_AttachAAD { \ displayName = $STR_MRH_MRHHaloGear_ATTACHAAD; \ condition = "(!(_target getVariable ['MRH_HaloGear_itemAsAAD',false]) && ('MRH_AAD_Item' in items _player))"; \ statement = "_target setVariable ['MRH_HaloGear_itemAsAAD',true,true]; _player removeItem 'MRH_AAD_Item';hint localize 'STR_MRH_MRHHaloGear_HintAADAdded'"; \ exceptions[] = {"isNotSwimming"}; \ showDisabled = 0; \ icon = ""; \ }; \ class MRH_DetachAAD { \ displayName = $STR_MRH_MRHHaloGear_REMOVEHAAD; \ condition = "_target getVariable ['MRH_HaloGear_itemAsAAD',false]"; \ statement = "[_target] call MRH_fnc_MilsimTools_HaloGear_removeObjectAAD;_player addItem 'MRH_AAD_Item';hint localize 'STR_MRH_MRHHaloGear_HintAADRemoved'"; \ exceptions[] = {"isNotSwimming"}; \ showDisabled = 0; \ icon = ""; \ }; \ class MRH_ChangeAADSetting { \ displayName = $STR_MRH_MRHHaloGear_AADSettingSelfAC; \ condition = "_target getVariable ['MRH_HaloGear_itemAsAAD',false]"; \ statement = "[_target] call MRH_fnc_MilsimTools_HaloGear_AADMenuOnLoad"; \ exceptions[] = {"isNotSwimming"}; \ showDisabled = 0; \ icon = ""; \ }; \ }; \ }; class ThingX; class ReammoBox_F : ThingX; { MACRO_ATTACHAAD }; class LandVehicle; class Car : LandVehicle; { MACRO_ATTACHAAD }; class Ship; class Ship_F : Ship; { MACRO_ATTACHAAD }; class Tank: LandVehicle; { MACRO_ATTACHAAD }; class Motorcycle: LandVehicle; { MACRO_ATTACHAAD }; Can anyone help?
  19. I downloaded Argo 1 week ago and I am playing Combat Patrol in a server. I unlocked Nightstalker and I asked other players how to open its Thermal Vision. They told me it is N but N is not working. When I press N, nightvision opens and closes so fast and whenever I get out from scope, night vision is on. Once I wanted to open watch with O but it didn't open. I am having trouble with keys. Anywhere to edit it or is my game broken ? I downloaded it again with caution but still no change. Can anyone help me please ? (YouTube link is here: https://youtu.be/YfE0Ha5obG0)
  20. nacrogamer

    Problem with object

    I do not know why but my object in game appear a little bit transparency, i mean i can't see everything but i can see something like the object in the map , the sea or the terrain. the texture color texture are _co.paa and i add at the model forcenotalpha. here some screen of my problem. https://imgur.com/a/b9E3Wsi https://imgur.com/a/CDXw9t7 https://imgur.com/a/MEFLyTX https://imgur.com/a/3YZLOAk
  21. Hey folks, i have some problems and i guess that it have to do something with my config or maybe the addon builder. I was working on little objects to understand how I get it in the game. Im always getting it working into the Bulldozer but ingame I get everytime problems. I made two barrelbombs, they worked fine as a static object ingame. After a few weeks I came back to it and modelled an Improvised Hellcannon and added it raw without any textures applied. I want to try another workflow for the bigger objects. First configure them and make changes to the object and the config and when this work I would texture them. Problem: When I added the new object in the config and the p3d, it showed me ingame that a texture of one of the working objects could not be found. So all three objects does not show up ingame. Even if I remove the new object with the configurations. Cannot load texture Error: Dragged the objects and there is only the text: Config: My folder Structure: Bulldozer is working: Addon builder list: *.pac;*.paa;*.sqf;*.sqs;*.bikb;*.fsm;*.wss;*.ogg;*.wav;*.fxy;*.csv;*.html;*.lip;*.txt;*.wrp;*.bisurf;*.xml;*.hqf;*.rtm;*.rvmat;*.shp;*p3d Hopefully its only a tiny problem... Something I forgot. regards JeckZeRippa
  22. Alpha Breach

    Disappearing Weapons

    Hi, I'm not one to complain about games but this is an issue I hope you fix soon, while I was in the outlands on the map BATTERIE DRAUG I brought an ADR-97 and a M21 and after successfully completeing the outland run with my friend BigJoshG59 I returned to my shelter and my ADR-97 just vanished, I have a clip of the situation, I play on Xbox, my gamertag is PHNX Ryze please reply to this or contact my email erb.braeden@gmail.com and please see if you can refund it by any chance because the ADR is very difficult to get, thanks for your time.
  23. Hi guys. I really need your help. I cant find anywhere what to do with this problem.. i instaled Ace mod and Cba. when i go to boot camp i cant (shoot with javelin because there is no missile and when i want to aim, i put the launcher down. When im in bootcamp to i cant refuel and rearm my tank when im staing behind trucks. i cant use autoaim missile in heli) sorry for my bad english but i belive in that you have any solution.
  24. Hello all I love Arma 3 and have been scripting/playing it for years but... again... IT'S BROKEN !!!!! On topic now : I'm experiencing trouble with the AI group leader when the FSM is disabled _unit disableAI "FSM"; and they have waypoints. They randomly stop at a waypoint or in between two waypoints without any obvious reason. If I reactivate the FSM, then they carry on... Anyone know about this issue ? Anyone found a fix ? I'm not gonna send another message to @oukej to say the game is broken he'll kill me 😄
  25. Hi everyone, I found this topic And in it there is a code given by Larrow : //initPlayerLocal.sqf //Start custom loading screen aswell [] spawn { [ "MyLoadingScreen" ] call BIS_fnc_startLoadingScreen; uiSleep 20; [ "MyLoadingScreen" ] call BIS_fnc_endLoadingScreen; }; waitUntil { //If there are no current loading screens if ( missionnamespace getvariable ["BIS_fnc_startLoadingScreen_ids",[]] isEqualTo [] ) then { //Continue true }else{ //Otherwise log current loading screens to RPT diag_log str ( missionnamespace getvariable ["BIS_fnc_startLoadingScreen_ids",[]] ); false }; }; _loadedTime = time; uiSleep 1; hint format[ "Finished loaded %1 seconds ago", time - _loadedTime ]; It works fine but the problem is that with the function BIS_fnc_startLoadingScreen my loading screen doesn't appears and if i use the command startLoadingScreen it appears. But i need to use the function for the following waitUntil. So : startLoadingScreen ["", "begin_dialog"]; Works fine but can't use with the waitUntil. ["begin_dialog"] call BIS_fnc_startLoadingScreen; Doesn't works! Can anyone help me?