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    Missing items

    I did email them first with the information. Some time ago as noted. No they where lost not from not exiting safely but from game closure to re opening the game overnight. I have noticed sometimes aswell ammo( unused) going missing after a match on odd occasion. Today I loaded up and seemed to be missing 2 a-km's but unsure about any other gun amounts altered again overnight. I also have a wierd issue regarding loadout, unable to save one or use one. Did uninstall and reinstall twice to see if rectified ( PlayStation)
  2. nathan miller

    Missing items

    As of late I have noticed some items from my inventory owned (not loadout) have been dissappearing. This was noticed after I loaded up the game and noticed certain guns where at a lower count. This has incorporated many weapon variants and from white to gold. Also some consumables have also vanished and are now at a lower count for no reason? I can post a list following a response if necessary. The latest removal overnight was that of 1 ADR, 2 aur hbarT, 1 a74 KSU, 2 M22, 1 a74k, 1 vz.52 , 3 m2 carbine, 2 Thompson, 1 mp5k ,1 Remy m870, 2 svd, 1sharftschutzengewehr 82, 1 mgv. This is an example just from last night to this afternoon that has dissappeared. Please help.