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  1. As you can see by the title, I'm trying to make a custom support CAS menu by utilizing the CfgCommunicationMenu. The script that activates after u call in support would make the player say something with apex subtitles and send in chopper support. Problem is, that it seems like the script only activates to whoever calls in the support. What I mean is that the player who called in chopper support would see the apex subtitles and the chopper incoming for CAS. But to the other players, they won't see the apex subtitles and only see the chopper incoming. Is there any way to make the script activates for all players by utilizing the CfgCommunicationMenu? I'm still considered a rookie when it comes to scripting, so expect me to be a little dumb. And this is one of my first posts on the forums.
  2. Help! im trying to make a warlords scenario with custom factions. I have no idea what am i doing wrong. but everytime i try to test it (play in eden editor) it gives me this error: The script i used: This script i used is copied from https://community.bistudio.com/wiki?title=Arma_3_MP_Warlords&redirect=no im also pretty new in arma editing/scripting.