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Found 29 results

  1. I’ve been trying to make a conflict server on my pc so I can play with my friends on Xbox but every time I try to join my own server on my Xbox it just keeps saying session error connection has failed, with this code: Kick cause code: group=1 REPLICATION, reason=3 CONNEGTION FAILURE any help would be appreciated:)
  2. I’m having trouble remapping my mouse as controls for the helicopter. As I use Wasd for collective and yaw I wand to remap it so I can use them. But if I remap them I cannot map my mouse for the cyclic controls. Anyone know anything about it? This is on Xbox btw
  3. 1. The purpose of the buttons, in general, the game has a good overall layout of the purpose of the buttons. But the "View" button is usually associated with the map by players on the console. And by itself, pressing "View+X" to select a weapon is not convenient, as it makes you stop. I suggest moving the weapon selector menu to the "Left Bumper", and the map to the "View" button, and the walkie-talkie to the "D-Pad Right". 2. FOV by default is too large for a console gamer. The value 74 is too much when you are sitting at a distance of 1.5-2 meters from a large TV. Everything seems too small, and far away, given that this game has a measured pace, there is no need to have such a large FOV. Values around 50-60 will be optimal for a console player. Experienced players change it to their liking. 3. Smoothness, considering that the game runs on a console in 30 frames, it urgently needs "Motion blur". This will remove the discreteness of frames, make the overall gameplay smoother and more natural. It may be worth making it optional. 4. The game is in dire need of TAA, this will allow you to increase productivity without sacrificing picture quality. FSR2.0 or dynamic resolution would be a good solution for this game, and a stable frame rate of . 5. We also need minor general improvements, more work with the camera, especially when looking from the 3rd person in transport, it lacks movement and shaking, other cameras can also be improved in this direction.
  4. I know this not the game yah really wanna play when everyone out here spamming grenade launchers over and over again to get kills a game of Whack a Mole. I really wish the Xbox community not result to just childish gameplay techniques when in a gun fight. Once again i will not argue with the community on this if yah Love it Im good not the Arma I want to play. Honestly Tho Xbox Community we got to due better it shame we got to go the developers to fix this issue as people are running around with 11 grenades in their back packs.
  5. I'm just wondering if anyone is willing to make a plague doctor outfit that would be useful for console. I'm the medic 90% of the time and I'm just as likely to cause harm as I am to heal and would find the outfit a perfect match
  6. Please please please bohemia you need to sort out being able to ban xbox players. It is sullying the experience for many people. Allowing the, although few, players who keep on trolling by Shooting out tires on supply trucks/destroying vehicles at spawn hindering match progress, and now, with free building, using up supply's at the start of the match too stop progress. Also using grenades to TK at spawn and then themselves respawning to avoid negative ranking to avoid a temp ban. Spamming proximity and radio with nonsense and racist comments, spaming text chat with racist comments. Please do something or at least update us on some progress to fix this issue. You will lose players otherwise and with the limited amount of people playing I don't think you can afford to lose many. Today I hopped on, as soon as I joined I noticed a players name and knew the match and matches thereafter would be filled with trolling and greifing. I knew that once that player would be temp banned eventually he would just return with on of his many alt accounts, of which I have captured video evidence of from a previous match. The guy then when on an alt and did the same stuff to the opposing side. The same game there were at least three people actively tolling and greifing make gameplay pretty much impossible. Fix it it.
  7. WpnzGradeAutizm

    JSON Support

    #Can someone explain why this wont work? { "dedicatedServerId": "ServerID", "region": "US-LA", "gameHostBindAddress": "xx.xx.xx.xx", "gameHostBindPort": 16000, "gameHostRegisterBindAddress": "xx.xx.xx.xx", "gameHostRegisterPort": 16001, "game": { "name": "Server Name Here", "password": "", "scenarioId": "{59AD59368755F41A}Missions/21_GM_Eden.conf", "playerCountLimit": 10, "visible": true, "gameMode": "", "gameProperties": { "serverMaxViewDistance": "800", "serverMinGrassDistance": "0", "networkViewDistance": "500", "battlEye": true, "disableThirdPerson": false }, "mods": [ { "modId": "5AAF6D5352E5FCAB", "name": "Project Redline - Core", "version": "" }, { "modId": "59B119F40203D491", "name": "Apartment_RXK", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5CCCC1DFB9C93581", "name": "AH-64D Apache", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5C7F3E319BE86A0C", "name": "Daniel Defense MK18", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5D968035B69FD43B", "name": "2nd Ranger Battalion Pack 2", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5AC2954C784671B3", "name": "Barrett M82", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5D931A33AEB81FA3", "name": "TalibanMod", "version": "" }, { "modId": "597D72161FD1ED1D", "name": "AttachmentsCompatibility", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5CA8F34E77DD532C", "name": "KOMRAD-12 Shotgun", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5D1880C4AD410C14", "name": "M1A1 Abrams", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5994AD5A9F33BE57", "name": "Game Master FX", "version": "" }, { "modId": "59B70A5A19E9B51E", "name": "Vergys Custom Clothing", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5AB890B71D748750", "name": "M4A1 Block ll and URG-I", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5CA6BA2F63DE1174", "name": "M17 Pistol", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5D8D003BC5D829EC", "name": "M2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle", "version": "" }, { "modId": "59A30ACC02650E71", "name": "Night Vision System", "version": "" }, { "modId": "597F78639E6F65CE", "name": "AAC Honey BadgerSuppressed", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5B383D4CB27E0D54", "name": "bmp", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5C424C45BB14BC8A", "name": "3rd Ranger Vehicle Pack", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5D9114C702B0ADB0", "name": "2nd Ranger Battalion Pack 1", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5AD6FDAC65418DEA", "name": "CZ Scorpion EVO3 SMG", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5D0551624969C92E", "name": "Zeliks Character", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5ABD0CB57F7E9EB1", "name": "RIS Laser Attachments", "version": "" }, { "modId": "59BA0CE1B043CA92", "name": "Project Redline - MD500", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5B3ED33ADA805340", "name": "Task Force Mattock Weapons", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5CF0C3158\u0410B2337E", "name": "Task Force Mattock Uniforms", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5994614FB5AD35C2", "name": "RHIB", "version": "" }, { "modId": "59D64ADD6FC59CBF", "name": "Project Redline- UH60", "version": "" }, { "modId": "596D3D94153010B8", "name": "BWS - Modern Uniform", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5D5CDD82B55747B2", "name": "R3D_CORE Patch", "version": "" }, { "modId": "597D2A65AB73E657", "name": "BetterExplosives", "version": "" }, { "modId": "59664C0CB36501CD", "name": "BloodLust2", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5CA125536EE7430A", "name": "M110 DMR", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5A78300A9F2D7A65", "name": "HMAS Adelaide", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5AB301290317994A", "name": "Suppressor System", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5C721177A220B42F", "name": "Joint Light Tactical Vehicle", "version": "" }, { "modId": "596A46029747E4D5", "name": "Flare", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5CAB7D88BB567AD6", "name": "CH-47", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5B02128D896F7DE8", "name": "stryker", "version": "" }, { "modId": "596931F2BD5788B1", "name": "Mortars", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5C9AD9EF76F6B5EA", "name": "zu-23", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5D5A20A8AE33C21E", "name": "couger mrap", "version": "" }, { "modId": "59E756973590AC4C", "name": "PAK", "version": "" } ], "autoJoinable": false, "supportedGameClientTypes": [ "PLATFORM_PC", "PLATFORM_XBL" ] }, "a2sQueryEnabled": true, "steamQueryPort": 16001 }
  8. R3C4LL 4 L1F3

    Mandatory Tutorial

    People have been rightfully upset with the Xbox community and their inability to play the game the way it was traditionally played. Xbox players lack any will to drive and utilize logistics in the game. They have little to no capacity to identify their targets or their range and often start friendly fire between groups before ever reaching their objectives. They use many weapons and pieces of equipment in improper or the most basic of ways. Ex radios (ch.48 is basically one big Xbox party), and little to nobody on console knows how to properly use the binoculars to determine range from a target. And above all they see no reason to coordinate under any form of leadership because everyone thinks their Rambo and to smart to follow anyone else’s plan. I say all these things as a Xbox player myself, and someone who has meet many other console players who feel the same way. 2nd rangers for one is comprised of plenty of console players who attempt to play the game the way it is traditionally played and utilize all reforger has to offer, so I know for a fact the console community is more than capable, and has more than enough people who want to play the game properly. They really just don’t know how and are generalized w the casuals who constantly spawn vehicles and drive off alone, team kill, grief official servers, talk in Xbox partys instead of prox/radio’s, and waste supplies. Reforgers playerbase at the moment is majority console and that’s because the majority want to play proper but don’t know how. I have a solution I have mentioned once before but have now put a little more thought into it and wanted to share it for feedback and see if anyone agree’s. To help mitigate both the issues of A. Console players having such a intense learning curve in play styles, and B. Deter highly casual player’s (likely to grief and uninstall) from playing multiplayer. Everyone should be forced to play a “mini campaign” being really a fleshed out and theatrical tutorial before being allowed into official servers, and community servers should have a option to make this tutorial mandatory for their server to. It shouldn’t be more than 2 hours long and player should still be able to play on private servers if allowed. I have outlined below what information I have found important to helping players understand the game and how it is played. 1.Identifying targets 2.Zeroing distance + training on finding distance w binoculars and rifle scopes respectively 3.Radio channels/ distance or strength. Ex (teach players to switch their radios to the frequency listed above the point they are assaulting on the map to coordinate with other players. Also emphasize the difference in signal strength between hand held radios and backpacks.) 4.Land nav w compass. Could also teach it’s a good rule of thumb that passengers should Navigate for drivers. 5.Weapons tutorial on proper uses of respective loadout. Ex (AT, lmg, sniper, squad lead, radio man). 6.Firing tutorial. Teach players to shoot from cover and never in the open or on the move. Players also need to be aware that their stance affects their weapon sway, and that firing in small bursts can help mitigate it, as well as recoil. 7.Inventory management, many Xbox players are likely used to only ever considering weight or size not both, and never thought to consider them factors on stamina and weapon sway. Ex ( weight + size affects storage, as well as stamina, stamina effects weapon sway. IE players need to be taught, to be an effective marksman, you need to manage your weight and not fill your inventory full of junk.) 8.Radio procedure, such as things you should communicate to other squads depending on radio range. Ex (enemy positions/ direction they are going and coming from, friendly troop movements to mitigate the chances of friendly fire, land mine positions, requesting supplies / ammunition from the proper channels) 9.Proper explanation of medical system (however rudimentary it currently is). Teach how blood is considered your max life, and that bandaging simply only stops your blood loss and does not reset your maximum life. 10.Teach usefulness of pulling security and establishing proper defensive positions at captured points. This could help promote players to defend bases until being picked up for transport, instead of each player individually spawning and getting their own vehicle for 100 supplies. 11.Advanced movements tutorial. Ex (teaching how to switch to “high ready”, “low ready”, “lower weapon” and “unequip weapon” explain why each one would be used and when each of these should be used. Teach players the how to utilize adjustable stance combined with free look to gain advantages in position + vision.
  9. Everytime I try to load into a game with mods enabled I get "compile error. Can't compile "game" script module" from the xbox UI, then the game tells me it failed to start with selected mods. I've tried restarting, deleting mods and downloading one at a time, nothing seems to work and the forums I've seen are for a different error screen or PC. Is there something I'm missing to run mods? I only play coop scenarios at the moment by myself
  10. I downloaded ARMA REFORGER for xbox x series, but i can't hear game audio. I tried installing a second time and it didn't fix. I use an Astro A40 TR headphone set with Mixamp PRO
  11. Official Announce Trailer Xbox + Bethesda E3 2021 Full Presentation Current Release Date: 09 November 2021 Platforms: Xbox One (X Enhanced), Xbox Series X/S, Windows 10 PC (MS Store / Steam), Xbox Cloud Gaming
  12. Does the underslung grenade launcher work ? If so what are controls to load/select/shoot please ? On Xbox
  13. Hi community and developers. Love the game and most of us are grateful to finally be able to play the Arma series on console. But ..and it's a big but. Developers need to look at other fps games and how they successfully adapted the control scheme to work with a game pad. Going your own way thinking this will be intuitive or groundbreaking in fluid controls...usually don't work. We as console players are used to the most universal layout used in shooters..it goes like this: (Only using Xbox layout this time around) A = jump/vault B = crouch/prone X = reload/interact Y = switch weapons Left trigger = aim Right trigger = fire Left trigger press down (L3)= sprint Right trigger press down (R3) = melee D-pad for quick access and or chat/ping Right bumper = grenades Left bumper = chat/ping or weapon wheel Left trigger + L3 (press left analog down) lean left. Left trigger + R3 (press right analog down) lean right. This is the basics. Now, you got some of it right but other stuff are horrible and far from intuitive. Even if it's a milsim it must be smooth and fun to play. Milsim means one wrong step and your dead...you can not have a weird control layout. Muscle memory takes time. Imagine if PC players was forced to play with the arrow keys instead of wasd..or if space bar could not be bind to jump or action. It could work ..but would take getting used to. Now, with that said, here are my idea on a good setup (please reply and let them know your prefered layout). A = jump/vault B = crouch/prone X = reload/interact Y = switch weapons Left trigger = aim Right trigger = fire D-pad for quick slots Left trigger press down (L3)= sprint Right trigger press down (R3) = activate chat on or off Left bumper hold for = weapon wheel and channel switch (navigate with right analog and release) Right bumper = hold for free look Left trigger + L3 (press left analog down) lean left while aiming Left trigger + R3 (press right analog down) lean right while aiming. For me it would be ok if i could only go full lean.. i don't use lean adjustments. The rest of the controls as it is now works with the buttons (double press third person etc). What we console players often ask for is an X and Y slider seperatly so that we can tweak both horizontal and vertical aiming. Having just one slider for both is a recipe for disaster and just ends in horrible aimcontrol and micro adjustment in long distance firefights. The other major problem i have is the sluggish and weird animations/movement. My controller and my actions don't seem attached to the character. For instance, when i crouch and look around (not free look) the body follows after awhile..the body adjust after where i look in a sluggish way. When sprinting it's slower when looking around, not as responsive. Hard to put into words. But this have been in every bohemia game I've played so i guess it's the engine. You seriously need to play and test it more with a controller. Hire some console gamers for a summer job and let them try it out. Some random points, both new and what we talked about. 1. No "save loadout" in conflict. Re-arm every time you respawn. 2. Custom controls 3. Tighter controls and less clunky movement/aiming 4. Mods for multiplayer 5. Russian camo or allow to use FIA in C&H and conflict. Seriously..the Russians look ugly in their brown 1972 "suit" and helmet. The FIA at least look cool. 6. Scope option for AR, 2x or 3x 7. Vault needs an overhaul, very clunky. 8. When crouched and looking around, the character does all kinds of weird follow up movements. Distracting. 9. Better ballistics and explosions. 10. Switch between weapons on Y. 11. X/Y aim option seperatly 12. Game master C&H and bounderis to fight in just specific parts of the map. 13. Loadout screen and save option at main menu. Would be so much easier (still available to change in game/on server of course). 14. A.I can spot you way to easily in bushes. Needs rework. 15. More camouflage options for both factions 16. APC and more armored options. 17. Friend and lobby invite. 18. Stay on server once the game is won/lost and wait for reload/match restart. 19. Fuel consumption? Vehicle damage? Right now i can hit a tree going 100km/h and just reverse and keep going. 20. Cross play with PS5 once it's released 21. Attachment on weapons like flashlight or grips. 22. ( I know i will get flamed for this) A fully rotational compass on the bottom middle screen for easier call outs during hectic firefights. (It's a game..some advantages to real life must be added). Thank you for reading. PS. My thumbs hurt..typing from a mobile phone
  14. I understand we’re limited being on console but I feel like this shouldn't be hard to implement. We don’t have to ability to create missions so at least give us the option to play the scenarios from the workshop with our friends. Let us do our “little” milsims and be happy please. If anyone knows something I don’t please share!
  15. As far as I know we currently have no way of creating dedicated servers with our own hardware for the Xbox version of Arma Reforger. I also know that the dev team is also working on fixing problems with the Official Servers' stability. Regardless of that though, I would highly recommend giving Xbox users the ability to create dedicated servers with our own hardware. This could be with another Series X/S we own or with our own PC/LAPTOP. This would give us the option to troubleshoot our servers and reboot them if necessary. Currently when official servers crash, i.e, kick everyone out, we have no way to fix these servers and have to wait for them to come back online. This could take hours and it's not just a one server issue, they are all doing this consistently. Please give us this option.
  16. Anybody else having issues placing MGs on tripods? I‘m trying to conceal my M2 position with sandbags/cammie netting, but if I place anything over it, it says “Gunner obstructed” when I try to get on it. Same issue when placing indoors or underneath low cover, despite nothing actually physically obstructing the weapon.
  17. Brooks Maxwell

    Bug Report

    Sometimes when switching or reloading weapons my character bugs out and I am unable to aim, shoot or holster my weapon. Also not really a bug, but the sound of footsteps and opening doors is really quiet resulting in players just stumbling into each other. Anyway other than that I love the game and can't wait to watch it grow it a full fledged masterpiece. Thanks Vigor Team!
  18. #pissedoff I don't think I need to mention how annoying it is to spend hours getting from one end of the map to the other to get all your kit just be killed by a glitchy car and have to do it all over again. I love dayz, but once things like this have happened enough you start to get fed up. Which is why I stopped playing for ages. I finally started playing again a while ago. I went all out looking high and low for the kit I wanted. Couldn't find any ARs though. NONE on ANY SERVER. just rifles and every now and then an smg. Regardless I got myself together a half decent loadout, just for an update that comes with a complete wipe to be announced. Ofcourse I stopped playing until the update was released, which I'm pretty sure was late. So I give up. However, I decided to play your pointless game again last night. Of course I spawned in with a fresh character. Spent my gaming hours last night making my way up to the middle airfield I died once, but made it with my second character. Although I had no food or water by the time I got there (remember that). I did a quick sweep of the barracks at the top then logged off for the night, ready to come back on this afternoon, do a full sweep of the base then head up to the next one. I log on today, got a 75 second spawn in timer and a message warning me that because of a server change, my position might change, which of course, it did. Spawned in a field with no food or water, no doubt miles away from the base. I found a house not to far a way with a can of peaches in it. Luckily cuz I was about to start dehydrating. Not sure if that will be enough to get me to a town or not though. So my question is should I keep playing? This switching position thing is a blessing and a curse. It fixes some of the main issues like duplicating and spawning in people's base. But when you start punishing the legitimate players, is your game even worth playing anymore? Who knows how long it'll be before you wipe the servers again, that alone makes the game pretty pointless. It's a shame cuz I like this game but I really don't know if I want to play it again. I'm sat in that house where I found the peaches, debating whether or not to log back on and continue.
  19. Is there anyway to toggle cross platform play on/off? I just got the game yesterday on the switch and playing with players on xbox is incredibly frustrating. I think its safe to assume the game runs much better on xbox and that leaves the switch players at a significant disadvantage.
  20. InboundsMoth803

    Audio Issues

    On Xbox my audio in game doesn't work properly. Once I start up the game I can't hear my footsteps in base and in an encounter as I run around. I've been playing on the map Batterie: Snodekt for most of the time in which this issue is happening I don't know if it happens in the other maps. The firing of a gun in the game is muffled to an extreme extent where it is difficult to hear it. Though sometimes the issue fixes itself far into an encounter I am currently playing. In other encounters I have a constant search sound effect that starts playing when I'm in the map and ends once I am out of it. The only ways I have been able to resolve it is by restart my game to correct the audio issues. I don't know if other people are experiencing the same issue as I am. I hope that this can be resolved later down the road. Thank you for your time I hope to hear from moderator soon to be informed on the situation causing me this problem.
  21. Hey all, I took a shot at mapping the keybindings of Arma 3 to an xbox one controller with an attachable keyboard if anyone is interested. This is still a work in progress, and it only works with Vanilla Arma 3 at the moment (Doesn't work with Zeus yet, also conflicts with a lot of mods). I still think it makes for a pretty good experience as-is, so I wanted to share. I've included a link to a git hub page with the xpadder/arma3 profiles along with a pdf of the controls. You can find it here: https://github.com/BC19902/Arma3ControllerMapping Some general details/notes: RB and LB serve as "modifiers" - these will need to be held to access sets 2 and 3 of controls (more details in the PDF). Try not to hit both RB and LB at the same time, this might cause you to get stuck in one of the sets. holding/pressing/double tap of the same buttons could be mapped to different actions, please refer to the guide for details. Most of the keybindings are drastically different from Arma 3 defaults/mods - for example, The F keys are not used to select units, etc. This was mostly because I needed to get the controller to work with the in-game map. Since the map keybindings can't be adjusted, my hands were tied with a lot of the xpadder keybindings. I also tried to line up keyboard keys contextually to make it easier to remember ("W" for watch, etc). I don't play online very often, or use too many mods, so I really don't know how well this will work in those cases. I mostly just play co-op scenarios that I've downloaded from steam or have made myself. I will definitely keep working on this project and will continue to share any improvements. I'm also very open to suggestions, so please let me know if you think it can be improved. I'm not technically inclined, but would love to get this to work with voice command and advanced control for AI. C2/speakeasy VA/Articulate would all be awesome, but these are probably outside my wheelhouse and time-constraints at the moment. If anyone knows how to incorporate these, or would like to give it a shot, it would be greatly appreciated. I'm happy to answer any questions about issues I ran into, or why things are mapped the way they are. The four files needed are below: Arma 3 Xbox One.xpadderprofile (This is an xpadder file - it maps the controller with keybindings) xbox 1.xpaddercontroller (This is an xpadder file - it configures the xbox 1 controller) Xpadder.Arma3Profile (This is an Arma 3 file, it will replace your existing Arma 3 file. To do so, you would paste it where your existing profile is saved and rename to match your profile name - should not need to replace the eden/var files. I would recommend backing up your current profile in case you want to revert back) Arma 3 - All Controls Combined.pdf (Guide to the controller mapping) The whole thing ran me about $50. If you aren't familiar with xpadder, it is a $10 program that let's you map keybindings to controllers. Here's a link to the site: https://xpadder.com/ I also purchased the xbox wireless adapter, and an attachable keyboard for an Xbox One S controller from amazon (lets you plug in a headset still). Anyway, hope you enjoy, apologies in advance for any unforeseen issues, and please let me know of any comments or questions. Also, huge thanks to the creator of this youtube video by the way. I ended up editing/building off this, so without it, I never would have known where to start. Thanks all, bc
  22. So I recently bought Vigor about two or so weeks ago and have been playing with my friends basically everyday and I am already shelter VI. What I don't understand is I bought the game before them and do not own the founder hat nor do I own the extra crowns I am supposed to get. On the other hand my two friends who got the game a few days or even a week later both have the Vigor hat and the extra crowns for being a founder. Did I somehow make a mistake in my purchase on the Xbox store? There is only one way to buy vigor which is the one I have. If anyone else has had this problem and knows how to solve this can you lend me a hand?
  23. TattooedToker

    New Xbox One Club

    Hi everyone! Just created an Xbox Club for players to share clips, pics, find other players and share anything vigor related! Club name on Xbox is : Vigor Survivors. I will be streaming this game and sharing it via stream so hopefully it will grow! Thank you all!
  24. Im Curious if there is a voice chat or will be some sort of voice chat in the final game or preview since its a pretty quiet game i think adding a voice chat will be pretty cool since you be able to communicate with the person attacking you or you're attacking. Thoughts?
  25. New game from Bohemia Interactive. https://vigorgame.com/ Apparently only on XBOX.