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  1. Hello and thank you very much Outlawz7 I tested the script [on Stratis island] and it also moves stage elements. :( Only happen to me? Any solution? EDIT: SOLVED I now record composition in VR map without impurities. Sorry -_-
  2. hectrol

    [RELEASE] Sandstorms

    Tthanks for the fix and info maese Austin. I love he big storm but don't fit into my mission in Altis if the effect is present throughout the island completely. Fit well in the desert and some localized area. BUT "AUSMD_calm_dust" is a great touch of atmosphere. I love those little details and I'm using. Years ago I also did a mod on this topic for Fallout New Vegas. Only by creating a single texture and the change was drastic, are not pariticulas, but I was very pleased with the result. My goal was to achieve a similar effect as much as possible as if they were particles: [VIDEO DEMO] Hectrol FX Duststorm Deluxe HighRes Retex MOD DEMO Fallout New Vegas : I will be aware of what's new with your script.
  3. hectrol

    [RELEASE] Sandstorms

    Greetings and thanks for the script. I think I've found a problem: *** When you ride in a vehicle storm dissipates. *** More details of using the script would be appreciated. Or even a mission of example. Its storm permanent? Can you turn ON and off? With "AUSMD_calm_dust.sqf"? ¿I can selectively position the storm or its global? How is it controlled? I do my experiments with triggers, but it would be great if I learn to do correctly. Thanks & pardon my grammar
  4. Hi DAP, sorry for my ignorance, but how I can use exactly this amazing mod with "SLP Spawning script [ALPHA]" [attack mode]?? I have tried to follow your instructions for new created units, but only I get that ground units disappear. :/
  5. hectrol

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    Overkill of LODs Proland - Real-time planet rendering VIII: forests (video of Eurographics 2012 paper): This is the video submitted with our upcoming Eurographics paper, "Real-time Realistic Rendering and Lighting of Forests", Eric Bruneton and Fabrice Neyret, Eurographics 2012 Real-time capture at 1024x768 resolution, with an NVidia 470 GTX. Windows demo available at.. I send report to Bohemia for investigate this tecnology an others.