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Found 16 results

  1. Please please please bohemia you need to sort out being able to ban xbox players. It is sullying the experience for many people. Allowing the, although few, players who keep on trolling by Shooting out tires on supply trucks/destroying vehicles at spawn hindering match progress, and now, with free building, using up supply's at the start of the match too stop progress. Also using grenades to TK at spawn and then themselves respawning to avoid negative ranking to avoid a temp ban. Spamming proximity and radio with nonsense and racist comments, spaming text chat with racist comments. Please do something or at least update us on some progress to fix this issue. You will lose players otherwise and with the limited amount of people playing I don't think you can afford to lose many. Today I hopped on, as soon as I joined I noticed a players name and knew the match and matches thereafter would be filled with trolling and greifing. I knew that once that player would be temp banned eventually he would just return with on of his many alt accounts, of which I have captured video evidence of from a previous match. The guy then when on an alt and did the same stuff to the opposing side. The same game there were at least three people actively tolling and greifing make gameplay pretty much impossible. Fix it it.
  2. Adding Economy and Survival aspects (food, drink) in regular Conflict. When people talk about battlefield, they imagine it as some sort of close combat 'call of duty' mission full of speed and action while in reality such thing would never happen. I would like to see conflict being represented as mundane, day-to-day struggle with daily matters (food, dry clothes, supply routes) while also mainaining sense of individual purpose and scale. Example: you have two undeveloped indigenous tribes, both isolated and hostile to each other. None of the sides can afford or 'is willing to risk' open conflict but both are being dependent on hunting animals, so what one party would do to hurt the other is to go to enemy hunting grounds, hunt down or chase away animals that enemy tribe might hunt. While mainentaining friendly force present in its own hunting grounds to prevent retaliation. -> war at its finest Imagine scenario with two sides against each other. Each side having its vehicle pool, bank, personal storage and trader in ONE main base acting as ONLY respawn point. Fighting not only for ground but also economical advantage, building up potential of its army which is measured by individual players gear, personal supply of food, water, first aid and ammo. Where players might be able to help each other, make name for themselves, estabilish relations or help each other to grow, to regroup after failed assault or to estabilish themselves in newly obtained territory. Or give your teammates a ride to their mission destination or to join them in full assault on some territory or any other activity related with daily life on battlefield. Becuase on battlefield you need to watch your basic needs first! You can obtain new ground but when you are overstretching your men - you are creating gaps in your deffense. Whole idea is about resource management about creating some tension inside of team and making individuals focus on bigger tasks while trying to up keep their basic needs. Everything players can do in missions would be optional, progress would depend on level of organization among teams. And individual ability to employ themselves in useful way Progression of players would be slow and hard, not having abundance of weapons and vehicles (creating gear fear) forcing players to cooperate and also encourage players to steal from enemy teams Can you even imagine such situation? You, as soldier on front line as individual valuing your gear, credits, mission objective and life would be forced to loot local households, hunt and cook -> let your guard down, compromise your possition and also fueling will of independent civilians to ressist and rebel on your territory more... Maybe you would get lucky and have friendly player react to your situation and bring in some supply to you from rear. OR you would have to pull back to more supply rich territory, leaving new ground without friendly presence rendering aviable missions in your territory much harder because of increased possibility of enemy presence digging themselves in to deffend for another Territory Mission - (paralel missions for multiple squads) Being periodical optional 'mass' event and only way to gain or loose territory while setting up front line. This might happen every hour, so players got enough time to assemble, set the direction of attack but also giving enemy team enough time to set up possitions, patrols or straight eavesdrop enemy plan. Failed missions would be inevitable loose of resources hurting entire team. - Credits would be gained on participating in Territory Missions Credits would be rewarded to individuals thru Recon Missions/Territory Missions/Support Missions as well as for killing enemy players/AI, selling loot or receiving your army pay for staying alive long enough Territories being only important in Territory Missions. More missions = bigger economy and More territory = more missions. Would probably need some sort of AI director (commander) for determinating frequency of deffence/assault ratio for Territory Missions depending on already obtained Territories and player count and not to overstretch its forces. Same for Recon Missions as they would be dependant on enemy Support Missions and enemy Recon Missions designed to keep world alive, unpredictable and also to create small skirmishes on random points on map. I dont mean to be putting players together, confronting them head on at objectives, but just setting them closer while leaving them some space to manouver from combat or to miss each other completely. (fog of war) Example: Recon Missions - one team is tasked with patrol mission to random location while enemy team has its own Recon Mission in same area, but what if one team is faster than another? It might happen in real battlefield scenario. You could just hear enemy team driving off as soon as you enter you area of operation. Or you might wanna wait for enemy team to come but you have no idea if somebody on enemy team even accepted mission in your area. Keeping missions fresh and random. Recon Missions(often behind enemy lines) -> searching random town/building/area for documents/belongings/vehicle -> searching the abandoned battlefields -> find missing person (dead teammate) -> Ambushing convoy -> patrol missions Support Missions -> Deliver supply -> Guard jobs Food and Drink I would love to see some sort of dayz mechanics like wells, hunting and cooking or foraging for survival purposes. While also keeping some form of military hospitality like daily ration of MRE and water canteen on your main base. You could also build a food stock by buying food at trader ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Original idea I had was more simple set in GSC studio's S.T.A.L.K.E.R. universe where stalkers and bandits would fight for resource points (artefacts found in anomalies) and be bringing them thru zone full of AI mutants on their main base for profit, trying to survive and gear up, while also exploiting enemy resource points. Gaining resource points thru Territory Missions. But that might not appeal to majority of players. I have zero experience in modding, but I want to contribude to the community, so I decided to create this thread where people can contribute with ideas and more gifted community members might draw their inspiration from others people ideas. I've done my best to bring in my idea as short and strict as I could while trying to preserve the thought Im trying to share. Feel free to criticize and to share your own ideas and opinions. Thank you for reading. Thanks to all Reforger community memebers.
  3. I tried to go to the dayz forum, but it is not available.
  4. Ethin Benson

    DayZ: let’s talk about some fixes...

    Ok, so let me just starry by saying, Bohemia Interactive, you have possibly one of the best games for such high potential. Ever since I’d seen gameplay of dayz on pc I’ve dreamed of a day the game would release on console. For the past few months, I’ve been able to live that dream. It’s such a good game that I could honestly play for hours and hours, which is why I don’t want to see it fail. I understand that no game should ever be EASY. I understand that taking the challenge away would make a game dull and boring. However, I and I think every other gamer out there would appreciate getting rewarded with some fun out of any game. I want ant to start with thirst, hunger, and vomiting. When I first started dayz, I’ll admit, I had no idea what the hell I was doing. But I remember dying probably 8-12 times just from THIRST. The fact that I started the game with no drinks, and a thirst meter already halfway empty, and draining fast, was insanely difficult for me. But then I started to catch on to the game. I began to understand the looting process and the while maintaining my thirst and hunger procedure. So months went by of me having a blast on the game. I died a couple times, but no where near as many times as the first day of playing the game. I am currently on my longest lasting character, I’ve kept him alive for about a whole month now, as of October 5th, 2019. I got on today and realized that my regular server was missing. I handled it pretty well, just had to pull out my compass and head south east. However, I did notice something odd. My thirst meter was going down at an alarming rate, a rate that it had never gone down at before. I walked about a mile and drink through all 4 full plastic water bottles, and a full canteen in just one mile. Not to mention that fact that I also kept throwing up because the game wouldn’t tell me if I was quenching my thirst or not which obviously made the situation worse. Staying quenched and full was already a bad enough problem when I first started, I’m begging you to not make it a problem again. I refuse to let my longest lasting character, who’s already been through the toughest situations, die of thirst. A pathetic death. If that means I can’t play the game until you guys fix thirst to actually feel realistic, then so be it. The other thing that I’m not really as concerned about is looting. Now I don’t really mind not finding any AR’s ANYWHERE because I already have a scoped SKS and a kickass pistol, BUT I’m just saying it would be nice to find one somewhere. I’ve seen countless amounts of ammo and attachments for AR’s, especially the AK, but no AR’s anywhere. I’ve only found ONE M4 in the many months of playing the game and that was in a bathroom in the military base south of the main airfield, and then I immediately lost it when it failed me in a firefight. I get it, I mean guns like that should definitely be rare, but not nonexistent. I’ve been to all military-based loot areas COUNTLESS times and never found a single AR ever again. I feel the same way about cars. I’ve only found 2 of those EVER. And I just have to pass them by because it’s VERY hard to build and fix a car to run properly. I think the positions of where certain things spawn should remain the same, but they should spawn more abundantly, which could also help with the thirst problem too. The last thing I wanted to say is a question. How do I setup a good base camp? How do I keep my things from despawning? I want to finally settle down with my character, so he can make regular runs and stuff. He can have a good transceiver and maybe a functioning car and grow a garden and stuff like that. Let me know in the comments.
  5. Hi guys, I'm having a issue with our server. Since I switched from Linux to Windows people cannot find our Server anymore. When using favorites it cannot be found. When trying to join after via Steam - it says "no response from server". Only way it works is by using the launcher - via Internet tab. Let it load 3k - 4k servers - then it will be shown as available. Also very strange - the launcher shows green mods 0 / red mods 0 / gray mods 20. Do you have any idea about such issues? Kind regards Jonas

    Problems & Bugs

    Problems & Bugs Information : Feel free to share and discuss , about Problems & Bugs. Problems & Bugs ,should refer only to Ravage Mod and CBA , without any addons. In case of a problem that is associated to Ravage Mod , alonside with other addons or scripts added , then it should refere as : Ravage Mod MODED + [ List of addons or Scripts added ] List with the issues : [ SOLVED , UNSOLVED , CONFIRMED , UNCONFIRMED ] 1.Bug, uniform behaviour - Spawned units without clothes == SOLVED 2.Bug, in the original topic about Horde Spawn Module == CONFIRMED - UNSOLVED 3.Problem, can't spawn zombie on USS Liberty or USS Freedom == SOLVED // NOT YET ADDED !
  7. Hi I'm buy, Arma 3 in steam when I try to launch the game ,launcher icon on the panel opens and closes. Only game start in .exe file on game folder... I can send a log launcher, if it helps (AppData>Local>Arma3Launcher>Logs) (Sorry for my English, i don't speak)
  8. Hello, I realy like Mini Dayz and pixel arts of it. But i have problem about frame per shoot. It is not too bad but it makes me mad. My phone is General Mobile Discover 1. If this can fix please do it. And my another problem is saving system. All my plays goes after i close game. I tried to go menu again when i closing but it does not work. Just a save button can change it. Is it hard? Thanks. *Sorry for any grammar problem*
  9. xEnergyDrink

    Installation Issues

    Hey there, I just finished downloading this game and for some reason it is not starting. I installed through Steam. It showed three ways to open: -Play Argo -Play Game (32-bit) -Play Game (64-bit) I tried all of them. I also have a 64 bit OS. but none of them worked. It shows it starting up, but nothing happens. I even re installed it, nothing happened. plz help me, thx
  10. OK so new to Zeus....have watched numerous videos and read the manuals online. Everything seems to work fine in Eden/Zeus. However, when I try to run it with my LAN group I end up getting either 2 variations. 1) Stuck with no GPS symbol 2) Stuck on the Splendid camera Are there any ideas you might have? Is it hard to share with another person to review? Thanks so much....
  11. Hi we run a realsim unit however we are having issues with our AI when we build a mission in the editor. We edited the AI decreased there aim and such to make it more suited towards our playstyle. However something keeps reverting the changes back to vanilla which makes the AI turn into absolute beast and the pop faces from 600meters out. We even tried it in a vanilla editor without any mods running but it still did the same thing. Basically we can't change the AI no matter what we do. Does somebody have any clue how to possibly fix this? We already tried removing ACE_AI but this to no avail. We are running out of ideas at the moment and are hoping people might have some insight into this issue. Our list of mods currently being used whilst making missions. All help would be appreciated. P.S sorry if this in the wrong forum subject moderators.
  12. I download a map from armaholic and convert it to .pew. In Visitor 3 and Buldozer i have a nice work. All objects and etc. are a good worked in Buldozer and Visitor. But after Export .wrp and Bynarize i have some ingame problems. There are no roads on the map, and neither roads nor objects are displayed on the "minimap" itself. Only the names of cities from the config. Tried a lot of options with the replacement of the roads themselves. I tried to add MLM for road models (although they worked in the Bulldozer before). Very much I ask to help or assist me and I ask a pardon for bad English. Thank you
  13. Hey guys i have recently purchased a Arma 3 50 slot Server with the Iron Front IFA3 mod and i have noticed that the server is crashing at random times and dont know the issue. And would like someone with experience to put their hand in with the problem I have noticed people that currently have a server do not have that problem i dont know if i am using the wrong type of addons or what if someone could help me with this or take a look at the problem that would be great its frustrating having 20+ players playing and then it randomly crashes while in the middle of game. RPT https://gyazo.com/74b0cfd23960cbcc47e389cae207fe42 Address:Chicago.jestservers.com:7253 Email zach.zach.brown@gmail.com
  14. ATC Guardian

    Two UAV Issues

    I've noticed two issues with UAVs in ARMA 3, one of the issues just started within the past few ARMA updates, the other issue has been persistant through all the past few years from what I can tell. The newest issue is that when flying any of the UAVs and then using the UAV PIP camera so you can see the UAV while your walking around seems to be broke. It still technically works but instead of using the "Gunner" camera view it now uses the "Driver" camera view. In the past it has always used the gunner and not the driver view. One of the recent updates must have had a bug that reversed this which isn't good at all and pretty much makes the UAV PIP useless because all you see is the driver's view which is most of the time clouds and sky, so you don't actually see the gunners view which is pointed at the ground, even when the gunner is locked onto a specific area or target, you still only get the drivers view of the sky. The second issue which has been going on for some time is the shaking on the camera. I know this has been reported in the past but haven't heard anything about fixing it. A few people said to disable camera shake because it is caused by the UAV shaking because of the geforces in the sky, other people say uncheck autonomous while looking around for targets, and others say make a script to limit the UAV speed so that the geforces don't affect the camera. This issue should be worked on because it is very very hard to look around/aim/lock on to targets with the camera spazzing out all the time to an unbearable degree. It is most visable when using the Greyhawk to loiter around the AO. I'm pretty sure this has to be a bug and not built that way because I'm sure modern UAVs have stabailizer systems in place so they don't shake AS BAD as the ones in ARMA 3 do.
  15. Ok, don't know if this is related to A3 or to my input devices. Situation: steering input is delayed, estimated 0.2 seconds. Doesn't sound like much but prevents me from taking turns accurately, ending up in walls and other obstacles off-track. Tested with my Saitek Rumble Pad (2500) aswell as with my Joystick Saitek X52Pro. If someone knows where the problem is and how to solve it, i would really appreciate it.
  16. So I'm playing the campaign and get really frustrated right now when trying to ambush a convoi in the second campaign. I have one AI with a rocket launcher hidden near the road and I myself am a some way up the road. The plan is that AI shoots the first vehicle, I shoot the last one and everything runs smoothly. Now I give that soldier the command to target the vehicle but he refuses to switch his normal gun until he sees the vehicle, which simply means he will miss the vehicle completely because it gets out of range until he managed to switch -.- Oh and one time I managed to make it work by stopping the convoi so the sleepyhead had enough time but then he also blew up the vehicle I wanted to capture, because now I cannot command him to use his rifle - great -.- Why is there no command to force an AI to use a specific weapon?