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  1. Hi we run a realsim unit however we are having issues with our AI when we build a mission in the editor. We edited the AI decreased there aim and such to make it more suited towards our playstyle. However something keeps reverting the changes back to vanilla which makes the AI turn into absolute beast and the pop faces from 600meters out. We even tried it in a vanilla editor without any mods running but it still did the same thing. Basically we can't change the AI no matter what we do. Does somebody have any clue how to possibly fix this? We already tried removing ACE_AI but this to no avail. We are running out of ideas at the moment and are hoping people might have some insight into this issue. Our list of mods currently being used whilst making missions. All help would be appreciated. P.S sorry if this in the wrong forum subject moderators.
  2. So with receiving the free windows 10 update i went for it and got w10. Somewhere along the update it messed up so I decide to do a clean installed and whip my entire hard drive and do a fresh install. This worked like a charm and fixed any issues I had with win 10. After that I re downloaded arma 2 and arma 2OA as usual ran it once to do all the Battle eye updates. After that I got my play with six and the repository I use for the server i play on and downloaded everything. Launched the game and everything was working splendid accept one mod.. ACRE. I'm using the old version of teamspeak which everybody else in my unit uses so that's not the issue. I've copie pasted the ACRE win 32.dll and win 64.dll from acre to my team speak plugins that didn't fix it either. Changed some settings in teamspeak itself which sometimes causes problems with acre but that also didn't fix it. I'm force running my game as administrator trough the game option in pw6. If I run my teamspeak as administrator I get the error ingame which says. Acre is not connected to teamspeak When im not running teamspeak as administrator I get this error. https://gyazo.com/e97ea95516719b7b10614af111b695e8 With both running my TS as admin and just starting it up normally reloading plugins doesn't fix it. So first off all I'm wondering if there's more people who have upgrade to win10 and have issues with acre And of course second I want to know some addition tips or possible fixed to get this error out of my game :D