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    Server Crashing Randomly

    We already have a 3 hour reset programmed for the server, The strange thing is it will sometimes last 3 hours in and sometimes crash with Gold chain then red 10mins or so but if i could get someone on TS and look at it personally that would be great i dont want the good amount of players getting on a server that crashes at the time when we just start playing. Server Population https://gyazo.com/13a9f3a4bf80950f678ab9f666aa8352
  2. Hey i have opened a new IFA3 server because i noticed that there is not allot of servers on the list for the IFA3 Iron Front mod this server is completely public is just we have issues with the server crashing at random times and i would love to get this problem fixed so everyone can play and enjoy this great mod and expand the Iront Front Community. Server IP If anyone could lend a hand that would be great please contact me on here or you can connect to our public TS ip Chicago.jestservers.com:7253 Server Population https://gyazo.com/13a9f3a4bf80950f678ab9f666aa8352
  3. Hey guys i have recently purchased a Arma 3 50 slot Server with the Iron Front IFA3 mod and i have noticed that the server is crashing at random times and dont know the issue. And would like someone with experience to put their hand in with the problem I have noticed people that currently have a server do not have that problem i dont know if i am using the wrong type of addons or what if someone could help me with this or take a look at the problem that would be great its frustrating having 20+ players playing and then it randomly crashes while in the middle of game. RPT https://gyazo.com/74b0cfd23960cbcc47e389cae207fe42 Address:Chicago.jestservers.com:7253 Email zach.zach.brown@gmail.com