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    Episode 3, "Game Over" mission

    Whoever had the glorious idea of disabling saving in this mission; dude - why? Seriously, why do you want to piss off big parts of your customers just because you think it's a cool idea and probably will help the setting of this mission? I want to play this mission without going enrage because some bullet hit me and I have to replay through a lot of stuff again. Enable the save function. Thank you.
  2. Well I even have another problem. When I call in Laser Artillery it takes like 3min until they call rounds complete. But then there will be no splash warning and the round does not impact anywhere. I didn't use the laser at all to test that. Interesting thing is, when I call the laser arty like 200m in front of me (I'm standing on the solar tower) it works - rounds complete and splash warning and impact (well at least sometimes, then another try it just impacts a km away). Maybe arma will come out of alpha in a few years -.-
  3. manesh

    Bingo Fuel is impossible?

    This mission at the beginning nearly wrecked my nerves because the AI on my side was so stupid (AT soldier does not want to shoot and stuff). Played at daylight, got a sniper and AT missiles myself. Then I gathered the first team and went to the north so that I had a good shooting position on the FV-720 Mora IFV on the hill to the west. I disabled it with one shot in order to keep the cannon alive then sniped the AI there. Now there seems to be scripted AI (or maybe the chopper sees them?) to move to the place with those last two teammates and they will almost certainly be killed. Also sometimes a vehicle will come and try to kill you once you shot the IFV on the hill - so I took it out too. Now I got into the IFV on the hill and killed everything in the compound/city with the MG. (Well later after reading the forums I realized that the truck was a repair truck but during the mission it was ok with a stationary cannon). After that I simply moved to the compound and got one MRAP (strider) that was just standing there without crew. Now to clear the second city I simply used that MRAP and ran over all those soldiers :>
  4. manesh

    Weapon tests

    A3 does not have silenced / suppressed long range sniper rifles (only the 7.62 ones). A3 does not have subsonic ammunition. For other calibers 5.56, 6.5, 7.62 you can find suppressors that you then have to attach to the rifle. Despite the bug I stated in my post before they behave just fine. As said before - with the ammunition currently in A3 (supersonic) a 'silenced' projectile should not have any other trajectory than a non-silenced projectile (supersonic). - But they do as proven on the page before.
  5. manesh

    Weapon tests

    You are incorrect. Suppressors are NOT supposed to only shoot subsonic rounds - you can shoot them of course if you want to (with all their flaws). Suppressors (aka 'silencers') are there to lower the noise of the shot - they do that with either rounds. There is no subsonic ammunition in the game right now (in contrast to A2), so the suppressor has to be used on supersonic rounds - in real life this does not slow down muzzle velocity or even affect airFriction.
  6. manesh

    Weapon tests

    More numbers (I like numbers :)) Weapon and ammunition damage / muzzle velocity Data taken from the config files (normal client): - hit means damage - speed is muzzle velocity - airFriction means how much it slows down - visible/audibleFire means how good it can be heard/seen B_556x45_Ball (= 5.56mm 30rnd STANAG Mag) hit = 8; typicalSpeed = 920; airFriction = -0.0012; visibleFire = 4; audibleFire = 6; B_65x39_Caseless (= 6.5mm 30Rnd STANAG Mag) hit = 10; typicalSpeed = 820; airFriction = -0.0009; visibleFire = 5; audibleFire = 8; B_762x51_Ball (= 7.62mm 20Rnd Mag) hit = 12; typicalSpeed = 800; airFriction = -0.001; visibleFire = 6; audibleFire = 9; ----------------------------------------------------------------- B_408_Ball (= .408 7Rnd LRR Mag (for M320 LRR sniper)) hit = 20; typicalSpeed = 910; airFriction = -0.00048; visibleFire = 10; audibleFire = 15; B_127x108_Ball (= 12.7mm 5Rnd Mag (for GM6 Lynx sniper)) hit = 30; typicalSpeed = 820; airFriction = -0.00056; visibleFire = 48; audibleFire = 48; B_127x108_APDS (= 12.7mm 5Rnd APDS Mag (for GM6 Lynx sniper) = Armour-piercing discarding sabot) hit = 60; typicalSpeed = 1060; airFriction = -0.00036; visibleFire = 10; audibleFire = 15; Now real tests in game, because over the time values got changed in comparison with the above config file. TESTED IN THE GAME (so this is 'more' correct): (?) means that I did not find where the config was changed no comment means, they behave as stated with the ammunition above muzzle velocity, suppressed & normal TRG-20 5.56 920m/s TRG-21 5.56 920m/s Mk20 5.56 [C] 920m/s Mk20 5.56 920m/s Mk20C 5.56 [C] 920m/s Mk20C 5.56 920m/s MXC 6.5 800m/s MX 6.5 800m/s MX 3GL 6.5 800m/s MX SW 6.5 800m/s MXM 6.5 800m/s Katiba 6.5 900m/s (?) Katiba Carab 6.5 900m/s (?) Katiba GL 6.5 900m/s (?) Mk200 6.5 920m/s (?) Mk18 ABR 7.62 850m/s (?) Rahim 7.62 830m/s (10Rnd_762x51_Mag - changed in weapons_f_epa) Zafir 7.62 860m/s (150Rnd_762x51_Box - changed in weapons_f_beta) GM6 Lynx 12.7 820m/s M320 LRR .408 910m/s Suppressors/Silencers: The code is from weapons_f - nothing else found. Those values are modifiers that will be multiplied by the original value (e.g. hit does not change, airFriction will be *1.2) muzzle_snds_H, muzzle_snds_L, muzzle_snds_M, muzzle_snds_B hit = 1; visibleFire = 0.5; audibleFire = 0.3; typicalSpeed = 1.2; airFriction = 1.2; muzzle_snds_H_MG, muzzle_snds_H_SW hit = 1; visibleFire = 0.8; audibleFire = 0.6; typicalSpeed = 1.2; airFriction = 1.2; Conclusions: - Barrel length has no impact on the muzzle velocity (in real life it impacts velocity a lot) - Suppressors are bugged. Suppressor has no impact on the muzzle velocity (correct). This has been fixed a few months ago. But they are still bugged because they increase the airFriction (this is no way true in real life). You can see the impact in my post above (they deaccelerate a lot faster than non silenced projectiles). - 7.62 does the most damage but should be louder and more visible - they also deaccelerate faster (this is consistend with my post above). Hope that helped :) I created a bug report regarding the suppressors: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=19088
  7. Is there something preventing using the console in the campaign? I only have FHQdebug and CBA installed but it does not work in the campaign (adapt - didn't test the others). Works fine in MP/Scenarios. EDIT: Did not work in the scouting mission but in the camp mission it works fine.
  8. manesh

    Weapon tests

    First I would like to thank you for your great tests. I decided to test something myself - the projectile velocity for different weapons and how they behave over the flight time. I used this script http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?164294-Quick-and-fun-projectile-path-tracing! with this map: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=189421090 Gameversion was the standard version (according to Windows). I set overcast, gusts and wind to 0. I checked the distance with the shift-click marker (from where I shot at 0m). Then I wrote down the distance at which the projectile velocity fell below 75% and 50% of the initial speed (colors change from red to yellow and yellow to green for the trajectory lines. I shot 20-30 rounds for each test - one test with and one without suppressors. If you want to verify yourself I suggest you use the following command to quickly teleport over the map: onmapsingleclick "player setpos _pos" Data: Drop in Percent of muzzle velocity after distance Example: TRG-20 5.56 with a suppressor had 75% of the muzzle velocity after 220m and 50% after 490m. Red (100%-75% v) Yellow (75%-50% v) Suppressor Normal Suppressor Normal +-10m +-10m +-10m +-10m TRG-20 5.56 220m 250m 490m 580m Mk20 5.56 220m 250m 490m 580m MX 6.5 270m 330m 650m 770m Mk200 6.5 280m 330m 650m 770m MK18 7.62 250m 300m 590m 690m Rahim 7.62 250m 300m 590m 690m Zafir 7.62 300m 690m ------ MXM 6.5 270m 330m MXC 6.5 270m 330m MX SW 6.5 -- 330m Katiba 6.5 270m 330m MX3GL 6.5 270m 330m Conclusions: - The only important value is the caliber - the weapon itself does not influence the speed decrease - for absolute values in muzzle velocity for different weapons see my post below. - Suppressors seem to have a bit higher variance in the decrease sometimes (+-20m to +-10m) - Suppressors are still modeled wrong - suppressors do not(!) slow down projectiles (in contrast, the enhance the speed a bit) - there was a bugreport that was set to fixed but it is still wrong - see my post below. - 7.62 loses its velocity faster than 6.5 - for absolute values see my next post.
  9. So I'm playing the campaign and get really frustrated right now when trying to ambush a convoi in the second campaign. I have one AI with a rocket launcher hidden near the road and I myself am a some way up the road. The plan is that AI shoots the first vehicle, I shoot the last one and everything runs smoothly. Now I give that soldier the command to target the vehicle but he refuses to switch his normal gun until he sees the vehicle, which simply means he will miss the vehicle completely because it gets out of range until he managed to switch -.- Oh and one time I managed to make it work by stopping the convoi so the sleepyhead had enough time but then he also blew up the vehicle I wanted to capture, because now I cannot command him to use his rifle - great -.- Why is there no command to force an AI to use a specific weapon?
  10. If anyone has the same problem, for example for teleporting someone to your position you could do: (allunits select 1) setPos position player Beware, that the unit can also be an AI. So check what ID the other player has.
  11. manesh


    I got a question regarding editing players - I have seen that your addon is capable of editing other player units (in MP) I would like to know how this works. Via console I can easily use "player giveweapon x" and I get the weapon. What do I have to use, to select other players in multiplayer to edit them? Thank you
  12. I played the ArmA 2 and OA campaign in coop and just bought OFP and ArmA 1 again. So three questions: 1) Can I play ArmA 1 campaign in coop? 2) Can I play ArmA OFP campaign in coop? For OFP I found this: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?72100-CWC-Red-Hammer-amp-Resistance-Coop Is this the real campaign? 3) Can I play Arma 2 BAF campaign in coop? Are there any other nice coop missions for ArmA2 or ArmA 1? Thanks
  13. When you start OA and click on expansions you should see ARMA2 at the top of the list. OA searches for itself in the registry for the Arma2 install folder and use the files. ------- Question: I checked all folders OA\common and OA\expansion\addons for file duplicates to A2\addons - then I deleted all files (beware some have the same name but different size) which were identical in the A2\addons folder and then copied the remaining files from A2\addons to OA\addons (you have to create that folder). After that the Arma2 folder could be deleted. This saves ~1.3GB of files on the HDD. Anyone experience with this technique? Can I remove more files from the original A2\addons folder? At the moment my A2+OA folder is 15.9GB but maybe I can remove more files because my OA\Addons folder (the one I copied over from A2\addons) is still 6.9GB in size with lots of duplicated files compared to OA\common (same name but a very slightly different file size).
  14. Hello, using the debugconsole on my little local server I want to give another human player or another ai player a weapon for example. When I want to edit my character I can use player addMagazine "x" or player addWeapon "y". What is the equivalent of 'player' for the other ai or human played characters? Thank you
  15. Hi, playing some warfare (benny) and I'm not very pleased with my artillery guys because most of the time they simply refuse to bomb targets ("adjust coordinates ...") when I manually give them the order to fire on a position (the benny warfare tactics artillery stuff has a wait time and I do not see the reason why I should wait between my artillery strikes, when I only use one gun but have several artillery guns). So I had the idea to drop a bomb via console a few hundred meters above me and let it follow a laser. I used "ARTY_Sh_105_LASER" createvehicle [x, y, z] but it won't follow the laser. So how can I set the target to the laser? And would it be possible, that the bomb not only takes a snapshot of the target when it spawns but also follows this laser around a few meters? Thanks