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  1. [frl]myke

    Hello! Cool mod,

    Most likely. Closing here, OP can post in the correct thread then.
  2. [frl]myke

    Port Forwarding

    Uhm....what? Nevermind.....closing.
  3. [frl]myke

    Ukraine General

    @Spooky Lynx The fact that the ukrainian army also has killed civilans doesn't make the pro-russian separatists any better. For me it raises the question why they are hiding in dense populated area. Because they know that every attack will kill also civilians. Yep, looks like great heroes to me. Hiding behind children and women. Cowards. But i admit, even western media shouldn't be trusted unquestioned. But every single claim brought up by each side draws a clear pic: pro-russian separatists mistaken flight MH17 as a military transport and shot it down. Most likely not on purpose and probably aswell shocked as soon they realized their mistake. Nonetheless cowardly denying any responsibility. I wont even try to convince you since you wouldn't believe it anyway. But that's the good thing about the truth: it remains true, regardless if you believe it or not.
  4. [frl]myke


    I think this thread is old enough to be retired.
  5. [frl]myke

    Seperating the grass settings from Object Settings

    No, it shouldn't. You didn't thought this through, did you? Set object draw distance low and units draw distance high and voilá, perfect cheating since you could see units usually hidden behind objects.
  6. Captain Obvious and his crew to the rescue. (Sorry, couldn't resist) But it is indeed already discussed to death. -Closed-
  7. [frl]myke

    Ukraine General

    You never served in a army, didn't you? ;)
  8. [frl]myke

    Leaning Confusion

    Another quite interesting fact that almost no one knows: your eyeballs do rotate a little to compensate head tilting. Go to the next mirror and test it out. I admit, the range is pretty small and not as much as it would need to compensate the ingame leaning angle. But that's why we have a brain. ;)
  9. [frl]myke

    Ukraine General

    This is utter BS (not from you, from the russian propaganda). Ever since the airspace over conflict zones was open to commercial flights. Not only in Ukraine but all over the world. It's the same for ground troops: there are civilians in the combat area, before pulling the trigger make sure your gun is pointing at a enemy. Lame excuses from a bunch of cowards. If they want to be respected, they'll find the one who pushed the button and pass it to a independent council. But i really doubt this will happen. No, i'm quite sure this wont happen.
  10. [frl]myke

    Ukraine General

    I think guesswork is over: http://mobile.reuters.com/article/idUSKBN0FS1V920140723?irpc=932 Sir, you are a coward. If you want to be a tough man, stand up and admit that your troops fucked it up. Take responsibility and don't blame any others. Your men did push the button to launch the missile. No one else. You. You are responsible. Take it like the man you suppose to be.
  11. [frl]myke

    Air to Air missiles, and why they need to change

    ArmA does not make any difference for seekers. A missile can either lock or not. It doesn't differ between radar seekers or heat seekers. In fact, this difference doesn't exist in ArmA. BI missed a huge oportunity to improve this aspect from ArmA 2 to ArmA 3.
  12. [frl]myke

    Air to Air missiles, and why they need to change

    Lock distance is part of the planes config (irScanRangeMax) and is not related to view distance. :EDITH: Back in ArmA 2 i've successfully experimented with BVR ranges of 40+km.
  13. [frl]myke

    Ukraine General

    Not every jet fighter plane in the air is automatically on a combat mission. And even when he is, i guess a Air-to-ground missile wont have problems to hit a target from 7000m.
  14. [frl]myke

    Ukraine General

    One thing i don't understand, maybe i'm just too naive: pro-russian troops say they don't have AA systems to shoot down a plane. Yet they downed 2 ukrainian SU-25. I always thought you need a AA system to down a SU-25, throwing rocks wouldn't do it. And don't even think of mentioning MANPADS, they wont take down 2 SU-25 from 7000 meters.
  15. [frl]myke

    Air to Air missiles, and why they need to change

    You're welcome. If my infos aren't outdated, maybe i can solve another one: This is indeed confusing since it has nothing to do with the actual targetting system (either radar or IR). BI differs between 3 possible target categories which could be locked by guided munitions: ground targets (vehicles), air targets and laser targets. Ground targets excludes single units and i think this is hardcoded and not part of any config. I might be wrong here, someone please correct me if i am. So in configs you can find irLock (locks on ground targets), airLock (locks on air targets) and laserLock (locks on laser designators and IR strobes). Those can be combined to create a missile that can lock on ground and laser targets, if desired.