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  1. So for CO users: @CBA;@CBA_A2;@CBA_OA So, i have to load all those CBA Mods to Run a Combined Ops Server and Client...? Or is it for CO @CBA;@CBA_OA and for A2 Vanilla @CBA;@CBA_A2 Before people are going to spam questions....because this is confusing :j:
  2. Mac_Spliff=ISK=

    A2WarMod Release

    Gimme gimme gimme :) got to try the new COWarmod quick :) Missing the goodies of the Warmod for CO And then i can change my Signature :) C'mon Gunter!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) ---------- Post added at 12:26 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:25 AM ---------- Gone check the New COWarmod V1.0 :) Good hunting....
  3. Mac_Spliff=ISK=

    German Armed Forces WIP Thread

    PzH2000 + AA Gepard tank = Mwhuhahahahaha cant wait.....
  4. Mac_Spliff=ISK=

    German Armed Forces WIP Thread

    Yip......nice toy's for BIGBADABUMMMMMM!!!! nice art work :)
  5. Mac_Spliff=ISK=

    German Armed Forces WIP Thread

    i never bin playing with models, Textures is the part where u have to Color the Model part's ?, so the guns black, and the rest the 4 camoflage Colors for use in all the maps, Woodlands Winter, Desert.. UN, ok wil the gepard have also the AA Missiles added...? or maybe, something to think about.? get a gepard with AA Missiles :) if i am rite u can use both on one tank, i thought i saw a picture of the Gepard with Gun's and Missiles, what ever , the guns will do just nice hehehehe :) Bye bye Hind's and planes mwhuhahahahaha.... And bye bye Linebackers pfffffff what a slack...... ;p When you start the texture part :) can we have some screenshots to see the evolution :) ? thanks :)
  6. Mac_Spliff=ISK=

    German Armed Forces WIP Thread

    @GalComT Is the gepard ready...? any pictures...?
  7. Mac_Spliff=ISK=

    German Armed Forces WIP Thread

    Nice Info Brownie :)
  8. Mac_Spliff=ISK=

    German Armed Forces WIP Thread

    So the Gepard is ready :) ???? any in game video to see him :) ??? Oh yeah supporting NoRailgunner with that Recon pack release hehehehehe :) "And yeah gepard is on the list :P was pretty much a must have hehe, just to get all those annoying hinds out of the air :P" Oh yessssss GalCom, time to get the real AA Gear in this game :)
  9. Mac_Spliff=ISK=

    German Armed Forces WIP Thread

    I Know most of the vehicles as my Army time was in germany 1981, see lot's of Prototypes while doing my time, even bin on the shooting ranges for the Leopard II We had to Guard the shooting range for unwanted eyes while the Leo's were testing the Gear and shooting, amazing, and what a noise LOL pfiewwwwwwwwwwwww....
  10. Mac_Spliff=ISK=

    German Armed Forces WIP Thread

    Do i see the Gepard here in the list....????? YES....? MWHUHAHAHAHAHAHA At Last !!! and those Recovery Leo's UBER ALLES MWHUAAAAAAAA At last some Real AA Gear for play :) Cant wait for this is going gold :))))) and yes !!! The Gepard got to get in this game :) It's an Uber killer and it dont discriminate hehehehehe big badaboom Good job can wait to add this mod to my personal @folder with the BWmod and AMT Gear and goodies :) we run a Private dedicated server with our gamers and want only the real shit in it. and this one got's it :) Check my Sig u will understand why i'm a fan of german Gear....
  11. Mac_Spliff=ISK=

    BluFor needs proper AA

    This thing should get in use by Bluefor...Linebackers are slack's My Baby here will do the job, the only thing is, i cant find the thing, so we cant insert this as Real Bluefor AA i already had some arguments about the lack on Good AA Vehicles for Bluefor, long ago...i know the thing should exist in Flashpoint, there is a model of it there if i am right, if only there was a model for Arma2.....but hey maybe there is one now somewhere Hiding in a nice Vehicles pack for Arma2 :) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flugabwehrkanonenpanzer_Gepard This is the thing, anyone knows something ?
  12. Mac_Spliff=ISK=

    Project RACS

    thank you :)
  13. Mac_Spliff=ISK=

    Project RACS

    Thanks for the release, at last :) hehe' Want to try the mod, now i have a question, can i play this with Arma2/CO...? Are there any maps made with the mod, or coop missions...? or, do i have to edit a map mission my self's and add all the gear..? If anyone has a Coop Evo Cq Domination maps with the Racs project ready on it..? Could you please send me a link or give me info about EVO/GITS/BENNY Map's...? For the Pracs mod...Thanks for your time...
  14. Mac_Spliff=ISK=

    A2WarMod Release

    Hosting @A2WarMod on a dedicated server under Arma2 Combined Op's, No Errors at all Everything loads up nicely, not one error :), thats a very good point!!! But i have little problem with my Arma2 CO Client starting, i got the mods in good order @CBA;@@A2WarMod;@lingor, all load up with no error, only when i start the mission i get the message You Cannot play/Edit this mission blablablabla Dependent on downloadable contents that has bin deleted, "harcp_c_weap" But the file is there Must be something small, but ok, i cant get in game, as that file is missing ??? Anyone a hint maybe what it could be....the file is there in both Arma2 CO, Dedicated Server and Client....??? thanks for your time :) I will wait till V1.4 Co get's out :) i think its better to relax a bit, Dont push grany in the stairs and ask her why she goes so fast....lol
  15. Hello Gunter, Long time i have not bin on, bin busy for a while, now starting to get some more time for Arma2, i'm so glad Warmod still exist :) Good job, so now i have bin looking for some news about Warmod, Is it finished yet the latest version that works with Arma2 CO...? Let me know please because i'm busy with the Vanilla AI Crapp, they dont do shit Without your Mod Compilation for the AI, it's no fun, they dont react at nothing, oh yes they do sometimes, but thats when the bombs almost hit the top of them tanks or vehicles, always tolate, even when the bad guys are in front of them, realy anoying to play alone or with a few friend, Because with your compilation, things change, and you can even play lot's of mission alone with some AI hehehehe, better aniway than the vanilla AI stuff LMAO.....tnx....