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    improving Kiljoy's Evolution for Arma/Arma2OA. Working as a squad but pretty laid back approach
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    Played Arma for 12 years now - co-op MP games
    Unsung mod team lead (Arma 3) - 7 yrs service
    Rangemaster mod team lead (Arma 2)
    Developed over 50 versions of Evolution co-op mp mission framework for a wide range of mods and maps
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    Unsung mod team lead (7 yrs service)
    Developed over 50 versions of Kiljoys Evolution co-op mp mission framework for a wide range of mods and maps
    Developed Rangemaster mod with hcpookie in Arma 2OA
    Keen mapper & modder from call of duty 1 days
    Played Arma for 12 years now - co-op MP games

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  1. SOG operation into cambodia 3 spike teams and a kingbee vs 3 NVA regiments. Mission to covertly infiltrate rear NVA lines and identify and recover US POWs. Tense twilight running battles, massively outnumbered and outgunned. Luckily we fielded our A team roster. Enjoy!
  2. never experienced it myself, but a general tip - always press ESC before alt tabbing out, so you go to menu screen and don't accidentally misfire your weapon when alt tabbing back in.
  3. But the bronco was a whole other ballgame, we talk to a guy who flew 300+ covey missions in Laos and he loved his bronco
  4. They loved it compared to the o1
  5. yes. good job on the showcase sav, they all look amazing in game.
  6. seem to be fixed in beta
  7. Insanity prevails, thanks Jeza! @lato190 yes, we have paypal (please PM me for details) or patreon routes for donations towards models / public and team data server costs.
  8. short movie from yesterday, devildog playing unsung exile
  9. bit of action from sundays op - air cav vs NVA armour on the cambodian border
  10. http://svn.armanam.eu/ftp/eggbeast/unsung/docs/Guides/OpHandbook for Unsung ArmA 2 - Release 1.pdf
  11. i think it's all described in the arma 2 unsung manual which should be included with the mod download
  12. a few more options on the table - not pretty, but they should plug the gap