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    improving Kiljoy's Evolution for Arma/Arma2OA. Working as a squad but pretty laid back approach
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    environmental consultancy

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    Played Arma for 12 years now - co-op MP games
    Unsung mod team lead (Arma 3) - 7 yrs service
    Rangemaster mod team lead (Arma 2)
    Developed over 50 versions of Evolution co-op mp mission framework for a wide range of mods and maps
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    Unsung mod team lead (7 yrs service)
    Developed over 50 versions of Kiljoys Evolution co-op mp mission framework for a wide range of mods and maps
    Developed Rangemaster mod with hcpookie in Arma 2OA
    Keen mapper & modder from call of duty 1 days
    Played Arma for 12 years now - co-op MP games

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  1. http://svn.armanam.eu/ftp/eggbeast/unsung/docs/Guides/OpHandbook for Unsung ArmA 2 - Release 1.pdf
  2. i think it's all described in the arma 2 unsung manual which should be included with the mod download
  3. a few more options on the table - not pretty, but they should plug the gap
  4. just cooked up a couple of support trucks using whatever was to hand...
  5. Attention Arma modelling community! A strong proposed Arma 3 Creator DLC project with a mil-sim focus is seeking capable artists from within the Arma modding community: 1 character artist 1 building artist 1 vehicle artist 1 fx artist 1 terrain artist to join a large, friendly, professional team who have already delivered paid game content for the Arma series. Time commitment is 10-20hrs per week, for 10-15 months. Typical income $30k+++ and a fair risk/royalty share. Blender or Max / Substance Painter workflow demo required. Some coaching can be provided, if you're 90% there with skills. We're hoping to hire from within the Arma community, so if you're a capable artist and wondering if you can go professional, now is the time to make contact. 10 hours per week would be the minimum commitment. It may mean giving up your modding hobby, to spend time on this work (paid at the end of the project). If you already have a job, but feel your life isn't too busy, and you have spare time in the evenings /weekends to make the transition to professional developer, this would be the ideal project. Please pass this on to any talented people you know, who might be interested in this opportunity. Please send pm for details. cheers Rob Graham Savage Game Design Ltd. Discord: Rob (Eggbeast)#3291 Linked-in https://www.linkedin.com/in/rob-graham-3a807a10/
  6. the memory crashes are a known issue, with a proven fix, listed on our steam page.
  7. The m16a1 was authentic - it jammed 60% of the time
  8. We also had some great fun on the range on Saturday What a fierce gang of bandits... who knew making video games could be so much fun? pictured (back L-R) LordJarhead, TeTeT, Hololand, LAxemann, Victoria, Megagoth (Front L-R) Icebreakr, Armored-sheep, Eggbeast, Sgt_Savage Was so inspiring to hang out with some of the coolest creators in Arma!
  9. a few better pics of our tank charge We have to massively thank Bohemia and their fantastic team for hosting us so generously last week.
  10. so after 7 years of working together, we finally meet! Greetings to all unsung players everywhere from Prague! Eggbeast and Sgt_savage and pretty soon we were off invading the countryside in a captured tank...
  11. fixed in beta - please wait for next update!
  12. here's the vid of that mission, viewed from our air guy POV