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    improving Kiljoy's Evolution for Arma/Arma2OA. Working as a squad but pretty laid back approach
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    environmental consultancy

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    Played Arma for 12 years now - co-op MP games
    Unsung mod team lead (6 yrs service!)
    Developed over 50 versions of Evolution co-op mp mission framework for a wide range of mods and maps
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    Unsung mod team lead (6 yrs service!)
    Developed over 50 versions of Evolution co-op mp mission framework for a wide range of mods and maps
    Developed Rangemaster mod with hcpookie in Arma 2OA
    Keen mapper & modder from call of duty 1 days
    Played Arma for 12 years now - co-op MP games

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  1. new Australian SAS units by Gaz we also have them in ERDL, olive and sprayed camo
  2. Here are some pictures of the latest work on the A-4 Skyhawks: We have added the following versions: US Navy x2 USN Camo US Marines RAN (Royal Australian Navy) Blue Angels display team Texture work by the marvellous Timms with tweaks and decals by Eggbeast, and design support from Sgt_Savage Hope you like them!
  3. Note: in this op we were role-playing being cherries on our first weeks of deployment into Vietnam. So if you hear me babbling on the command net about stopping for tea and biscuits, you'll understand lol. Squad leader Spanky Mcgavin (our second best m60 gunner) takes a squad of actual cherries out on the op near to khe sanh combat base. Gotta love it, herding pasty-skinned querulous bumblefucks in constant combat hehe. They actually did ok, and held their line against serious odds. bird's eye view of the operation - from callsign Eagle 1, flying transport and CAS same op from Viking squads POV. My squad (Spartan) sadly had nobody to record it.
  4. hrm they shouldn't be. will check and fix if needed. well spotted, and glad you enjoy the mod!
  5. Unsung 3.6E update is on Steam Workshop Highlights: Well, it has mainly been a lot of bug-fixes this time around. Londo and Razorback continue to improve their awesome maps. We had to hold back Razors changes until we can fix a last-minute issue with the maps - hopefully we will be able to publish those in a few weeks time. As part of our ongoing massive refurb of aircraft in the mod the new Jets DLC compatible ejection, sounds, loadouts and damage models are gradually rolling out to the aircraft, along with new functions and features, new textures and materials, and crew animations. Special thanks go to all of the hardworking team (you know who you are!) but in particular to TeTeT, without whom there would be no unsung mod - his hard work in the background keeping the data systems working makes him a true unsung hero. Thanks also to some of our helping hands (Lordjarhead, Horriblegoat, Nodunit, wld427, etc.) who have reached out to fix tricky issues, and a big welcome to new team members Midnight and Diesel! Thanks again to all our fans out there. We've been receiving a lot of nice messages in the past couple of months - we do pass them onto the team, and it really does help keep them motivated. Outstanding new artwork by Timms https://i.imgur.com/JRD24tP.jpg Changelog
  6. i use a different memory allocator - in arma 3 launcher in params try JEMalloc
  7. columdrum wrote it. he's long gone now though, sadly. we have mykes GPS targeting system that can be appropriated for a RTO calling in a bomb strike, until someone can unpick colums most excellent module
  8. if i can fix the GPS target spawning in mykes script, you can have all of this and more. for now though the target disappears soon after spawning. very odd.
  9. Here are some pictures of the A7 Corsair II nearing completion It's really amazing what the team can accomplish! Original model by Aplion New textures by Timms, with model support from HorribleGoat and decals by eggbeast Configs by eggbeast and Tetet (ejection, damage, virtualgarage, pylons, etc) Scripts by hcpookie, Tetet and eggbeast Sounds by B01/ Bohemia/ Sgt_Savage
  10. @dallas: Here's a tip: you may have overlooked - NEVER leave the "binarize my mission file" checked in the editor when saving your scenarios. then if you do stumble into the situation where you loaded way too many mods and expected your game to behave normally, you can at least edit the rrequiredaddons list in your mission.sqm in a text editor to recover it.
  11. any use? http://svn.armanam.eu/ftp/eggbeast/unsung/docs/Guides/OpHandbook for Unsung ArmA 2 - Release 1.pdf http://svn.armanam.eu/ftp/eggbeast/unsung/docs/Guides/Unsung_Evolution_Briefing.pdf http://svn.armanam.eu/ftp/eggbeast/unsung/docs/Guides/jungle operations field manual 90-5 .pdf