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  1. Whoa eggbeast, that SAM sure got in close! Been doing that quite a bit with a Wild Weasel Thud, before coming back around and blowing the site away with Shrikes! It's a very good way to relieve the pre-exams stress. Yes, I should be studying but couldn't help getting in-game for some jungle time, or SAM city for that matter hehe. Eagerly awaiting the end of the exams so that I can get to mission making for the mod!
  2. Not too sure if my eyes deceive me, but is that an A-4 Skyhawk on the extreme left of the last picture with the Cosair's?
  3. Although I'm more of a ground pounder in-game and in real life, those jets sure look sweet! Might just make some "zoomie" missions with these, provided I can land a jet first haha.
  4. @ Eggbeast - Man, I'd hate to be that Super Sabre pilot, leaking hydraulics, losing power, and still being chased by NVAF Mig-15's and 21's! @ The Unsung Team - It's great to see so many new aircrafts joining the fray. The Thuds look awesome, and with A-6's coming out, might even be able to make a "Flight of the Intruder" mission to bomb SAM City or something haha. Could I ask if the new planes would be available to call for CAS using the Unsung Support Module, adding on the list of F-4's F-100's and A-1E's? Very much looking forward to Unsung 2.6! (and Unsung ARMA 3 when work begins on that!) Damian
  5. Hey firefek, Sorry for the late reply. I was from the 1st CDO BN, but am now studying. Hope you enjoy the mission! Damian
  6. Hey H34dup, I'm glad you had a good run during the mission. For the spoiler, you're right. I will get to that right away. As for the enemy overrunning the LZ, well, that was the plan. But the Snakes seemed pretty good at their job. I think they capped the bad guys almost right at the point where they spawned haha. That's why you don't see a lot of action at the LZ. I will also increase the time for the dedication page. You're right that it finishes too fast. Thanks a lot H34dup for running through the mission! Damian
  7. Hey KommieKat, Hmmm, I never experience that issue before. It could be some glitch, but I'm pretty sure it is not related to the mission. I played through it multiple times and never got that before. But if that was the case, did your mission end? Because the chopper shouldn't have taken off unless all LIVE members of the team were on board. Besides that, I'm glad you enjoyed the mission! Damian
  8. Aw dang. Totally forgot about the ACR Lite requirement. I apologize KommieKat. I will update the requirements list accordingly. Thank you for bringing it up. Sorry again! @Snafu: Glad you're gonna try my mission out. Do let me know how it goes for you. Damian *Edit: Have updated the above requirements list and mission features.
  9. Glad you are KommieKat! Do let me know if you experience any problems in game. I saw on the Armaholic site that someone faced some issues with the water crossing. My own testing had all the team members safely on the other side of the river. In any case, all team members are playable so one can easily swap characters to straighten all the little AI issues. Damian
  10. Hey all, This is my second Vietnam War mission using the awesome Unsung Vietnam War mod. Once again, the mission is based on the exploits of the elite Green Berets of MACV SOG and their loyal indigenous allies, the Montagnards. Here is the mission synopsis: Scenario: MACV SOG: Road Watch Version: 1.0 Author: Damian Requirements: Arma 2: Combined Operations or Arma 2 with Operation Arrowhead (V. 1.62) Unsung Vietnam War Mod Release 2.5 Community Base Addons Hcpookie's O-2A Skymaster Hcpookie's CAS Marker Smoke JTD Mines Blazes Backpacks ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENT: Arma 2 Army of the Czech Republic Lite (For the Blazes Backpacks to work) Had totally forgotten about this requirement. I apologize for the inconvenience it has caused anyone. Overview: You play as Lieutenant Ben McShane, One Zero (Team Leader) of Recon Team (RT) Habu, a team with Command and Control North (CCN), Military Assistance Command Vietnam Studies and Observations Group (MACV SOG). Your team has been tasked with a Road Watch Operation in target area Delta Mike 10 (DM 10), located in the De-Militarized Zone between North and South Vietnam. This scenario attempts to realistically recreate one of the missions conducted by SOG recon teams during the Vietnam War. Mission Objectives: Phase 1 - Cross The River Phase 2 - Reach Overwatch Position Phase 3 - Conduct Overwatch Phase 4 - Locate Suspected Truck Park Phase 5 - Find Intelligence Documents Phase 6 - Destroy NVA Trucks Phase 7 - Reach Extraction LZ Mission Features and Tips: * Some objectives require you to select an option from the ACTION MENU. You will be prompted to do so via hints. An example is the first objective. Once you reach the river crossing point, you will be given the option to cross the river in the ACTION MENU. This allows your team to "cross" the river and not lose all your weapons and equipment in the process. Other objectives also utilize the ACTION MENU. Be mindful of this. * You can equip your team any way you want, but I have taken the liberty to provide a loadout for the team. Do make sure to fill the rucksacks with extra ammo. And do bring along the provided AN/PVS-2 Starlight Scope. You will need it. * For objective 5, "Find Intelligence Documents", you need to search the huts for a map to pick up. This is also achieved by the Action Menu. * When you reach the LZ, you will have to wait awhile for the extraction helo to arrive. It is timed to arrive in about 2 minutes in-game time from the moment you reach the LZ. This adds realism as it does take time for the helicopters to arrive. * The scenario utilizes the UNSUNG's Support Script. It will only be available to you later on in the mission. Do read the UNSUNG manual to learn how to use it. * The scenario also uses the TPW Suppression script, so you will see the enemy and your team members reacting more realistically to gunfire. You will also experience suppression as well. * You have unlimited save games via radio code Alpha (0-0-1). * I included the JTD Mines addon to allow the player to equip Claymore mines to the team, a useful weapon to kill pursuing enemies. * LT. Ben McShane (main player character) must survive the mission as some triggers are initiated by him. Additional Feature and Tips: All characters in the team are playable to allow the player to get the AI out of pathing issues, etc. I forgot to mention this earlier. Credits and Thanks to: - The Arma2 community for all the information and help they provide in mission making - The Unsung Mod team for the best Vietnam War mod there is (For the whole ARMA series! Along with Jungle Fever for OFP by Hawkins!) - Blazes for the backpack and ammo mod - TPW, -Coulum-, fabrizio_T, and Ollem for the mission enhancing suppression script - Alex / Headup for his briefing template - The CBA team for the CBA system - Hcpookie for his O-2A Skymaster and Smoke Markers. Finally, I have a SOG Covey aircraft for ARMA 2! - DMarkwick, ReconPathFinder and TRexian for their awesome mines - Bohemia Interactive for the best military simulation franchise in the world! Mission can be downloaded from here: MACV SOG ROAD WATCH FROM ARMAHOLIC Looking forward to any comments, feedback and mission experiences. Thanks! :) Damian
  11. Hey Savage, I guess this means stuff like SOG and army units probably won't be in the first Arma 3 Unsung release? :) Anyway, very much looking forward to the release of 2.6! Damian
  12. Man h34dup, your putting out rounds and taking names! Your load screens look awesome. I imagine the campaign is gonna be just as great!
  13. @ Eggbeast I'm not too sure about that. Mines an SP mission so if I died and just reverted to last save, the module still is usable, no problem. Haven't made an MP mission to try it out. Thought we could look at it through your server :) @ crazyquick If you're talking about mission making, if you want to have the support function available to your RTO or yourself, you need to place the Unsung support module, which can be found under the modules tab, into your mission. You can set how many aircrafts and bombs you want to have available.
  14. @crazyquick On page 7, the second post, written by Sgt_Savage, of this thread, is a short summary of how to use the support function. Again, you must either be an RTO, or a leader of a group with an RTO in it. If you are the leader, you must be close to your RTO and look at him. Alternatively, you can just take over the radio from your RTO using the gear call up. All these options will give you a "call support" function in your action menu. Then, just do as Sav says, and voila, CAS is on station to cover your behind. ;)
  15. DAMIAN

    [SP] MACV SOG: BDA Version 1

    @TexKaz Glad you liked the mission! I tried as much as possible to make the mission as realistic as possible. But not being a SOG man myself, a lot of the info for the mission was taken from the SOG books I have. @crazyquick The backpack addon is a very small addon that won't take much time to DL and use. It gives you the ability to use backpacks so you can beef up your load out. I've not tried playing without the mod, but I think the mission should still run okay. As for air support, the new version of the mission uses the Unsung in-built support function. You must be near your RTO, or you can switch to your RTO, or you can take over the radio from your RTO. You will then have a "call support" icon in the action menu. Select it, then select support type, how many planes, what type of bomb drop, direction and distance of target, and from what direction the planes should come in from. Then click request. Suggest you spend some time in editor to try out the support function, get used to it, then play the mission. It'll greatly increase your team's survival. :)