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  1. Hi everyone! Just thought I would share some Screenies from our recent testing :cool: : A4C engaging local VC guerillas with the 20mm MF Recon engaging tank crew with the XM-148 Grenade Launcher. More screenshots coming soon! ;)
  2. The F105 will be a great addition Pookie!
  3. Hey Steve. You can use our Support Module if you play as an RTO or an officer (With an RTO Close by). Enter the direction and distance, then choose between the different airstrikes or artillery types available. Arclight
  4. Yes, just like Sgt Savage said, there will be a Showcase Trailer for 2.6! Im currently working on it, so stay tuned boys and girls. /Arclight
  5. ANNOUNCEMENT! We are currently looking for a new Modeler and new Texture Artist for our team! If you feel that you have what's required, then feel free to contact Sgt Savage or any of the other team-members through BIS Forums or Skype! We hope to hear from you! /UNSUNG TEAM
  6. Welcome Mr. Phu! /Arclight
  7. Looking forward to it! /Arclight
  8. Ok, so we can all agree its not an A6 then? Good. ........... .................. ............................
  9. I wonder, what it could be!? :cool:
  10. I strongly suggest that if you want to play UNS with us, join the GITS server, and dont use ANY other addons than the ones provided in the description! See you on the Battlefield! /Arclight
  11. Looking forward to it Wiki! /Arclight
  12. Adding a laserdesignator to the F4 will simulate a TV guided missile pretty well! As long as the pilot manages to aim at the target, this should be very realistic and fun. Good work as always Eggbeast. /Arclight
  13. Anyone feel like flying? We have a new video on our channel! :cool: Don't forget to like and subscribe! /Arclight
  14. Im happy to see all this activity in the thread! Don't forget to check out our Unsung 2.5 YouTube channel where we will begin uploading new videos such as gameplay and Machinimas! http://www.youtube.com/user/UNSTrailers /Arclight
  15. Yes Fonzie, there are a lot of people seeding (me included). /Arclight