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  1. Could someone give me a step-by-step instruction on how to load a Medium/Light Tank in one of the Landing Boats? I've got an LVT (Don't remember the exact name, the bigger one of the two) and a Light Tank spawned at the Beach. All Modules are present. When i drive the Tank on the Boat, get out, and acess the Boat's Cargo Menu, i can select the tank as "source" (as in, i could probably load cargo from the tank to the ship), but i can't load the tank itself on the ship. I remember somewhere, that you had a Cargo Source "Ground", where Crates and Vehicles that are nearby your ship would be listed, and like that, i was able to load a tank upon a Landing Craft, but that was some while ago. Can't figure out how to do it. I know how to script it from mission start, but i'd like to do so mid-mission aswell, sometimes.
  2. Elena

    Missing Units

    Dang, i didn't check this. I guess i just throught must have had it turned on, because i used to play this mission with the BWMod enabled, and it worked with zeus. And now i kinda just forgot that this option even exists. Maybe i disabled the checkbox back when i removed the BWMod and went vanilla. I'll check it out as soon as i am back at my PC and will report back here if i figured something out. Still strange, though, if the option was causing the issue, why does the very same mission work with the units in singleplayer, but doesn't on a dedicated. Well, i'll check it out. Thanks for the idea.
  3. Elena

    Missing Units

    I can confirm that, according to my .rpt, the Addon is loaded on the Server. Specifically, i use all your .pbos apart from Mercs, and the Optional "AAF has no NVG's" config. The very same mission, when ran as a scenario, or when i host it myself, seems to work with the units, alas, i can place them via Zeus. On my dedicated server, this is not working. However, i can, without any problem play a mission where the units have been placed with the mission editor, and i can also equip and take gear (Russian Uniforms) out of the Arsenal Boxes. The issue has to be somewhere with Zeus, apparently.
  4. Elena

    Missing Units

    Hey, I'm using these Units to spice up my Zeus Missions - or, that was my plan, at least. While i can place and edit these Units via Zeus in Singleplayer (Both Scenario and Editor) and when i Host a MP Session by myself, i'm running into problems on a dedicated server. When i join on my dedicated server (that has no mods loaded at all, except for this here), these Units do not appear in the List of Units in my Zeus interface. Is there any known incompatibility or what else could cause this behaviour?
  5. Elena

    Marksmen DLC Weapon Feedback

    given all the Marksman Rifles have quite a low ( 0.000x) dispersion, and the ASP-1 has 0.00x, i almost expect this to be a typo, the real value intended to be 0.00029 maybe.
  6. Idea/Request: Enable Zeus to use the Arsenal on Vehicles as he can use it on Soldiers. So we can customize singular Vehicles in Zeus Scenarios :3 (Like: Arsenal Module dragged on Units open's their Arsenal, if you drag it on Vehicles it opens the Vehicle Customization.)
  7. Elena

    Jet DLC?

    I'd love to see some more aircrafts, such as a Transport plane. I am truly hoping for a few to come along with the Addon. We currently have no proper way of mass-deploying paratroopers (No, Helicopter-Based short range jumps don't count as "proper"). I doubt, however, that there will be any DLC for these kinds of things. And personally i don't need a interactive cockpit since i like an overall easily acessible system. Belive me or not, dear arma-veterans, but flying in arma seems to be quite hard for new players already. So, interactive cockpits could be a Feature, but no forced one. I'm fully agreeing, however, on a few more airplanes. I understand that due to the mapsize we don't need a huge mach-3 air superiority fighter. But small CAS/AA Patrol Aircrafts, maybe troop transports (where's the VTOL?) and bigger transport planes (C-130 sucessor) could come in aswell as a civilian machine. Islands like Altis call for a seaplane aswell. However, if at all, i suppose this would be part of the Addon, and not of any extra DLC.
  8. Elena

    Arma 3 - Marksmen DLC First Look Livestream

    Is there any recording avaliable? it's not listed on the twitch channel, at least.
  9. Elena

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Arma 3 badly need naval assets. i loved to play around with submarines and frigates on Gnt_Waves in arma 2. We need some quality stuff for A3 aswell. The Only ship with a high quality as a mod in A3 sadly is a WW2-Era battleship that has no point in an A3-ish setting, although the mod itself is spectacular. More Naval Assets! o/
  10. Elena

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    Great to hear! Because of posts like this in the JSRS 2.2 Thread. Oh well, LJ himself said it is^^
  11. Elena

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    Is there any known incompatibility with Zeus? Because Explosions of MLRS, Atillery et cetera are really quiet and boring, on a volume level where rifle shots nearly kill my ears. I'm talking about both, the Units themselves firing, and the placeable fire support modules. I was both, listening while beeing a unit, and in the Zeus camera. When starting a mission without Zeus, it sounds the same, though. I went back to JSRS 2.2 because this works without any issues and the sounds of weapons and explosion generally sounds more powerfull. Too bad this mod is discontinued (or is it?). Hoping one day DragonFyre will sound as awesome, i'm just rather surprised that it does sound infact less powerfull (after all, it's 2.2' successor), and i'm hoping that it is only a bug on my end that i can fix, given i'm a huge JSRS Fan. Mods Used: CBA. Blastcore (issue persists after removing Blastcore). Self-Made Zeus Missions, playing both as Zeus and Unit. Dedicated Server. Mission isn't scriptheavy at all (TAW Viewdistance script, that's it.) I'm using a 5.1 Surround Headset on USB. To be specific: As Infantryman, when i throw a grenade, the sound was about ~10 times louder than the Arty shells. Arty shells sounded the same regardless of distance. Arty shells had a volume that i'd expect them to have at 2+km distance. Sound Speed worked, as in, the further away the explosion was, the longer the sound took until i heard it. Directional sound worked aswell, as i was able to spot from which direction the sound came.
  12. Elena

    XENO - Taru Pod Mod

    Would it be possible for me to run this on my server and on my client, and players, which do not have the addon could see it when i attach the pod, or do all players need the mod installed? I need to keep my server vanilla, so i can't make my players download any mods. If that's not possible, any chance for a script version?
  13. I did exactly as you said. Still, it doesn't seem to want to work :\ My Mission now: http://www.filedropper.com/newdynamicaltis
  14. What exactly do you mean by "Unit Module" ?
  15. I have: a) Module: Gameplay Modes/Game master. b) Module: Zeus/Gamemaster that is set to owner #adminlogged c) A Bunch of Playable Units. I do not use the Zeus Gamelogic Unit, as i want Zeus to be Part of BLUFOR and i'm usually just playing as normal soldiers alongside my friends. @Jshock: I set it up exactly like this. It did not work for me on the dedi server. The Init line seems to enable thermal vision, but nothing about an init line. EDIT: Here is my Mission: http://www.filedropper.com/dynamicaltis