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  1. Super stoked to check this out! Thank you for bringing one of my nerd wishes to life!
  2. Dude... yes. Must give this a try. If you're interested and haven't seen it yet - I also recently released an SP scenario based on the SAS in the Western Desert, definitely inspired by H&D2 as well!
  3. h34dup

    GF Cargo Airdrops Script

    Hi @GEORGE FLOROS GR just saying THANK YOU for this awesome script. I managed to modify it to my exact needs after hitting a wall w/ a previous script. Your commenting is seriously next-level, so helpful. @jgaz-uk I ran into the same issue just now, and resolved it by formatting the weapons in arrays, the same way they're formatted for the other contents, eg. ["SmokeShell", 10] (see: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addWeaponCargo). Looks like they are considered strings as "Weaponname" instead of the arrays expected. Maybe a bug?
  4. h34dup

    [SP] WW2 SAS Raid: El Alamein

    Second update, more to come: * Fixed a major bug with Objective Burke, apologies if this prevented you from completing the mission, or for reverting your progress! * Tweaked opacity of a couple markers that shouldn't have been as bold * Adjusted the date to maximize moonlight for night ops - if you use Re-Color mod, you may need to turn it off to be able to see at night * Fixed a bug that allowed the radio at Objective Charleston to be used more than once * Added US and German ammo crates to the weapons area of the F.O.B. and British ammo to the ammo truck nearby * Fixed a bug that caused a shovel at Objective Burke to float in mid-air
  5. h34dup

    [SP] WW2 SAS Raid: El Alamein

    First update, there will be plenty of bugs to catch and fix. Changelog: * Fixed a typo in the briefing * Moved SAS solder Bergeron to a different location to avoid him getting stuck when joining your group * Changed the Group Callsign to 2 Troop * Fixed a bug where Group Join was only counting 1 man lost in the group, should now work where each man lost opens a slot in the group * Moved the intel at Objective Dunham to a place where it will be harder to get lost in explosions or gunfire
  6. DOWNLOAD (v0.5 beta) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1919312045 Command your SAS troop to victory raiding Axis strongpoints from behind enemy lines during the battle of El Alamein! Features: * Authentic WW2 singleplayer mission in the spirit of H&D 2 * Multiple approaches to completing some objectives * Recruit up to 6 men at a time to your group, each with different specialties * Access to weaponry, explosives, and vehicles from your F.O.B. * Skip time at campfires to switch between day/night ops * Unlockable fast travel points * Randomized unit presence adds variety to multiple playthroughs * Call in mortar support (beta) Author's Notes: * This is my first scenario for Arma 3, used to edit SP scenarios for A2/OA/CO * Note that the first task is just the beginning of the mission, more tasks unlock as you play through. * This is a beta release, some bugs may exist. Also, it's Arma, so there are bound to be things that will affect your playthrough. * The SAS focused much of their efforts during the Second Battle of El Alamein on disruptive raids far behind enemy lines to the west in Libya. The map has been sectioned off to capture the ideal terrain for this fictional operation, imagine the AO is west of where it’s actually located in this map. * It's the closest I could get with the tools at-hand, if you spot something that could be made more realistic or historically-accurate within what's possible in the game, please leave a comment with details! * If you know of any useful scripts, supports, or other easy to implement features, please leave a comment with details! * Your feedback is welcome, but I make no guarantee I'll be able to respond to it!
  7. Well get stoked my dude, I am nearing having one of my SP scenarios ready for release! The mountain you fear is really not that steep, many of the changes made to Eden editor make things a little easier... yes, I'm still learning and wrapping my head around it, but it's not prohibitive. Will post here soon when I have things ready to share out, test build may be ready as soon as this weekend. SAS WWII raid scenario on El Alamein for I44/FoW/IFA...
  8. h34dup

    [SP/CAMP/CO] Real-World Operations (RWO)

    Thanks! I read a book about the SAS recently that provided a lot of interesting but very surface-level info about Ops Houndsworth, Bulbasket, etc. It characterized the patchwork units of SAS, Maquis, and even Russians more as a band of pirates than soldiers. The initial setup I quickly made for SAS Ops in France is built on the Neuville map, has not a forest camp (due to lack of suitable terrain) but a remote farmhouse hosting a motorpool, where you can recruit up to 6 followers from SAS or Maquis (different weapons, specialties, etc.), I also set up a simple mortar request script, but the projectiles in Arma 3 have different classnames, and the only ones I could find that worked were Smoke rounds, 500lb Bombs, and Bazooka shells with rocket trails behind them that slowly fall like leaves before exploding (which is what I've stuck with). I would love to figure out how to make that into like a mission hub, where you can choose to take on different missions across the Neuville map (eg. Ambush the convoy, Assassinate the officer, Destroy all vehicles at X location, Rescue the prisoner, etc.). Still, for now, I'd like to just focus on getting through making a single mission, and 'nam is furthest along.
  9. h34dup

    [SP/CAMP/CO] Real-World Operations (RWO)

    Thanks, domokun! Can't speak for the others, but it's unlikely I will release COOP, I have always been an SP gamer in all games. That said, I'd consider giving permission to someone else in the community to convert my missions for COOP, can't imagine it's terribly hard for someone who knows what they're doing. As for RWO, I've been away for too long to consider picking things back up, and still the project was carried into A3 by mathias, I'd say it's no longer my call where things go. However, I really only like to edit missions with a basis in reality, so all my stuff is technically RWO. The project that got me back into editing is a 4-mission mini-campaign for UNSUNG following MACV-SOG through 1967, '68, '69, and '70. First mission, based on Practice Nine (later known as Igloo White) has most of the core game components, I started working on the 4th mission which is inspired by Operation Ivory Coast. If you like LoK and TF 42, you'll likely enjoy these missions. Another idea I had been messing with is based on the SAS during WW2 (IFA/FOW) - desert raids in N Africa, insurgency in Greece, working w/ Maquis in France. The modern setting is mostly dry for me, but I had been playing "my little operator" to find a good Op. Neptune Spear AOR1 DEVGRU outfit...might have some fun with that setting one day.
  10. Hi all, RWO co-founder OG here. It's been many years. Apologies for disappearing, and big thanks to @mathias_eichinger for keeping RWO going on after I dropped off. My work for RWO is sadly not working for my install of A2/OA/CO due (I think) to mod updates. But after a long absence, I've fallen back into editing, this time for A3. So if you liked my work, keep an eye out for new stuff for A3, and if I can ever access my old missions, potentially some ports to A3.
  11. h34dup

    [SP/CAMP/CO] Real-World Operations (RWO)

    Hi all, thank you to @mathias_eichinger for keeping RWO alive after I disappeared from the forums and the editing community. It's been years. I've been dabbling in A3 editing, so if you liked my missions during the RWO days, get stoked because some new stuff may be forthcoming!
  12. h34dup

    [SP/CAMP] Task Force 42 (RWO)

    Glad to hear! How did you get it to work w/o the missing file errors? Hi all, I am the original co-author of this Campaign, hard to believe how long it's been since I was last active on here. I recently tried to load up my old missions, but it seems there was an update (I assume to Reshmaan Province) which prevents both RWO and LoK from loading (I haven't tried loading all my old missions, but most don't work, sadly) due to missing .paa file or something. Not sure there's all that much I can do at this point, but if I figure out some kind of way, I might consider porting some of my old missions to A3. Perhaps even more exciting news if you liked my work is that I have started to dabble again in mission editing. And I'm planning to share out some of my projects, including one WIP for Unsung following MACV-SOG. Thanks for playing, thanks for the support, keep an eye out for new stuff from me soon.
  13. h34dup

    [SP/CAMP] Task Force 42 (RWO)

    Quick hint: I did not come across any issues or bugs w/ him not showing up at all as described above. Hope this helps and you guys can find and eliminate the sucker!
  14. h34dup

    [SP/CAMP] Task Force 42 (RWO)

    Not surprising, RCMW and I prioritized release over stability, given the fact that it almost never made it to release due to real life obligations for both of us. Care to elaborate on what broke? And +VoiceOfArmA, confirming Buhere is correct, both are non-critical bugs, I haven't seen the RH bug myself but the tpw_houselights is common when you revert to the main menu, for some reason it tries to build the menu cinematic using the island you were last playing on, I'm not sure if tpw_houselights is missing from the reshmaan release or if it's some kind of bug due to referencing an init that was just loaded in-game, but not in the menu.
  15. h34dup

    [SP/CAMP] Task Force 42 (RWO)

    Yep, that's the correct path - you should create a Campaigns folder within that directory, then drop the .pbo file for the campaign into it. Once all the mods are in place (there are separate threads on proper mod management and installation if that's the issue), I use Arma II Launcher ( http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=8241 ) to get the mods together, then I create a shortcut for easy access from that point on. Fortunately, this doesn't sound like an issue with the campaign itself, meaning you should be able to get it working once you figure out what's causing it to not work, but on the flipside, unfortunately, there isn't much else we can do to help from here. Good luck and hope it gets working so you can enjoy!