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  1. Lol I don't really know what I'm doing, I more just muddle along. Not sure where to find strategicmapopen.sqf to replace lines. If you have already done it could you simply link the full sqf file or text that I can have a look at? Hopefully one I can run without the need of packaging it as an addon? I may have misunderstood something here but I would really like a simple script I can run that would open it correctly. I have almost finished a campaign where you get the pick the order you do the missions in, with different rewards and consequences for each mission. I though the Strategic Map would be a nice way to tie it all together. It is maddening when you get a problem like this near the end and may have to redo hours of work with a different method.
  2. Humm you could spawn a CSAT pilot then move him in the helicopter and delete him. Its messy but should set the helicopter as a CSAT vehicle just as if it was flown by them. CSATpilot moveindriver NATOhelo; deleteVehicle CSATpilot;
  3. I'm having some problems with the Strategic Map Module. It's a small problem but an annoying one, when I open it on the Zargabad map it is zoomed all the way in to you can't see any of the map. You can zoom out, and after that it works fine, but at first it is hard for a player to see that they need to do that as the screen is simply blank. Is there a way to set the zoom level when the strategic map is first opened? I can find no other posts talking about the opening setting of the strategic map and am at a loss as to why is is zoomed in so far. I don't have this problem on the Atlis or Straits maps only Zargabad but the option would be useful there too. Thank you.
  4. Problem is I never know when I need the vehicle to move again as it is commanded with the high commander module, so anything that completely stops the vehicle and needs another script to start it moving again will not work. If I wanted to do that simply disableAI "move"; on the driver would do the job easy. I need something that just stops its random roaming. It never did this in Arma 2, APCs and tanks would move and engage at the waypoint without going all-over the place, so its something new they added in Arma 3. For example this is what currently happens at the moment. Three APCs move on a hill and stop with a support infantry squad and two rifle squads approaching a town from the left. Then a few shots are fired, the infantry moves into cover and returns fire (this is good), the APC do not behave so well. One APC drives 400 meters in a random direction away from the combat, another accelerates towards the town at full speed running over any infantry in its patch and gets blown up, the last APC drivers round in circles running over the rest of the infantry, its chaos! The more I think about it I think its the COMBAT state AI, I need a way to force a group to remain in AWARE when being shot at. I will start a new thread about that in a day or so since the title of this one dose not ask that question.
  5. er same problem as DisableAI :) I still need them able to move, just not running all over my infantry the second someone fires a gun. ---------- Post added at 07:17 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:51 PM ---------- humm I think if I can force them to stay in AWARE state it would fix it. I suspect its the combat IA behaviour that is the problem. Is there a way to force a unit to stay in AWARE even when being shot at and still fire back?
  6. I'm looking for a way to stop APC and other vehicles from driving off after they reach a waypoint in combat, but still able to move to a waypoint when given one. At the moment they travel to the waypoint fine but have a habit of driving off in a random direction to do, only the AI knows what, running over my infantry and generally causing havoc in my mission. I'm using the high commander module so changing the kind of way point given is not an option, it gives out move waypoints, also I can't use DisableAI as I need them able to move to waypoint when the high commander gives them. What I don't want is them doing random things on there own initiative. Is there a way to turn this off? I'm hopping someone knows what part of the AI makes them do thins and has a way to turn it off, or another idea. Thank you.
  7. Thank you Larrow! That small script fixes the main problem I had, I can work with it from that, and thank you for adding it to the feed back tracker. Going to finish up creating and adding a support framework now, see if it works with some custom supports. I may start another thread about possible high commander missions for people to throw ideas around in.
  8. Nope Radio triggers and supports from the support module don't show up for me if you have high commander active. They are still there if the module is sinced and you don't have the high commander up, but vanish if you press ctrl - space. The menus are still there but just no supports or radio triggers listed. Was planning on making a number of missions maybe a campaign around the high commander module, a kinda first person strategy game. But I have been stuck with this problem for some time, the support are vital to this and having them vanish all the time is a problem. It could work with the player having to switch into and out of high commander all the time but that's too clunky to make a good mission. Was thinking of adding a support interface to the action menu as a last resort but have only played around with creating them before and its a lot of work for a worse way to control your supports. Edit : I found them in the Commanding mode, never really used that mode before and having to switch to it is almost as bad as not having them work at all. It would also be very confusing for most players since there is still a support section in the Navigate Menu, it just becomes blank. I take it there is no way to add them to the Navigate Menu then? Been trying but radio triggers are also still not showing up. ---------- Post added at 02:15 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:52 AM ---------- OK I may have found the problem with the radio triggers. When you open the menu in high commander, it lists 1 : SITREP (greyed out) 8 : Support (thats blank if selected) 9 : Custom 9 : Radio Yep two options on the 9 key. If I select it with the mouse wheel it works! But if you press the 9 key, you select Custom commands not Radio and that one is blank. Its certainly a bug so ill put in a ticket. (unless its already been fixed?) Now to fix this in the mission I have to disable Custom, or add my support scripts to that? Any idea how to do that?
  9. I'm having some problems with the Arma 3 high commander module. I used the one in Arma 2 to good effect a lot of the time but in Arma 3 I have noticed a few problems. The main one is that if you have engaged high commander mode with ctrl – space you can no longer use radio or support options. They are blank, switching out of high commander mode and you can once again use them. Is this just an awful bug or a feature I'm missing? Can anyone suggest a way I can have support options with the high commander module still operating? I've tried supports and radio options but they both vanish, starting to think the action menu is the only way to do it. Thanks
  10. Awesome thank you. Ill add that now and see if I can get the rest of it working.
  11. I' trying to make a simulation of some standard Army marksmanship tests for the player to work though. Problem I have is that most of them use less than full clips, 5-10 rounds a time in the magazine for most. I can't work out how to set a weapon magazines to less than full, half full would work at 15 rounds. Anyone know how to set a magazines to half full or other numbers?
  12. Nice work on the upgrade, the models look awesome and I have yet to find any big bugs but... Is there any way the CUP weapons can be upgraded/configured to work with the Jarhead sound scripts? I know this is a lot to ask, but the distance/indoors sound variations, along side the high quality sounds that modification introduces adds so much to the game that CUP weapons don't stand up well next to Vanilla weapons running Jarhead and its making me reluctant to use them. I notice he already helped you with the sound, is compatibility with Jarhead 3.0 on the cards for the future? Or are your priorities elsewhere? Thanks for your hard work :)
  13. Awsome, I really like you weapons and I'm planning to use a lot of them in a campaign I'm making. Thanks for the fast reply and work! :)
  14. I've got the problem of the AI not being able to shoot the most of the weapons. I had this problem before with just the L110A1 and I remember I was not the only one but it went away after one of your updates, it is back again unfortunately with the latest update to the British pack. I'm running this with no other mods other than the Rails one. They throw grenades, shoot with handguns, use any other weapons but never fire the Trixie_L110A1, Trixie_L85A2_NR, Trixie_L85A2, Trixie_L7A2. They do fire the Trixie_L129A1, all Arma 3 weapons and Massi's weapon pack. Any idea what causing this? Really want to use your mod but right now most of them can only be used by players.
  15. Yep the last Arma 3 patch broke most addons. Hope you can update and fix this? :)