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  1. Wiki

    [WIP] French Army Mod : ArmaModFrance

    Sure, but as it's a French army mod, in french armed forces the Caracal is still set as EC-725 ^^
  2. Well, I tried but I don't like much open world gameplay, so I'll just pass. Thx for the effort anyway.
  3. Wiki

    [WIP] French Army Mod : ArmaModFrance

    Je pinaille, mais le Caracal est le EC-725 dans l'ALAT H225 c'est sa version civile. Caracal H225 is the civilian number Military would be EC-725
  4. Thx but not exactly what I was looking for
  5. BTW, are you gonna add AOR1 camo for crye uniform?
  6. here are some screenshots look at the angle of the blades moreover, it may not look as weird on the pictures, but ingame it really is
  7. Forgot to say congrats to CUP team for the release! 1 question though : will you add AOR1 camo in the future? Or not planned? (Yeah, I admit I'd like to make a SEAL unit ^^) Also, the rotor blades of the blackhawk are kinda weird when flying. they look like broken or something, I dunno how I can say that, but they don't look "normal". Can you have a look at it?
  8. Hello, is there a mod to automatically adjust the view distance and object distance, whether we're on foot or in a vehicle? When playing KOTH, there is such an option, but didn't see it anywhere else. Could be quite useful, does anybody know? Thanks
  9. question: how do I switch optics when using G33 + EOTech? switch optics command deoesn't seem to work also, how do I switch between laser and flashlight? thanks
  10. That's amazing! Are you considering to use the SW for your mod?
  11. it's a script, not an addon. What I'm looking for is either BIS to fix it - but I doubt this will happen. Or a basic mod. The other mods are way too huge and changes a lot of other things