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  1. it depends of the end you choose. depending whether you follow NATO orders or CTRG orders, you'll have different ends.
  2. What is your AI settings?

    yes, but that only works on missions you make. what is your AI settings for official missions?
  3. What is your AI settings? Can't figure out how to have a balance game: I'm facing all-knowing terminators and on the other hand, I always have a dumb medic... For example, mission 7 in Apex: Beginning on a high ground, at night, with suppressors. the enemy is Syndikat guys: they just know where I am located whereas I have suppressor / no muzzleflash and they have no NVG. this all mighty AI is really game breaking. What are your settings to have a balanced experience?
  4. Hi there. So far, I can make doialogs with units speaking. For example: man1 sideradio "message1"; however, how to make so it's the group leader talking, not man1? I mean, if man1 is my group leader, he's dead or incapacited and man2 becomes the new group leader, man1 won't talk hence the dialong won't happen. I want the dialog to continue even if man 1 is dead, as long as there is a group leader. Is it possible? Thanks
  5. hello. Digging up an old thread, but how to use a custom loadout? I mean: I want the player to have aback pack and 2 charges in the backpack (eg : mission 3 of Apex, when the players have demo charges in their backpack). How do I do that? Also, how do I set up what I want in the uniform or vest? Thanks a lot!
  6. "I love the smell of napalm in the morning" Mod: Unsung
  7. Indeed, but as it is not released yet... i dunno. it can be considered as "private mode" as it is not public. Or am i missing something here?
  8. Good. You tell me what you think about it. Please, don't forget to rate and comment also, it is quite useful for mission maker.
  9. Lack of good usermade SP content

    Most of the SP missions are more SP/Coop missions than real SP ones. It depends a lot : how many missions, what kind of missions, etc... I can set up a small SP mission within a day (from scratch to release).
  10. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Best way to fix AI gunner issue is to equipe the AH-64 with AGM-114L and use manual fire.
  11. Yeah, that's a pity :(
  12. WHy sometimes there are automatic tags like "Multiplayer" when the mission I created is SP only, with no playable unit (but the player)? Or the tag for the map is "other map" when I use Altis or Stratis or Tanoa?
  13. I made a mission with the x-44 gunship. Named Bad Karma. Just reuploaded it on the workshop.