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  1. @Varanon Thx for the answer and kudos for the MBT!
  2. Ah good. There has been an update of CUP then? Or is this fix on hold until a new update?
  3. When you put the loiter WP, click a second time on it and you will have an option to make it circle tje other way.
  4. Hi guys. Digging up an old thread. Is there a way to have the blackfish loiter over a position and actually provide support? for now, it comes to the loiter position but never fires at the enemy unless he is engaged. And still, only at the guy who is targeting him. I'd like to have something like this: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=10136 with the blackfish. With that script on ArmA 2, the AC-130 just came in and engaged all the enemy in the area. In ArmA 3, the blackfish can't engage targets by himself...
  5. Wiki's creations [ArmA 3]

    I'm currently making a small mission called Hike in Tanoa. Here is the overview picture: Release: soon
  6. Wiki's creations [ArmA 3]

    I've begun to work on the next mission.
  7. Ok, thx for the explaining. So, that is sorted out for the 40mm. Now remains the explosive 40mm and 105mm guns of the Blackfish which are underpowered IMHO.
  8. I use the "lock" keybind. What is exact bind of your "R"? In the command/weapon menu, I have "LOCK", "REVEAL", "NEXT TARGET", "NEXT TARGET - empty, "NEXT TARGET (in vehicle)" and "NEXT TARGET (in vehicle) - empty" So far, "NEXT TARGET", "NEXT TARGET - empty, "NEXT TARGET (in vehicle)" and "NEXT TARGET (in vehicle) - empty" don't work, it just cancel the target. And with "LOCK", I have the image I posted. Stable branch, only CUP loaded Also, I just tried the sidewinders: that work. I can lock a flying target with the sidewinders with radar on and just pressing TAB ("Next Target" and "Next Target (in vehicle)") But a vehicle (car, ifv, apc... whatever) with radar on and hellfire L --> no EDIT Stupid interrogation, but I tried to put 1 Apach multirole + 4 BMP They don't appear on the radar, so that may explain why the hellfire cannot lock on them? Although I target them, the radar remains empty. EDIT 2: I think it's a problem with the Apache radar. I loaded with hellfire with the Blackfoot, and the targets DO appear on the radar and there is no problem this time. Retried with the Apache and the radar remains empty. That is why the targets can't be locked by the hellfire. Now, the question is WHY?
  9. So, here is a picture of what I get with hellfire L and Apache: See? The vehicle is targeted, but no lock. Radar is on. I got this picture when I use "Lock" key. Using TAB ("Next Target" and "Next Target (in vehicle)" doesn't work - it just cancel the target.
  10. How to open the console? I'm playing the mission right now and when I press "esc", there is no console (unlike the one when I am in Eden). Thanks
  11. There is a bug in mission 4 caught in a trap: the MH-9 seems to be locked, I can't get in. Stable branch, no mod running.
  12. To make it more simple, just let the hellfire being able to lock the hellfire while using TAB ("Next Target" and "Next Target (in vehicle)".
  13. Hum, ok. WIll try something. However, if K is only by laser and L by radar, it means the AH-1Z Viper shouldn't be able to use any of them then.
  14. Ok, pretty much the same then. Yes, that is what i said: Hellfire L work with the AH-1Z but not the AH-64D. That is why I was asking here, if it was me only having issue or not