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  1. Wiki's creations [ArmA 3]

    Strike on Pyrgos The NATO forces must neutralize the artillery and antiair threat around Pyrgos. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1625591147 Enjoy and don't forget to rate.
  2. Wiki's creations [ArmA 3]

    A new mission is incoming! Just need to add the dialogs and briefing, and it will be released. Although it's only very minor changes, you have multiple endings whether you do all the tasks or not. ETA : very soon
  3. Nah, I won't give you more work. It was just a question, I was just wondering if I missed something or if it was not implemented. Thanks for the answer ;)
  4. Hum that's not what I meant, sorry. Is there a possibility to open the rear doors of the vehicles with the command "this animatedoor xxx"?
  5. guys, is it possible to open the rear hatch of the IFV (Bradley, AAV-7A1 and LAV-25)? I checked the config file but didn't see anything. Thanks
  6. @TactiCOOL_Screenshots The first screenshots don't show up, link seems broken
  7. Guys, I just played this mission and it is awesome, you really gotta check this out!!! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1587272721
  8. Wiki's creations [ArmA 3]

    Yes, new mission.
  9. Wiki's creations [ArmA 3]

    First Sparks - CUP A few MARSOC units are infiltrated on Utes to take out the defences, prior to the main force assault. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1619058576 Enjoy and don't forget to rate.
  10. Ok thanks for the answer ;)
  11. Ok :) Hum, maybe as US SF camo? As for now, SF and regular units have the same outfits. I'm no experts in US miliatry, but I find it a bit... strange that they have the same camo / outfit. That was just a thought though.
  12. Oh great! Pegasus bridge!
  13. BTW, the new HK416 are a nice addition, however none of them have the standard stock - only custom ones. Do you plan to add standard models or not? Also, do you plan to add AOR 1 camo in the future? Thanks
  14. Can this AI behaviour be fixed?

    Yes, good thoughts. It can be a lead, maybe they can have a look at that.
  15. Same, I dunno why he said that ahah