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  1. Hello guys. So, I make this poll to have your opinion. Do you think the Rhino MSG is really useful? IMHO, not very much: barely faster than MBT, much more fragile, same canon as an MBT. What do you think?
  2. Please, fix this!!!

    yes but that only work for missions you create. not official missions nor usermade ones
  3. Please, fix this!!!

    You said you want ArmA 3 to live a long life as ArmA 4 is not yet being worked on. Fine. You introduced a new body armor system. Could be good if it wasn't broken, but fine. But please, fix it!!! I've been playing a small session, doing the showcase: some guys don't die before 5 direct hits at least! some other die with 3 headshots only because of the helmet armor system! 3 headshots! In the meantime, it's still 1 shot 1 kill for me... The medic is still bugged, he takes 3 hours to come see me and help me out - when he's not killed while charging in suicide way... So, at least, give us something to still have fun, cause I'm not anymore and this is boring me a lot! At least, give us an option on the medic to force him heal us when we are next to him - just like what there was in ArmA 1. I can stand the 5 bullets needed because of the broken armor. But if I always have to wait until there is no one left within 3 km around to be fixed - when the medic is still alive, then the game is useless. I can't stand going on in a mission, injured because no one is able to fix me, no medic station or truck, with terminators enemies who can spot me 300m away, engage and kill me 1 shot while I must fire 10 round to kill them! I have played ArmA games a lot, since Operation Flashpoint. I appreciate your work, what you have done. I appreciate you add new things, features, etc... But I can'"t enjoy them because of that. I've been quite a fan since the beginning, but seriously, the more it goes, the more I'm getting bored by this game.
  4. Thank you BI [2018 Roadmap Update]

    I don't like open world very much. However, curious about that "old man" scenario - though I don't expect much about it. I would have prefered a proper linear scenario to end this. As SP player mostly, I gotta say I am quite frustrated with ArmA 3. And, short of few people like lexx, there are not much good SP community made content.
  5. Well, there is the slingload system in the game. So, if it's implemented in this mod, it will probably be possible.
  6. ArmA 3: Callsign Minotaur

    Always disable ALL the mods (except those required for the mission of course - but there are none in this campaign) before reporting any bug. That's the basic thing to do. 1) Mods and addons can break a mission 2) The mission maker CAN NOT know what mods you're using. Hence, he may dig up trying to understand and fix things whereas it's useless.
  7. Wiki's creations [ArmA 3]

    Yeah well... Also lost all my datas (doc, photos, music, etc...) I had for 20 years now... So right now I'm not really up to that :(
  8. Wiki's creations [ArmA 3]

    My HDD crashed and I lost everything (missions, templates, scripts, etc...)
  9. does it have any relation with ofrp?
  10. in the LAV25, how to have the 2 guys in the back turret seat sitting inside? plus, when sitting in the back of the lav25, we can see them, but when we are sitting in this position, we're just confined in a "box" - we can't see the other ones
  11. it depends of the end you choose. depending whether you follow NATO orders or CTRG orders, you'll have different ends.
  12. What is your AI settings?

    yes, but that only works on missions you make. what is your AI settings for official missions?
  13. What is your AI settings? Can't figure out how to have a balance game: I'm facing all-knowing terminators and on the other hand, I always have a dumb medic... For example, mission 7 in Apex: Beginning on a high ground, at night, with suppressors. the enemy is Syndikat guys: they just know where I am located whereas I have suppressor / no muzzleflash and they have no NVG. this all mighty AI is really game breaking. What are your settings to have a balanced experience?