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  1. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Nice weather = sun Sun = reflection on the screen Reflection on the screen = not being able to see what you're doing hence not possible to work. Damn weather!
  2. Interesting to know. I'll give it a try. EDIT: so the spotter was the group leader of the Blackfish?
  3. Tanks DLC achievements

    Nevermind, got it.
  4. Question: with the new features with Tanks DLC, will you also make interiors for the APC, IFV and tanks?
  5. Tanks DLC achievements

    How can we know how much time we've spent in a tank for the achievement "in it together"? Or know how much time left is remaining for the completion?
  6. Yeah, I get that. I was just saying that is what I believed before you explained it to me ;) Now, it's all clear, don't worry. Thx for the explanation ^^
  7. Thx for the tip, very useful. However, my point was just that, the blast of a 105mm shell, HEAT or not, should be sufficient enough to kill 1 man within 2 or 3 radius.
  8. Tanks DLC Feedback

    +1 And very weak. Usually, 1 hit kills
  9. Tanks DLC achievements

    Guys, concerning the achievement "in it together" (Spent 24 hours in any tank with a full human crew in multiplayer) Does it work with the Nyx? As the Nyx is considered as an AAF tank. Or is it only MBT? Thanks
  10. I totally ageee. Have HEAT against vehicles and HE against infantry. I'm just saying that, even with HEAT ammo, I think that the blast of a 105mm shell would kill or severely damage a human.
  11. Yes, but the blast of a 105mm ammo should be sufficient enough.
  12. I am no expert, but I doubt that a hit within 1 or 2 meters raduis wouldn't kill you - even with HEAT shell. A direct hit can destroy a Marid but not kill a man. Come on...
  13. Here is a video: The guys can survive several hits of 105mm... ArmA 3, no mod, stable branch, version 1.82 This really needs to be fixed! EDIT: Also, I put myself as gunner, because the AI gunner would never engage at all those ground units - whereas there were as "aware" and "fire at will". The behaviour "not engaging" really needsto be fixed aswell.
  14. Now that the last DLC is out, can BIS team focus on improving the V-44X Blackfish please? It's still very underpowered. The 105mm splash radius is 0. Just tried it, a 105mm hit 3meters to a human and the guy is still alive and running. Seriously... Also, the AI gunner will (almost) never engage ground targets - unless the V-44X Blackfish is engaged - and still, not very well. Just put a riflemen squad and V-44X Blackfish loiter over them : it flies but never shoot. I must fire at it for him to engage ground targets otherwise it will do nothing. Last thing: has the visor / HUD been changed? Or is it just me? It doesn't seem to be the ones it used to be and the "approx hit spot" doesn't show up anymore. I wish there could be something like this for this plane: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=10136 So, what really needs to be done: improved damages value and damages area improved AI behaviour (AI gunner finally engaing ground units) restore the HUD for the gunners Thx EDIT: I'm uploading a video to show what I mean. 105mm at infantry units and no damage (or barely).
  15. Hi guys. Is there a way to have the V-44X Blackfish loiter over a position and actually provide support? For now, it comes to the loiter position but never fires at the enemy unless he is engaged - and still, only at the guy who is targeting him. I'd like to have something like this: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=10136 With that script on ArmA 2, the AC-130 just came in and engaged all the enemy in the area. In ArmA 3, the blackfish can't engage targets by himself... Anyone has an idea to have the AI target and fire?