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  1. Well, we finally got an official answer, no single player Apex campaign conversion...bummer.
  2. The Blackfish is not powerful enough

    Where do I put this code to add the other rounds?
  3. My bad

    Not for me, I just leaded up the game, and no Tanks DLC (I own the bundle).
  4. Yes, I wish that they would give us an answer on whether or not they still intend do a SP version of the Apex campaign.
  5. Can't lock onto targets

    In the NATO showcase mission, I could get lock on a cold engine. However, in the editor, the launcher would not lock onto a cold engine. I locked onto a hot engine, after that, it would lock onto a cold engine. Weird.
  6. Can't lock onto targets

    OK, I just tried to lock on in some showcase missions, lock on works just fine. It seems that lock on is not working for me in the editor. Can anyone confirm that lock on doesn't work while previewing missions in the editor?
  7. I can't lock onto targets, not with launchers, or in aircraft. I check, my key binding is still "T" I checked, and can't find any conflicting key binds. I changed the target lock key bind, and still it will not lock. Does anyone have any ideas?
  8. Where can we see this super secret new AAF vehicle/weapon that is not in the video?
  9. The CSAT tank looks great, the NATO vehicle looks so-so, the AAF vehicle looks like, well...it's not my cup of tea. I think it's cool that they are including a mini-campaign.
  10. It seems that we are quite a few years away from Arma 4. A3 is almost 5 years old (since alpha release) if we are looking at 2-3 years until A4, wow, it could be 8 years between releases.
  11. Thanks for the offer, its really cool for you to offer, but right now I don't have time for gaming.
  12. Yes, I started playing the campaign as a single player, and it wasn't all that great. I stopped playing the campaign, and never finished it when I read that they were going to do single player version. I have been waiting ever since. I wish BI would give us confirmation if they still plan to make the campaign into single player.
  13. Yes, I would love to see a SP version of the Apex campaign.
  14. How to you move the mission to a new/clean map?
  15. [SP] Operation Rebel Sweep

    JezaGooner did a play through of this mission. Note that this mission requires no mods, but JezaGooner is using a weapon mod in this video.