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  1. This thread may be helpful to you as a starting point. Check out the script by pierremgi in the fourth post of the thread.
  2. stburr91

    Western Sahara CDLC Unofficial Discussion

    @lexx I just wanted to say I got the CDLC last night, and checked it out for a hour or so, it looks really good. Thanks to you, and your team for all the hard work to bring us some cool new content. If I have the time, I may make a little mission with this, and maybe even a short Dakar style race scenario.
  3. stburr91

    Help with car noise

    I'm not sure you can just turn down the car volume. Workarounds could be to make your audio files of the voices louder, or put the voice files in a different sound channel, and turn down the game volume. Example, put the voice audio files in the music sound channel, and turn down the game volume while the voice files are playing.
  4. Cool, this issue was a major annoyance for me while making my SOG mission a few months ago. There is a module that is supposed to allow you to stop ambient talking by classnames, but it wasn't working while I was making my mission. The devs said the module was fixed months ago, and would be included in their update, so I would assume the module is now working.
  5. stburr91

    Western Sahara CDLC Unofficial Discussion

    @lexx I don't if you saw the post I put on your steam gage for Dunes over a year, and a half ago, but I assumed you were working on a CDLC. Your Dunes project seem like a showcase for BI as a CDLC pitch. Anyway, the CDLC looks awesome, good luck with the project. Now I have to find a way to clear out 50 gigs of hard drive space so I can get this.
  6. For fadesound The first number is how long the fade out/in is, second number is the sound level. 0 of no sound, 1 for full sound. So, if you want the sound to fade out over 15 seconds, you would put, 15 fadeSound 0; If you want the sound to fade back in during your 5 second "Black In", then you would use, 5 fadeSound 1; Example here.
  7. stburr91

    ARMA still alive?

    Well, as you can imagine, an 8 year old game, on a 20 year old game engine, the Arma community isn't nearly as active as it once was. With that said, yes, there are still groups that are active. Also, if you like the Vietnam theme, there is a Vietnam DLC that has a popular multiplayer game mode called, Mike Force. I believe the Mike Force servers still have active players on them.
  8. @Nicole_UK You don't need a trigger around your base. Just name an object in roughly the middle of your base, and name it, MyBase In the trigger that you want the player to enter that will delete the base, put in the on activation field. This will delete everything within 200 meters of the object named, MyBase Note When I say it will delete everything, I mean the objects you placed in the editor, not objects that are part of the map.
  9. You can just use this function. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_stalk
  10. I'm pretty sure you can just sync the trigger with the IR grenade module.
  11. stburr91

    JBOY Napalm FX

    Johnny does it again. I really like the effects of this, it really does make the awesome napalm strikes in SOG PF even better.
  12. I don't think that would even be possible, the Dayz SA engine isn't developed enough to support much of what's in SOGPF. A better idea would be for BI to allow Savage Games Design to create a DLC for Arma 4 right away, so we could have a Vietnam DLC within a few years of A4 releasing. Or possibly have Savage Games Design develop their own standalone Vietnam game on the Enfusion engine.
  13. I saw that you posted this on the Savage Games forums, I would suggest that you search that forum because those topics have been discussed there already. You can customize the munitions in the editor by double clicking on the aircraft, and using the pylons setting. To access the napalm, and other munitions, use the scroll wheel, and click on "manual fire".
  14. The simplest way is to set the group's speed to limited, set the pilot's behaviour to careless, and disable his autocombat. I've used this myself, and I know it works well. Put this into the pilot's init.
  15. stburr91

    Statement Regarding CSLA Iron Curtain

    BI didn't hang CSLA out to dry, and it isn't fair to say that they did. This project was being developed for years before becoming a CDLC project, and years after, they were also given another 6-7 additional months to fix the project. We're all on the outside looking in, so there is no way for us to know the details of what was going on inside the development of this project, but I just don't see how BI hung CSLA out to dry, there appears to have been ample time to bring this project to completion, and meet the expected quality control standards. I don't know what incentive BI would have to force this project to release before it was ready, so I can only assume that CSLA was given the time needed, but failed to bring the project up to the proper standards. Last time I check, 76% of the reviews were negative., that ain't a minority, not by a long shot. I don't know where, or when you went to school, but when I was in school, 24% wasn't even close to a passing grade.