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  1. stburr91

    Arma 4 - Hopes, Ideas and Speculation

    To the OP, don't expect much discussion about A4 on here. A4 is so passed due (from the Arma community's point of view) that everyone has long been tired of even talking about it. I will comment on one thing you mentioned about, bigger isn't better. I completely disagree. Bigger may not be better if you only play the game as an infantryman getting into small skirmishes, but if you are into vehicle gameplay, and especially if you enjoy aircraft gameplay, bigger is most certainly better. It's also much better for mission makers as they have more choices for the settings of their missions. So simply put, yes, bigger is better. Frankly, Altis set the standard for how all future terrains should be, at least 20k across, and with almost all structures being fully enterable.
  2. stburr91

    The Fictional MX Rifle series, why?

    I agree that BI found a pretty good balance of current/futuristic with A3. As for the OP complaining about the MX rifles. Well, at least it wasn't yet another bullpup rifle. The decision maker for A3 had/has a very unhealthy obsession with bullpup rifles. I for one hope that person got the help they desperately needed. I also hope they got the damn alien thing out of their system,.
  3. stburr91

    Missile camera troubles

    The above picture ^^^ couldn't be more fitting for a discussion about killing innocent civilians. These same people will be back in power in less then a week, God help us all. Anyway, back on topic, nice little script, I like the immersion something like this adds to a mission, nice work.
  4. stburr91

    Turn on/off an object

    The IR lasers only work on while on the rifles.
  5. stburr91

    Turn on/off an object

    I assume you mean to have units turn on/off their weapon mounted IR lasers. To get a unit to turn on the IR laser, the unit must be in combat mode. To turn on the IR laser NameOfUnit enableIRlasers true; To turn off the IR laser NameOfUnit enableIRlasers false;
  6. This looks really cool, thanks for putting in the time, and effort to make the naval assets come to life, and be more immersive.
  7. Is there anything you can share to help people that may have the same problem?
  8. stburr91

    Livonia FPS

    Yes there is targets, and apparently BI feels that they meet those goals. Don't forget that this terrain was also developed for Dayz, and maybe it runs better on that engine, and the Livonia is a compromise between the two game engines.
  9. Nice video, however I'm not sure if I was the one that originally wrote this little piece of scripting or not, I know that I used it in a script I wrote that allows the player to designate targets for the VLS using a laser designator.
  10. Re-read pierremgi's post, he is saying the last parameter will hide the action on screen, and you will only have it in the menu.
  11. stburr91

    Livonia FPS

    There is only a very small team maintaining Arma 3, so no they will not be optimizing Livonia. Heck, I told them over a year ago that there was a lamp post in the middle of a bench, and the last time I checked, it was still there. BTW, why is 40-50 fps so unplayable to you that you "have no desire to make mission of ANY type there"?
  12. stburr91

    Aircraft Issues

    There are no wheel brakes to slow you down. You have to use the "air brake/speedbrake" key, and you can use the "W" key (after touching down) to push the aircraft down into the runway to further slow it down.
  13. I recommend people use the "sphere" object, and remove the texture to make it invisible. The invisible helipad uses more cpu resources, so the sphere is better for this type of application.
  14. I'm curious, how are you doing this? Are you creating an IR light source, and attaching it to the player?