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  1. stburr91

    S.O.G. Prairie

    @awdsawds I understand that you may not be aware of this, so I will politely explain it to you. The SOGPF dev team did make money on the CDLC, but please understand that many of the team members have given countless hours of their time working on the project away for free. Owners of the CDLC have gotten far more content than what they paid for, and that is because of the generosity of the dev team members. Also understand that some of the dev team worked on the Unsung mod for years, completely for free. So when you make insulting comments about the dev team, you are insulting some of the most dedicated, passionate, and generous members of the Arma community. With this in mind, I hope you would consider editing your posts to remove any insulting comments, and maybe even consider an apology. That is up to you, but under the circumstances, it would be the right thing to do.
  2. stburr91

    Reforger map-making for A4

    BI has stated that they cannot guarantee content (terrains included) made for Reforger will be backwards compatible with A4. There is no way of knowing what the porting process will be to get Reforger content into A4.
  3. stburr91

    jog speed is way too fast

    Well, the vanilla game shouldn't be cumbersome, because there is no speed that will make everyone happy, so erroring on the side of a little faster is the correct choice. Modders can add what suit their needs if they don't like the vanilla running speed.
  4. stburr91


    I think the stamina should be left as it is, and let modders make it whatever they want for their needs. I would say the same thing about the medical system, keep it like A3, and let modders add what they want. There really is no need to have cumbersome stamina, and medical systems in the vanilla game, the vanilla game should error on the side of bare bones, and let the community make what suits them.
  5. I've got 200+ hours in the world editor so far, I'm fairly familiar with it, so I know you can create missions with it, but as I've stated, there's not a single tool in the world editor for mission making. There are a few prefabs for missions, but a prefab is not a tool. People in the Arma discord trying to make missions were extremely frustrated with the almost complete lack of mission making features, and support from BI. Hell, mission making is such a mess that a BI dev tried to make a coop game example, and completely screwed up the task creation because there is no framework for such things. The community spent a week working with this example wondering why they couldn't get it to work before they realized BI gave them a broken example. BI then realized that they don't even have the framework for a functional task system, and that they need to create one. As far a scripting, you have to write out all scripting for triggers because there is no trigger tool with condition options, or options to sync to other tools. You can't even end a game without writing the script for it, so yes, you have to write scripting to create a mission. There's a reason why the missions available right now are extremely crude, and rudimentary, it's because almost everything has to be scripted out, and very few people have even a basic understanding of the new scripting language. All of this is why I believe that BI made a pretty serious mistake by not create any tools for mission making.
  6. That's not really correct, some scripting is required because there is literally not a single mission making tool in the workbench, only a few crude prefabs that BI created for their game modes that you can use in the world editor. The workbench has a great world editor for terrain making, but not one tool for mission making, I believe this was a pretty serious mistake by BI. Reforger was always going to have trouble maintaining a player base because of the lack of content, and while there are mods, the lack of tools for creating interesting missions to use the mods in, compounds the issue of getting "over the hump" of having enough content to maintain a decent player base. Lets face it, Reforger's player count is nearing that of Ylands, and while the connection issues are contributing, the biggest reason is a lack of gameplay features, and content.
  7. stburr91

    cant use whole terrain

    Your camera isn't set up correctly. Follow this guide. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1viZSm7OquK8vhahskP0Bthy9uQufmz2PA01g1SHzFd0/edit I believe that there is some hardcoded limit, but you will run out of RAM long before you hit the limit. Your computer's RAM is going to be what limits your terrain size.
  8. stburr91

    Texture recoloring issue

    I resolved the issue, I needed to recolor the MLOD texture, which unfortunately had to be done in a photo editor. It not perfect, but it's as good, or better that the vanilla one from BI My recolored houses are the two on the ends, the house in the middle is the vanilla one from BI.
  9. So I've recolored some of the houses, and when you move about 200 meters away, they go back to their original color. I assume this is an issue with the LODs, does anyone know how to resolve this issue? Here's a video of the issue I'm having.
  10. There's no 2d map, you could go to the camera tab, and select "top" view. When you are painting the texture, you aren't creating a "sat map", you are just applying a ground texture. If you want to try to create a sat map with the painted ground textures, you can, but it's not a straightforward process. Here's what one of the BI terrain devs said about creating a "sat map". The surface masks are exported in black & white images, so you will have to color them in a photo editing program.
  11. Why would BI remove the capability to fly aircraft for virtually all of their player base? Frankly, that just defies logic.
  12. Yes, I would assume that you are creating your own custom terrain, with your mission, and the file size would be quite large.
  13. I haven't tested this, but the first 6 minutes of this video explains how to set up Everon in the editor so you can edit the terrain.
  14. BI has said that the Game Master mode is a first step to an ingame editor. Unfortunately I just don't see how you could possibly do any meaningful mission creation on console, so I don't have high hopes for a new Eden editor. Ideally we would get a mixture of the current world editor, and Eden in the Enfusion Workbench Tools, so an editor isn't compromised by being compatible with console. An easier, more user-friendly (more Eden editor like) World Editor would be the best of both worlds.
  15. stburr91

    Arma Reforger - Artwork / Photography

    Mods: GAU-5 Carbine