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  1. stburr91

    We need Arma 3 on consoles

    The temptation to cash in on the console market is going to be too great, we'll likely get a watered down PC version so A4 can be compatible with consoles.
  2. stburr91

    AF Large Civilian Ship

    First of all, nice job on the mod, it's a great start. I like the features you added such as, the boarding ladder, and being able to climb the anchor chain. I have a little feedback. The biggest thing, and the top priority (in my opinion) is to fix the issue with the transparent doors (it's immersion breaking). A suggestion, would it be possible to add the boarding ladder to the player's inventory? It would be nice if a diver could deploy the ladder . Lastly, and a pretty low priority suggestion, would it be possible to lower the railings/walls of the wings off the bridge, so you can more easily shoot down from those positions? The wings are a great place to fend off approaching pirates, if the walls were lower, it would be much easier to shoot over them. Again, nice job on the mod, keep up the good work. ETA: Have you considered using the hold action function to get onto the ladder, and chain instead of the add action? Applying the hold action may make it easier to get onto the ladder, and chain because you can set the distance from the ladder/chain that you get the option to climb it.. Anyway, that was just a thought I had to possibly improve those features.
  3. stburr91

    Task canceled? Doubts

    I'm not sure what you want to do. Do you want to cancel the task when unit Soer dies?
  4. stburr91

    [WIP] Helocasting & K-Casting

    That looks pretty good. And yeah, I think you're right, with the way the AI drive the boats (worse than they drive cars, as hard as that may be to believe), they aren't likely to be able to drive into the helo.
  5. stburr91

    [WIP] RwG Addon Tunnels

    I second this, it would really add to the versatility of the mod.
  6. stburr91

    Operation Blackbeard

    Operation Blackbeard you play as a Navy Seal team conducting anti-piracy operations. Conduct hostage rescue missions, and a kill/capture mission of a notorious pirate. Single player No Mods required (Apex expansion is required) Mission can be found here. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1676459842
  7. stburr91

    Hardcore Navy Seal Mission

    It's looking like there could be a Friday release, so you may have a new mission to play Friday night. Here's another pic for you.
  8. stburr91

    What i expect from "Old Man"

    I don't really have any expectations, other than that the project does in fact happen. This project was to take the place of the promised proper single player conversion of the Apex campaign. If they cancel this project, that would be two cancellations of projects they said they would deliver. As far as what the campaign will be, who knows. Just an idea, but one I think would be pretty cool. You play as Miller, and like in the Laws of War campaign where you go back, and forth in time, I hope you do that as Miller, and we finally get to see what he was up to during all those times he disappears. You know, fill in all the blanks, and add in some current day missions to wrap up the larger campaign. Well, as least I think that would be cool.
  9. stburr91

    Hardcore Navy Seal Mission

    The next mission is coming along nicely, and if everything goes well, maybe a release this week. Here's a little teaser pic for you. Anti-piracy ops.
  10. stburr91

    Frogman's War

    Thanks man, glad you liked it. Sharks, awesome, that adds some complications to the op. LoL.
  11. stburr91

    [WIP] Helocasting & K-Casting

    Looks like the heli took damage while in the water, maybe incorporate an allowdamage false for the heli while in the water? Anyway, looks pretty good, keep up the good work.
  12. stburr91

    Frogman's War

    First, I'm glad you enjoyed the mission, I have another Seal Team mission under development right now (anti-piracy operations). Also, this is the second mission of mine that you've taken the time to give detailed feedback. All your feedback is very good, and in fact I have implemented some of the feedback you gave for my Clear and Present Danger mission into my missions. I can't tell you how nice it is as a mission maker to get such thoughtful feedback, thank you.
  13. Some pics from my latest mission Mission can be found here https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1662919707 No Addons
  14. stburr91

    Hardcore Navy Seal Mission

    Yes, if you don't get the underwater navigation right, there no hope of getting back to the SDV. You need to swim back to the bow of the target ship, and start the return underwater navigation from there. Once you get back to the SDV, you then play as a second Seal team that does an op to destroy a radar site on top of the volcano. If you try again, good luck.
  15. stburr91

    Hardcore Navy Seal Mission

    Cool, nice job on the placing the tracking device. When I was testing the paratroopers, I placed them 6000 meters in the air for their HALO jump, I forgot to put them back onto the ground. If you are in the 3D view in the editor, you'll never see them, they're 18,000 feet in the air. LoL Go to the 2D map view in the editor to see them. They are at the northern most airport on the main island. They are named pt1, and pt2, they are the units you switch to for the second operation. You can just change out their loadout as you see fit. I have a mission that I started a long time ago, its almost done, so I may finish it, and release it. It's a more straight forward mission compared to this one, but you may like it. You start out as a Frogman. The mission also has you switch units, and play as a Black Hornet pilot (Jets DLC is required).