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  1. I didn't upload the mission file where I did the test of attaching the lights. If I have time tomorrow I'll upload the mission file with the lights attached.
  2. I tested attaching the red, and blue light lamps, and it works pretty well.
  3. The red, and blue light sources are placeable lamps in the editor. I placed the lamps, named them rl1, and bl1, I'm not spawning, and deleting them, I ran a simple script to show, and hide them. Click on rl1, and bl1 to see the simple script I put in their init fields to make them show, and hide. I don't think using several sets of red, and blue lights would be all that cpu intensive. Unfortunately attaching light sources causes problems in Arma, the lights lag, and flicker when you move, and the attachto command does use computer resources, so it's not recommended in this situation. I was under the impression that you wanted static lighting effects to create immersion at a "crime scene" for your mission. I would recommend that you just use the vanilla beacon lights for moving vehicles, and the red, and blue lights for static lighting effects. Turning off the siren is done using the command, [Name of your vehicle here,'CustomSoundController1',0,0.4] remoteExec ['BIS_fnc_setCustomSoundController']; In my example I set the ambulance driver to "combat" so he would shut off the headlights, as that is the easiest was to get the AI to turn headlights off.
  4. Here's an example mission with the light effect. This is a quick example, I'm sure there are many (maybe better) ways of running the lighting loop. Click on the red, and blue lamps to see the code to make the lights blink.
  5. Is this the red, and blue lighting effect you are trying to achieve? Sometimes when you copy/paste from the forums, weird things can happen.
  6. I tested everything before I posted, and it worked for me. this animateSource ['lights_em_hide',1]; ^^^ Is for the police, and ambulance vans. The above code goes in the init field of the van. You can also turn on the beacons by right clicking on the vehicle, then click on "Edit Vehicle Appearance". From there you can turn on the beacons.
  7. The vanilla police vehicles lights do not put out red, and blue light, but if you want to use them anyway. If you want the lights on from the start, just put this in the init field. For the Police Offroad this animate ["BeaconsStart", 1]; For the Police, and Ambulance Vans this animateSource ['lights_em_hide',1]; To turn on siren for Offroads, and Vans Turn siren on [this,'CustomSoundController1',1,0.2] remoteExec ['BIS_fnc_setCustomSoundController']; Turn siren off [this,'CustomSoundController1',0,0.4] remoteExec ['BIS_fnc_setCustomSoundController'];
  8. stburr91

    Flowing water

    This may not be exactly what you are talking about, but here is a waterfall script.
  9. I completely agree, it's well worth the time to create a little immersion. Here's a little test I did for destroying the large shovel using your suggestion.
  10. It's working perfectly now, thanks. Here's a little video of it in use, with a little extra I added for more effect.
  11. It's working now, thanks pierremgi.
  12. That doesn't work, the player isn't flying the helicopter in a unit capture/unit play situation. I found something that does work. Place a trigger on your LZ. For a helicopter named "heli1" put this into the trigger activation field. heli1 action ["LandGear", heli1];
  13. Good idea, but to take it further. It's best to avoid unnecessary attach commands for performance reasons, same with placing unnecessary AI units. Best would be to place some small destructible object (I know Johnnyboy knows this, posting this for the OP).
  14. Sorry to bump an old thread, but I have a question. I was hoping to get the laser to point out the front of the Hummingbird helicopter, but wasn't having any luck, the laser always pointed straight up in the air. Does anyone have any ideas of how to get this laser to point out the front of a helicopter? This is the laser ["babe_laser", "onEachFrame", { if (currentVisionMode player == 1) exitwith {}; if (player isIRLaserOn currentWeapon player) then { _lasercolour = [1,0,0,1.5-sunOrmoon]; // first 3 numbers are RGB _range = 250; // laser range _maxsize = 0.1; _rwrist = (player selectionPosition "rwrist"); _start = player modeltoworld [_rwrist select 0, (_rwrist select 1) + 0, (_rwrist select 2) + 0.1]; _lstart = atltoasl(player modeltoworld _rwrist); _lend = (player weaponDirection currentWeapon player) vectorMultiply _range; _end = asltoatl(_lend vectoradd _lstart); _int = lineIntersectsSurfaces [atltoasl _start, atltoasl _end, player, objNull, true, 1, "GEOM", "NONE"]; _endL = _end; _size = _maxsize; if (count _int > 0) then { _end = (_int select 0) select 0; _endL = asltoagl _end; _length = _lstart vectorDistance _end; systemchat str _length; if (_length >= _range) then { _size = 0 } else { _size = _maxsize*_range/(_length); }; if (_length < 1) then { _size = 0; }; } else { _size = 0 }; drawLine3D [_start, _endL, _lasercolour]; // comment this out to remove the line drawIcon3D ["\a3\data_f\car_light_flare2.paa", _lasercolour, _endL, _size, _size, random 360, "", 0, 0.05, "PuristaMedium"]; }; }] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler;
  15. stburr91

    Deserted VR

    Cool. Have you thought about an all water VR? It would allow of an open ocean mission. I'm thinking oil rig mission, or create your own island or something like that.