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  1. stonegodspeed

    [MP][COOP] Vindicta (Alpha)

    this campaign surely seems awesome, maybe better than the Old Man. could u please upload the files on Google Drives or other file storage sites?
  2. stonegodspeed

    Hardcore Navy Seal Mission

    the no map navigation is really refreshing. i reached the destroyer's propeller shafts successfully, the 'Hold SPACE key to attach satchel' screen showed. And that's that. i hold the space key until my thumb sores, nothing happened, the progress circle bar never move, the charge never attached to the shaft
  3. stonegodspeed

    Hardcore Navy Seal Mission

    seems great, could u upload the .pbo files to mediafire or dropbox?
  4. stonegodspeed


    here is a dumb-ass question, but i got to ask: How to install this mod? i extracted the .pbo to my /Arma 3/Missions folder, but the wildlands never showed in Scenarios section. i extracted the .pbo to my /Arma 3/Campaigns folder, but the game simply can't read the file
  5. after mounted this mod and the newest ACE3, can't find the modified new tanks in virtual garage. Compatibility issue? hope it get fixed. as a rookie, really looking for shooting csat armor with this behemoth version of nato tanks