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    Avalon [WIP] Terrain

    Now available in first full version. [v.2.0.0] Still work in progress. Lots more detail will be added to all areas and general adjustments will be made over time.
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    does this game even work yet?

    Still doesnt for me. Virtually every server I join crashed my game before I even finish loading in.
  3. Avalon [IMAGES BELOW] AVAILABLE AS GAME MASTER SCENARIO WORK IN PROGRESS. Now available in v2.0.6 LOST MAP FILES - WILL REMAIN UNFINISHED Avalon is a square island map loosely inspired by the ArmA 2 map Emita, and has a few references to other ArmA 2 maps in it too. I made it primarily to suit life servers but it has lots of variety so I suppose you could use it for anything. This is my first map 😄 . You can use it either in the tools or in game master. I will make regular updates. What's new in v2.0.6: - Monikute estate completely re-worked. It's now a very run down, and half abandoned small estate. - Quarry added. - All rural gas stations re-designed. - Sat Map and Navmesh updated. Info: - One large city. - 4 Small villages with references to ArmA 2 places. - Stadiums, campsite, harbour, industrial areas. - Vast farmland with several farms and forest areas. - Large military base. - Commercial airport. - Large castle on a large hill. - Basic Correctional Facility. - Quarry. - US Pentagon building. - And more. TO DO LIST: - v3.0 Full Release coming soon. I'm going to implement everything I've learnt over the course of making this map to completely overhaul the terrain. - Add in-game map. - Life Roleplay framework to be added in the future when they are in a workable state. Screenshot :