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  1. Their Discord, they have said in a number of times, here's one of the posts. https://discord.com/channels/824223048940519434/839818528685424660/1205580417407651911
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    [SP] Reaction Forces Medusa

    LoL, I forgot to post the link, here you go. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3202941620
  3. Single Player mission using the new Reaction Forces CDLC https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3202941620 Play as A CSAT special ops team that is tasked with eliminating all of the AAF units, and recover the weapons before they are removed from the island of Malden. No Mods required, Reaction Forces CDLC is required Mission playtime is about 30-45 minutes Situation At the end of the war on Altis, survivors of an AAF regiment were able to escape the island, and were given safe haven on Malden. However, unbeknownst to CSAT, in the chaotic final hours of the battle for Altis, the AAF smuggled sensitive CSAT weapons, and equipment off of Altis. CSAT intelligence agents discovered that the AAF were in possession of these weapons, and equipment, and that a Colonel was in negotiations to sell the equipment to NATO. CSAT cannot allow this to happen. Your SF Team is tasked with eliminating all of the AAF units, and recover the weapons, and equipment before it is removed from the island of Malden.
  4. From my latest mission "Defend the Crash Site" https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/stats/3214438905 No Mods, WS and RF CDLC
  5. Your helicopter has crashed in a hostile city, a lone sniper has volunteered to go in to secure the crash site. This mission is inspired by Blackhawk Down, but is not a recreation. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3214438905 *NOTE* The mission is designed to use the bolt action rifle, but you can select other rifles in the Hummerbird inventory. Mission playtime is about 35 minutes. The CDLC Western Sahara, and Reaction Forces is required No mods required Go full Blackhawk Down if you want
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    help to understand

    I don't expect them to show us anything of Arma 4 until it's nearly ready for early access. I would guess A4 will be released into EA in about 2ish years.
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    Here you go. https://reforger.armaplatform.com/faq
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    First, BIS is a completely separate company, and no longer has any association with BI (BI makes the Arma series). With that out of the way, I agree with you, it would be nice to see Arma 4 be a full content, full feature game, however, I highly doubt that will be the case. BI has already said that they will be reusing all the content from reforger in A4. so it seems we will be stuck with a bunch of reused content for A4. Also, with how many difficulties BI have had developing reforger, I don't expect Arma 4 to have the same amount of content, or features as Arma 3. Maybe someday the Arma series will get fleshed out to be as content, and feature rich has Arma 3, but we are many years away from that day.
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    Interesting fact

    What Arma 4 website? The enfusion engine only supports island terrains, so the A4 terrain will be an island.
  10. stburr91

    S.O.G. Prairie Fire for XBOX.

    Arma 3 will never be on console, that ship has long since sailed. The guys that did Prairie Fire are working on new projects in UE5, I don't know if what they are doing will be on console, or not.
  11. stburr91

    AI Causing Massive FPS Drops And Lag Spikes

    BI is notorious for being extremely low paying, and the main studio is in eastern Europe, a low pay part of the world (compared to western Europe, and North America). One can't help but to wonder if it would have been cheaper to just pony up the money to move the development to their Amsterdam studio, and hire devs from western Europe, and North America. Heck, who knows, if they did that, Arma 4 could have be out by now....we'll never know. Speaking of perspective. Keep in mind that it isn't against the rules to criticize the game, but it is against the rules to say the kinds of things you say to those that criticize the game. I appreciate that the mods have a light touch here, and let people moderate themselves. Maybe you could self-moderate what you say about other users?
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    My vision of perfect Arma 4

    There are a lot of people that are not happy with the state of the Arma series right now, and it's been a rough 1.5 years, some people just need to vent.
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    My vision of perfect Arma 4

    Well, if "the leaker" is correct, and he's been proven correct about pretty much everything he's said, there is a fairly small team working on, the enfusion engine, reforger, and Arma 4, and most of them are junior people. Based on the the pace of development, and the poor quality of the development, I would bet the leaker is also correct about this as well.
  14. stburr91

    Helicopters in Arma

    When you push the mouse forward (move the mouse further from you), the nose of the helicopter moves down? The WASD keys work correctly, it's the mouse forward, and back that are inverted for me. Someone on Steam said they have the same issue, so either there is a bug that some are experiencing, or you are misunderstanding what I'm saying.
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    I will not buy any DLC for reforger, no matter what. Heck, as this point, I don't even know if I'll be buying Arma 4.
  16. stburr91

    Helicopters in Arma

    I just tried the helicopters in the game, they inverted the mouse controls, not all the mouse controls, just the forward, and backwards cyclic. Who does that? Who inverts only two of the controls? No rational human being would invert the controls, and not give you an option to not have them inverted.
  17. This is one of the many big disappointments about reforger, it's the same outdated, clunky gameplay as Arma 3.
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    Saying things some people don't want to hear will make you a "bad guy" to them (even when what is being said is true), but it's still just giving your opinion. I have lead small teams, for projects that last months, and I have done so while always maintaining a very good working relationship because I'm a very easy person to get along with, I respect people, treat them fairly, and I lead by example. My taking on this "bad guy" role is something I don't enjoy because it is the opposite from how I normally act. You may think it's best to just be supportive of BI, that's fine, you do that, I believe they need constant pressure applied to them, so that's what I'm doing.
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    I'm not harassing anyone, I'm simply giving my opinion, and I'm doing so within the rules of each forum that I post in. The only "position" I've gotten myself into is being the "bad guy" that (hopefully) keeps the pressure on them to not repeat the same mistakes with Arma 4, that they made with reforger. If Arma 4 turns out to be a good game, it's not because of me, it would be because BI pulled it together, and made a decent game.
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    Few have been more openly critical of reforger than I have been, heck, I just told the lead programmer that he botched the development of reforger. I've been so vocal that I've had the community manager, reforger's lead programmer, and the enfusion engine lead developer, and a few others, all respond to me. Why am I being so openly critical? It's to put pressure on them to not repeat the same mistakes with Arma 4. Look, reforger is stuck in development h*ll, the game may never recover, it is what it is, but....things can be done differently with Arma 4. I don't like being "that guy" that everybody is annoyed by because he's always complaining, but it's the only thing I can do to (hopefully) help the journey to Arma 4. Nobody likes a swift kick in the a**, but it's needed, and I'm going to keep kicking until we either get the Arma 4 we all hoped for, or we don't.
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    Companies the size of BI should have waited until the game was functional before releasing it into early access.
  22. Normandy, June 6, 1944. On the eve of the invasion, Ally paratroopers are dropped behind German lines to secure key road junctions, and bridges. Your team is tasked with securing a bridge just south of Cerisy La Salle, and holding it until reinforcements can relieve you. You will jump into the dropzone south of your target, move to the bridge area, and neutralize the enemy fortified positions, and secure the bridge. Link to Mission https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3021883274 Single Player Mission No mods required, Spearhead 1944 CDLC is required Mission play time is about 45 minutes This Mission uses the Normandy map from the CDLC, so the location for the mission is not historically accurate. Your position will not be shown on the map in this mission, you will be required to navigate overland in low visibility, so this mission may not be for everyone. Preview video
  23. stburr91

    [SP] D-Day Paratrooper

    I'm wondering how people will like this mission, it requires land navigation in low visibility. I did give compass bearings in the task descriptions, so be sure to check those. My advice is, move carefully, keep checking your compass, and make sure your AI teammates are still with you (AI pathing isn't great on the Normandy map). Also, make sure you have subtitles turned on. Thanks, it took a lot of testing to get the atmosphere just right, I ended up using both the Spearhead fog, and triggers to adjust the amount vanilla Arma fog.
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    Arma3 Videos

    A preview of my upcoming mission