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    I don't want more assets for this game from BI. Instead, what I would like is a stable game with core features that work and don't feel clunky as heck. I'd happily trade in a whole range of features and details for an overall better experience. And judging by Arma 3, almost no one uses vanilla assets anyway. Instead of creating assets that almost no one uses, they should focus on getting this game up to a level where it can reasonably call itself last-gen. It already looks and feels outdated, is worse than Arma 3 in many respects, not to even mention how people will look at it by the time Arma 4 is finally released. If BI wants to keep getting my money (been playing and paying since OFP), they'll have to turn this thing around like No Man's Sky. And in the case of Reforger, I already paid €30 (at least 3x too much, imo) for something which can barely even be called a game, let alone a proper successor to A3, and I expect that I'll have to pull out my wallet again when A4 is finally released one day. For me to buy Reforger DLCs or Arma 4, the game has to be much, much better than what it is in its current state (and I honestly doubt with their studio size they'll be able to compete with other last-gen engines). If Arma 4 has only few improvements compared to Reforger in its current state, and they expect me to pay up €30 or more again, I'm probably going to skip it, as much as I love the rest of the series. Apologies for my skepticism, I hate to complain and maybe it's just me, but I feel like this isn't being said enough. Please do correct me where I'm wrong. I do hope they'll be able to turn this ship around and will somehow be able to transform Reforger into something that will give me as much joy as the previous titles have. Anyway, to sum it up, I sure hope they'll focus on eventually creating something that's worthy of the name Arma 4, and a proper successor to Arma 3 that feels last-gen, instead of focusing their (scarce) resources on pushing more assets. As long as the game isn't good enough yet, almost no one is going to buy it anyway (see Steam Charts on how few people play it), let alone any DLCs for it.