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Found 69 results

  1. Ok heres the deal, i bought a brand new gaming pc (worth a fair bit) and thought i would like to see what it can do so buy arma 2 with it. I take them home and install Arma 2 and it was soo laggy i mean it was stupidly laggy (fps lagg not ping) i cant even get it to run smooth unless i drop settings to very low and have the lowest 3d resolution but the it just looks blurry and teared. Normally i try to run very low settings with 100% 3d resolution and still laggy. my pc specs are: Quad 2.4ghz amd phenom 4gb ram Radeon HD 4850 512mb windows vista home premium 64 bit wtf is going is there any know issues with my card or is my pc a waste of money i know this is a very demanding game but to get major lag on low?! is there any performace fixes? BTW i got all patched to 1.03
  2. Hello After I replaced a new GPU (AMD 6800XT), my video memory occupancy appeared abnormally high. In the case of only running ARMA3, the GPU memory occupancy will start from about 4G as the game time increases. Gradually increase, usually, a server with more people will gradually increase the GPU memory usage from 4G to 16G within 2-3 hours (the maximum memory of 6800xt is 16g), and cause the game to crash, while in single player mode this It will take a little longer but it will still cause a crash, which did not happen when using AMD 5700XT before (Recently, the maximum video memory usage before the crash seems to have become 13G or lower. When the video memory usage reaches a certain value, the game will directly lose response and there will be no crash error as usual, and no error file will be generated. I can only use The task manager ends the process, and the error code shows 0x00000001 UNABLE_TO_INIT_DXGI) Even if I don’t load any mods or plugins, a crash will occur. In order to solve this problem, I tried to limit the maximum memory to 12G and the maximum video memory to 8G in the game launcher, but it seems that this limit does not work. Adjust the texture to the lowest value and then adjust it back to temporarily reset the video memory usage. Is a normal lower state, but it will continue to increase This kind of problem becomes very serious in TANOA, but it is slightly better in other maps. If I run around everywhere on the map, the crash will happen faster, and it won’t happen when I stay in one place. My pc: cpu: AMD Ryzen 7 3800X 8-Core Processor Motherboard: MSI MAG B550M Mortar WiFi Memory: Essencore KD4AGU880-32A160T 16 GB 3200mhz X2 Graphics: XFX Speedster RX 6800 XT MERC319 System: Windows 10 Pro 10.0.19042.1110 (Win10 20H2 October 2020 Update)C10210910 2020 更新) In addition, I tried replacing the cpu with another 3800x and a 3600x, replacing the motherboard with (MSI)MPG X570 GAMING PRO CARBON WiFi, and replacing the memory with another set of 8x2 3200mhz memory sticks of the same manufacturer, but this problem was not solved. I want to know if you have heard of other people having this situation? Because my hardware performs well when running other games, and this problem is not very likely to be caused by AMD’s infamous graphics driver, I have tried all drivers from 20.11.2 to 21.6.2. This kind of video memory The abnormal increase in occupancy only occurs in arma3 Is there any way to solve the problem completely? Thank you for your answer, and hope you can forgive the incompatibility in my sentence, my English is not good, so I use Google Translate
  3. I understand that there are other threads with their own replies, but I figured that - for the sake of convenience - I'd add my own personal details for this error code should none of the replies from other threads help! Attached are the RPT. file for the most recent startup fail + screenshot of the screen itself when the startup process comes to a halt. I hope this gives some insight, been this way for a little over two weeks 😞 Thank you in advance for ANY tips! I really do appreciate it. RPT. file: https://justpaste.it/9i30j Screenshot of Error Message: https://justpaste.it/6u3f0
  4. Got a Vanilla Server Working great, but when I attempt to add mod files into the server and try to join through the launcher the server is reading it differently. (E.g. (The server has: CBA_A3 V1.23.4)( I Have: CBA_A3) ) I realise the issue is that the mods are different due to the file names, but how can I rectify this issue on the server.
  5. I have redownloaded arma, visual c++ stuff and other thing many times and it still doesn't work. What should I do?
  6. The game works perfectly fine without the optional DLC loaded. But whenever I try to launch it with the DLC the Arma 3 and Bohemia logos show up like normal. But after this the game menu doesn't load and I get stuck at a black screen. I've tried validating the game files from Steam to no avail. Also the only way for me to get out of this is by task killing the game from task manager. But whenever I try to start the game again with the optional DLC after that the same thing happens. I've also tried waiting it out. I launched the game, went to walk my dog and when I came back 2 hours later it was still stuck at the black screen. Please help!
  7. Whenever I try to join a server, I get this message. I'm using A3Launcher, but it doesn't seem to be working with the normal one either I already tried verifying the workshops, fixing them using the normal launcher and verifying the game. Is there any way to solve this issue? Thanks CONTACT THE SERVER ADMIN. You were kicked off the game. (Files C:\Program Files (x86 )\Steam\steamapps\ workshop\content\107410\450814997\addons\cba_accessory.pbo are not signed by a key accepted by this server. To play on this server, remove listed files or install additional accepted keys.)
  8. 18:16:40 WARNING: Function 'name' - 1d328a6c440# 1679036: ia_soldier_01.p3d REMOTE has no unit 18:16:40 - network id 2:6102 *18:16:40 are the time stamps* I can give a better explanation if needed
  9. Hello everyone, and thank you for taking the time. I have returned to Arma 3 mission making and server hosting after a break, and have been really excited to get going. I know some ins and outs how to manage a server, and do some troubleshooting already, when it comes to mission making, scripts, and to find out problems with the server and the logs. However, this issue is not something that I have managed to resolve as of yet; There is some kind of desync issue with the server, sooner or later as I am hosting an operation, or another gamemode such as Escape, sooner or later at some point the server will start to desync strongly in periods .. like when AI is spawning or moving about. I have tried to run the missions without some scripts, to test if it fixes the desync but it hasn't .. so I was thinking maybe there is an issue in the mod list, somehow, or corrupted files in the server, or something to do with the server getting overloaded and too busy .. which has led me to read about Headless Clients, which is too complex for me. Current mod list during operations; Mod list during Escape (custom modded); Keep in mind we experience same desync issues, with both mod lists. Perhaps answers can be found in the log, I appreciate if anyone could take a look; This is the log from yesterday when we were playing Escape Tanoa (custom with mods).
  10. My Arma 3 Contact was lagging really bad and I read online that changing the aspect ratio from 16:9 Stretch to 16:9 Wide should fix the lagging, which seems to work. However I now have a problem were I can't change my Aspect Ratio to 16:9 Wide at all. It default selects "(Auto) (Stretch) 16:9" and changing it to 4:3, 5:3, 21:9 etc. works just fine, but always when I change it to "16:9 Wide" it just reverts back to "(Auto) (Stretch) 16:9". This issue is realy annoying and I can't seem to find a fix for it online. Help would be much appreciated.
  11. Hi so this is my first day in game and I can't board vehicles I can check my inventory using space (default action) but can't board the vehicle how Am I supposed to play further into game ,I even tried to restart the game or the whole application nothing changed . So I checked different campaign option and in none m able to board a car (ground vehicle ) I was able to board a helicopter as I was not driving it
  12. Hello, I am running a vanilla ArmA game without any mods loaded and I am unable to play APEX campaign neither in SP mode or in MP mode. After launching a solo game or a (LAN) server I am just getting a loading screen with mission description with picture, I hear "sound of the sea" like there is an empty world loaded, and the loading gets stuck. After I press "escape", the game shows a multiplayer lobby for a brief moment and then it shows loading screen for another mission which also gets stuck. After pressing "escape" key a couple times it just gets me to title screen. Any other campaign or scenario in SP works normally. In MP when I host any game I am unable to choose any slot. I can join official servers on the other hand, (when BattleEye is on). What might be the problem here? Has anyone had such an issue? Thank You for Your help, MH
  13. I can not use my WASD keys for movement, unless i hold the alt key down before pressing them. I realize ALT is default for looking around, and have thus double clicked, triple clicked, clicked times infinity that particular key to make sure it is being used correctly. I have uninstalled and reinstalled ARMA twice. I have disabled all my mods and just played vanilla arma. The Arrow keys still function as intended for movement purposes. i can still actually control and use wasd to change stances. the only thing i can not use the wasd keys is for movement. i can rebind them to any other feature, and they still will only function if i hold ALT down prior. now if i clear every keybind EXCEPT for WASD, they still wont work. If i go through every key bind, adding left ALT to it along with having WASD they might work, i will let you know if i ever get around to doing that. Otherwise if anyone has any other thoughts on why they are not working, please let me know.
  14. I've had a recurring problem within Arma 3 for the past year or so and it's prevented me from really playing the game. Every time I try to join a server, it doesn't matter what server (as long as it's not an official server), it always says "Battleye Initialization Failed". Every single time for the past year or so i've been trying and without fail it never works. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, installing battleye straight from their website, moving game directory locations, i've tried it all but nothing ever seems to work. I just want to be able to play again and i've tried contacting everyone I know of but nothing i've ever tried has worked.
  15. Hello all I love Arma 3 and have been scripting/playing it for years but... again... IT'S BROKEN !!!!! On topic now : I'm experiencing trouble with the AI group leader when the FSM is disabled _unit disableAI "FSM"; and they have waypoints. They randomly stop at a waypoint or in between two waypoints without any obvious reason. If I reactivate the FSM, then they carry on... Anyone know about this issue ? Anyone found a fix ? I'm not gonna send another message to @oukej to say the game is broken he'll kill me 😄
  16. I have a lot of mods in my game, as I haven't played in a while I decided to refresh myself. I activated my mods, and the game restarted- then it popped an error about a cyclic redundancy check. Checking the crash logs I saw that ACE (not ACEX) is the one causing this problem. I cant remove the mod from in-game now since I cant launch ARMA beyond the check mark screen. How do I fix this? Can you guys help?
  17. ConfirmedHuman

    Random Crash in arma 3

    My game is crashing randomly i dont know why The exit code is 0xC0000005 - STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION Please help me (Sry for bad english)
  18. so ive been playing on this exile server for about a month and everything has been going swimingly until this latest update. now for reasons i cant figure out i get kicked randomly, sometimes within 5 mins sometimes after an hour or so and sometimes not at all. and it is always for a different signature mismatch in an addon file or core file. so what ive done to try and fix this is i first tried validating all my files, reinstall battle eye, validate my mods, and then reinstall the a3 launcher. well that didnt work. so i went and played some koth and that seemed to work no problem. so after that i tried speaking to the server admins and they said that it had to be my files. so i deleted all my mods the a3 launcher and arma 3 and reinstalled everything form scratch onto a new drive and im still having the same problems. it seems to be happening a to a few others on the server but im not sure how many. others say everything is just fine for them. please some body help me as im not sure what to do and i really enjoy playing this exile server. in the mean time im going to see if this happens on other exile servers. i hope theres some answers out there for me.
  19. Hey guys So I'm having a problem with the starting parameters for my server. I'm just trying to host a small server for my friends and I and for some reason I can only load one mod at a time. For context I'm using a LGSM server install on an Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. The mods are loaded in the root directory of my Arma server install and no matter how I set up my content I can only load one mod. Here is an example -mods=@RHSAFRF;@CBA_A3 this only loads RHSAFRF and if I set it up this way -mods=@CBA_A3;@RHSAFRF this only loads CBA_A3. What could the issue be?
  20. So I'm trying to load mods on my server but no matter how I copy over the files (either links or an actual copy of the dir) it still doesn't load the mod when I launch the server. The directory also has all lower case but it still does not help. The server runs good otherwise. Anything input would help thanks!
  21. Whenever I hit play on Arma 3 in steam it goes to the launcher which when I hit play gives the error Exit Code: 0xC000009A - STATUS_INSUFFICENT_RESOURCES Whenever I enter the game via the Arma3.exe in the games root directory it launches and allows me to join any game except its only servers WITHOUT Battleeye, as launching from the root directory is not enabling Battleye some reason. When I go to the server list it gives a prompt to enable Battleeye but fails as it restarts the game but comes up with a window giving the error and this log... 16:06:44: Starting BattlEye Service... 16:06:48: Launching game... 16:06:50: Note: File blocks can be ignored if they don't cause problems with the game. 16:06:50: [INFO] Blocked loading of file: "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\uxtheme.dll". 16:06:50: [INFO] Blocked loading of file: "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\edputil.dll". 16:06:50: [INFO] Blocked loading of file: "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\urlmon.dll". 16:06:50: [INFO] Blocked loading of file: "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\cldapi.dll". 16:06:50: [INFO] Blocked loading of file: "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\slc.dll". 16:06:50: [INFO] Blocked loading of file: "C:\Windows\System32\d3d10.dll". 16:06:50: [INFO] Blocked loading of file: "C:\Windows\System32\msimg32.dll". Please help! PS: I have tried launching with and without mods both installed and not installed. I have also reinstalled the game and moved it to another drive to no avail. I have also deleted the Battleye folder re-validated files to no success. BattleEye Errors Launcher: Error Log Report Files: https://puu.sh/CtE5Z/a8f6c7249b.zip Computer Specs:
  22. Hi, im getting a strange message when i try to launch and join MP servers, i know it all worked fine before i moved some things around from one drive to another, i've played Arma and recently also downloaded Apex, it all works fine except when i want to join and play on a server. I can\t launch my own server, i tried various ways, nada, always the same error message: "No entry: C:\Users\(*Myusername)\Documents\Arma3\mpmissions\tempMissionMP.Altis\mission.sqm.Mission" I think maybe i deleted some folder by mistake and now it cant find some directory to launch or something. Does anyone know how i can fix this please? looked online cant find anything. Many thanks if you can help. BTW i was trying a MP on Tanoa so not sure what the Altis .sqm had to do with it anyway?
  23. Frostbite72

    TFAR setup

    I Have set up a server to play Antistasi with some friends and I have a team speak server but i don't know how to set up TFAR correctly pls help and thank you in advance
  24. Ok, I've struggled with this for awhile now and am pretty sure my issue is something small that I'm just not seeing. I just want some fresh eyes to look over my work and tell me what they see. The issue is that my custom difficulty settings don't seem to take. The server comes up fine, people can join, and mods are working great. But I can't get my FCserver.Arma3Profile to be read by the game (I think). When ever I start a mission on custom difficulty I get a default template instead of my settings. This is a Linux server (Ubuntu 18.10) Startup Script: ./arma3server -config=FC.cfg -name=FCserver "-mod=mods/@ace;mods/@ace_compat1;mods/@ace_compat2;mods/@ace_c... File path to Arma Server: gameserver/server/arma File path to Arma 3 - Other Profiles / Arma 3 folders: gameserver/.local/share/Arma 3 - Other Profiles gameserver/.local/share/Arma 3 Inside Arma 3 - Other Profiles is the FCserver folder it contains 2 files and 1 folder: FCserver.Arma3Profile <--- (To my understanding this is the difficulty file) FCserver.vars.Arma3Profile <---(Don't know what this does) Saved <--- (Folder with some steam stuff in it) The FCserver.Arma3Profile was generated by the server automatically, then edited by me (I stole it from the community wiki). FCserver.Arma3Profile: FC.cfg: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thank you for reading this, overall I've spent the better part of 3 weeks banging my head on this. I am so sure that it's gonna be something incredibly small. I will answer any questions you have for me.
  25. Cortez Ha Mefazez

    arma freezes on splash logo

    hello, when I try to load arma with certain mods (usually more than 10 mods or so), it freezes on the splash screen and the only way to use the computer is to restart it. it started before the last update. id really appreciate a solution, since its been going on for quite some time now.