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    Adding an Image to a CutText

    This is the error message i'm getting
  2. [] spawn { 101 cutText ["Image: ", image "image\SWLogo.paa"]; 101 cutFadeOut 7.0; sleep 8; 101 cutText ["<t size='3.0' color='#008AB8' font='EtelkaMonospacePro'>Believe in yourself or no one else will.</t>", "BLACK", 3.0,true,true]; 101 cutFadeOut 7.0; sleep 8; }; trying to add an Image to my cuttext per This Link
  3. Having issues posting the PBO and the SQM here.
  4. Yup. Still got the Error
  5. Alright then what am I doing wrong then?
  6. I posted this removeMagazinesTurret ["4Rnd_Titan_long_missiles", {0}]; this addEventHandler ["Fired", {deleteVehicle (_this select 6); _this execVM "scripts\flak.sqf";}]; In the init of the tigris
  7. https://gyazo.com/82d7a887decdf003465925cb98fe6392 Tried using the Flak script and everything above but I keep getting this error with no Flak appearing.
  8. The code is a UnitCapture log for 15 aircraft. Each aircraft has its own path, Flight one does its flyover first, 2 flight second and so on. I would post it but its 15 different SQFs which read as Path1=(data); [B1,Path1] spawn BIS_fnc_unitPlay; B1 engineOn true; [] spawn MyPath1; [] spawn Mypath2; [] spawn Mypath3; [] spawn Mypath4; [] spawn Mypath5; Better?
  9. You've lost me chief 😅
  10. You mean the Path Names?
  11. Sorry to rehash this but Im having a similar problem again. Current issue is Im trying to call an SQF from a trigger. Trigger is set in the water and when players cross into the area I need it to fire the SQF which has about 15 paths and music in it. I thought about calling directly from the trigger but IIRC "Sleep" does not work on triggers. The SQF call{playsound "Eyes";}; sleep 5; rec = [] spawn MyPath1; rec = [] spawn Mypath2; rec = [] spawn Mypath3; rec = [] spawn Mypath4; rec = [] spawn Mypath5; sleep 5; rec = [] spawn Mypath6; rec = [] spawn Mypath7; rec = [] spawn Mypath8; rec = [] spawn Mypath9; rec = [] spawn Mypath10; sleep 5; rec = [] spawn Mypath11; rec = [] spawn Mypath12; rec = [] spawn Mypath13; rec = [] spawn Mypath14; rec = [] spawn Mypath15;
  12. I had a Function wrote by a friend that I need to call in a MP mission file. The Function is saved in the file already in a sub folder called functions and is called fn_MoveObject.sqf How would I go about calling this function in an SQF? Also is there a better way to call an sqf on a MP mission than "call{Ham addaction [ "Check in with the Sergeant", { "HamTalk.sqf" remoteExec ["execVM", 2];}];};"
  13. Trying to call a sound file for players near an Object named Clone1 Clone1 say3D ["Incoming", 50, 1, false, 0]; from say3D [sound, maxDistance, pitch, isSpeech, offset] is the syntax used but I still cannot seem to get it to work. I know the pathing to the sound works because I can hear it with a simple trigger command.
  14. E2 and E3 were explosive charges. Solved the issue. Needed to add E2 hideObjectGlobal false; E2 enableSimulation true; \\ This E3 hideObjectGlobal false; E3 enableSimulation true; \\ This Both objects were hidden in the Init. so I forgot that hideObjectGlobal does not reenable simulation.
  15. my onAct code of E2 setDamage [1, true]; E3 setDamage [1, true]; doesnt seem to work