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Found 30 results

  1. Basically I like to use the editor and play as Zeus to set up scenarios on the fly. The issue is that whenever I stop controlling an AI unit (using the remote control function), the game freezes up for a minute or two before returning to the Zeus interface. Ive seen plenty of game footage where the transition is smooth and only takes a few seconds. I should also mention that going from Zeus to controlling an AI unit does not freeze the game and only takes a few seconds. Any help would be appreciated, I feel like half the time I spend playing is waiting for the game to un-freeze.
  2. I been Playing Arma 3 for awhile now, While playing Arma3 , i have notices long pauses every time when i jump into my Edited created game that i have designed. Its Pause and Skip frames when i run or sprint sometimes. When i shoot it stutter and lag a bit. When i plan simple war scenarios, that's when crap really hits the Fan. explosion and action really drags the game with Laaagggg frame Skips and stutter, Its really insane . Its so Bad that its unplayable. It kinda even out some times but it comes back with the Lag and stutter. I really love the game but its hard for me to play. i have 200 Mods in the game right now. I have Played without the mods, i couldn't say i have seen any changes . i have turn down all the settings and resolution ones again nothing. i have tweaked the Arma3.cfg file still no changes. So maybe its deeper then Mods, Cfg files,and settings . This is my RIg that i'm am working with GeForce GTX 1050Ti Driver Version 460.79 Intel(R) Croe (TM) i7-4770 CPU@ 3.40GHz Ram 15.94 GB RAm My Monitor resolution is 1440X900,60Hz
  3. trollman19

    arma 2 lag :c

    hello I have arma 2 and I'm doing very badly about 10fps help I don't know what to do I saw YouTube videos and they don't work help
  4. Hello everyone, and thank you for taking the time. I have returned to Arma 3 mission making and server hosting after a break, and have been really excited to get going. I know some ins and outs how to manage a server, and do some troubleshooting already, when it comes to mission making, scripts, and to find out problems with the server and the logs. However, this issue is not something that I have managed to resolve as of yet; There is some kind of desync issue with the server, sooner or later as I am hosting an operation, or another gamemode such as Escape, sooner or later at some point the server will start to desync strongly in periods .. like when AI is spawning or moving about. I have tried to run the missions without some scripts, to test if it fixes the desync but it hasn't .. so I was thinking maybe there is an issue in the mod list, somehow, or corrupted files in the server, or something to do with the server getting overloaded and too busy .. which has led me to read about Headless Clients, which is too complex for me. Current mod list during operations; Mod list during Escape (custom modded); Keep in mind we experience same desync issues, with both mod lists. Perhaps answers can be found in the log, I appreciate if anyone could take a look; This is the log from yesterday when we were playing Escape Tanoa (custom with mods).

    Region specific games

    Lag issues are a major fault in Vigor in the Asia Pacific Region
  6. Just general issues with server lag and it not being able to handle a gun fight and freezes during them for a split second. another recurring issue is the game getting stuck on auto when I press the trigger and wasting all my ammunition, especially inconvenient when I can’t craft that ammo yet 😅
  7. Andy hgn

    Not ready for release

    I start the game on Thursday last week... Had some minor problems but for a preview it is acceptable. I like the setting, graphics and the gameplay but the weekend shows a lot of issues. If I finished an encounter I have to restart 3 out of 4 times. I couldn't choose any weapons. The servers are the next problem....I have massive lags. Sometimes I needed 2 magazines to kill another player on the other side, players pop up and make one-shot-kills. Sometimes I couldn't open a crate. And in my opinion, these problems could be a the death for a great game, if it works be released. With these problems the game will die in 3 weeks
  8. PLEASE READ TO THE END!! THANKS!! Where do I start. As a LONG time supporter of Arma and DayZ on PC, which in my opinion, is better than ever now(I play alot), comes Vigor which IMO is a disgrace to your name...Hear me out.... I play Escape From Tarkov and my console buddies were excited that a game with the same premise was coming to console and they asked me to hop on with them. I played an hour of this game a long time ago and uninstalled because it was unplayable. To my surprise, the game is in a better state mechanically but still has the WORSE combat in ANY shooter I have ever played in my entire life on PC or console...Add on an extremely UNFAIR micro transaction system that depends on the combat and you guys are up for a PR nightmare. I noticed immediately that I could earn the in-game currency which is awesome, but after playing all weekend I realized how long it would take to even get anywhere enough to sustain myself.....yea...not worth even trying. The crate system needs to be addressed immediately! I can purchase crowns, which I then can use pre-round to up my chance of a better crate, which I may or may not EVER receive! I have to win a fight for it....So basically, you take my money and MAKE me chance losing the gear I have, to then lose a crate I gave you money for....So how do you guys not see an issue with this? This is worse than pay to win or EA or Activision!!. At least if I give them money, I get something in return..I mean in COD they lock good guns in crates! You guys NOT see the outrage from that????..So you guys do the same, IF NOT WORSE???? Thats a basic PAY-TO-WIN mechanic, and this game goes a step further and not even give the players the crate after they pay!!...With all the loot box issues on our PLANET right now, you'd think Bohemia got a memo, or watched the news or something. WOW this is BAD! This is a disaster that can be avoided, Id suggest you guys fix this! Immediately!! The next issue is with the crates..AGAIN! Which is disaster number 2!! The crates have different items from player to player!!!!! My common crate had common stuff in it! Which I thought was the way it was supposed to be. Until my buddy read off what he had gotten in his! ALL GOOD RARE GEAR!?!!...I mean common=common, rare=rare right? Not in this game...The in-game crate menus showed me that I had LESS rare gear in my crates as a whole vs. my buddies, as we compared it....So whats up with that? The games combat system is completely broken and needs a COMPLETE overhaul! Getting a crate depends on that, so asking people for money for crates that the game itself ensures most people WONT get anyway, is borderline against the LAW! Early access/game preview=game devs that want you're money before they earn it! (Dont be like this! Plz)This game is no different. It insures players will HAVE to pay in its current state to keep their gear, as you will quickly have NO crowns, and it will take WEEKS to get enough to sustain for a few days and then its back to waiting or PAYING. So so much for insuring your gear. Maybe make insuring your gear cost way less, and you only get your guns back, not what you have in you inventory, which is what Tarkov does..Or maybe add a gamma equivalent like Tarkov has, where I could throw a few rare gun parts in or whatever I dont want to lose...so even If I die I still keep whats in it without insurance. Id also suggest adding crowns to the raids too....maybe 5 here 3 here from looting things etc. As its the ONLY currency in the game right now! On a better note, this game could be GREAT! The combat/BAD netcode/hit-reg/crashing can be fixed. So can the crate and $$ systems...I suggest REMOVING the pre-round crate system, PERIOD. If it stays, change it to resources or something not crowns. ..In its current state, the games a failure if not a scar on your name! I love Arma!!! I play the SH#T out of DayZ on PC....I know you guys can do ALOT better than this! I have faith! I would like to see this game succeed! Heres an interesting concept...If you make a GOOD game, people will THROW money at you!!
  9. Hey! I actually just started playing arma 3 🙂 And i have some big lag spikes lag problems probably because of my settings here are my computer settings or idk how they are called i am not that good with computers: Current GPU: AMD Radeon R9 200 Series Current CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4460 CPU @ 3.20GHz Sockets: 1 Cores: 4 Logical processors: 4 Virtualization: enabled It says on AMD Radeon Settings Arma 3 is Fully Compatible for my computer so i can play it without lagg i think..? First my lagg was super bad! Then i watched a video about lagg then it stopped a little i restarted my computer i join a server it just crashes because of the lagg Here are some of my startup options: ( parameters ) ( everything that is turned on btw) 64-bit CPU count = 1 ( is actually not turned on but it has an number) System memory limit (64-bit) ( not turned on ) Video memory limit 1 ( not turned on ) Actually nothing is turned on..? And whenever i change my settings the next time i start my arma 3 everything is removed again any help for that to? Here are my Video Settings: Sampling 100% Texture: High Objects: High Terrain: Standard Shadow: Disabled Particles: Low Cloud: Low PIP: Disabled OVERALL: 1200 Object 1000 SHADOW: 50 HDR: standard Dynamic lights: low Water reflections: disabled Display: Fullscreen Window 1920x1080 (16:9) Auto (Stretch) (16:9) VSYNC Disabled Interface size: Small Bloom radial blur rotation blur depth of field sharpen filter all 0 AO: HDAO low Caustics: Disabled FSAA: 2x ATOC: Disabled PPAA: Disabled ANISO.Filtering: Disabled Sorry for the spoilers idk how to remove Thanks!, Jack
  10. A few months ago we started creating a campaign. And all is good. All apart from this one thing. The modules creating tasks take aboout 0,5 to 1 minute to be completed. Actually even a module unlocking a door took 0,5 to 1 minute to be activated. In short here is the description of the situation: 1.] We are talking about high end PCs. 2.] The mission does not lag. 3.] Triggers do not lag. 4.] Task modules lag up to a minute. The task completed panel appears 0,5 to 1 minute after completion to both the host and the clients. 5.] To the host even when the task appears to be completed, the tab showing "Task Completed" also lags. The clients have no such lag. 6.] Even modules unlocking a door lags up to a minute. 7.] A script showing text at the start of the mission lags only on the host. It is a script running through the initPlayerLocal.sqf so why? 8.] Testing modules while the map is empty has no lag. The lag takes place once the mission is in its final satges of development. 9.] We are talking about missions with intros, outros and much more. 10.] Sometimes I use safety triggers because the mission refuses to place playable units in vehicles. I just place the same trigger 2 or 3 times and all good... So up to episode 04 there was not an issue. The tasks did lag but cleverly I hidded that lag. In episode 04 however I cannot hide it. So for episode 04 and the next WHAT IS GOING ON??? Addons used: CBA, ASR AI3, Hellenic Armed Forces mod, Lythium Map, Vanilla DLCs
  11. Hi Folks, Yesterday we played a modded game, as usual, but we observed a mysterious phenomenon. If a object ownership was given from server to a client, or a client created an object, looking towards this object causes MASSIVE FPS loss, to all clients who are not owner of the Object? Does someone of you have an idea, what maybe can cause such phenomenon? Thanks greetings Cyborg
  12. I get really bad lag and static sound when flying, driving, and being in some structures. My problem looks exactly like this video.
  13. So this is an issue I encounter on some servers and do not encounter on others. I'm curious if anyone knows what the culprit might be and if there is a fix. For the purposes of this discussion I'm talking about vanilla sling loading, but this occurs more frequently if using Duda's advanced sling loading. In a nutshell, flying around sling loading any object (I really can't stress anymore that is is truly any object completely independent of mass) at a moderate speed (between 40-60kts, appropriate sling speed), the load and the helicopter are treated as completely separate objects and the server will eventually "hiccup" slightly. This causes the server to think the load and the helicopter are beyond range of each other, thus disconnecting the ropes and letting the load fall to the ground. This doesn't seem to happen on some servers, it happens infrequently on others, or even extremely frequently on other servers. Have others encountered this? I don't see any topics about it and to me it seems like a pretty big deal as it essential makes anything other than the old script sling loading completely useless. I can take a guess that is might have something to do with latency between the client and the server but when my ping to the main server I play on is usually less than 50 and I still have this occur all the time, there seems to be something wrong. Let's talk about it.
  14. Server spec: Xeon X5675 2 cores 8GB Ram 100Mbps connection Windows Server 2008 R2 Windows Firewall is close Mission config: 45 players slots based on Malden map, add couple of stuff such like:helicopter, building, vehicle, jet craft. Mods: ACE CBA Red Hammer MCC 4 3CB Equipment TADST performance setting: Maxmsgsend 768 MaxSizeGuaranteed 800 MaxSizeNonguaranteed 400 Maxbandwidth: 100mbit/s Minbandwidth: 1280kbit/s MinErrorToSend=0.004; MinErrorToSendNear=0.04 Maximum Custom File Size=240KB maxPacketSize=2000 HT is Enalbed The first problem is about client connection, few users are stock at “ loading missiong data” screen, the loading bar is stop, even no one is in the server, they just can’t pass the loading progress. Some one can change the player slot to sovle it, but 2-3 guys are never success. Second is about lag, after learned this subject:https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/147591-tutorial-server-bandwidth-optimisation/, I figure out our server can carry at least 64 player above. But when the player number overtake 20, all players get serious lag in the server. I think it’s not about Mods part, We have another server has same Mods, it's have no connection issue, but that one has just only 20Mbps banwidth, so 20 players will cause to lag. I really have no idea for it, anyone can help for this?
  15. I have been playing ARGO just a short time, but I've heard several teammates complain about one person or another with high ping and how they seem to have a jump on us because of connection vs skill. Is this true or possible?? If it is a possible side-effect in the game, how would limiting Max-Ping to 250 or 200 for most servers to keep players on an even lag-advantage? AV8R Bravo Zero One Support Team Virtual Test Pilot/Military Advisor
  16. Hi everyone, Im experiencing very high lagging like in range from 3 to mostly 25 FPS in multiplayer, and in singleplayer with no bots its about 30 to 35 FPS and it depends on how many AI I spawn. I have Radeon RX 550 4GB GDDR5 graphic card,10 GB DDR 3 RAM and AMD`s CPU A8-5600k whose fan was broken accidently and replaced with some other and now it runs on 64 degrees out of 77 max how Core Temp says. I want you to tell me about your experience and suggest me what to do cause i believe i have too good hardware for that kind of performance ( I believed its about that AMD`s processor, but on net it says its better than Intel pentium G3450 which my friend has and he runs multiplayer between 35 and 60 fps (he has radeon R7 graphics with smaller amount of that GPU RAM and 8 GB of PC RAM). Thank you for advices.
  17. Hello. Recently I have noticed really bad lag when selecting or moving multiple units in the Eden editor. This happens whenever I drag a selection box around lots of units at once, either in map or 3d. It also happens when dragging lots of units at once to a different part of the map. With a single unit the lag is minor but when selecting many (e.g. 20) I get a screen freeze for 20-30 seconds until they all become highlighted and editable again. I am using a lot of mods but the issue is the same when running stock vanilla. I have also tried dev branch and non-dev branch. Non-dev seems slightly faster but there's not much in it. It's been a while since I played Arma 3 but I never used to have this problem. In the past selection and movement of units in the editor was basically instant. I should add that apart from this issue Arma runs very smoothly for me, so it isn't caused by an under-spec system. My settings are all mostly on max. Is anyone else experiencing this, or perhaps someone knows what causes it? Thanks.
  18. Michael Becker

    online play is suddenly unplayable

    My specs: GPU: gtx 765m CPU: i7 4700 @ 2.4 ghz RAM: 16gb windows 10 I have played about 800 hours of ARMA 3 both online and ofline and have had great, fun gameplay with no issues. suddenly within the last 2 week any online servers I join I get about 9 fps up to 15 peak, which is not playable. Ofline I get 50+ fps. This shouldn't be a settings issue or a server issue seeing as though i have play 800 hours without an issue and have tested mulitple servers. Things I have tried: -PC resets. -game cache check. -disabling mcafee virus protection and real time scanning. -uninstalled mcafee and disabling windows firewall. -tried multiple servers (all extreme low fps). -lowing settings to everything as low as possible (no increase in fps online). -I have no other issues in any other games online or offline. -searched the internet for someone that has fixed this, most that have had a matching issued said it was there virus scanner. -cpu and gpu dont seem to be showing any signs of havning an issue. Im completely out of ideas.
  19. SirPorthos

    Lag when moving

    Hi. I've been experiencing lag issues whenever I move. The game crawls to 5 fps before completely freezing. I googled this topic and came upon this thread that gave me the solution for it https://www.reddit.com/r/arma/comments/3deiu1/arma_3_my_game_freezesthe_fps_drops_whenever_i/ This problem has recurred but this time, the conditions are not the same. I have had Malwarebytes installed for a while now and the game ran without any problems yesterday, Any help will be highly appreciated. My specs are Intel i5 6600k Geforce GTX 960 Kingston HyperX 16GB DDR4 RAM 500GB WD Caviar Blue HDD
  20. hello! after adding few more AI units to my mission,running on dedicated server, i noticed that when another human player is in the server, things starts to rubberband really badly. strange thing is that if i'm alone, all is fine. first question is : is there a way to test my mission alone and get the rubberbanding like if there was another (or many more) player? second question is: what cause this problem ? and how solve it? i mean, i know its "too many AI", but i noticed differences between script spawned units and 3Deden placed, and more... thanks for any help!
  21. TF Thief


    So I play the mobile and the PC version, both are very fun but both have issues (like fences not saving in mobile, tents and even backpacks disappearing in the browser version when you logout, or the seemingly massive time skip whenever you try to save and exit in PC) but that's not my main concern right now, my main issue is that there is no option for graphics for lower end devices, I see game play from other players, YouTubers, on both Mobile and PC, and it's much much smoother than what I have, and rather than complain about the game itself being wrong I think there should just be alternative graphics for devices to run it more smoothly (like mine) because the slow frame rate of it is pretty bothersome
  22. jts_2009

    FPS dropdown

    Hello. Since last week (nothing was changed on system or arma 3, no viruses downloaded and etc...) I have fps dropdown in arma 3. This happens everywhere no matter what Im doing. In editor for example: for goes down to 25-33 for sometime and then goes back to normal state (50-70 and more). While this dropdown happens, you can't really even scroll the map in editor, because the game slips somehow. if you aim, it looks like the mouse responds with a delay of milliseconds. No mods enabled. The only 1 thing I done was: cleared the Arma 3 folder in %appdata%\Local Here is the last .rpt:
  23. Your_Nemesis_IQ2

    Game lag stutters

    hi i would thank to developers who have made this awessome game i have lag stuttrers in the game please help i like this game ---------------------------------------- intel core I7-7700k 4.5ghz msi gtx 1080 gaming x 16 gb ram
  24. Locked_66

    Lagging EU servers

    Why are official EU servers lagging ? When I've connected to US servers everything was working fine, but on EU servers are lagging enemies, I am not spawned correctly or on time, so what is wrong ? Please BI fix EU servers
  25. Disclaimer: My game is modded - Battle Royale Mod, CBA_A3 and CUP Weapons (Specs on the bottom) I've been playing ArmA 3 for a long time now, ArmA 2(never had any issue with this game ever!) even longer. I understand that the engine is not properly optimised and I am also willing to play on 500m view distance to get a good framerate. (I'd still prefer 1000m+ tho) That being said, before the latest 64bit update game was terrible but since I only played coop, a little stutter here or there wasn't a huge issue and I never really thought of fixing it. Now it is a bit more weird and inconsistent in performance. I get 45+ FPS all time and when I am about to enter a village/town/city on Altis my game stutters a bit while loading the textures and stuff, which again is fine by me. But what my problem is, while playing Battle Royale, the game freezes for 2 seconds whenever there I see any enemy in front of me. Of course in that time even a monkey can shoot you considering everyone is pumped up. This makes me avoid any kind of contact with any player the entire round which is not how you play any shooter game. At least not ArmA. What my question is, is there any way I can at least minimise the occurrence of the stutter while I am in front of an enemy? Specs: i5 2500k GTX 750Ti 8GB RAM 1333mhz 1TB WD Blue DxDiag system info: