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Found 28 results

  1. I configured v. dedicated server without setting the internet address ( gameHostRegisterBindAddress="", 😞 In this way I can see the server in the steam server list, and I can connect from home from another PC from the Server's LAN, double clicking on the server name in the server list and then also, trying the "direct access" option, digiting the exact LAN IP address of the server. In this configuration the PING is 9999 and more than this, friends can't connect to it due to the PRIVATE IP address. When I set the gameHostRegisterBindAddress="my wan address", then I can see the PING value, but the SERVER is not more accessible from home through the server list (getting a connection error) and neither through the "direct access". At this time is pretty impossible for me sharing the server and at the same time playing on it from my home. This situation is very unconfortable and I'm sure that something is wrong. This is the tested config.json file that lets connecting from the LAN but it don't share the WAN IP, so nobody can connect to it. It is the standard config.json with very few modifications: { "dedicatedServerId": "xxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxx", "region": "EU", "gameHostBindAddress": "", "gameHostBindPort": 2001, "gameHostRegisterBindAddress": "", "gameHostRegisterPort": 2001, "adminPassword": "**********", "game": { "name": "[ITA] Conflitto nell'isola di Arland - FabLab UDINE GameServer", "password": "", "scenarioId": "{C41618FD18E9D714}Missions/23_Campaign_Arland.conf", "playerCountLimit": 32, "autoJoinable": false, "visible": true, "supportedGameClientTypes": [ "PLATFORM_PC", "PLATFORM_XBL" ], "gameProperties": { "serverMaxViewDistance": 2500, "serverMinGrassDistance": 50, "networkViewDistance": 1000, "disableThirdPerson": false, "fastValidation": true, "battlEye": true, "VONDisableUI": true, "VONDisableDirectSpeechUI": true, "missionHeader": { "m_iPlayerCount": 40, "m_eEditableGameFlags": 6, "m_eDefaultGameFlags": 6, "other": "values" } }, "mods": [] }, "a2sQueryEnabled": true, "steamQueryPort": 17777 } and this is the bat file to start the server, it's very minimal: ArmaReforgerServer.exe -config ".\configs\Conflitto_Arland.json" -maxFPS 30 -language it_it -disableShadersBuild I think that there is the need of an option to let accept connections as from LAN and as from WAN at the same time. This should be already possible because "gameHostBindAddress": "", option means that the server accepts connections from everywhere, but it doesn't work; I already tried adding "-a2sIpAddress" or "-bindIP" options in the starting bat file, to overide the json configuration file with the same results. Please does anyone know any tip to solve this problem? May be that it is just a Bohemia job and I need to wait for new versions? Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Hello there! I've recently set up a dedicated server to play Reforger with my group in a private setting. The server runs and seemingly operates as it should, (no unusual errors in server logs) and everyone can connect and play on the server without issues, except for myself. When I set "gameHostRegisterBindAddress" to my public IP, it prevents me from not only connecting to my server, but seeing any other Reforger servers available in the server browser. Leaving this form blank, (defaulting to allows me to connect and play no issues, but for everyone else trying to connect, the server displays a ping of 999+ and rejects their connections. I wouldn't consider myself an expert of hosting/managing servers, especially dedicated ones like this, but am I missing something to enable connections both locally and externally, or is this just not possible with Reforger's current state? If anyone has any recommendations, I would be grateful for any and all of them! If I can provide any additional information which could help solve my issue, I would be happy to provide it! Reforger is a fantastic platform so far and I'm just really excited to play the next generation of Arma as soon as possible :P
  3. Hi, So I am very new to Arma 3 but have played Arma 2 for a very long time. On the launcher for Arma 3, the first page that pops up (i.e. Dashboard) has a "Connect my Bohemia Account to My Steam Account". However when i click this, it takes me to the Bohemia page with my account, but then immediately switches to a new page, which happens to be My account. Nothing i have found online has helped so anything is appreciated, Thanks, Retify
  4. Couple years ago I started getting the BattlEye initialization failed error when joining a network server (I can join official servers, even tho they are also protected by battleye). Now, I tried multiple solutions, like reinstalling battleye, integrity of game files, reinstalling arma3, ... Basically everything of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZLZl3ZrZZ0&ab_channel=ComputerSluggishTutorials Now I started looking into the RPT files and found this: 15:26:24 BE connection with remote machine could not be established. Error=3 15:26:24 Warning Message: BattlEye initialization failed Any idea how to fix this? I'm using windows 10.
  5. This is an issue for issue reiteration of <https://feedback.bistudio.com/T63493> this user's issue, but this is dated 2013-2014. I am wondering if there have been any updates to fixing this issue. Issue: Completely stable connection to any dedicated multiplayer session is hard severed after 20~40 minutes. The pop up "User ME is losing connection." pops on my screen followed by the red chain links & "No Message received for X seconds" timer. The timer reaches 90 & the server kicks me. Teamspeak, In game Steam browser, & outside of game internet browsing remains stable through the entire process. No other multiplayer game is experiencing this issue. I did not keep track of it well, but I believe the issue began around the last base game update. This coincides with the forum post linked above. There seems to be no solution besides "wait for the next game update to hopefully un-screw it." What I have tried: Disable firewall. Disable DDoS protections. Verify game files. Verifying mods. Different game servers. UPnP IPv6 <3
  6. As title states. Can't join a single server for more than a moment keep getting disconnected either as I am joining or moments after joining. I did get into one server to play but when I went back later it wouldn't let me in. Anyone know of a fix or is purely in BI's court? I have closed Steam completely and restarted it but it had no effect.
  7. Hello, i have the problem that I lose connection to every server after 5-30 minutes. I then get the message "no message received for ... seconds" and after that "lost connection to host". I already tried to reinstall the game, restart my router, turn off firewall and antivirus and reinstall battleye manually. Now I'm out of ideas. Would be great if someone finds a solution or has a tipp. It makes the game unplayable for me.
  8. Hello, A friend of mine and I have been trying to play together via Hamachi. He plays on Mac, I play on Windows which means we have to reverse to a beta branch (1.82). The problem, however is that he we get stuck in an infinte loading screen whilst trying to connect. Whoever is hosting gets the message "friend is connecting", but thats it. It just doesnt go on, there is only the loading screen of the island without the usual loading bar. Whats really weird is that both of us can connect to another friend, who plays on windows and also hosts via hamachi. We have tried basically everything google had to offer on the subject, from creating a new hamachi network, to port forwarding, tweaking the hamachi properties, creating a server via nitrado and using other vpn services, but nothing worked so far. Help would be very much appreciated. Even if you only play on windows: if you had any similar experiences with being stuck in a loading screen, pls answer cause I am really out of ideas at this point and could need some advice 🙂
  9. Hello guys, i hope this is the right thread. So my Problem is, that i can't connect to any server because it states: Session lost-Verifying PBO failed: addons\3den.pbo The servers and i are on the same version. I deleted said PBO files and steam loaded the new ones. I reinstalled Arma 3. No Mods are installed. Nothing of that worked. If anyone could help me with this, would be great. Thanks guys.
  10. Hey Guys, I created a new Steam account and bought Arma 3, but everytime I want to join a server I get this error: Arma Battleye admin kick ASP: connection problems #87 I tried with 2 other steam accounts and everything works perfect. I hope someone can help me with this error. Thank you!
  11. 1CoReX1

    Internet issue´s

    every 10 seconds to 10 min the connection drops and the game loses connection from the server ??? last 2 weeks And the game automaticly won't connect again to server ... my question is if someone has a similar or the same problem and how to solve it?
  12. My only issue as of now with the game is that i just started playing and 2 of the three crates i acquired were lost during a lost connection to vigor server issue after the match while loading back into my safehouse. Just a disappointing way to end one of your first couple winning matches. Happened a few other times but just really hated losing high quality crates 2 of the 3 times i got it.
  13. Just today me and another two friends were trying to play the Apex campaing, I hosted the server and checked the UPnP box, and we could play normally, we completed the first mission no problems. After a while Steam servers went into maintenance (you know, Tuesday's maintenance), so they lost connection. I hosted the game again and one of my friends was able to join, but the other one wasn't, it's just him. When he joins, there are messages saying "connecting", then "connected" and finally it disconnects with no error. We tried restarting Steam, our PCs, changing profiles, joining while playing the mission, we also tried other game modes. I tried port forwarding and opened the following ports: 2302 2303 2304 2305 27000 27050 3478 4379 4380 2344 2345 8766 Found all of those around internet, some are from steam and others from battleye, all of them were correctly opened and I checked it using a software, also my friends can now join without using UPnP so it clearly works. I also made a ping to his IP and the packets are successfully received. After all of this, he still can't join. Have any ideas? I really want to play the campaing and other modes co-op. Note: I don't have any mods loaded, neither does him
  14. Hello, So I love arma 3 and I wanted to reinstall it and get into it again but oh well it doesnt work anymore what I get is a game that launch correctly but that can't join any servers. I click on join and then , no sign of life, only the tanoa map and waves sound. It gets kinda annoying and now I dont know what to do. When I play solo it works the game loads and I am in. But whenever I try to join a server I get stuck on tanoa map. And sometimes when I try to host a server the game crashes with a black screen and tells me : 0xC0000005 - ACCESS_VIOLATION I don't understand why. And I really want to play a3 My Config I7 4790k Gtx 980ti Ram 8gb Asus Rog maximus Hero VII If anyone could help me I would be really happy ! I have 2 crash reports :
  15. Hi all, I picked up the game this week on steam and already played some funny hours. But I am experiencing an worse Ping every day. I started at 35 ms on Launch Day(Steam), and now I am at barely 100 ms. And as you may know, the Ping is an important thing in FPS's.......... So I wanted to ask, if it just me, or if other People are experiencing the same. -ThunderZz
  16. So I recently did a clean install of windows onto my PC and re-installed arma 3. The first day it all worked fine and I was able to join multiplayer servers. However the next day I tried to join a KOTH server and while i was able to join and select a role, as the game loaded in I was kicked with the message "you have been kicked from the server". This happened for every other server I tried to join on multiple missions. Every server has a green mark with a question mark in it, but I have all the DLC and no mods running. So far I have tried -verifying game files -re installing the game -using malloc system -making a new profile -unsubbing from all steam workshop mods -attempting to join game through the launchers and none have worked, if anyone has encountered this and has a fix it would be greatly appreciated. Also may not be relevant but about the same time my game started to randomly crash with the 0x0000005 status_access_violation message although im not sure that would affect my ability to join servers.
  17. Dearest Arma 3 community, I don’t know if this is the right place for it, I hope so and I'm sorry if not. A friend of mine and I had some major issues running Arma 3 with Hamachi to play some missions. Problem description: If we try to run Arma 3 over Hamachi, which worked just fine in the past, we can't join each other. He can see my server but if he's trying to connect to it, it just keeps connecting until he gets a time out or he disconnects immediately after he joined. Sometimes he’s able to connect but doesn’t have a menu. So, I manually assign him and start the game, my game starts completely normal but his game takes ages to load and if it's loaded he's suddenly in the water of Tanoa, no matter which map we are actually playing. This error occurs since a few weeks, the last time it actually worked was two weeks ago since then we couldn't get it running again. What we already did: • Checking for corrupted files in Arma 3 • Reinstalled Arma 3 • Reinstalled Hamachi • Both several times. • Deactivated our firewalls • Deactivated our Antivirus programs We also did this because we thought it might be Hamachi: http://help.logmein.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Resolving-Hamachi-Request-Timed-Out Resolving Hamachi "Request Timed Out" for Windows Firewall Also, we deleted every workshop mod we had except for the map we wanted to pay, which was a BCTI mission in Altis. Before the issue occurred, the mission worked fine. We also tried playing the standard apex protocol missions. However, the same Issue occurred. We also checked if it's a problem with the IPv4 but there's no problem. I just wanted to note: Everything works just fine when we were playing Arma 2. Our PC's His: Win 10 (1803) intel i5 8600k Nvida gtx 1070 8GB 16 GB DDR4 Ram Internet connection 150 Mbits/s Mine: Win 10 (1803) intel i7 7700 Nvidia gtx 1060 6GB 16 GB DDR4 Internet connection 400 Mbits/s We couldn't find anyone with the same problem, so we thought we ask right here at the source. If someone recommend to change the ports of my router - I won’t do that. Why? Because I think it should be possibly to play games in coop without changing gaming ports which works just fine for every other game. So, I hope you guys have a fix for this problem. Thanks for everyone helping us out on this problem
  18. Hello, I have some (a lot) of problems with joining my Friends and play Arma 3, whenever I try to join them they receive Server not Responding message, (the same happens if I try to join them), but in very VERY few cases I can join and play some A3 Please Help I've tried a lot, Port Forwarding, Hamachi, Evolve, nothing seems to work. I've got IZZI as Internet Provider Edit 1- I've got Windows 10 and I've activated UPNP on services.cmd but it still doesn't work
  19. ***EDIT: Issue resolved, Server owner managed to fix the issue with reading my GUID being corrupted somehow litterally 30 minutes after i posted this** For several days now, When attempting to join my milsim group's server I keep getting kicked and recieving the message "Battleeye: Client not responding". I have literally tried everything to fix this problem. 1. Verifying game files 2. Joining with only required mods 3. Disabling firewall and resetiing router 4. Deleting all battleeye content from PC in Appdata and Program files and verifying to reacquire missing files 4. Twice now i have uninstalled Steam and Arma 3, unsubcribing from all mods and redownloading mods. 5. Deleting all profile data and using new ones I can join the server but after about 30 seconds to a minute i get kicked and I honestly don't know what else to do. However this may have been casued by me resetting my PC two days before I began seeing these issues So i don't know if that is the problem. Could it be a problem with the server itself not reading my batteye stuff correctly, or something similar? I am in contact with the server owner if this is this case. If anyone thinks they have a solution please help!
  20. Hi I've got a problem with my BE since arma 1.80* update I can no longer connect by rcon, I tried on two separate machines one running windows other linux, tried connecting locally and remotely, my beserver.cfg is setup, got RConPassword and RConPort, config is active since server starts the name of .cfg is changed. I've tried connecting via EPM Rcon and php script RConPassword somepassword19 RConPort 2316 any suggestions?
  21. I am hosting a server set to Internet in ArmA 3 and my friend on the same wifi as me cannot join/find the server anywhere. He tried to join through Steam and got, "Server not responding." He also tried to Direct Connect and does nothing but boot him to the server browser again. He tried to connect via the LAN, Friends, and Internet tabs and it didn't appear anywhere. Yes, I forwarded the ports I should have I believe (2302-2305(TCP&UDP)). Do I need any more ports than that? I have another friend that can and has joined the server from another state so I know it is getting to the internet, I just don't know why someone on the same wifi as me cannot join the server. I think I saw a thread somewhere where someone said it could be because we have the same external IP address; could that be the issue? And if so, how would I go about fixing that? Would using a VPN work? I am hosting via the ArmA Menu>Multiplayer>Quick Play>Host Server Menu, switching it to Internet, leaving UPNP unchecked and setting up my password. We want to use mods with it but he cannot even connect with zero mods loaded on his computer and the host's. Any help would be greatly appreciated! -------------------- Edit 1: We both are using Windows 10
  22. I've noticed some server admins here in the past, so I'm hoping you guys can help out! I've got a virtualized Debian server running, and it worked just fine before the latest update (1.80.143869 is the issue). I've followed this medium guide, and it was fine. It worked on LAN and WAN, with and without mods. One day, it just stopped working. Now, even with a fresh VM that has access to WAN, a fresh install of arma3server, open ports for the game and Battleye, my friends and I can't connect over WAN. LAN works as expected. Over WAN, all we get is an error saying "Connection failed", and my terminal doesn't show an attempted connection. I can post my log if needed. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Also, I'm not installing it on a Windows server. I am keeping my lab Linux only, especially since it was working previously. Incoming connections are from x64 Windows clients. Distro: debian-9.0-standard Version (server and client): 1.80.143869 Open ports: 2302-2306 UDP; 2344 TCP/UDP to; 2345 TCP to Configs: https://pastebin.com/sC7mYsJL
  23. Here I have this problem, but I have already restarted the game, I try to connect to a server and soon when it will download the Data, the game mode, appears this message. You start the game (BattlEye: restart the game required). I'm playing Argo
  24. Hello, always the first connection of the day works well... but after i leave from the server and try to connect to another one, i receive this message (Connection failed.)... Do you guys know a solution for this connection problem? I'm stuck for about 5-10 minutes to successfully connect to another server. Screenshot Link Thank you.
  25. so I am a player from southeast Asia and have some friends from the same country who plays argo. the problem is when i browse the servers, there are none of Asia servers listed, while all my friends does have it listed on their server list. i cant find it on friend server list too. and when they try to invite me to the asia server it says "cant find server". any solution to this problem? thx and sorry for the ingrish.