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  1. This is a remake of a mission I made about 20 years ago for Operation Flashpoint. Hopefully, if you like helicopter missions, you'll like this. Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2798210062 This aims to be a fun, slick helicopter mission with plot twists and multiple situations - from a base assault, to defending group troops, to escorting another chopper, to air-to-air combat. It's a remake of the Operation Flashpoint/Arma: Cold War Assault mission. That mission was awarded 9/10 on OFP Editing Center. This new version is revised and much more polished. STORY: The NATO invasion of Kolgujev seems to be going better than anyone imagined. The next phase is to seize the Soviet base in the South, spearheaded by you in your Apache gunship. The Soviets seem ready to surrender - or perhaps they have a few surprises up their sleeve yet? FEATURES: - Several scripted events that put you in a variety of situations. - 30-45 mins gameplay. - Emphasis on fun. - Intro and outro. - Original Operation Flashpoint cutscenes
  2. @_foley Works great so far - thanks so much!
  3. As I understand it, this means that damage is modified to 70% of default for any selection. For some reason, when I apply this to the player's helicopter via init.sqf, it seems to make the unit invulnerable unless, I think, the hit in question causes enough damage to mean an instant kill. When I use the damage function to track the unit's overall damage, the returned value seems totally random. For example, the value may be less than the previous one, instead of being larger, as you'd expect. Am I doing something wrong?
  4. I wanted to post my first Arma 3 mission, Total Warfare: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2776356858. Back in the day, I made a lot of missions for Operation Flashpoint - such as Petrovice Salient, Apache Assault and Operation Sharkeye - but haven't done anything since. It's been fun to make although pretty time consuming due to the complexity of the mission and how rusty I was at scripting. Given that, I am happy that it's fairly polished. And whatever else it may be, it's not boring. The goal was to put you into a large-scale and brutal assault in which you have a genuine sense of having to fight for every inch. The downside of this sense of scale is that it's very resource-intensive. Despite spending a lot of time optimizing it, it's unlikely you'll get buttery smooth framerates. Happy to receive any criticisms/feedback. My questions at the moment with it are: Difficulty level - it's a hard mission, but I do not want to make it much easier as that lowers the intensity of the experience. As a compromise, there is revive (incl SP) but is that too much? There is an occasional issue with the game hanging for a few seconds before resuming, sometimes multiple times. This is caused by a script that ironically is intended to improve performance. The script moves and activates enemy units as soon as you or another squad is in the area. I assume the hanging is caused by the script disrupting the game's resource management - causing a temporary CPU overload. If anyone knows how to fix this, would love to hear. Total Warfare aims to give you the visceral experience of a large-scale, combined arms battle - a brutal urban engagement fought alongside other squads, with an unpredictable enemy, noise and explosions all around you, and unrelenting tension. You're a leading FIA officer who's turned the tide against CSAT/AAF, forcing them to retreat to Kavala. Finally, NATO are joining the war and are launching a massive airborne operation to take the city. You'll be fighting alongside them, but first need to pave the way by taking out the enemy AA units. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2776356858
  5. Thanks everyone, super helpful. Turns out I was using global variables correctly but they were still not working. Not quite sure why. Possibly some bug related to them being undefined, even though I had defined them properly in init.sqf before using them in the script. Anyhow, using missionNameSpace fixed the issue, so that's a very good tip. Thanks!
  6. This feels like an obvious question but my Googling has failed... I want to pass the name of a global variable to a script, e.g. [myVariableGlobal] execVM "myscript.sqf" (this script will deal with other global variables, hence why the name of the variable needs to be part of the argument to execute it) And in the script "myscript.sqf", e.g. _myVariableLocal = _this select 0; Say "myVariableGlobal" was previously defined globally as "false". I now want "myscript.sqf" to define it as true. Simply writing the following in "myscript.sqf" should not work, since the variable is now only local: _myVariableLocal = true; How, then, do I make it global again?
  7. chow86

    Dynamic Simulation

    My advice as someone using it for the 1st time: Avoid using enableDynamicSimulation on groups in vehicles. When using this on paratroopers in a mission I found it worked sometime but other times they'd end up being ejected from the chopper then end up suspended in mid air. The function had not worked on these groups for some reason. Totally broken as the player's proximity should have activated them even if the script had not. I haven't had this problem since I used enabledynamicsim when they were out of the chopper and then used MoveIn to place them in the chopper. Generally keep the use of enableDynamicSimulation simple. I tried to apply it to an array in a script using "{group _x....} foreach...". This ended up breaking the whole script (and the whole mission) as for some reason the engine didn't like it but didn't produce any error message.
  8. chow86

    Dynamic Simulation

    EDIT: I think I misunderstood dynamic simulation as making all models outside the range invisible but it appears it only stops them.
  9. I cannot get dynamic simulation to work at all, even in a basic test scenario. In this scenario, I have: ensured dynamic sim is turned on at a scenario level set all unit category types to the minimum of 50m activation created an enemy squad about 1km from the player unit turned dynamic sim on for this squad at a squad level checked that it has been activated on the squad by using dynamicSimulationEnabled But I can till see the enemy squad on the horizon. Surely this shouldn't happen? I am not sure if I have missed something obvious or if it is broken. Anyone any ideas? The only thing that seems odd to me is that dynamicSimulationEnabled returns true for the enemy squad itself but false for individual units. I understand that dynamic sim works at a squad level but surely it should also return true for individual units within that squad?
  10. I want to disable the ability of civilian units to move within a certain trigger area when the player is also in this trigger area (as these units tend to do weird things/ be distracting/get themselves killed). However, I want to except from this two vehicles that are vital to the mission. The following script works to disable the AI of civilians when the player is in the area, and enable it when he is not. However, it doesn't work to except the two vehicles. The only theory I have got so far is that it is something to do with agents, but I am not sure how to handle these. while {planeattack==false} do { { if ((_x != offroad1) or (_x != offroad2) or (vehicle _x != offroad1) or (vehicle _x != offroad2) or (_x != driver1) or (_x != driver2)) then { if (canproceed==false) then { _x disableai "path"; } else { _x enableai "path"; }; }; } foreach civiliansindanger; sleep 4; }; offroad1 and offroad2 = the vehicles driver1 and driver2 = their drivers civiliansindanger = a repeating trigger of all civilians in the area canproceed = determined by 2 triggers. It's true if the player is out of the trigger area. Any help would be appreciated.