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Found 56 results

  1. Im trying to have a task succeed after assembling a ar-2 darter drone, wats the best way to accomplish this?
  2. What is the best way to make a trigger which can be activated by a Zeus player? At the moment the solution I can think of is making a unit or prop which the Zeus can move into a marked area. The goal is to have scripts and spawns that a GM can trigger scripted events based on their own judgement, or tasks given after a "response from HQ".
  3. Hello everyone! I´ve tried to research for a solution, opened dozens of pbo files and watched hrs and hrs of youtube videos, but i simply need help!!! I like to create small coop missions for our dedicated server. Among a few other problems, I cant figure out, how to make sure, that all clients get their task updates and mission endings at the same time. From what I understand, I have to define global Variables in the init on mission start up. (<- Here is the first problem for me, not sure how to do it right!) Like this? if (!isServer) exitWith {}; missionNameSpace setVariable ["myfirsttask", 0]; publicVariable "myfirsttask"; sleep 1; Ok, found a nice video on youtube on how to get tasks updated within a mission. How EXACTLY to get a trigger on firing the publicVariable "myfirsttask" to achieved? inside trigger on activation: missionNameSpace setVariable ["myfirsttask", 1]; <--- like this ??? Ok, so now how to i trigger the endmission for everyone at the same time? I know I have to use following: "end1" call BIS_fnc_endMission; but how exactly? Do I set up another trigger with publicVariable "myfirsttask" as condition ??? In that regard, I have another issue! I like the endtrigger to fire ONLY when all alive players are within the trigger area AND "myfirsttask" is done! Is that even possible, while revive is enabled? ({ alive _x } count thislist) == 0; <-- This should be part of the trigger?!?? Or do i simply go into editor and sync the whole player group with the last trigger? Last but not least, even though revival is enabled, how to I end the missions, once all players are down at the same time??? I´ve seen many videos and tutorials to most of above topics, but most if not all of them, dont account for the mission being run a dedicated server!!! Do I need and initserver.sqf? If yes, does it mean I also need a initplayerlocal.sqf and an init.sqf? I really really hope to find some help here, thanks for taking the time to read this!!!
  4. Hello, I am doing a D-Day landing level and want to use a trigger to make a crew from an LCVP exit. I understand I can use the leavevehicle command, I just do not understand how to select the squad in my boat for my trigger. For example, my squad is showing as Alpha 1-5 (7 units). What would be the command for this? I have looked at other forums, but it is not making sense to me. When the boat drives into the trigger field, I just need the crew to exit. I want to do this WITHOUT using waypoints because the boat never goes straight. My unit name for LCVP is lcvp2. I just need to know what to put in the trigger to make only the group, not the driver, exit the lcvp. Please help. Thank you.
  5. I can`t sync Waypoints to Triggers in Eden editor, I`ve tried both vanilla and modded units. The option is there, but the dragged sync `line` will not `bind` to the waypoint or visa-versa. I`ve been away from Arma a long time. am I missing something really stupid and basic? Edit. Solved. Eden is different! "Waypoint Activation" is the new black.
  6. I am pretty new to Arma editor, but I want to set up a trigger that is supposed to activate on IED explosion, any help?
  7. I want to disable the ability of civilian units to move within a certain trigger area when the player is also in this trigger area (as these units tend to do weird things/ be distracting/get themselves killed). However, I want to except from this two vehicles that are vital to the mission. The following script works to disable the AI of civilians when the player is in the area, and enable it when he is not. However, it doesn't work to except the two vehicles. The only theory I have got so far is that it is something to do with agents, but I am not sure how to handle these. while {planeattack==false} do { { if ((_x != offroad1) or (_x != offroad2) or (vehicle _x != offroad1) or (vehicle _x != offroad2) or (_x != driver1) or (_x != driver2)) then { if (canproceed==false) then { _x disableai "path"; } else { _x enableai "path"; }; }; } foreach civiliansindanger; sleep 4; }; offroad1 and offroad2 = the vehicles driver1 and driver2 = their drivers civiliansindanger = a repeating trigger of all civilians in the area canproceed = determined by 2 triggers. It's true if the player is out of the trigger area. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Hello everyone. Apologies for being useless and having to come on here, but I'm stuck. Using VCOM AI (when units are grouped) the firefights are really good. My goal is to make the AI behave naturally to gunfire before they all 'knowsabout' you. At default it is really, really bad. My idea was to simulate the sound of gunfire carrying realistic distances (using triggers of up to 1km or more) and then have the AI react appropriately within these trigger areas when any shots are fired. I am nearly there. I don't understand SQF, but I spliced these things together from looking through the forums. Player squad is called GT. OPFOR units named a1, a2, a3, a4, a5. In the (player's) Object Init box - {_x addEventHandler['Fired',{shotIsFired = true}]} forEach (units GT); note - I would do it for all OPFOR units as well so they react the same if OPFOR fired first. In the Trigger named T1 - Activation - Any group member Activation type - Present Condition Expression - shotIsFired On Activation - [a2,a3,a4,a5] join a1; a1 reveal [GT, 1.7] This works brilliantly. They don't know exactly where I am, but they break out of ambient animations/patrol cycles instantly, huddle up (group) and take appropriate action. As they would in reality when hearing the shot. The problem is it will trigger if GT shoots outside the trigger area, they could be on the moon and it triggers! It is completely irrelevant to what settings I use in the trigger, what size or who I try to group to sync to, any of it. If anyone could help that would be great. Thanks in advance.
  9. I am looking for ways to use a trigger to notify the players when civilians have been killed. Right now, I have groups of civilians huddled in different spaces that aren't tied to anything in particular. My vision is to make one trigger that notifies the player whenever any civilian from any of these groups has been killed. Is this possible without having to name every single civilian and making a trigger for each one? I'm not super familiar with tools outside of the actual Arma mission editor, but am certainly willing to learn more if it makes this process easier. Thanks to all who respond!
  10. I'm currently attempting to make a trigger set units that are present in the trigger to be civilians, and when they are not in the trigger to set them to blufor as well as to be repeatable. This is what i currently have however it isn't working correctly and I know that I'm doing something easy that must be super simple to fix but I'm at a loss of what it may be. ifPresent true then { _newGroup = createGroup CIVILIAN; [player] joinSilent _newGroup; hint "You are a prisoner." } else { _newGroup = createGroup blufor; [player] joinSilent _newGroup; hint "You are escaping." }
  11. Hello there and thank you for giving attention to to my problem. Im creating an intro in which a camera follows a player (see below), but for some reason it wont exit the while loop, anybody got an idea why? StopFollowing = 0; Follow = 0; T1 = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", [0,0,0] , false]; T1 setTriggerStatements ["StopFollowing = 1","Follow = 1",""]; T1 setTriggerTimeout [5, 5, 5, false]; // i set this trigger with a timeout so it will turn the While condition false after 5 sec StopFollowing = 1; titleCut ["", "BLACK OUT", 2]; sleep 1; titleCut ["", "BLACK IN", 3]; while {Follow isEqualTo 0} do { _camera camPrepareTarget man1; _camera camPrepareRelPos [1,1,3]; _camera camPrepareFOV 0.700; _camera camCommitPrepared 0; WaitUntil {camCommitted _camera}; };
  12. Guys, Looking to have a trigger that removes a backpack and replaces it with a parachute for any unit that enters the trigger area. I currently have it working correctly, but it will only, remove and add the backpack for 1 unit at a time. So if I enter the trigger area with a team of 6 Ai, only the first unit entering will have the backpack replaced. If I leave the trigger area and send 1 Ai back into the area it works again for that 1 Ai. What I'd like to to do is remove the backpack and add the parachute to every unit in the area at the same time, regardless of how many are inside. (it wont be more than 6 at a time) 5x5 trigger placed activates blufor - present repeatable On Act {removeBackpack _x} forEach thisList; {_x addBackpack "B_Parachute"} forEach thisList; Any ideas suggestions greatly appreciated Smudge
  13. Hello! I have been working on a mission for a while now, where the players have to take a big town. To do so there are multiple goals and my plan was to provide the players with little rewards for completing certain tasks. One of the rewards was supposed to be a new artillery provider (helicopter or artillery) but i cannot make it work. The mission always starts out with the player group already having access to all the support. Is there any way of setting up a trigger or something that will cause new support units to become available? Thanks in advance!
  14. I have a Minefield use'ing the A3 mine Module, but I have now idea to make a trigger fire when all the mines are deactivated. I know it needs to be something like this... if allMines are Active then don't activate... or something like that. My scripting is still very rough so I am just lost on where to start to get that to where I want it.
  15. Hello, I'm new to creating missions with the editor, and am trying to set up a mission where, after you kill an officer in a base, another officer starts retreating, and you need to take him out as well. On top of that, you need to clear the base of hostiles to finish the scenario; however; if you kill the second officer before you kill the first one, the scenario doesn't end. You still get assigned to take him out even though he's already dead. I have multiple triggers and tasks set up, one that activates the retreat when you kill the first officer(which is the first task). This also assigns the task of eliminating the second officer. I have another task that makes you have to clear the base which is synced to a trigger that completes the task. I guess long story short, is it possible to skip a task if it is completed before it is assigned?
  16. Hello, I'm currently trying to write a script that creates a trigger via the radio Alpha channel and that can be activated by the player. The trigger statemesnts should set another unit (hunter1) into a combatmode Red and also have a line of sideChat from the player. Here is what I have so far _trig1 = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", [0,0,0]]; _trig1 setTriggerArea [0, 0, 0, false]; _trig1 setTriggerActivation ["ALPHA", "present", false]; _trig1 setTriggerText "Sniper Cover - Geronimo"; _trig1 setTriggerStatements [ "this", "hunter1 setcombatmode "RED"", "player sidechat "OPEN UP!" ]; }; I keep getting an error message saying I'm missing a "]" but I cant for the life of me figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Denzo
  17. Hello, My goal is to spawn a suicide truck ( _shilux ) by script, and have it explode when it reaches the location ( rock1 ). wave4_p1.sqf _shilux = createvehicle ["B_mas_cars_Hilux_Unarmed", getMarkerPos "espawn", [], 30]; sleep 4; _grp1 = createGroup east; "CUP_I_TK_GUE_Soldier" createUnit [getMarkerPos "espawn", _grp1, "this moveindriver _shilux", 0.5]; sleep 3; _wp1 = _grp1 addWaypoint [getPos rock1, 0]; _wp1 setWaypointType "MOVE"; _wp1 setWaypointSpeed "FULL"; _wp1 setWaypointCombatMode "BLUE"; _wp1 setWaypointBehaviour "CARELESS"; sleep 4; _strigger = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", getPos rock1, true]; _strigger setTriggerArea [0,0,0, false]; _strigger setTriggerActivation ["EAST", "PRESENT", false]; _strigger setTriggerStatements ["_shilux distance rock1 <30", "_bomb = 'M_Mo_82mm_AT_LG' createvehicle (getpos _shilux)", "hint 'Trigger off'"]; My success with this is limited; The truck follows the waypoint to rock, but does not explode. The truck just sits there waiting What am I missing here? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks
  18. Hello everyone, im new on this website! I need help on a problem, that I spent hours trying to fix it, but still no idea... So I'm making a stealth-kinda mission, with guards, alarms and stuff. I already made a Sentry to move into a house, and activate an alarm, when activated, making the nearby guards search for an intruder. I kinda got used to using triggers, but there is something I can't figure. It's the following; So in the base, I want a vehicle crew just chilling with a Sentry waypoint, and a Get In waypoint, so when they see an intruder, they'll use the nearby BMP. So it works well, but i want them to get in the BMP when they see enemy OR when the alarm is triggered. So I can only make them get in the BMP ONLY when the alarm is on, or ONLY when they see enemy... How can a make it both? I dunno if there is still people playing with this game, but I hope someone will find this thread. :) (I'm not from an English speaking country, I hope I was understandable :) )
  19. Hi all! I am working on a small missions for some friends and I would like to setup a trigger system. Basically when a player enters a specific trigger on the map, their side changes from CIV, to either OPFOR or BLUFOR, depending on which trigger they enter. Then when the trigger deactivates they are set back to CIV. Is something like this possible?? If so I would appreciate any help I could get!! Thanks!
  20. Hi, pretty new to arma scripting. I'm trying to control some scripted fire teams' movement with "go codes." What I'd like to be able to do is call radio alpha to activate alpha squad's first waypoint, then radio alpha to activate alpha's next waypoint, and so on. I'd like to do the same for bravo. I can also use triggers activated by the trigger owner presence to simulate the movement but that gives me less control and removes the feeling like I'm commanding the fireteams. Looking around online didn't turn up much. It seems like radio triggers, once activated stay activated? Is what I'm trying to do even possible via scripting? I did manage to get a repeated trigger scripted in the init but it only works for the first waypoint. Any ideas on how to approach this would be appreciated, thanks!!
  21. Im trying to use a action to activate a trigger which is working with (trigger1active = false; this addAction ["Activate trigger 1", {trigger1active = true}];) trigger 1 being the activation condition now i want to have all the targets in the area of the trigger be reset have tried mountains of stuff but none seem to work any sugestions?
  22. I know that this has been asked before and I have tried everything that I found. My problem is that I'm not using waypoints, I'm using the unitplay for my flight path. I don't want to use a radio activation. I want to use the Condition field of a trigger or task. This is the code I have in Condition. {_x in H1} count (units group player) == {alive _x} count (units group player); This works when testing in editor both in SP & MP, but does not work on the dedicated server. What happens is the takeoff without waiting to be loaded. I have also tried.... if (isServer) then { {_x in H1} count (units group player) == {alive _x} count (units group player); }; When using the (isServer) they don't take off but when I get on the chopper it does not activate. Let me also add that I"m using two choppers and need to wait till both choppers are loaded before they can takeoff. For this I have a trigger for each chopper with the above code. Then I have another trigger with this code in the Condition... triggerActivated H1Loaded && triggerActivated H2Loaded && triggerActivated EngineStart; The EngineStart trigger is activated as the players move to the chopper. I then have two more triggers for the sqf's that have the flight path info. Again this all works in SP & MP it the editor but DOES NOT work on the dedicated server. Any help would be great, thanks in advance.
  23. I found this thread of Arma2 from 2009 which asks the very same question. Now I must say I haven't tried this yet but, I wonder upon the release of Eden update if there are better alternatives given sync seems to have been sort of discontinued (I'm a Mission Editor amateur so I don't know if sync still actually exists.) or if simply there are better methods as of 2016's Arma 3 capabilities unlike A2 from 2009. Assurance of A2's method and possible alternatives are welcome. Thanks in advance.
  24. Hello again, community. I'm trying to make persistent triggers using profileNamespace, so their state would be saved upon mission restart. Here's what I've got to this minute: private ["_debug","_resetTriggers","_persTriggers","_actTriggers","_triggersLoaded"]; _persTriggers = [trigger_01,trigger_02]; _resetTriggers = false; _debug = true; //Define variable if launched for the first time or reset if ((isNil "triggers_var") || (_resetTriggers)) then { _actTriggers = []; profileNamespace setVariable ["triggers_var",[]]; saveProfileNamespace; }; //Loading activated triggers and activates them again _actTriggers = profileNamespace getVariable "triggers_var"; {_x setTriggerActivation ["ANYPLAYER","NOT PRESENT",false]} forEach _actTriggers; if (_debug) then {hint format ["Persistent triggers:\n%1\n\nActivated triggers:\n%2\n\ntriggers_var:\n%3",_persTriggers,_actTriggers,triggers_var];}; //Checking in any of the persitent triggers was activated while {true} do { UIsleep 2; { if (triggerActivated _x && !(_x in _actTriggers)) then { _actTriggers pushBackUnique _x; profileNamespace setVariable ["triggers_var",_actTriggers]; saveProfileNamespace; if (_debug) then {hint format ["Persistent triggers:\n%1\n\nActivated triggers:\n%2\n\ntriggers_var:\n%3\n\nLast activated:\n%4",_persTriggers,_actTriggers,triggers_var,_x];}; }; } forEach _persTriggers; }; No matter what I do It returns undefined expression in "triggers_var". If I change profileNamespace to missionNamespace - it works fine, so my guess is that I somehow cannot write to profileNamespace. filePatching is on, BattleEye disabled - no changes. Any help or ideas appreciated, I'm really stuck here.
  25. Hey Everyone, I'm having issues with 2 out of 7 identical triggers. I have made several bases each have their own trigger responisble for completing the task and changing some map markers and flags. Most of them seem to work but 2 of them will only fire once i complete a different objective after supposedly completing the faulty one. I have checked all the conditions of the trigger and where its synced to etc but i cant find any typo's or mistakes. Does anyone know if this is a known issue for having too much triggers? Faulty trigger example: Condition : {alive _x} count units enka1 == 0 && {alive _x} count units enka2 == 0; On Activation : "KaminoMarkerRed" setMarkerAlpha 0; "KaminoMarkerBlue" setMarkerAlpha 1; KaminoFlag setFlagTexture "\A3\Data_F\Flags\Flag_nato_CO.paa"; KaminoBanner setObjectTexture [0,"\A3\Data_F\Flags\Flag_nato_CO.paa"]; Thanks in advance! *Edit : I got it working now just by changing one group's name to enka3 instead of enka2.