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    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    The problem you have here is one of expediency. If you decide to push the legal definitions of ownership and make this painful, he may decide to do the minimum, within his rights. He could just leave the site closed and the content scattered. After all content creators should have copies of their work on their own PCs. He has no legal obligation as an archivist. And lets say for arguments sake he returned the content to its 'owners', the job of then re-compiling it from them would be a nightmare. Better to take the whole thing on (even with a cost) put aside your gripes about ownership and get a speedy resolution.
  2. ldnsmudge

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    It should be possible to crowd fund the buy back costs and year 1 operating costs, just need someone to make contact with Foxhound, get a price and write up the fund proposal.
  3. Awesome - thx man. I hope this gets resolved in a way that manages to see all the content survive somewhere. Thx again
  4. I know its early days and everyone is still figuring stuff out, but are your script compilations hosted anywhere else other than Armaholic. Is there anywhere else a beginner like me can find scripts by category like that ?? Sad times.
  5. Awesome man thx for your help
  6. Guys, Looking to have a trigger that removes a backpack and replaces it with a parachute for any unit that enters the trigger area. I currently have it working correctly, but it will only, remove and add the backpack for 1 unit at a time. So if I enter the trigger area with a team of 6 Ai, only the first unit entering will have the backpack replaced. If I leave the trigger area and send 1 Ai back into the area it works again for that 1 Ai. What I'd like to to do is remove the backpack and add the parachute to every unit in the area at the same time, regardless of how many are inside. (it wont be more than 6 at a time) 5x5 trigger placed activates blufor - present repeatable On Act {removeBackpack _x} forEach thisList; {_x addBackpack "B_Parachute"} forEach thisList; Any ideas suggestions greatly appreciated Smudge