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Found 42 results

  1. Is a way to make all task to be assigned simultaniously at the beggining of the mission? I want this because player can assign only one task at the time and this makes impossible for doing two task at the time on one objective. For example the player have main task to attack and clear an enemy compound and as optional task to destroy communication antenna. At the start of the mission you can assaign one of the task but if you select the main task (no matter auto assign or manual assaign), the task system will not work for the optional task (destroy antenna). The player cannot complete some tasks because he cannot select more then one to be evaluated at the same time. I simply cannot believe the task framework is so dumb?!
  2. SCENARIO FRAMEWORK (SF): MOVE TASK Difficulty: High This topic will cover the following subject(s): Creating a randomized move task system for non-AI (Players). As part of my Patrol Operations - ARLAND 1 scenario, I created a randomize move system to simulate performing a dismounted patrol using the SF taskMove.et. The SF will spawn one move task at the start of the mission. You proceed to the first check point and complete the move. At each intersection the framework will randomly select one of the directions to proceed and create a new check point task. This will continue until Mission Complete determined by you. The SF Entities used are Area.et, LayerTaskMove.et and SlotMoveTo.et. Unless otherwise noted, use default values of each scripted component of that entity. There is no enfusion scripting required. For our example, I will use a 3 way intersection, with 4 Check Points. A. INITIAL SETUP Drag and drop an Area.et at each of the road intersections you want the patrol to follow (1, 2, 3, and 4). Drag LayerTaskMove.et to the hierarchy panel, and drop it on each Area.et. This sets the coordinate of the entity to 0,0,0 and centers it in the Area.et. Drag a SlotMoveTo.et to the hierarchy panel, and drop into each LayerTaskMove.et. This sets the coordinate of the entity to 0,0,0 and centers it in the LayerTaskMove.et. Your hierarchy should look like below when finished. One for each intersection. Area1.et LayerTaskMove1.et SlotMoveto1.et Area2.et LayerTaskMove2.et SlotMoveto2.et Area3.et LayerTaskMove3.et SlotMoveto3.et Area4.et LayerTaskMove4.et SlotMoveto4.et Add 2 more slotMoveTo.et to LayerTaskMove2.et. I renamed the SlotMoveTo.et the name of the intersection you are going to. You are not allowed to have duplicate names so adjust your naming conventions accordingly. Area1.et LayerTaskMove1.et SlotMovetoA2.et Area2.et LayerTaskMove2.et SlotMoveto1.et SlotMoveto3.et SlotMoveto4.et Area3.et LayerTaskMove3.et SlotMovetoB2.et Area4.et LayerTaskMove4.et SlotMovetoC2.et In the below diagram, you enter at Area 4 (START POINT) and move to Area 2 at the 3 way intersection, the SF will randomly select one of the 3 options, SlotMoveTo1, SlotMoveTo3, or SlotMoveTo4. 1 <--------------> 2 <--------------> 3 | | 4 (START POINT) B. CREATE MOVE TASKS a. Area.et setup Highlight each Area.et one at a time. Highlight the SCR_ScenarioFrameworkArea in the Object Properties panel. In Debug, check both boxes to show debug shapes. Uncheck both boxes when you've completed your work. In Trigger and change the Area Radius to what ever size you like. I set mine to 15.00 meters to cover the entire intersection. Uncheck Once. b. LayerTaskMove.et setup Highlight each LayerTaskMove.et one at a time. Highlight the SCR_ScenarioFrameworkLayerTask in the Object Properties panel. In Children change Spawn Children to RANDOM_ONE. In Activation and change Activation Type to ON_TRIGGER_ACTIVATION. In Task enter the Task Title and Task Description. c. SlotMoveTo.et setup Highlight the SCR_ScenarioFrameworkSlotExtraction in the Object Properties panel. In Debug, check both boxes to show debug shapes. Uncheck both boxes when you've completed your work. In Plugins expand SCR_ScenarioFrameworkPluginTrigger. Set the Area Radius to 10 meters. Make sure it is smaller then the area radius set in a4. Uncheck Once. In OnTaskFinish expand Actions On Finished. Press the + button, enter in the search box Wait. Select SCR_ScenarioFrameworkActionWaitAndExecute (I use this SCR so there is a delay between task finished(old), and task created(new)). Expand Wait and Execute, set Delay In Seconds to 5 seconds. In Actions, press the + button, enter in the search box Spawn and select SCR_ScenarioFrameworkActionSpawnObject. Expand Spawn Objects. In Name Of Objects To Spawn Activation press the + button. In the 0 field enter the name of the LayerTaskMove.et of the intersection the SlotMoveTo.et will take you to. NOTE: For our scenario example above, the start point is at 4 (Area4.et) and we will move to 2 (Area2.et). We will enter LayerTaskMove2 in the 0 field for step 10. Each SlotMoveTo.et will be different depending on the scenario and the name of the components. Complete steps a, b, and c for each intersection you have placed the components. For our example we will enter the following in the 0 field of step 10. SlotMoveToA2 = LayerTaskMove2 SlotMoveTo1 = LayerTaskMove1 SlotMoveTo3 = LayerTaskMove3 SlotMoveTo4 = LayerTaskMove4 SlotMoveToB2 = LayerTaskMove2 SlotMoveToC2 = LayerTaskMove2 At this point if you have done everything correctly, when you spawn in and enter Area 4 it create a task to move to Area 2. Move to Area 2, and it will create a task to move to either Area 1, 3 or 4.
  3. Im trying to have a task succeed after assembling a ar-2 darter drone, wats the best way to accomplish this?
  4. If you're designing Arma 3 missions, you might have noticed many new or updated interfaces, like loading screens and debriefings. We're documenting them as they're being added in Mission Presentation page on Community Wiki. Please read the articles, link them when someone asks about their contents (e.g., how to configure loading screens) and expand them in case you find some useful info.
  5. In my mission I have Irani general to be killed otherwise he is getting to enemy barracks and the mission is failed. The problem is the vehicle with the general's group does not trigger task state to "FAILED". Here what I have to spawn the generals groups (working) : veh2 = "LOP_SYR_UAZ" createVehicle [4043.84,5518.31,4.76837e-007]; generalgrp = createGroup [east,true]; generalgrp addVehicle veh2; general = generalgrp createUnit ["O_Officer_Parade_Veteran_F", [4051.8,5504.99,0], [], 0, "NONE"]; guard1 = generalgrp createUnit ["LOP_IRAN_Infantry_SF_Grenadier", [4053.94,5508.33,0], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; guard2 = generalgrp createUnit ["LOP_IRAN_Infantry_SF_Rifleman", [4052.81,5501.81,0], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; generalgrp setBehaviour "CARELESS"; generalgrp setSpeedMode "LIMITED"; {_x limitSpeed 5} forEach units generalgrp; {_x assignAsCargo veh2} forEach units generalgrp; [general,guard1,guard2] orderGetIn true; guard1 assignAsDriver veh2; Group in spawned and gets in a vehicle. Order group to go to the barracks generalgrp move [3110.86,6298.28,0]; They move to barracks and then I want to use BIS_fnc_taskSetState to make the mission fail. A place a trigger, condition OPFOR present and on act : ["task5","FAILED",true] call BIS_fnc_taskSetState; The task is defined by trigger at the begining: private _myTask = [west,"task5","kill_general",objNull, "CREATED",-1,true,"kill",false] call BIS_fnc_taskCreate; And by this in description.ext : class CfgTaskDescriptions { class kill_general { title = "Kill the Irani general."; description = "Main task of phase one of the operation is finding and ellimination the Irani general. His demise will prevent the city to organize good defense. We have an informator, called Jafar, who will stop his vehicle next to the building where the general is hiding. Locate Jafar in the purple zone and tail his truck. Afterwards ged rid of Jafar and other witnesses if possible."; marker = ""; }; }; The problem is they don't activate the trigger ? and the task is not failed. If I just make condition true to this trigger it works ok. What is wrong? If the player kills the general task is succeeded without any problem with !alive general and: ["task5", "SUCCEEDED"] call BIS_fnc_taskSetState;
  6. Hello everyone, first time poster here, although I've been lurking and learning from other experienced community members. I have made a single-player mission which I'm pretty happy about the outcome. An icing on the cake would be to add radio chat between 3 entities - Player, Highway (AI) and Tower (AI). The mission is a carrier operation with 6 tasks - Take-off, Intercept Enemy Fighters, Intercept Enemy Helicopters, Destroy Anti-Air, Destroy Artillery, Land. I have created the text I wish to use in the mission but I simply have no clue how to make it appear after a certain thing has happened f.e when I fire an AMRAAM I want my guy to say "Fox Three" and when a missile hits - "Splash One!". Same thing with a BIM-9X but "Fox Two" instead as that is the correct term since it's an IR missile. List of enemy combatants: 4x To-201 Shikra (Bandit1/2/3/4) 1x CH-49 Mohawk (Condor) 1x WY-55 Hellcat (Vulture) 4x ZSU-39 Tigris (AA1/2/3/4) 3x 2S9 Sochor (SPG1/2/3) I tried compiling a description.ext script (note: I don't have actual sound files yet, I'd appreciate it if I can get an idea what Text-to-Speech I can use to make myself audio files and then convert to .ogg): And a radio.sqf script "Sleep 4" is short, it's a placeholder. I hope you can understand my query. Sorry for this really long post, TLDR: I need to have radio chat to be activated after doing a certain thing.
  7. I want to make a similar type of mission like a RobJ's helicopter pilot mission. But I couldn't understand anything from his mission file. There wasn't much I could refer to. And It's hard to find tutorials for this. Could someone please let me know if you know any tutorials about how to create a mission that create tasks randomly and continuously?
  8. Hello, everyone! I have played missions with such tasks. For example: the player can finish a main task, shown above the others, when 2 or more other side/secondary tasks are completed. My simple example: -> Main Task: Survive - Kill The Officer - Destroy Tank When I kill the officer and destroy the enemy tank, I have completed these side/secondary tasks, and with that the main task: Survive, is also completed. Is this some special script that should be used or just placing down any modules in the Eden editor?
  9. Hello, community. I need a script in order to create and complete a single task. Here is what I need to achieve: 1. The player must drive his truck close enough to an object, that has to be loaded on the truck. So I basically need a truck named X and and object named Y (or truck1 and object1). 2. I need a condition in the script that would check the distance between the truck and the cargo which is quite logical - if the truck is close enough, the cargo can be loaded, so I need something like this: truck1 distance object1 < X (let's say 5m). 3. I need this addAction menu with "LOAD CARGO" option (if truck1 distance object1 <X, then...) to appear when the condition from p.2 is fulfilled. 4. I need to know if any kind of cargo type objects can be visibly attached to a truck, so when the cargo is loaded on it, it should be visible. 5. I must then move to a position where to unload the cargo and then the task would be completed, so I can use the script from p.2 again or simply use a condition which would check if the cargo is no more loaded in the truck, which would then complete the task. 6. I need to use a simple Create Task Module, not a scripted task, but one with a Set Task State and a trigger with a condition to check if the condition is fulfilled. Thank you very much in advance, happy editing! Best regards and cheers!
  10. MartinWuzHere

    Task Force Phobos

    TFP -Task Force Phobos- is a semi-realistic milsim community. We are currently looking for players who enjoy a laid back expirence, in contrast to hardcore groups. some pros of this unit include 1. No paperwork. You will never have to fill out any forms. Just join the discord (will be linked) and join the BI group (will also be linked) and youll be good to go. 2. 13+ age restriction. this is much lower than many groups, id dare go as far as to say we really dont have one! (just please, try to be mature!) 3. MULTIPLE OPS during the 7 day period. 1-2 ops during the week, plus fri/sat/sun ops every weekend! 4. Minimal training required. youll pretty much just prove that you know what youre doing for your desired role. 5. Absolutely no IRL or arma exprience required. 6. We use TFR/TFAR. This requires TS3, but if you dont have it and are willing to use it, we can def help you through the process of getting it set up! Training- Friday, before operation TFP uses a dedicated server to ensure quality of gameplay, as well as an immersive modpack. Unit members are not required to attend every op, though at least one a week would be great. If anyone has any questions at all, feel free to Dm me, friend me on steam/discord, etc. Have fun and happy Milsiming! Cpl Martin TaskForcePhobos Rep Adv Recce Marksman TFP Discord: https://discord.gg/UMA8Tp TFP BI Group: https://units.arma3.com/unit/taskforcephobos
  11. Hello, community! I have seen such a script, but I can't find it anywhere: - the player needs to complete multiple tasks; - he's debriefed by his HQ and must open a local map (EDEN item, placed on the map); - when he interacts with the map, a map is opened all over the screen; - all tasks are visible on this map as flags; - the flags' markers change its size (grow a little) when the mouse marker is pointing at them; - during this action a text with description is shown next to the current flag marked; - when you click on the flag, you will be teleported to the location; - I want to use the script on the VR map for testing and then move it to the mission's map; - I want another such map asset (item) to be temporary spawned next to me (near player's new location) after being teleported, so the player can go back to the HQ debriefing area, once the task is completed (the player will be allowed to do that only when it's finished /this is not a mandatory condition/). | The second possible variant is just another copy of the map item at the specific task location, but the condition with the task completed must be "true"; - I want the task to be activated, when the player is just spawned and teleported to the task's location, so I guess I will have to put a trigger there. Thanks for the help in advance! 🙂
  12. I have this line in the trigger condition, why does it give a generic error in expression when I run scenario? this and (taskCompleted t1) and (taskCompleted t2) and (taskCompleted t3) and (taskCompleted t4) and (taskCompleted t5) t1 to t5 all exist right from start. They are all tasks. The error comes both when evaluating trigger as server only or not. Also if I try this then I get invalid number in expression: this and ((taskState t1 == "Succeeded") or (taskState t1 == "Canceled")) and ((taskState t2 == "Succeeded") or (taskState t2 == "Canceled")) and ((taskState t3 == "Succeeded") or (taskState t3 == "Canceled")) and ((taskState t4 == "Succeeded") or (taskState t4 == "Canceled")) and ((taskState t5 == "Succeeded") or (taskState t5 == "Canceled"))
  13. I would like to allow players to cancel tasks. I know it can be done cause I have seen missions where tasks can be canceled. But my tasks, which is made by modules cannot be canceled by players, they simply dont get the option.
  14. Hello, community! I am testing a VR scenario with VR AI - 0_Soldier_VR_F, called tgt0. The hits on him are counted by a script which also checks his condition, depending on where the AI's being shot. But what I want to know is how to complete a task, when a specific number of kills of the same class spawning VR soldier is counted. For example, when I kill the VR AI x times, the task will be completed. What can I do about this? Thank you in advance! 🙂
  15. Hey guys and gals, I'm trying to create a task where the player has to take an object on the ground (no matter which one, currently trying with a first aid kit). I don't know why I absolutely can't make it right. I create and configure the task, the task state and the trigger as always, and in the trigger I write "Item_FirstAidKit" in items player" And it won't work at all. Can you guys send help? I'm really stuck on this basic thing and I'm pretty frustrated about it, no matter what I do I can't make it work (Also asked on the steam forums)
  16. Can I use one Task Marker and move it around like I do with triggers and WP? I'm able to create a Task Marker in position but I can't make it move to the next position. It would be much easier to just move the uncompleted task around (in my usage case) than it would be to complete/create new each time it moves. I don't want there to be a hundred completed tasks by the end of the scenario. This is how I create the Marker, [true,["task1"],["Approach Vector","Approach","Plane"],objNull,1,3,true] call BIS_fnc_taskCreate; ["task1","ASSIGNED"] call BIS_fnc_taskSetState; ["task1",[approachAP1,true]] call BIS_fnc_taskSetDestination; task1 call BIS_fnc_taskSetCurrent; running the same script again with a new destination doesn't work. How do I move an active Task around?
  17. I have got all the triggers within my mission working and have found a work around to this issue but it is rather messy as it ends up with lots of triggers with various countdown timers in order to make Task Completed notification show before showing the next task. I have been looking through forums, videos and Google to find a solution but I am having no luck so far. Why does task assigned show before task completed. I would have thought it would know that it should show task completed first. If someone could point me in the right direction regarding this issue it would be great. All these triggers and countdowns is getting very messy and confusing.
  18. Hello, everyone! I have seen in different missions that when you open a task a specific location that you need to go to is marked and can be pointed on the map. It is in the description of the task and a square shows its exact location. How do I do that in Eden? Cheers! 🙂
  19. IN GAME TASKS ON MARKERS Hi all, Here is a little script to create some tasks while in game, just placing markers on map. EDITED: 23/12/2018 parameters: none There is no parameters. Just place some map markers. The available markers are "OBJECTIVE" "AMBUSH" "DESTROY" "PICK UP" "JOIN" (like actions for units). All others remain standard markers. Channel: As markers come with selectable channel "GLOBAL" "SIDE" "COMMAND" "GROUP" "VEHICLE", the automated task will be displayed for the same channel. So, don't forget a global marker will create a global task, and so on. Task deletion: There are 2 ways for deleting a task: - try to delete the red circle marker below the task marker. Not easy. Usually works when you catch the marker owner name in MP. - go to task description and click on "Delete task" It's an active link. Associated action: At this time, there is no difference between the type of tasks. These tasks are like some 3D markers and are displayed as tasks. But there is no condition for completion. That means, these tasks can be CREATED or ASSIGNED but never COMPLETED or CANCELED. They can be deleted. Extra feature: In task description, you can click on "GO GO GO" link. This will order the concerned units (CHANNEL) to move at the task destination. You can order a task for the side, then order another task for your group. This, you can have two different objectives. But, please, keep on mind AIs will obey to the last order. So, have some players coordination in MP. That's the main reason why the move order is not automatic. You can create all tasks you need as 3D markers, then decide to order or not a movement for units. All comments, ideas are welcome! Run this code on initPlayerLocal.sqf or any script running with interface (player). A condition true trigger works also. Thanks Pierre MGI
  20. Hello, So in my mission, I've had this problem for a while now where the missions icon as well as all the other parts regarding that mission so the trigger, the set task state and the create mission all float roughly 100 meters above the aircraft carrier so the players can land the mission in which they need to land the helicopter on the aircraft carrier. Could the people in this forum please help me with that problem. There are screenshots provided: https://imgur.com/a/3sKuRvp Thanks in advance.
  21. Hi, first sorry, i dont speak english XD... I am looking for a script to do this: Example: Go to a laptop,and with the Addaction, select a task from multiple task, kill oficer,destroy tower,rescue civil, etc, then this task spawn in 15 randoms posible location... you can take more task in the same time, but, if you dont complete kill oficer,, cant select kill oficer again,. ¿Is this posible? , i search for this ,but dont find it,, also i dont speak english, and cant search good,, can anone help me pls??? Thanks you very muchs!!
  22. Hello! It's probably a very easy situation but I can't find any help so far. I want to apply the steps below between three locations (LA, LB, LC) Start (anywhere): Task 1- Go LA (On LA) - Success Task 2- Go LB (On LB) - Success Task 3- Go LA (On LA) - Success Task 4- Go LC (On LC) - Success I use trigger (Blufor Present) but I'm having problems. When I sync one trigger and set it to "Repeat", both Task 2 and Task 4 gets activated and when I activate again, Task 2 completes and starts again. When I use two different triggers, Task 4 is enabled when units reach LA for the first time. I need tasks to be activated and completed just like the steps I mentioned above. How can I do that?
  23. I have a hostage mission with the 3DEN Enhanced mod and have "Is Hostage" on 4 hostages that you need to hold "Space" to free the hostage. Im aware that the the trigger has something to do with "Enh_isHostage" but i do not know the code for the task to detect that the hostages have been set free. Anybody know how?
  24. Hello. I am using this script to get all the cities into an array, then make a marker on them. 95% of the time it works, and then rarely it just creates a marker at [0,0,0] and then the script is just useless. Help, please. tasknumber = ["task1","task2","task3", etc ... ]; publicVariable "tasknumber"; publicVariable "current_tasknumber"; publicVariable "current_task"; cities = nearestLocations [getPosATL officer_jeff, ["NameCity"], 25000]; publicVariable "cities"; _city = cities call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _citypos = locationPosition _city; _citymarker = createMarker ["citymarker", _citypos]; current_taskmarker = _citymarker; current_tasknumber = tasknumber call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; [west,[current_tasknumber],["Clear out the area","Clear out",current_task],[0,0,0],true,2,true,"attack",true] call BIS_fnc_taskCreate; [current_tasknumber,current_task]call BIS_fnc_taskSetDestination; [current_tasknumber]call BIS_fnc_taskSetCurrent; ....spawn enemies etc ...
  25. Hey there, running into some trouble here. So I'm doing this SP mission, and I want the player to do a set of tasks (3 actually) within a certain ammount of time (lets say 5 min. (300 sec.). Just a little briefing about what I'm trying to do: - Dude get's out of the Heli, visits this unit and prety much this units tells him that he has 5 min. to gear up and then get into another heli before this one takes off. So my point here is, if the player isn't inside of that Heli within 5 min. mission ends (failed) and has to restart, however if he is there in time, I want the mission to keep going, so it would just mean that the task was completed and the timer would stop. There must be a very simple way of doing this, currently using task modules and triggers that are sync to the player (trigger owner). Any help would be appreciated!