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  1. It would seem I got it to work by using "this and triggerActivated Task6;" in the last task's succeed trigger condition field combined with Activation: Any Player and Activation Type: Present. Thanks for the help!
  2. I've looked it up before and still couldn't figure out how to end the mission with a task to land on the same spot I took off from.
  3. I'm far from a script expert myself and rather not create a script if not completely necessary. I'm hoping to be able to do it with a trigger. My life would've been easier had the LZ been somewhere else other than the static USS Liberty as I originally took off from her. Thanks for the suggestion however!
  4. How would I go on about making the final task succeed for the player to land on the USS Liberty after taking off from it? Sorry if this isn't the place to ask.
  5. I don't mind doing the talking myself but I'm not a native English speaker, I'd probably rather have a bot do it for me. Must not forget there are 3 speakers who need to sound different.
  6. Thank you so much for the quick response! First time I actually hear about Event Handlers and their possibilities are vast! I also edited the OP to spare the scrollwheels :D
  7. Hello everyone, first time poster here, although I've been lurking and learning from other experienced community members. I have made a single-player mission which I'm pretty happy about the outcome. An icing on the cake would be to add radio chat between 3 entities - Player, Highway (AI) and Tower (AI). The mission is a carrier operation with 6 tasks - Take-off, Intercept Enemy Fighters, Intercept Enemy Helicopters, Destroy Anti-Air, Destroy Artillery, Land. I have created the text I wish to use in the mission but I simply have no clue how to make it appear after a certain thing has happened f.e when I fire an AMRAAM I want my guy to say "Fox Three" and when a missile hits - "Splash One!". Same thing with a BIM-9X but "Fox Two" instead as that is the correct term since it's an IR missile. List of enemy combatants: 4x To-201 Shikra (Bandit1/2/3/4) 1x CH-49 Mohawk (Condor) 1x WY-55 Hellcat (Vulture) 4x ZSU-39 Tigris (AA1/2/3/4) 3x 2S9 Sochor (SPG1/2/3) I tried compiling a description.ext script (note: I don't have actual sound files yet, I'd appreciate it if I can get an idea what Text-to-Speech I can use to make myself audio files and then convert to .ogg): And a radio.sqf script "Sleep 4" is short, it's a placeholder. I hope you can understand my query. Sorry for this really long post, TLDR: I need to have radio chat to be activated after doing a certain thing.