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  1. Gotcha, thanks again, this is very helpfull! Cheers.
  2. Appreciated, so in terms of tasking, is all the tasking being called through this script or can I still use the task modules ID's and just place their ID's in here?
  3. I see, alright thanks for the info, I'll probably just work around it.
  4. Hey there, running into some trouble here. So I'm doing this SP mission, and I want the player to do a set of tasks (3 actually) within a certain ammount of time (lets say 5 min. (300 sec.). Just a little briefing about what I'm trying to do: - Dude get's out of the Heli, visits this unit and prety much this units tells him that he has 5 min. to gear up and then get into another heli before this one takes off. So my point here is, if the player isn't inside of that Heli within 5 min. mission ends (failed) and has to restart, however if he is there in time, I want the mission to keep going, so it would just mean that the task was completed and the timer would stop. There must be a very simple way of doing this, currently using task modules and triggers that are sync to the player (trigger owner). Any help would be appreciated!
  5. You could also get the regular uniforms for the navy, that would be cool.
  6. Hey there whiplash, just wondering if you are still going to add/ update some of the uniforms. Portuguese special forces (Rangers) are 'now' using fairly new equipment, including helmets and uniforms with MTP camo (NATO standards). Might also want to add some sniper camoflage. Great mod, keep it up!