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  1. Hello everyone! I haven't been active for a very long time. Now I am back and I need your help. I have downloaded a ready MP/Coop Mission - Rush Redux on Tanoa by OPTiX. Since we are a small community on a private server, I need to make this mission better playable and it needs to be agains AI soldiers, so my friends and I can fight them and still finsih the main mission by completing the objectives. This is possible by destroying the MCOM's when playing on the OPFOR side because if you spawn as a BLUFOR player, the enemies will simply show up, fire upon you and your squad mates and not attack the objective. So the gameplay would be pretty boring. That's why I am going to remove the BLUFOR playable units. I have tried using THIS example with the script in the description, including my own config lines of the enemy soldiers, but it didn't work, showing me that ")" was missing on a line in the main script: { if (_Spawntarget distance _x˃_Deletedistance) then {deleteVehicle _x;}; } forEach units _EditGroup; } foreach (allGroups select {side _x == _Spawnside && (_x getVariable ["spawned",true])}); And because it didn't work I tried with A.E.S (Ambient Enemy Spawner), but the enemy soldiers spawn around me very rare and too late, and it's always laggy as hell. I have tried different options in the main module, but I wasn't satisfied with the results. Other than that, I would like to use a simple script, may be like the first one above, in order to place down custom AI units, not only Vanilla, so I can put enemies from any mod I would like to use, and I need to make a stable version without any lagg while playing. What would you recommend me to do? May be put some units around the map and automatically spawn them on me when I start playing, but the thing is that the player always starts on a different random location and can spawn in the HQ or in a vehicle. If I want to use custom enemy units I guess I will have to use a config line to get them working. Please, give me some advices, scripts or suggestions how to accomplish this task. I want the enemies to hunt down the players. Thank you in advance!
  2. Hello, community. Here is what I want to achieve: - I want to combine 3 different animations into one; - the player should be able to play these 3 animations sequentially; QUESTION 1: Should these animations be united as one and used all together in one script or QUESTION 2: Perhaps they could be used individually with a “wait until” command between them, so the script “should wait” until the first one is completed in order to perform the second one and when it is over, the third one will be played as well. ANIMATIONS: 1. The player waking up being wounded and then stands up after X seconds. 2. The player then looks around like in another script we already well know where he can set up a camp, sleep and then wake up in X hours. 3. The player then moves along an invisible way with his weapon in his right hand like in a cinematic intro. I have reworked this last animation’s content making it stop functioning when: player distance obj1 <X. This means I need to stop all these animations, when they are completed, with this part above, used in a trigger’s “On Activation” field. Animations: Nr. 1 - should be put in player’s init field: [this, "PRONE_INJURED"] call BIS_fnc_ambientAnim; 0 = this spawn {waitUntil {time > 10}; _this call BIS_fnc_ambientAnim__terminate; _this switchMove "AinjPpneMstpSnonWnonDnon_rolltofront";_this playMove "AmovPknlMstpSnonWnonDnon"}; Nr. 2 - should be activated by: player addAction ["<t color=""#F8FF24"">" +format["Set Up Camp"],"Camp_Script\spawn.sqf"]; Here you can find the files for this script: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28555 Nr. 3 - in a trigger or in playerinit.sqf: player disableAI "move";_nul = [] spawn {player switchMove "Acts_PercMwlkSlowWrflDf2";player disableAI "ANIM";waitUntil{(player distance target1) < 8};player switchMove "";}; [1, 60,true,true] call BIS_fnc_cinemaBorder; - target1 one is the object that the player needs to reach and when he does, the animation stops working. So, friends, how can we combine these 3 animations into one? Thank you in advance! Happy scripting and cheers!
  3. Hello, community! 🙂 I have tried to create a mod with units using Drongo's Config Generator. I know how it works and I have created some mods already. What I want to share is an issue when I made my last mod. I have used this mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1124966491 for the uniforms and also Contact's Spetsnaz units, as my units should be Russians. I have tried the mod afterwards and only the uniforms are the CSAT vanilla (default) ones instead of the Russian variants. I have tried several times and I have got the same error every time, no matter if you units are from the F1 faction menu or the F2 groups menu. What could cause this problem? Thank you in advance! 🙂 🍻
  4. How far did you get by now? 🙂 I can't wait to see to current stage of progression. 🙂
  5. black_hawk_mw2_87

    Hold Space To Pick Lock

    I can check my version and see my test mission and if it doesn't, give me a mail or something to share it with you. 🙂
  6. Hello, community! I hope you remember CoD Black Ops and how it starts in a bar, where enemies enter the place and one allied AI picks up a knife from the table as far as I remember and stubs an enemy. I want to use the animation for this AI with his hands on the table, then cancel the animation, when the enemy AI enters the building behind him, and make our AI grab a gun (may be the Zubr revolver) and kill that enemy. It is not 100% necessary this first enemy AI to be 100& enemy, but how about making our guy attack him anyway? I could change the side and make the other AI join OPFOR when our AI has picked up the weapon. What would you suggest? Thank you in advance! Cheers!
  7. Hello, community. I need a script in order to create and complete a single task. Here is what I need to achieve: 1. The player must drive his truck close enough to an object, that has to be loaded on the truck. So I basically need a truck named X and and object named Y (or truck1 and object1). 2. I need a condition in the script that would check the distance between the truck and the cargo which is quite logical - if the truck is close enough, the cargo can be loaded, so I need something like this: truck1 distance object1 < X (let's say 5m). 3. I need this addAction menu with "LOAD CARGO" option (if truck1 distance object1 <X, then...) to appear when the condition from p.2 is fulfilled. 4. I need to know if any kind of cargo type objects can be visibly attached to a truck, so when the cargo is loaded on it, it should be visible. 5. I must then move to a position where to unload the cargo and then the task would be completed, so I can use the script from p.2 again or simply use a condition which would check if the cargo is no more loaded in the truck, which would then complete the task. 6. I need to use a simple Create Task Module, not a scripted task, but one with a Set Task State and a trigger with a condition to check if the condition is fulfilled. Thank you very much in advance, happy editing! Best regards and cheers!
  8. Thank you for the advice. I use Alias' Intro scripts for a very long time now. I really enjoy his way of making intros easier and that's why I use it. But I needed the cinematographic intro style with borders.
  9. YOU ARE A CHAMPION!!! A B I G T H A N K Y O U!!! I appreciate your help! It's time for testing! CHEERS!
  10. Thank you very much for the help and your efforts. I really appreciate all of this, so thanks for the patience with me. But I think I am a not going to be able to achieve the results I was seeking. I would be VERY THANKFUL if you put a simple example mission with a player walking, some sort of text on the screen and some kind of intro music. These are things that can be later changed - the whole duration of the intro, the music and the text. I will be very happy to try it out. I also think it is going to be very important and helpful to the community. Thank you in advance!!! Cheers!
  11. Hello, mate. I finally tried to create a mission with a cinematic intro, but it didn't work well. There's some strange error when I start it. I removed almost everything from my .sqf file and simply added the exec code and I changed the description.ext file, which also gave me an error that a symbol is mistaken. The arma logo is also missing, the ogg file, too... So there's no music, simply the screen goes black for a second 2 times and then comes the cinematic frame... which wouldn't disappear at all and the player keeps walking. I also didn't understand that XML file. Where should I put that code? I think it's all too complicated for me, so, PLEASE, help me, step by step, like I am a beginner. Or you could also send me an example or a test mission where I can see how it works... something like copy/paste/edit according to mission's needs... Please, help me and thank you in advance! Cheers!
  12. Hello everyone and happy new year! I wish you all the best! I am working on a mission where the player takes part in an invasion on an island and must disembark wtih his squad on the beach. There will be some locals and civilians around and I need to make them run away in fear and afraid of the invaders, when the soldiers are spotted by the civilians. So this should be used as a condition. But I know there are some commands that work for the entire class or type, just like the markers. I use such a script that hides all the markers on the start of the mission and makes them visible when a condition is met. It works for all of them, so I need a script that would include all of the local civilians walking around the island. I intend to add a voice file and a text with their screams of fear or something like that inside the trigger, if this script works from a trigger and it will be repeatable. So, would you help me with this? I'd even appreciate a single script that works with one civilian only and simply add it to every one of them I place in the editor. Thank you in advance! 🙂
  13. Good evening, everyone! I am really glad to see that such a great mod is in development. I've read all the comments and watched all the videos. I find your work and progress really amazing and fabulous. This mod, when finished, will be a great success for the entire community and I am proud to see such enthusiastic members working on such a huge and difficult project. So I have no words to describe how I am felling right now. I know everyone of you is really busy with common work, family and life, but your dedication deserves much of applauses. This mod is a game changer in my opinion. It would be a great opportunity to become a part of Bohemia's official DLCs like GM. It definitely owns the potential seeing what has been made until today. I hope you are still working on it and I expect to see its release soon, not asking about the release date... All you have created is individual and different in comparison to what we've seen before. The high quality, the texture details and all of the new assets along with the way they have been logically used and placed make me feel great. I wish you all the best and keep up the great work, guys! Thank you for your efforts. One small suggestions of me would be to use, if you wish, of course, my custom composition - a huge cave complex. I have used 2 dependencies to create it as one of the versions also contains a waterfall thanks to #aliascartoons great waterfall script.
  14. black_hawk_mw2_87

    Arma 3 Mods After Downloading The Game

    Thank you very much, friend! 🙂
  15. Hello, community! I have a major issue that I need to solve without anymore problems and frustration. I have subscribed over 1200-1300 mods at all until yesterday. I wanted to unsubscribe most of them and delete the local content to spend more space on the hard disc. I needed additional space for other games and wanted to save only a few more important mods for Arma 3, especially a small list needed for a specific campaign I was working on. When I try to unsubscribe these unneeded mods from the launcher or from the workshop, they immediately will download again and there's no effect after all these attempts. How would I stop/pause redownloading of all this huge content and only subscribe my small list of addons I really need to use for my campaign? Thank you in advance and cheers!