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  1. As I have mentioned, I shared a picture with all the settings with you in the past. From what I can remember, 3866Cl14 was unstable.
  2. 4000Cl15, i think i shared a picture with you in the past. You`re right, my room temp is @20 - 25 °C most of time. Nonetheless i never had a single problem with my RAM, even @room temps of 30+ °C. But i have to admit, that i never checked my RAM-temps before.+
  3. Never had a problem with RAM-Temps, even though mine is running @1,5V
  4. I am very impressed. looks like you made the right decision back in the day. Do you want to upgrade your GPU as well?
  5. Your advice is to not upgrade to next gen Intel or AMD CPUs. That's right?
  6. My plan was to upgrade to a custom loop and a stronger graphics card like a 6800xt or a 3080. Well, the loop is easy to upgrade later on, that's not the probem. But I am not sure about the bottleneck in 4k. It's a high end gpu paired with an old I3 9350kf.
  7. I heard that both DDR4 and DDR5 will be supported. I plan to upgrade to 12th Gen and to keep my 4000cl15 RAM. But the final decision I will make only after the first reviews.
  8. That's what I tried to say. I just wanted to give him an example on how to set up a remote execution. For example the caller could remoteExec a text on a other players pc.
  9. It`s always different, I guess. correct me if there are better options. trigger: (thisList select 0) setDamage 1 talking about the addAction. I don't think it's necessary to remoteExec it, as the code is executed locally. But anyway, if you want to do it with something else: //description.ext class CfgFunctions { class JF { class Scripts { class cutText {file = "cutText.sqf"}; }; }; }; //cutText.sqf params ["_text"]; cutText [format ["<t color='#ff0000' size='5'>%1</t><br/>***********", _text], "PLAIN", -1, true, true]; //objects init this addAction [ "cutText", { params ["_target", "_caller", "_actionId", "_arguments"]; [name _caller] remoteExec ["JF_fnc_cutText", _caller]; }, nil, 1.5, true, true, "", "true", 5, false, "", "" ];
  10. Do you use the vehicle respawn module?
  11. yeah, you're right! Checked it and if you use it's working
  12. if Wave1Group1 is a group, then: ((units Wave1Group1) select {alive _x}) isEqualTo [] if it's a unit: ((units (group Wave1Group1)) select {alive _x}) isEqualTo []
  13. I had the same idea but it wasn't working. Probably because dead units remain for some time in their group until they are removed.