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  1. @pierremgiI would like to calculate the x, - and y coordinates, as well as the height and the width, without having to write down the complete calculation each time. I would then save the invoice for a position such as the center of the screen in a function that I can then quickly call up.
  2. Hi there, I wrote a function that helps to calculate x,y,w,h of an element for a defined position (for example the center of the screen). The function is working fine: I took the numbers I displayed with a hint and wrote them manually to the control. That works. But every time I try something like this, it isn't: class Background_01 : RscText { colorBackground[] = {1,1,1,1}; colorText[] = {1,1,1,1}; text = "blablabla"; x = [[[0.1,0.2]], ["MAIN_CENTER"]] call JF_fnc_Coordinates select 0; y = [[[0.1,0.2]], ["MAIN_CENTER"]] call JF_fnc_Coordinates select 1; w = [[[0.1,0.2]], ["MAIN_CENTER"]] call JF_fnc_Coordinates select 2; h = [[[0.1,0.2]], ["MAIN_CENTER"]] call JF_fnc_Coordinates select 3; }; Just as example. The function is defined under CfgFunctions. Thanks for your help!
  3. @oldbear, @Groove_C I am not playing at 1800p but at 1080p.. just upscaled the resolution for testing. I like your discussion, but now I don't really know what to do. As I said, I am going to play at 1920x1080. Can I expect FPS gains from upgrading my CPU or my GPU? I prepared two options, what's the way to go? N°1 is a little bit cheaper. 1) CPU: i5-10600KF RAM: 16Gb Patriot Viper Steel 4400 cl19-19-19-39 GPU: RX 570 8Gb (+new mobo, +new cpu cooler) 2) CPU: i3-9350KF RAM: 16Gb G. Skill Trident Z Neo 3600 cl14-15-15-35 GPU: RX 5700XT 8Gb (+new cpu cooler) Thanks 🙂
  4. That’s what I thought. After the summer I wanted to replace my graphics card anyway, then I get faster RAM and a slightly better cooler to clock the CPU a little higher. With the RAM I had thought of this: https://geizhals.de/teamgroup-t-force-xtreem-argb-dimm-kit-16gb-765441649354-a2192229.html Expensive, but should be relatively future-proof. If you know better options, I’d appreciate some information, Jacob
  5. Thats my setup: CPU: i3 9350KF @4.8GHz MoBo: AsRock Z390 Phantom Gaming 4S GPU: MSI RX570 ARMOR MK2 OC [Stock] 8GB RAM: 16 GB (8x2) HyperX Predator @2666-13-15-15-35 SSD: Intenso 120GB Benched it with YAAB, these are the results: Resolution: 1920x1080: -Preset: Ultra[default] FPS: 17.4 -Preset: Very High[default] FPS: 35.5 -Preset: High[default] FPS: 43.2 -Preset: Standard[default] FPS: 45.3 -Preset: Low[default] FPS: 57.2 Resolution: 2560x1440: -Preset: Ultra[default] FPS: 10.1 -Preset: Very High[default] FPS: 27.2 -Preset: High[default] FPS: 39.1 -Preset: Standard[default] FPS: 47.8 -Preset: Low[default] FPS: 56.9 Resolution: 3200x1800: -Preset: Ultra[default] FPS: 6.7 -Preset: Very High[default] FPS: 18.2 -Preset: High[default] FPS: 31.9 -Preset: Standard[default] FPS: 46.6 -Preset: Low[default] FPS: 56.0 Whats the limiting factor here? The Ultra benchmark shouldn't be that bad. The Cpu is ok, maybe faster Ram or a better Gpu? If you have any suggestions, please tell me. Thanks, Jacob
  6. How to make ai stay on a scripted waypoint for a few seconds until it goes to an other waypoint? I tried to use: setWaypointStatements ... But no idea how to tell it, which unit is assigned to it. Any Ideas?
  7. Smart Games

    Structured Text with Variables?

    I tried something like that: _var1 = "HI"; _var2 = "You"; titleText [_var1<br/>_var2, "PLAIN", -1, true, true]; It's not working
  8. I would like to create a Startscreen with black background like this: Mission Name //text given by first variable Made by Me //text given by second variable But I am not able to create two titletexts at the same time. So i tried to use titletext with structured text: titleText [_var1 <br/>_var2,"PLAIN",-1,false,true]; //not working Any Ideas?
  9. I will try it, thanks. @Larrow, do you know an other way to make the player drop equipment to the ground without removing it?
  10. Thats the function: fnc_check = { params ["_whitelist"]; private ["_primaryweapon","_handgunweapon","_launcher","_pw","_hw","_lw","_veh"]; _primaryweapon = primaryWeapon player; _handgunweapon = handgunWeapon player; _launcher = secondaryWeapon player; _pw = 0; _hw = 0; _lw = 0; { if (_x == _primaryweapon) then { _pw = _pw + 1; } } forEach _whitelist; { if (_x == _handgunweapon) then { _hw = _hw + 1; } } forEach _whitelist; { if (_x == _launcher) then { _lw = _lw + 1; } } forEach _whitelist; if (count primaryWeapon player >= 3) then { if (_pw == 0) then { _veh = createVehicle ["GroundWeaponHolder_Scripted", position player, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; player action ["DropWeapon", _veh, primaryWeapon player]; }; }; if (count handgunWeapon player >= 3) then { if (_hw == 0) then { _veh = createVehicle ["GroundWeaponHolder_Scripted", position player, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; player action ["DropWeapon", _veh, handgunWeapon player]; }; }; if (count secondaryWeapon player >= 3) then { if (_lw == 0) then { _veh = createVehicle ["GroundWeaponHolder_Scripted", position player, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; player action ["DropWeapon", _veh, secondaryWeapon player]; }; }; }; }; Its very difficult to find the right position to pick up the item. I tried to chance the height of the weaponholder - didnt work. Any Ideas, thanks!
  11. I have the problem, that some units in my mission spawn into water. Any Idea, how to find out, if the position they spawn on is water?
  12. Agree with you @chernaruski. But don't forget: your script is just made for one marker
  13. [ _marker,_radiussize] call function; function: params ["_marker","_radiussize"];
  14. Smart Games

    Screamer on kill

    I am not sure, but do you really need try/catch?
  15. Smart Games

    Screamer on kill

    You could use setvariable/getvariable. init.sqf: player setvariable [“tkill“,“false“]; [] execVm “tkcheck.sqf“; onplayerkilled.sqf: _killer = _this select 2; _killer setvariable [“tkill“,“true“]; tkcheck.sqf: while {true} do { _sleep 0.05; _state = player getvariable “tkill“; if (_state == “true“) do { player setvariable [“tkill“,“false“]; //call here the scream(code) }; };