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  1. @Groove_Cwhat's the benefit of a much higher L3 Cache? Are we going to see some performance increases in Arma?
  2. @Groove_C i wonder if it's worth waiting for Intels 12th gen. I didn't play Arma in a while, but i assume my i3-9350kf is still one of the better CPUs for Arma.
  3. @Gunter Severloh sometimes some tasks challenge your PC more than you think! For example i tried to run my (i3 9350kf @5ghz) @1,285 V. 30 min of AIDA64, CPU at 100% usage, no problems. Then i started a game and Netflix to relax. Everything fine...? NO, when i opened a ingame shop and it had to load some items, my PC froze. Same thing as you described. Changed my Cpu Voltage to 1.296V and everything is fine now. Maybe your CPU config wasn`t as stable as you thought? Good luck to find it out, maybe I was a help!
  4. Didn`t refresh the page and @Larrow was faster 🙂
  5. Hi. welcome to the forum! 2 advices: 1) Organize your Code description.ext: class CfgFunctions { class JF { class Scripts { class SetPos {file = "SetPos.sqf"}; } } } initPlayerLocal.sqf player addAction [ "<t color= '#FFFF00'>Teleport to Squad Leader</t>", {[player] spawn JF_fnc_SetPos} ] SetPos.sqf params ["_unit"]; private _counter = { for "_i" from 10 to 1 step -1 do { hint format ["You will be teleported in %1 seconds.", _i]; sleep 1; }; }; private _isLeader = 0; switch (_unit) do { case SquadLeader_1: {hint "You are the Squad Leader, Figure out a ride for your squad!"; _isLeader = 1}; case SquadLeader_2: {hint "You are the Squad Leader, Figure out a ride for your squad!"; _isLeader = 1}; }; if (_isLeader != 1) then { switch (group _unit) do { case (group SquadLeader_1): {[] call _counter; _unit setPos (getMarkerPos "SquadTeleportLocation_1"); hint "0"}; case (group SquadLeader_2): {[] call _counter; _unit setPos (getMarkerPos "SquadTeleportLocation_2"); hint "0"}; case (group COC): {hint "You're an officer. Just order your own ride."}; case (group Pilot): {hint "Why dont you go take your helicopter?"}; case (group Recon): {hint "You're Recon, Right? Looks like your humping it in."}; }; }; //i know, it`s awful 2) Read some documentations about MP scripting Your code is fine, but it isn`t ready for MP. You said that you get an error when you want to spawn on the unit: That`s the case because most likely you do not play with the leader as an ai unit. For Example: Your leader`s name is SquadLeader_1. If this unit isn`t played by ai or a player it simply does not exist! You Script wants to compare the group of the player with the group of a non existing unit. That can`t work! So double check and rethink your code. In the beginning it`s really difficult!
  6. Thanks again @Larrow, I didn't know these commands 🙂
  7. I use RscStructuredText. The size attribute is set by default to: (((((safezoneW / safezoneH) min 1.2) / 1.2) / 25) * 1) That equals font size 1. Now i want to set my UI width and height exactly to the height and width of the entered text. Any Ideas? Thanks, Jacob
  8. Smart Games

    Structured text on UI

    You`re an angle, @Larrow! Looks like you mostly have to help me out with these simple mistakes. But one more thing. -> I can`t get valign to work. The Syntax should be right now. Is there some sort of bug with this command? Thanks, Jacob
  9. Hello, i want to use a structured text to display a message on a UI. But the attributes color, valign, shadowColor don`t change! If you find my mistake, i`d be really happy. UI Class: class Notification { idd= 55000; duration = 5; onLoad= "uiNamespace setVariable ['MMF_Notification', _this #0]"; controls[]= { MyNotification }; class MyNotification: RscStructuredText { idc = 1; }; }; Function to call and set it: disableSerialization; params [ ["_text", ""], ["_position", [0,0,0.2,0.1]], ["_bgColor", [0,0,0,1]], ["_size", "1"], ["_font", "PuristaMedium"], ["_color", "#FFFFFF"], ["_align", "right"], ["_valign", "middle"], ["_imagePath", ""], ["_shadow", "0"], ["_shadowColor", "#000000"], ["_shadowOffset", "0.5"], ["_underline", "0"] ]; titleRsc ["Notification","PLAIN"]; private _parent = uiNamespace getVariable "MMF_Notification"; private _ctrl = _parent displayCtrl 1; _ctrl ctrlSetPosition _position; _ctrl ctrlCommit 0; _ctrl ctrlSetBackgroundColor _bgColor; _ctrl ctrlSetStructuredText parseText format [ " <t size=%2 font=%3 color=%4 align=%5 valign=%6 shadow=%7 shadowColor=%8 shadowOffset=%9 underline=%10 image=%11> %1 </br> </t> ", _text, _size, _font, _color, _align, _valign, _shadow, _shadowColor, _shadowOffset, _underline, _imagePath ]; Any Ideas? Thanks in advance, Jacob
  10. Smart Games


    Want to display a notification window via titleRsc but can`t change its text. class Notification { idd= 55000; duration = 5; onLoad= "uiNamespace setVariable ['JF_Notification', _this]"; controlsBackground[]= { }; controls[]= { RscNotification }; objects[]= { }; class RscNotification: RscText { idc = 1; colorBackground[] = {0,0,0,1}; colorText[] = {1,1,1,1}; font = "PuristaMedium"; x = 0; y = 0; h = 1/15 * safezoneH; w = 1/8 * safezoneW; }; }; And my function to create it: ... titleRsc ["Notification","PLAIN"]; ... private _parent = uiNamespace getVariable "JF_Notification"; private _ctrl = _parent displayCtrl 1; ... _ctrl ctrlSetText "HI"; Any Ideas? Thanks in advance Jacob
  11. Is there a way to define global arrays in the description.ext? Atm i have written them into a .sqf file, but i don`t like the idea to call them via init.sqf. Any ideas?
  12. @Enigma I really like your Sqf-Editor, it's one of the best out there, no doubt. I don't know which features you have planned for the future, but here are some I would really like to see: - Auto Save - Possibility to create files like .h/.hpp within the editor - Possibility to use functions i have written in an other file in the current one (to auto complete their names) Keep up the work, I know it's a lot!
  13. Smart Games

    AI move direction on road

    As i told you, ask me if you need any more help. Good Evening!
  14. Smart Games

    AI move direction on road

    Just wait until the position is clear before you spawn the next vehicle.
  15. Smart Games

    AI move direction on road

    Hi there, it was a little bit tricky, but I figured it out! The script does what you want, but watch out: The best direction != always the shortest road to go! How to set it up: Description.ext class CfgFunctions { class JF { class Scripts { class SetOrientation {file = "SetOrientation.sqf"}; //or whatever path you like }; }; }; SetOrientation.sqf params ["_object", "_targetPos"]; private ["_road", "_dirRoad", "_pos", "_relDir"]; _pos = getPos _object; if (isOnRoad _pos) then { _road = roadAt _pos; _dirRoad = getDir _road; _relDir = _road getRelDir _targetPos; if (_relDir > 180) then {_relDir = 360 - _relDir}; if (_relDir < 90) then {_object setDir _dirRoad} else {_object setDir (_dirRoad - 180)}; true; } else { false }; How to call it: [object, targetPos] call JF_fnc_SetOrientation; Examples: [this, getPos (myTarget1)] call JF_fnc_SetOrientation; [this, [100, 200, 0]] call JF_fnc_SetOrientation; [myVehicle1, [100, 200, 0]] call JF_fnc_SetOrientation; _doesItWork = [this, getPos (myTarget1)] call JF_fnc_SetOrientation; "Features": object has (!!!) to be on a road wheter the script was able to set the direction or not, it returns true or false