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  1. I will try that, thanks!
  2. Hello, So when an AI gets kills, for example through artillery support, how can I transfer those kills to the player, as he was the one who ordered the strikes?
  3. Just to make sure. I just tested it: I subscribed to my own scenario in workshop. Made sure I was missing one of the mods it needed. (and yes, I had told workshop that it was needed) Result: Errors when running scenario.
  4. Anything has to be changed for this (v1 version) to run in Arma 3? When I do nul = [art, pad, 20, true, true] execVM "faat.sqf"; It also fired at my CUP Fishingboat where I am in, 2 Km away, even though it has no line of sight, and second last parameter is true. And should this line strings not be in capitals or does that not matter: {_gun disableAI "_x";} foreach [move,target,autotarget,anim]; I need to use v1 of this script, since v2 does not show the projectile flying, and the projectiles seems to be stuck above the target in v2 also.
  5. Yes, when I publish I can tell it which official DLCs, but not user-made ones.
  6. Lets say I am making a scenario. I use some custom mod unit in it. I publish to workshop, and in the workshop I add the mods the scenario needs. That all fine, but if a user forgets to enable a mod when wanting to run the scenario, he just gets some errors. How do I get arma to prompt him with message saying something like: "This scenario requires mod X and Y please install/enable those before you can play this scenario" Is there not some build in function that does that?
  7. Nikoladis

    Automatic Mod Downloading

    Well ArmA games is already on steam. Games like Skyrim also have both Addons and Mods. Steam handles download of that content real fine. Also the big files. I hope ArmA 3 will make use of Steam for downloading Mods and Addons. The guys who want to download from Armaholic and install themselves and stuff, should still be able to. But for most people, get downloadable content, free and paid (as now), through Steam would be a most welcome addition.
  8. Which ports should I forward in my hardware firewall? And is it just me, or should there not be a sticky post with this info, must be like the first thing all people going in here for the first time would like to know. :)
  9. I have updated manually to 1.05, will it work to let steam update to 1.07?
  10. Nikoladis

    ARMA 2 (OA) : DLC discussion thread

    I guess I would also pay for BIS to convert the A2 models to be fully Termal imaging compatible.
  11. Nikoladis

    ARMA 2 (OA) : DLC discussion thread

    I would pay for more campaigns, as would my friends I reckon... Its not that I dont like the community campaigns..its just not quite the same as a cool official campaign.
  12. Nikoladis

    Out of ideas

    Thanks for all the suggestions, gonna whip up some Taliban hunting.
  13. Nikoladis

    Dogs of war problems

    Okay ty, I am just gonna leave the mission and never finish it then.
  14. Nikoladis

    New Beta Build 71141 up!

    No, its not only on his end. Check out Link to bug.