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    Sleep in Trigger

    Although I have no idea what actually null does, it just worked ! Thank you very much good sir.
  2. Hello, I'm making a mission which you switch units with a trigger. Trigger condition is fine, but issue is the activation. I want to have a phase, like, "fadeout > sleep for about 5 secs > switch unit > sleep for another 5 secs > fadein". Issue is, sleep doesn't work in triggers. Fadeout sequence starts but turns into fadein almost immediately with a bunch of "expression errors". //This is what I got inside Trigger "On Activation" [0, "BLACK", 5, 1] spawn BIS_fnc_fadeEffect; uiSleep 5; selectPlayer player2; uiSleep 10; [1, "BLACK", 5, 1] spawn BIS_fnc_fadeEffect; I'm not very found of external files or I don't really understand script languages. Is there a way to make it work with triggers? I remember these being easy before, I had a Steam post but looks like discussions were wiped and stuff changed since then.
  3. Hello! It's probably a very easy situation but I can't find any help so far. I want to apply the steps below between three locations (LA, LB, LC) Start (anywhere): Task 1- Go LA (On LA) - Success Task 2- Go LB (On LB) - Success Task 3- Go LA (On LA) - Success Task 4- Go LC (On LC) - Success I use trigger (Blufor Present) but I'm having problems. When I sync one trigger and set it to "Repeat", both Task 2 and Task 4 gets activated and when I activate again, Task 2 completes and starts again. When I use two different triggers, Task 4 is enabled when units reach LA for the first time. I need tasks to be activated and completed just like the steps I mentioned above. How can I do that?