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  1. Blackheart_Six

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    the hint resides in the file "LV_fnc_follow.sqf, line 103. You could remove the text between the quotes. or REM out the line with //
  2. Blackheart_Six

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    Have you tried to spawn the zone in a non-repeatable trigger?
  3. Blackheart_Six

    SLP Spawning script

    I know this is an old post, and I don't know if the OP is active, but worth a shot...… has anyone found a way to put an infantry unit in the cargo positions of a boat? It works great for a vehicle, but not a boat. I haven't tried helo's or planes yet.
  4. .kju thanks, …...but the one zone in the WATER, is the problem! 🙂 I'll restate the issue. When you place a marker on the water, and try to spawn a boat unit there, it spawns on the coast, not the marker. I've edited the T8 file for one unit, one container. I edited the mission for only one marker, "marker_1", and placed it over the water. The mission is shared here. I appreciate all the help.
  5. Blackheart_Six

    setUserActionText Command

    Just to close this out..... I found I like this option the best. I am using this to create a supply room with items on tables and shelves. This will give the text "Use scroll wheel to select item" when you look at the table. Then scroll and the "take item1", "take item2", etc. etc. will appear. Works well for when you have multiple items on one surface. I know it's not pretty, and optimized. But not bad for reading the biki's. 1. Place a table or shelf. 2. Name it "Table_1". 3. Place a game logic on top of the table. Get the z height. Use it for the select 1 position. 4. Replace the items in the code with what you want. Note there is a limit to what you can put. 3 items work best. Play with the setDir number. Or use setDir random 360; T1 = "groundWeaponHolder" createVehicle getpos TABLE_1; T1 addItemCargo ["ItemGPS",1]; T1 addItemCargo ["ItemMap",1]; T1 addItemCargo ["ItemRadio",1]; T1 addItemCargo ["ItemCompass",1]; T1 setPos [getPos TABLE_1 select 0,getPos TABLE_1 select 1,1.407]; T1 setdir 0; T1 setDamage 1; _GPS = T1 addAction ["Take GPS","player addItem 'ItemGPS';",nil,6,true,false,"","true",-1,false,"",""]; _map = T1 addAction ["Take Map","player addItem 'ItemMap';",nil,6,true,false,"","true",-1,false,"",""]; _radio = T1 addAction ["Take Radio","player addItem 'ItemRadio';",nil,6,true,false,"","true",-1,false,"",""]; _compass = T1 addAction ["Take Compass","player addItem 'ItemCompass';",nil,6,true,false,"","true",-1,false,"",""]; T1 setUserActionText [_gps,"Take GPS","Use Scroll Wheel<br/>to select item",""]; T1 setUserActionText [_map,"Take Map","Use Scroll Wheel<br/>to select item",""]; T1 setUserActionText [_compass,"Take Compass","Use Scroll Wheel<br/>to select item",""]; T1 setUserActionText [_radio,"Take Radio","Use Scroll Wheel<br/>to select item",""];
  6. Blackheart_Six

    setUserActionText Command

    Thanks Larrow. Already there. 🙂 Looks like the solution.
  7. Greetings and Salutations! Situation: I am setting up a supply room for one of my missions. I have several shelves with multiple items on them. I.E. One shelf has a bipod, silencer, and flashlight. I have this code in a script, with a game logic on the map named "R3S3". R3S3 equal "rack 3, shelf 3". R3S3 = "groundWeaponHolder" createVehicle getpos RACK_3; R3S3 addItemCargo ["muzzle_snds_M",1]; R3S3 addItemCargo ["bipod_01_F_blk",1]; R3S3 addItemCargo ["acc_flashlight",1]; R3S3 setPos [getPos RACK_3 select 0,getPos RACK_3 select 1,1.847]; R3S3 setdir random 360; R3S3 setDamage 1; R3S3 addAction ["Take Flashlight (Scroll for more items)","player addItem 'acc_flashlight';",nil,6,true,false,"","true",-1,false,"",""]; R3S3 addAction ["Take Bipod","player addItem 'bipod_01_F_Blk';",nil,6,true,false,"","true",-1,false,"",""]; R3S3 addAction ["Take Silencer","player addItem 'muzzle_snds_M';",nil,6,true,false,"","true",-1,false,"",""]; It works great, and as intended at this point. What I would like to do is replace the 3 individual "addAction" items with a single menu item, and then a sub-menu with the 3 items to select from. Example: "Select Item" ->add Flashlight ->add Bipod ->add Silencer I found "setUserActionText" as a possible solution. But looks like it is for displaying additional information. I've seen examples of the command used as a switch for earplugs. I can't get each individual addAction to work in the sub-menu. I can display them. So I don't know if it possible. Question: Can you use "setUserActionText" to create sub-menus in the action menu for an "addAction" item? Syntax: object setUserActionText [actionIndex, textMenu, textWindowBackground, textWindowForeground] Any input or thoughts would be appreciated. I believe I need to wrap "setUserActionText" in the "addAction". I've tried several iterations but not working. I'll keep plugging away.
  8. This is the original code. It will spawn 2 units. One at marker_1, which is the boat unit. And one at marker_2 which is a infantryman. The boat unit spawns on the coast. The infantry unit spawns as expected. Simplest setup for T8.
  9. PBO File here.... https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlqA3t4GkQhuhegGWw9TsuQthQbjYQ?e=oX9f1p
  10. .kju Sorry , no luck. and I REALLY do appreciate the effort.
  11. Hi .kju, Different error from before. Also different results at mission start. The units don't spawn at all. My setup is 2 markers - one over land, one over open water. Original code, both units spawn, the one over water spawns at the nearest coastal position. The over land spawns correctly.
  12. Appreciate the help, .kju. Unfortunately, did not solve the issue. I tried several different ways also. And tried to use BIS_fnc_findSafePos to force it on the water. No luck. I am going to look for other solutions, like EOS, etc. I may revisit it. The reason I like this system is the built in tasks to patrol, attack, defend, etc. etc. It works pretty well. Once again thanks.
  13. Good Day All, I know this script is a dead product but it works really great. I am trying to create a spawn position on the water at a designated area marker. Here is the error message. If you turn on debug, the units spawn, but they always spawn on the coast nearest the area marker. I've found the script it's calling out, and the line. I've tried to fix it, but I have limited knowledge writing code. But I love to learn, so I would like to walk through it, and see if I am close in my deductions. First the script..... Name: fn_createSpawnPos.sqf /* ======================================================================================================================= T8 Units Script Funktion: fn_createSpawnPos.sqf Author: T-800a E-Mail: t-800a@gmx.net ======================================================================================================================= */ #include <..\MACRO.hpp> private [ "_areaSize", "_areaSizeX", "_areaSizeY", "_wpPosFEP", "_loop", "_tmpAreaSize", "_markerPos" ]; private _marker = param [ 0, [0,0,0], [ "", []]]; if ( _marker isEqualTo [0,0,0] ) exitWith { if ( T8U_var_DEBUG ) then { [ "fn_createSpawnPos.sqf", "Can't create SpawnPos" ] spawn T8U_fnc_DebugLog; }; false }; if (( typeName _marker ) isEqualTo ( typeName "STR" )) then { if (( getMarkerPos _marker ) isEqualTo [0,0,0]) exitWith { if ( T8U_var_DEBUG ) then { [ "fn_createSpawnPos.sqf", "Can't create SpawnPos" ] spawn T8U_fnc_DebugLog; }; false }; _areaSizeX = ( getMarkerSize _marker ) select 0; _areaSizeY = ( getMarkerSize _marker ) select 1; _areaSize = if ((( _areaSizeX + _areaSizeY ) / 2 ) < 150 ) then { 50 } else {(( _areaSizeX + _areaSizeY ) / 2 ) / 3 }; _tmpAreaSize = _areaSize; _markerPos = getMarkerPos _marker; } else { _areaSizeX = 50; _areaSizeY = 50; _areaSize = 50; _tmpAreaSize = 50; _markerPos = _marker; }; _wpPosFEP = []; _loop = true; while { _loop } do { private [ "_spawnPos", "_roadObj", "_roadPos"]; _spawnPos = [ _markerPos, random _tmpAreaSize, random 360 ] call BIS_fnc_relPos; _roadObj = [ _spawnPos, 50 ] call BIS_fnc_nearestRoad; if ( isNull _roadObj ) then { _roadPos = _spawnPos; } else { _roadPos = getpos _roadObj; }; _wpPosFEP = _roadPos findEmptyPosition [ 1 , 50 , "Land_VR_Block_02_F" ]; // 20x20 block ... should be enough space for a Trooper if (( surfaceIsWater _roadPos OR (( count _wpPosFEP ) < 2 ) AND {( _wpPosFEP distance ( nearestObject _wpPosFEP )) < 10 })) then { _tmpAreaSize = _tmpAreaSize + 5; } else { _loop = false; }; }; if ( T8U_var_DEBUG ) then { [ "fn_createSpawnPos.sqf", "SpawnPos", _wpPosFEP ] spawn T8U_fnc_DebugLog; }; // Return _wpPosFEP the affected line is line 49 . if (( surfaceIsWater _roadPos OR (( count _wpPosFEP ) < 2 ) AND {( _wpPosFEP distance ( nearestObject _wpPosFEP )) < 10 })) then { _tmpAreaSize = _tmpAreaSize + 5; } else { _loop = false; }; The log report is calling out 2 items...... Error in expression and Error in position. With the error being 0 elements provided, 3 expected. I believe the first item needing correct is the "error in expression". If that is corrected then the "error in position" may correct itself. Are there ANY experienced coders on these forums, that may be able to fix this issue? (In my best foghorn leghorn voice, "That's joke son, you see, a joke!"). I'll keep plugging way.
  14. Blackheart_Six

    [MP/SP/COOP] Asymmetric Warfare Thread

    Hi YXman, Just save the mission, and it will be saved to C:\Users\<user name>\Documents\Arma 3\Saved\steam You just need to de'PBO it.