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  1. A bit, is like a yonder. It is only known to the person who utters it. "Just go down yonder, and hold it".
  2. @roy86 just a thought, but if your building missions, can we assume the framework is done and ready for beta test 2? Additionally are the modules i.e. vehicle depot, stand alone module? Or is there dependencies on the framework? imho and ive truly have been humbled trying to create small functions, its amazing the coding you’ve put into this. I understand the time it takes to write test rewrite and repeat that thousands of times across hundreds of files. THANK YOU!
  3. Hi Roy, Can't handle watching the videos! Driving me crazy! It's looking great. Can't wait to be able to create content. Comparing to original documentation, looks very familiar. IMHO on locations, if possible... Insurgents would establish camps in forested valley areas, far from roads and urban areas to conceal smoke from fires, and overhead drone and satellite views. They would occupy steeper and narrower terrain to limit forces to maneuver in that space. NW Altis mountains is an example of that. Not sure if possible to find a location based on terrain features like valley, or draw. I've tried using BIS_fnc_findSafePos and selectBestPlaces with not much success. Just an idea... Keep up the great work. Amazing stuff in the videos.
  4. If you need help with documentation I am sure there are a few, that will help out, me included. As I stated before, I am really interested in the A3 MPSF side of things. A3 MPSF could become the "combat patrol" mode we all envisioned, but BI has ignored. On a side note..... I uploaded PO3 to our group server. And it still runs like a champ. Which after 6 years since it's release is amazing! Outside of some mission issues that were known, I haven't seen any NEW issues. That is a testament to your code. After all the Arma updates, and PO3 still runs great.
  5. Wow, looks great, Roy! Good insight to what your doing, and how you code it with the dev video. Glad to see event/task code structure resembles what is up in the wiki and the beta MPSF. I think that is a great system for creating missions quickly. Are you thinking of doing another beta? Looks like a lot of changes/additions since Dec. 2017 beta. Seeing all this is very exciting, but don't want to get out too far over my ski's. ⛷️ Still just around.
  6. Cool. I'll collect the rest of the modes for the M4, and do the other NATO pieces, and post them up here in a spoiler box.
  7. @roy86 Before I go too deep into this. Here is an example of what I got. Give me a thumbs up and I'll keep running it. These values are from the artillery computer. It takes too long to run actual ToT numbers. M4 Scorcher - Mode:CLOSE Range (meters) Time On Target (seconds) 900 - 1300 30 1400 - 1700 29 1800 - 1900 28 2000 - 2100 27 2200 26 2300 25 2400 23
  8. Home tomorrow. I looked at some topics on arty tables but didn’t look promising. One more I need look and D/L. I’ll do data collection in VR map. I’ll start with FA M4 scorcher. angle/distance to impact/time to impact
  9. Didn’t someone in this Armaverse already work on firing tables for arty? I may be mistaken. i can do some tables when I get back from work trip.
  10. Yea agree, CAP should be in place before ground ops begin, and arrive within minutes supplying CAS on targets.
  11. As a 11C and 13B, we pumped out as many rounds as the FDC ordered up. There was never any cool down times for mortars or towed/SP artillery. You alternate guns in the battery. Or shoot base gun to register, and then the battery fire for effect. If I remember correctly, a good crew could do about 6 rnds per minute on a 155mm SP. Faster on a 105mm towed, and really fast on a 4.2 inch/81 mm mortar. As fast as the ammo bearer could cut cheese on the rounds. Time to impact was dependent on humidity, temperature, charge, distance, and elevation. Let the internal arma algo handle that. For MLRS, which I didn't serve, I can imagine reload times for missile packs, would require down time.
  12. Roy you got me all spun up again! This looks great! I saw yesterday on a cell phone, so no details. I hope A3 MPSF is still in the mix for PO4.
  13. YEA!!!!! I hope you and your family are well in NSW. Fires look bad.
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    Good day all, Disregard... carry on, I'll be in the Army all day.