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Found 18 results

  1. i've been searching for a solution since weeks ! when i open antistasi ultimate on LAN server and disable uniform/headger randomisation and apply your rebel loadouts,it STILL facewear doesnt apply !! it even randomiuze facewear on rebels !!!! i've tried several commands found on this forum or others,they do not work my game version is 2.14 and here is collection of mod that i'm using (YOU CAN ASK ME ANYTHING I'LL TRY MY BEST TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS SO YOU CAN SOLVE MY ISSUE) MIN_RF_MOD Anizay D3S Cars pack Hidden Identity Pack v2 [Reupload] Aaren's Blast Effects MSF Balaclava ( Metal Gear Solid ) Aegis Enhanced 3CB Factions 3CB: BAF Equipment 3CB: BAF Units 3CB: BAF Vehicles 3CB: BAF Weapons 3den Enhanced Advanced Combat Environment 3.16.1 Antistasi Ultimate ANZACSAS Enhanced Missile Smoke and Lighting Efx Mod 1.4 Arma 3 Aegis Arma 3 Aegis - Police Arma 3 Atlas Local Arma 3 Forces Local Community Base Addons v3.16.1 CTRG OPS-CORE CUP Terrains - Core 1.17.1 CUP Units 1.17.1 CUP Vehicles 1.17.1 CUP Weapons 1.17.1 Drone Kamikaze Local FSB Alpha Group Equipment Geran-2/Shahed-136 Momo's Syrian Rebel Factions Project: Hell Cannon Mod PLA Armored Vehicles Pack PLA_Forces_mas PLA_Forces_mas Pook Artillery pack Pook ATGM Mod Pook Camonets Mod v6.0 Pook SAM Pack Pylon Anywhere RF Camo Equipment RHS: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation RHS: GREF RHS: Serbian Armed Forces RHS: United States Forces RKSL Attachments Pack Simplex Support Services Special Stealth Uniforms [SSU] Titus Virolahti VME PLA MOD zen compat ace Zeus Enhanced 1.14.0
  2. I want to have a box where players can come up, and select a class from scroll wheel options, and it'll give them the gear immediately. I've seen it done, I just want to do it myself. Please reply if you know how. LTJG Hummel SEAL Team 10
  3. I'm having an bit of trouble with with scripting a config for team loadouts. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong with my code but Bluefor is able to access the respawn loadouts where as Opfor is not. I'm rather new to the forums and I don't know what tags I should apply to this post, any help will be greatly appreciated. 🙂 this is my config. Description.ext: //START OF WEST RESPAWN LOADOUTS! respawnTemplatesWest[] = {"MenuPosition", "MenuInventory"}; // Player loadouts class CfgRoles { class Assault { displayName = "Assault"; icon = "a3\missions_f_exp\data\img\classes\assault_ca.paa"; }; class Defense { displayName = "Defense"; icon = "a3\missions_f_exp\data\img\classes\assault_ca.paa"; }; class Support { displayName = "Support"; icon = "a3\missions_f_exp\data\img\classes\assault_ca.paa"; }; }; class CfgRespawnInventory { //******************* // US EQUIPMENT //******************* class Alpha1 { displayName = "Pilot"; // Name visible in the menu icon = "a3\missions_f_exp\data\img\classes\assault_ca.paa"; // Icon displayed next to the name role = "Support"; // Loadout definition, uses same entries as CfgVehicles classes weapons[] = { "vn_xm177_short", }; magazines[] = { "vn_m16_20_t_mag", "vn_m16_20_t_mag", "vn_m16_20_t_mag", "vn_m16_20_t_mag", "vn_m16_20_t_mag", "vn_m16_20_t_mag", "vn_m16_20_t_mag", }; items[] = { "vn_m34_grenade_mag", "vn_m34_grenade_mag", "vn_m34_grenade_mag", "vn_m18_white_mag", "vn_m18_white_mag" }; linkedItems[] = { "vn_b_vest_aircrew_05", "vn_b_helmet_aph6_02_01", "vn_o_acc_km32_01", "vn_b_item_watch", "vn_b_item_compass", "vn_b_item_map", "vn_b_item_radio_urv10" }; uniformClass = "vn_b_uniform_k2b_01_02"; backpack = "B_Parachute"; }; //START OF EAST RESPAWN LOADOUTS! //******************* // VC EQUIPMENT //******************* class Gamma1 { displayName = "Pilot"; // Name visible in the menu icon = "a3\missions_f_exp\data\img\classes\assault_ca.paa"; // Icon displayed next to the name role = "Support"; // Loadout definition, uses same entries as CfgVehicles classes weapons[] = { "vn_izh54_shorty" }; magazines[] = { "vn_izh54_so_mag", "vn_izh54_so_mag", "vn_izh54_so_mag", "vn_izh54_so_mag", "vn_izh54_so_mag", "vn_izh54_so_mag", "vn_izh54_so_mag", "vn_izh54_so_mag", "vn_izh54_so_mag", }; items[] = { "vn_t67_grenade_mag", "vn_t67_grenade_mag", "vn_t67_grenade_mag", "vn_rdg2_mag", "vn_rdg2_mag", "vn_o_item_firstaidkit" }; linkedItems[] = { "vn_o_vest_vc_04", "vn_o_helmet_zsh3_02", "vn_o_acc_km32_01", "vn_b_item_watch", "vn_b_item_compass", "vn_o_item_map", "vn_o_item_radio_m252" }; uniformClass = "vn_o_uniform_nva_air_01"; backpack = "B_Parachute"; }; }; and init.sqf: //West Loadouts [west, "Alpha1"] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory; [west, "Alpha2"] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory; [west, "Alpha3"] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory; [west, "Alpha4"] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory; [west, "Alpha5"] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory; [west, "Alpha6"] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory; [west, "Alpha7"] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory; [west, "Alpha8"] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory; [west, "Alpha9"] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory; [west, "Bravo1"] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory; //East Loadouts [east, "Gamma1"] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory; [east, "Gamma2"] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory; [east, "Gamma3"] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory; [east, "Gamma4"] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory; [east, "Gamma5"] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory; [east, "Gamma6"] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory; [east, "Gamma7"] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory; [east, "Gamma8"] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory; [east, "Gamma9"] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory; [east, "Zeta1"] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory;
  4. Join our Discord! (http://discord.gg/CsuuGe7) steam favourites: direct connect: *Server informations:* 1. Bases need to be paid every 7days (will be removed on the 8th day) 2. Territory moderators have the ability to go through their own doors and open their safes without entering the code 3. revive system 4. The Radiation zone has a protection bubble around it. No bullets will enter or leave the Radiation zone (about 370m from Centre) 5. Custom wages depending on your respect 6. Gambling System (Scratchies) buy them, take part (winners are drawn every 2 min) and if you’ve won redeem your price 7. ZCP: half of the poptab reward is automatically transferred to your bank account 8. Drop crates at the Wastedump to sell them automatically 9. Tigris anti air rockets got replaced with zephyr 10. Non flare helicopters got flares, if a heli is missing, then tell it to an admin 11. Loadouttrader!!! Yes, just walk up to an equipment trader and scroll down on him 🙂 Mods: Extended Base Mod CUP Weapons 1.15.0 CUP Vehicles 1.15.0 CUP Units 1.15.0-hotfix1 CUP Terrains - Maps 1.14.0 CUP Terrains - Core 1.15.0 Chernarus_Isles Advanced Urban Rappelling Exile Mod Enhanced Movement Community Base Addons v3.15.1 Join our Discord! (http://discord.gg/CsuuGe7)
  5. I do understand the use of the Virtual Arsenal. Testing stuff out. Looking through available stuff. But what use is the option for saving / loading loadouts in the vehicle section? I cannot load custom vehicle loadouts as Zeus to make these destinct. There are no vehicle arsenals where i could change the look of my car. Why is there then an option to save my grey Angara if i will never use it in a vanilla setting. Whats the use of it? There should be an option to load specific visual customization either as Zeus or as the player. I think there should be more stuff you should be able to save and customize. But sadly there is not even an option to use the vehicle loadouts.
  6. Hey guys, I have preconfigured loadouts for each class in my mission, but when you respawn the (loadout) comes up and let you choose another or even your own custom loadout you have saved. How do I disable this please and just let the person respawn with the loadout I have set for that unit? Image of (loadout) I want to disable: Thank you 🙂
  7. OFG Unit Loadouts Steam Link: OFG Unit Loadouts on Steam This pack of units/factions is intended for making Blufor AI, or Blufor player slots. Uses of this pack: 1. Spawned Blufor AI units, such as ALiVE and KP Liberation missions, or other spawning script/mods. 2. Editor placed Blufor AI units/factions. 3. Player slot units (particularly useful to save on Barbie dress up time in MP setups). ]Further Customization: Although not part of the required items, if you wish to override these loadouts to add/remove anything, you will also need to load the ALiVE mod. You don't have to have any modules present, just have the mod running with the required items. If you run ALiVE for this purpose: In the editor, select a unit, go to the Object:States section and check the box "Override ALiVE ORBAT Loadout", click OK. Then, right click on the unit and select Edit Loadout, make your changes and click OK.All of the units have suppressed weapons by default, so use of the override may be useful if you wish to change this or anything else. *Note: I play without stamina. The Javelin and Stinger specialists are a bit heavy. When spawned, they will move at overload pace and so will any other unit behind them in group order. When placing these as AI factions in the editor, or scripting to be spawned, you will have to add this line of code to your init.sqf file in your mission folder and then all will be well with spawned AI pacing: [ ] spawn { while {true} do { { _x enableStamina false } foreach allunits; sleep 20; }; }; These units are by design "special ops" type units. Included factions: OFG Units Dark-R NAC (Faction name: OFG_D_UNITS_NAC) OFG Units Camo-R NAC (Faction name: OFG_C_UNITS_NAC) OFG Units Desert-R NAC (Faction name: OFG_L_UNITS_NAC) OFG Units Rat Patrol NAC (Faction name: OFG_RP_UNITS_NAC) Full unit/group/faction classnames file available in the mod folder. Of course, these are by no means intended to represent actual TO&E units, just for Arma entertainment! Many thanks to all of the mod makers represented in this work: CBA_A3 75th Ranger Regiment L3-GPNVG18 Panoramic Night Vision RHSUSAF task_force_radio I am not the owner or creator of any uniform, weapon, equipment etc. model in this work (except 3 left shoulder unit patches) The "spec ops" left shoulder units patches are the only original work presented. I've felt these were missing either in scale, or correctness so I made them. Enjoy! For the unit patches, you are free to use with your units, creations etc... whether you give me credit or not! Just go play Arma!!! These loadouts have been tested in both local and dedicated server missions.To see them in action, link to any of these modified KP Liberation Missions available at these Steam Links: Lythium Liberation AIS Takistan Liberation AIS Al Rayak Liberation AIS Malden Liberation AIS More packs with different weapon mods possibly in the works... Pics:
  8. The wiki page referes to the forum but not to a specific thread, so I am assuming there is none yet. Anyway my feedback so far: "Its great, so great.. greatest dynamic loadout system by far" - Donald Trump However, the list isn't sorted or grouped in a specific way. Just by adding our "Swedish Forces Pack" bombs, the list starts growing quite a bit. Playing with SFP, RHS and perhaps 2 more mods and this will be a real issue. Also, in the wiki page there is no reference how to enable it on your own airplane .p3d. I managed to make custom pylons, and custom weapons on the A164 Wipeout but not enabling it on my own plane.
  9. This script was developed for WARMACHINE game mode. Check it out.
  10. I have had a really annoying problem where I have load outs i can load and some I cant, its totally random. I can make a load out and go to the load out menu and i wont be able to load it. But before I had this problem I was able to load all of them. This happens with mods and without to its not a mod problem, its a game problem for some damn reason and I cant figure it out. Please help.
  11. So i'm trying to make a script where a Crate is empty but has the "AddAction" command to give certain loadouts. However i'm trying to do it the easy way by exporting the loadouts from VA and just have the player call the whole script to give them the new gear... In the init line of the crate i put this addaction ["Give Rifleman Loadout", "Rifleman.sqf"]; Then for the rifleman.sqf script i pasted the exported arsenal loadout into there hoping it would work and added in a (_this =_this = ["give rifleman loadout", [_this] select 1];) to target the caller for the script to execute on. for reference _this = ["give rifleman loadout", [_this] select 1]; removeAllWeapons this; removeAllItems this; removeAllAssignedItems this; removeUniform this; removeVest this; removeBackpack this; removeHeadgear this; removeGoggles this; comment "Add containers"; this forceAddUniform "rhs_uniform_FROG01_wd"; for "_i" from 1 to 10 do {this addItemToUniform "ACE_fieldDressing";}; this addItemToUniform "ACE_EarPlugs"; for "_i" from 1 to 10 do {this addItemToUniform "ACE_morphine";}; this addItemToUniform "ACE_MapTools"; this addItemToUniform "ACE_microDAGR"; this addItemToUniform "ACE_Flashlight_XL50"; this addItemToUniform "rhs_mag_m18_purple"; this addVest "rhsusf_spc_teamleader"; for "_i" from 1 to 6 do {this addItemToVest "rhs_mag_30Rnd_556x45_M855A1_Stanag_No_Tracer";}; for "_i" from 1 to 6 do {this addItemToVest "rhs_mag_M433_HEDP";}; for "_i" from 1 to 2 do {this addItemToVest "rhs_mag_an_m8hc";}; for "_i" from 1 to 2 do {this addItemToVest "rhs_mag_m67";}; this addItemToVest "rhs_mag_mk84"; this addItemToVest "rhs_mag_mk3a2"; for "_i" from 1 to 3 do {this addItemToVest "rhsusf_mag_17Rnd_9x19_FMJ";}; this addBackpack "rhsusf_falconii"; this addItemToBackpack "rhsusf_acc_nt4_black"; this addItemToBackpack "rhsusf_acc_anpeq15_bk"; this addItemToBackpack "acc_flashlight_pistol"; this addItemToBackpack "rhsusf_ANPVS_15"; this addItemToBackpack "rhsusf_acc_omega9k"; for "_i" from 1 to 4 do {this addItemToBackpack "rhs_mag_30Rnd_556x45_M855A1_Stanag_No_Tracer";}; for "_i" from 1 to 3 do {this addItemToBackpack "rhs_mag_M585_white";}; for "_i" from 1 to 3 do {this addItemToBackpack "rhs_mag_m715_Green";}; for "_i" from 1 to 3 do {this addItemToBackpack "rhs_mag_m713_Red";}; for "_i" from 1 to 3 do {this addItemToBackpack "rhs_mag_m714_White";}; this addItemToBackpack "Laserbatteries"; this addHeadgear "rhsusf_lwh_helmet_marpatwd"; this addGoggles "rhsusf_oakley_goggles_blk"; comment "Add weapons"; this addWeapon "rhs_weap_mk18_m320"; this addPrimaryWeaponItem "rhsusf_acc_ACOG_RMR"; this addWeapon "rhsusf_weap_glock17g4"; this addWeapon "Laserdesignator"; comment "Add items"; this linkItem "ItemMap"; this linkItem "ItemCompass"; this linkItem "ACE_Altimeter"; this linkItem "ItemRadio"; this linkItem "ItemGPS"; Thats the whole Rifleman.sqf Script and it says that "this" is an undefined variable... Please note i'm not well versed in scripting, hell i'm starting out mostly, so i don't even know what i'm doing wrong.
  12. Hello! So, i have seen that some missions have a Virtual Arsenal in which there are already some set loadouts, for example, when you get close to it you will get the "Arsenal" option on the mouse wheel menu, but also sometimes you'll find things like "Rifleman"; "AT Soldier", "Pilot" and such, when you select any of them you get a loadout given by the server (not the ones you have saved). I'm trying to do this but i can't get it to work, i know how to export a certain loadout to a text file or to another unit but i have no idea how to make it like that. NOTE: I do use CBA_A3 and ACE mods but i guess there should be no problem with that as long as the players joining the server have them as well.
  13. Hello, so what I want to do is make a script that rearms infantry. I have a endless defense mission and respawn loadouts, however I want an addiction on a box to call a script that resupply them with ammo and items. Now what I have now is multiple addActions for each loadout but I don't like that I want a single addActions. so I made a script that checks there weapon and gives them the ammo based on there weapon. Problem is I can't really give say the explosive specialist claymores unless the explosive specialist has a different gun then the rest of them. So I was wondering if there is a way to check the player loadout class from the respawnInventory template? ( so if player loadout class == "AT" then {code}) I took a look at the scripting commands but the best I could find is isClass but I couldn't get it to work.
  14. I need help setting up roles and classes. I still keep getting an error that the roles are not loading up, and so its switching to the default. Things I've tried V https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Respawn:_New_Respawn_Screen And the only thing in my mission init is ... [missionNamespace,["WEST1",5,10]] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory;
  15. Listerine.

    Loadouts not Appearing

    I go into my equipment and make custom loadouts for each one of my slots. Yet when I load into a game all that's there are the default loadouts
  16. Hey folks! So throughout the time I spent working on my mod there was one thing I was quite unsure about, and that was randomizing anything from loadouts to music/sounds. When I found a way I personally find simple and useful I thought I should post it here to help other people who are new to modding/mission making. Let's begin. 1) You need to create an array of the things you need, in this tutorial's case, I want to spawn a unit with a random uniform and hat. //Loadout Array _CivSpawnUniform = selectRandom ["LOP_U_AFR_Civ_03","LOP_U_AFR_Civ_06","LOP_U_PMC_Fatigue_02","LOP_U_AFR_Civ_05"]; _CivSpawnHeadgear = selectRandom ["H_Bandanna_gry","H_Bandanna_cbr","H_Bandanna_khk","H_Bandanna_camo","H_Cap_blk","H_Cap_grn","H_Cap_oli","H_mas_afr_Bandana","H_mas_afr_c3","rhs_beanie_green"]; Now take a look at "_CivSpawnUniform", that's the name it'll use if you want to call everything after the "=" symbol on the same line, rather than individually In there, you should place the clothes/uniforms you want your unit to choose from. Your code should look something like this: _NAME = selectRandom ["CLASSNAME1","CLASSNAME2","CLASSNAME3"]; Now you have defined a basic randomize script. How does this work though? Lemme show you. The function below selectRandom; This basically tells the game to look at the class names you have and randomly pick one of them. Don't forget to put the function command BEFORE the class names. Your script should now look like this: _NAME = selectRandom ["CLASSNAME1","CLASSNAME2","CLASSNAME3"]; And voila! The randomization script is working, but how do we get it to actually randomize the unit's gear? I'll be giving the soldier a uniform in the following example: UNITNAME AddUniform _ARRAYname; To finalize it, I'll show you what a full working one looks like: //Loadout Array _CivSpawnUniform = selectRandom ["LOP_U_AFR_Civ_03","LOP_U_AFR_Civ_06","LOP_U_PMC_Fatigue_02","LOP_U_AFR_Civ_05"]; _CivSpawnHeadgear = selectRandom ["H_Bandanna_camo","H_Cap_blk","H_mas_afr_Bandana","H_mas_afr_c3","rhs_beanie_green"]; //Unit Init removeUniform UNITNAME; removeHeadgear UNITNAME; UNITNAME addUniform _CivSpawnUniform; UNITNAME addHeadgear _CivSpawnHeadgear; The above units will have uniforms and headgear randomly selected from the arrays we defined at the top. I really hope this helps some new guys here! If it wasn't easy to understand or if you have any issues, feel free to leave a comment below or contact me through PM. Kind regards, MrCrazyDude115
  17. Hi All Im making a script for a milsim unit i play with, and the script i made causes infinite loading screens, so far i havent been able to uncover the issue. So i hope someone here on A3 forum is able to help. Here is the ammobox init: this addAction ["<t color='#FF7722'>Recruit</t>", "loadouts\Recruit.sqf"]; this addAction ["<t color='#FF7722'>Rifleman UCP</t>", "loadouts\RiflemanUCP.sqf"]; this addAction ["<t color='#FF7722'>Rifleman</t>", "loadouts\Rifleman.sqf"]; this addAction ["<t color='#FF7722'>Anti Tank</t>", "loadouts\AntiTank.sqf"]; this addAction ["<t color='#FF7722'>Combat Engineer</t>", "loadouts\CombatEngineer.sqf"]; this addAction ["<t color='#FF7722'>Combat Medic</t>", "loadouts\CombatMedic.sqf"]; this addAction ["<t color='#FF7722'>Fire Team Leader</t>", "loadouts\FireTeamLeader.sqf"]; this addAction ["<t color='#FF7722'>Squad Leader</t>", "loadouts\SquadLeader.sqf"]; this addAction ["<t color='#FF7722'>Platoon Leader / 2IC</t>", "loadouts\PlatoonLeader.sqf"]; this addAction ["<t color='#FF7722'>MG M249</t>", "loadouts\MGM249.sqf"]; this addAction ["<t color='#FF7722'>MG M240</t>", "loadouts\MGM240.sqf"]; this addAction ["<t color='#FF7722'>Marksman</t>", "loadouts\Marksman.sqf"]; this addAction ["<t color='#FF7722'>Flight Medic</t>", "loadouts\FlightMedic.sqf"]; this addAction ["<t color='#FF7722'>Heli Pilot</t>", "loadouts\Pilot.sqf"]; this addAction ["<t color='#FF7722'>Jet Pilot</t>", "loadouts\JetPilot.sqf"]; The pupose is to make a box will all loadouts preset so a new player just have to mousewheel select class then boom all the required equipment to survive an operation. Here is the script for RiflemanUCP.sqf clearAllItemsFromBackpack player; clearBackpackCargo player; removeAllWeapons player; removeAllItems player; removeAllAssignedItems player; removeUniform player; removeVest player; removeBackpack player; removeHeadgear player; removeGoggles player; {player unassignItem _x;player removeItem _x} forEach assignedItems player; comment "Add containers"; player forceAddUniform "rhs_uniform_cu_ucp_101st"; for "_i" from 1 to 6 do {player addItemToUniform "ACE_fieldDressing";}; for "_i" from 1 to 6 do {player addItemToUniform "ACE_elasticBandage";}; for "_i" from 1 to 2 do {player addItemToUniform "ACE_CableTie";}; player addItemToUniform "ACE_EarPlugs"; for "_i" from 1 to 2 do {player addItemToUniform "ACE_epinephrine";}; player addItemToUniform "ACE_Flashlight_MX991"; player addItemToUniform "ItemcTabHCam"; player addItemToUniform "ACE_IR_Strobe_Item"; player addItemToUniform "ACE_MapTools"; for "_i" from 1 to 2 do {player addItemToUniform "ACE_morphine";}; for "_i" from 1 to 8 do {player addItemToUniform "ACE_packingBandage";}; for "_i" from 1 to 4 do {player addItemToUniform "ACE_tourniquet";}; player addVest "rhsusf_iotv_ucp_Rifleman"; for "_i" from 1 to 8 do {player addItemToVest "rhs_mag_30Rnd_556x45_Mk318_Stanag";}; for "_i" from 1 to 2 do {player addItemToVest "rhsusf_mag_15Rnd_9x19_JHP";}; for "_i" from 1 to 4 do {player addItemToVest "rhs_mag_an_m8hc";}; player addItemToVest "rhs_mag_m18_green"; player addItemToVest "rhs_mag_m18_red"; for "_i" from 1 to 2 do {player addItemToVest "rhs_mag_m67";}; for "_i" from 1 to 2 do {player addItemToVest "Chemlight_green";}; for "_i" from 1 to 2 do {player addItemToVest "ACE_Chemlight_HiRed";}; player addItemToVest "ACE_HandFlare_Green"; player addItemToVest "ACE_HandFlare_Red"; player addBackpack "rhsusf_assault_eagleaiii_ucp"; player addItemToBackpack "rhsusf_ANPVS_14"; player addItemToBackpack "Mask_M50"; player addItemToBackpack "murshun_cigs_cigpack"; player addItemToBackpack "murshun_cigs_matches"; player addHeadgear "rhsusf_ach_helmet_ucp"; player addGoggles "rhs_googles_clear"; comment "Add weapons"; player addWeapon "rhs_weap_m4a1_grip3"; player addPrimaryWeaponItem "rhsusf_acc_SF3P556"; player addPrimaryWeaponItem "rhsusf_acc_anpeq15_bk"; player addPrimaryWeaponItem "rhsusf_acc_ACOG"; player addPrimaryWeaponItem "rhsusf_acc_grip3"; player addWeapon "rhsusf_weap_m9"; player addWeapon "Binocular"; comment "Add items"; player linkItem "ItemMap"; player linkItem "ItemCompass"; player linkItem "ItemWatch"; player linkItem "tf_anprc152_3"; player linkItem "ItemAndroid"; comment "Set identity"; player setSpeaker "ACE_NoVoice"; Hope someone is able to find my error. Looking forward to your response.
  18. So I was previewing a scenario earlier and the power went out, and so did my PC. After starting up and everything, I booted up Arma 3 to get that "Welcome" message you get when you play it for the first time. I shrugged it off and went into the editor and saw that all of the arsenal loadouts were gone. Everything else seems to be intact, the campaign and any other scenarios are marked as done and everything. I validated the steam files, started up again and got the upcoming updates (Nexus, expansion) message, and yeah, the arsenal is still empty of loadouts. Any leads? EDIT: VR Training seems to have been reset as well as my best times on Firing Drills and lap times.