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  1. I finally got around to doing some youtube video tutorials. Short 15 minutes videos on scenario creation using the framework. Scenario Framework Video Tutorials
  2. The easiest way is to create a new project, create a subscene with everon, save. Open Combat Ops Everon world, right click on world layer, and select all entities. Open your scenario, and select from the edit menu bar, "Paste on original position". Then edit as you like.
  3. This topic will cover the following subjects... 1. Spawn AI randomly in an Area. 2. Spawn AI Way points. a. Follow way point's in specific order. b. Randomize order. c. Cycle way points. I decided to post about this because I am having issues getting AI to go where I want them using way points. I figured out what was going on, and how to fix it. You can use this when creating patrols that need to follow a specific route, like a road, or you are setting a ambush, and need AI to walk by your position. First item is spawning AI randomly in an Area using the scenario framework without any scripting. 1. Place an area.et (PatrolArea) on the world. 2. Set the radius to the area you want to cover. This is not required. But it is helpful for visualization and "trigger activation on area" if needed. 3. Place a layer.et (Patrols) in the area.et, near the center of the area.et. I set coordinates to all zeros so the are on top of each other. 4. Place a several slotAI.et (PatrolA, PatrolB, PatrolC, etc.) in the area.et. Make sure the ground is open, relatively flat, not a lot of trees and rocks. Not required, but helps. TOP LAYER |_Area.et (PatrolArea) | | |_Layer.et (Patrols) | |_SlotAI.et (PatrolA) |_SlotAI.et (PatrolB) 5. Select the layer.et. Set Children -->Spawn Children --> Random One. This will select 1 random slotAI.et from the layer.et, and spawn it at the position placed on map. NOTE: 3 Randomized choices.... RANDOM_ONE, RANDOM_MULTIPLE, and RANDOM_BASED_ON_PLAYER_COUNT. See the SF wiki for more info on these choices. From experience I don't use based on player count because sometimes it doesn't spawn any group. 6. Select the SlotAI.et. Go to Asset --> Object To Spawn. Click on the 2 dots button, and find a character or group you want to spawn in. 7. Set Activation Type to the desired method. Only use one of the first 4 choices from the drop down. Custom doesn't work yet, and you don't want "ON_TASKS_INT" 8. If you want to balance the amount of AI based on player count, check the box in Misc. Next is assigning way points the spawned group 1. Place a layer.et in the same area.et used above, and zero the coordinates. 2. Place several slot.et inside the layer.et. Place as many as you need. These are the way points. Don't worry about exact placement at this time. For our example I will use a rectangle as my patrol area. 3. Perform the same as step 6 above. Search "AIWay" and the list of way points will populate the browser. TOP LAYER |_Area.et (PatrolArea) | | |_Layer.et (Patrols) | | | |_SlotAI.et (PatrolA) | |_SlotAI.et (PatrolB) | |_Layer.et (PatrolWayPoints) |_Slot.et (WP1) |_Slot.et (WP2) |_Slot.et (WP3) |_Slot.et (WP4) Patrol Area.... WP1-------------------------------WP2 | | | P1 | | | WP4-------------------------------WP3 4. Now here is where things go wrong. You would think that the patrol (P1) would go WP1, WP2, WP3, WP4. But they don't, they go WP4, WP3, WP2, and WP1. I don't know why, but I tested this several times, and finally figured out they go in reverse order of the way points. SO if you want them to go clockwise around the square, you have to set your way points as follows. WP4-------------------------------WP3 | | | P1 | | | WP1-------------------------------WP2 5. This is important when placing your way points in their final position. Once you figure out how many points you need, start with the last way point first, and place it at the start of your patrol. 6. If you are using "Select Random Waypoints" then the patrol will pick one of the way points and move to it. 7. If you are using "Cycle Waypoints" the patrol will continue until some action interrupts them. 8. ANY way point that is not on ground level will cause the patrol not to move. Make sure all way points are "Snap to Ground", and not in trees or below terrain. 9. To follow roads, use lots of way points. AI will cut the corner, and go beeline to the next way points. 10. When the AI reach the last way point, they will go straight line back to the first one when cycling way points. They do not follow the line back to the first way point. Good luck in your scenarios creations...... you're going need it. Hope this helps. I am sure that you can script all this, but at this point I don't know how, and this is for the beginner starting out. TIPS: For randomized way points I use a 5 pointed star pattern. You can use 10 points, and 2 star pattern. One pointed North, and one pointed south for good distribution of points.
  4. I have a pretty good system to spawn random patrols using the scenario framework. I get a random number/type of units to spawn when you enter the 1000m Area. And they will select a random set of waypoints to patrol. The issue is each area you enter it spawns the AI. After a while the world is full of AI, with no way to remove them unless you kill everyone of them. What I need is a trigger/method to de-spawn the AI when you leave the area. I am using all the scenario framework components. Can't figure out what would be the equivalent of activate/deactivate trigger.
  5. 1) Duplicate the characters, and then edit the base loadout items, IE Helmet, Shirt, Pants. Make sure you give a unique name. 2) Setup the loadoutmanager_base to create loadouts pointing to those characters.
  6. Hi Zapat, Glad you are making the move to AR. The scenario framework has a pretty extensive wiki, and of course is always adding information. Can't speak for the other game modes. ARMA Reforger Scenario Framework Arma Reforger Scenario Framework Setup Tutorial P.S. Loved Budapest. Great city.
  7. This How-to will allow you to add a custom server message header image to Bacon8008 "Server Admin Tool". This instruction assumes that the reader has a basic knowledge of Arma Reforger Tools software, Workbench, and the ability to manipulate/create your own custom images. Also you have a dedicated server with "Server Admin Tool" already installed. And you don't have a custom scenario of your own. If you have your own custom scenario.... then why are you here? You know how to do this already. See the [HOW-TO] Create an .edds file for images in this forum. Download from the workshop "ServerAdminTool Image Mod". Create New Project with Enfusion Workbench, with the addon "ServerAdminTool Image Mod" included to your project. In your new project, add a "Images" folder. Look at the directory structure of the "ServerAdminTool Image Mod", and follow. Go to the [HOW-TO] Create an .edds file for images and follow the instructions there. Return to step 5 below. Publish your mod to the workshop. I believe you can publish as unlisted, and still use the copied link to the file. I will verify this and update. Right click on YOUR .edds file created in step 4, and select "Copy Resource Name(s). Open the "ServerAdminTools_Config.json file on the server. Locate the "serverMessageHeaderImage" in the file and paste your copied resource name. "serverMessageHeaderImage":"{CD45B485244FF76B}Images/IMG_0122.edds" Add both mods to your servers config json file. "ServerAdminTool Image Mod", and whatever project you created above. Save the file, close, and test your server.
  8. Hey @Korack J LB You must add the mod to the project launcher. "Add Existing" or "Scan for Projects".
  9. @miso z I am hoping we get more folks to step up to reforger. I started Day 0 with Reforger after ~8500 hours invested in A3. Yea workbench is not eden editor. But when you realize the power of it, and all the things you can do with it, it is SOOOOOOO much better. I love it. I too had to learn all over again. I am very excited to learn enfusion script and power of it. I cover AI in the videos, and am going to dig into the QRFdispacher.conf. This is a new config to 1.1 experimental.
  10. Hello all, I made a video showing how to fix errors in your scenario, similar to what is discussed in BI Modding Update My video
  11. This how-to is to show you the steps required to create an .edds file from another file format for use in scenario start screens. IT IS NOT a how-to for texturing. That is a completely different process. There are several situations when you will need do this. There are different format sizes needed for each situation. You must have a graphics program to complete the steps needed. I personally use Affinity Designer. It is a really good value for the tools you get and is comparable to Macromedia Fireworks. Which Adobe bought, and then ran it in the ground. There are several free options like GIMP, MS Paint, MS Photo. Images Sizes 576x324 pixels is for workshop images and scenario start screen images. I double that size to 1152x648, and set the dpi to 96. Gives a good image with higher resolution, but low file size. 844x250 pixels is for the "Server Admin Tool" by Bacon8008. All the common sizes work as well, 2048x2048, 1024x512 etc. Depends on what you are trying to do, and what you are apply the image to. Import a image file and convert to .edds Step 1 - Create your own image or use a license free image, and save to a jpg format. Set the size to meet your need. DPI should be 96. You can use higher DPI like 300, but file size will be larger as well. Step 2 - Open your scenario with workbench that you want to add images to. Step 3 - Your scenario must have a "Images" folder. Create a folder in the root directory of your scenario called "images" or "artwork". MyScenario |__ Images |__ Missions |__ Worlds Step 4 - At the bottom of the resource browser pane are 2 buttons, "Import" and "Create". Click on import, and drive to where your image is located, select "Open" in the browser window to import the image. Step 5 - Answer "Yes" to the Script Authorization Required question. Step 6 - This will import your file, AND create the .edds file. THAT'S IT! Not really. You can use that file you just imported, but it won't look good as the original in game. You still have to do some work on it to make it look right. Next step is to apply the correct Color Space to the image. Step 1 - Double click the .edds file to open in workbench. Step 2 - On the right side of the screen, is the "Texture Properties" in the details tab. Find the 2 tabs near the bottom of the pane, "Details" and "Import Settings". Step 3 - Click on the "Import Settings" tab. Find and expand the "Unsorted" area. Step 4 - In the Format Compress, I always select "Best". Step 5 - In the Color Space select "ToSRGB". Step 6 - At the top of the pane, click on "Reimport resource (PC)". The system will say "Reimporting Done". Now you have a usable image for use in workbench, and your scenario. So now what? You can use your images in your start up screen, or maybe for Bacon8008 "Server Admin Tool". I will create how-to's outside of this one covering different situations to use the image.
  12. Any help from folks on discord? That's the best place to get help quickly.
  13. Asymmetric Warfare Series by Blackheart_Six Discord Server Asymmetric warfare (or asymmetric engagement) is a type of war between belligerents whose relative military power, strategy, or tactics differ significantly. This type of warfare often, but not necessarily, involves insurgents or resistance movement militias who may have the status of unlawful combatants against a standing army. -- Wikipedia Whether it is US Army forces against an insurgency or a standing Army, there is always a difference between forces. Asymmetric Warfare - Reforger is a combat operation of various scenarios. Either the Pick 3 lottery, or a randomized linear mission, utilizing the Scenario Framework by BI.
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    ASYMMETRIC WARFARE - EVERON I is re-released on the workshop. Under going major renovation of patrol routes, tasks, and AI. -- 1 random start point at one of the 4 major coastal cities. -- 4 patrol routes. Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta. -- Will be adding random land mines at strategic road junctions. Armed and Disarmed. -- Updating AI presence for Dynamic Despawn. -- Updating weapons positions. Currently a WORK-IN-PROGRESS.
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    Asymmetric Warfare Reforger has a new discord server for the series. This is aside from the Asymmetric Warfare Group, which will be a wholly separate entity. Asymmetric Warfare Series
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    Speech to Text feature for deaf people

    Have you tried this.... IDK if it works. Just an idea.
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    Behavior Tree Implementation

    I would assume you are using the scenario framework for a PvE scenario. One you have edited you AI BT, and saved it. You add the component to the slotAI.et for the AI you spawn. In object properties + Add Component, search "AIsmart". Here is where you add your AI Behavior Tree Open the combat ops arland scenario, and search for WP_Smart to see other implementations.
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    Dynamic Despawn/Respawn

    Couple of tips... Turn off Dynamic Despawn in the Game Mode when you first start placing layers. Dynamic Despawn may interfere with your setup and testing leaving you to think there is a problem. Turn it on once you have your items place, and fully tested. Considerations when using is the Area.et sphere and it's size. The default radius is 750m. It is adjustable. But make it too small and the AI will spawn in FOV. So it is best to have a large radius but you have to watch overlapping areas, and flight. Flying into multiple overlapping areas causing a large amount of AI to spawn suddenly will cause the game to stutter as all the AI spawn in.
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    Dynamic Despawn/Respawn

    With the advent of Dynamic Despawn in the SF, I'll cover options of that function here. It definitely saves resources during play and allows the mission make to load the world with AI. The AI will now despawn and not being counted against your AI budget according to GM. From the wiki... Additionally...
  20. Blackheart_Six

    Reforger Task System

    I have started creating my new mission. Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol. I have my base created. I now want to start creating my tasks. Trying to poke and plod my way through. Any resources about the task system? Post them here please. I'll update as I go as well. And one more thing.... WE HAVE FORUMS! YEA!!!!!
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    Reforger Task System

    The new Dynamic Despawn/Spawn is great to saving resources. Takes a little bit to figure out the hierarchy of it.
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    Reforger Task System

    The NightOps Framework was fantastic. Unfortunately, like many mods, they are out of date and not working. Hoping these guys get the band back together and cut another album. For task chaining already done in the scenario framework examples in world editor. In world editor.... Load World then drill down to Arma Reforger>worlds>ScenarioFramework>Samples>SF-Sample-FinishTaskToCreateTask.ent
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    ASYMMETRIC WARFARE - EVERON III version 1.3 The next iteration of Asymmetric Warfare for Arma Reforger Version 1.0 (Air Assault) release. Scenario Overview FIA wants to join the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO). They have overthrown the democratically elected government of Everon. CSTO Forces have deployed to the country to provide defenses for FIA. Under UN Resolution UNR-837363, use of force has been authorized to remove CSTO units, and restore the government prior to it's overthrow. Scenario Features - Randomized start points - Randomized tasks - Air assault insertions - NO SPAWN POINTS at the AO - 4-man Fire Teams - Dedicated Air Support Team (SOAR) - Dedicated Command Element - Custom call signs and frequencies Scenario Operations You will start operations from a remote FOB on one of the outer islands. Capture a randomly selected base to setup Vehicle Depots. A set of tasks will be issued to complete. Some tasks will require wheeled vehicle transportation. Complete all 3 tasks and then move to Exfiltration Point on the Island of Argent.
  24. Good lord dude, post your log as spoiler. And try to post the section that applies to your issue. I am not even going to start to read that whole thing.
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    I've been working in experimental mode for the past 3 weeks, and it looks like we will be moving back to production very soon.On or about November 16th. If you haven't read the announcement for modders update, they will delist every mod on the workshop. This is great news as we have pages and pages of broken mods. If may get some guys off their ass to update the mods now. I will review and update as fast as possible all my mods to get everyone up and running. Surprisingly there are 5 servers currently running Asymmetric Warfare missions. I am kind of taken back by that. Everon 1 will be first to evaluated, then Everon 2, then Everon 3. 3 will not be ready for prime time by the time 1.0 hits. Also AR 670-1 needs updating but that will be dependent on other mods.